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Chapter 291 – Return of the Witch

“Do you think this untainted fairy is very fat?” The enchanting fox-spirit giggled. Her eyes were bright and her teeth were white. Her red lips were bright, and behind her, several silver white fox tails moved about. There was an extremely alluring sensation coming from her.

“A very slender fatty with certain areas that are very fat.” Shi Hao muttered.

A bit farther away, the veiled fairy was shocked. This youngster was a bit strange. What kind of words were these? Wasn’t the word slender and fatty rather contradictory?

The fox-spirit however was laughing, creating a scene that was just too beautiful. As her fine body swayed to and fro, she didn’t seem to have a single form at all. She looked towards the fairy on the other side and said,” He’s saying that your chest is ample and your bottom is very round, good for bearing children.”

Shi Hao was stupefied. Wasn’t this too blunt? Couldn’t she have adjusted her words just a little bit? Didn’t this fox-spirit’s words make him sound like a scoundrel?”

“Brat, what kind of expression is that? After I guessed your intentions correctly, you still give me a look like this. This is… just too rotten; however, it is extremely suitable for my cute untainted fairy here. Handing her over to some other family would actually make me more worried.” The fox-spirit giggled in a completely unrestrained manner.

“Witch, what are you saying!” The veiled fairy softly scolded. Her figure was tall and slender, and her appearance was exceptional. Even though she wasn’t smiling, there was still a graceful beauty to her appearance.

“Weren’t you two going to fight? Why drag me in as well?” Shi Hao looked all around him. This was a bizarre space that was somewhat drab as well as old. It seemed like the ruins of an ancient battlefield.

Two outstanding beauties stood within this dusky world; this was a rather strange scene. Shi Hao was confused as to why he was caught up as well.

“Older sis, our fight from many years ago has lasted until this day. If feels like we can end it now.” The heavenly fox-spirit laughed in a lively manner.

This shocked Shi Hao. He always felt like this disastrous woman was a bit like someone he knew. Her temperament was extremely unique, something that he would not forget after a single encounter.

“You brought this youngster to deal with me?” A rain of light scattered down and rested around the veiled fairy’s body, making her seem incomparably holy. Her voice was extremely calm and unhurried.

The heavenly fox-spirit giggled and said, “Sister Yue Chan, this is the person I found. Where is the overlord you found?”

Shi Hao began to feel more and more strange. What did this fox-spirit find out about him? Could it be that his own secret was leaked and his true identity was discovered?”

He was confident in his appearance change. He had held back his personality, and even his gaze and aura were changed as a result, so how could someone else notice? Her senses were just too sharp!

“This is the fighter you’ve selected from the wastelands?” Fairy Yue Chan asked. Her beautiful eyes revealed an astonished light and began to carefully inspect the youngster on the other side.

“Deity-like youngster, go! Throw yourself at her. Do you seen Fairy Yue Chan? She’s interested in you.” The heavenly fox-spirit’s words were truly crude. She seemed to be laughing with incomparable joy as she incited Shi Hao.

The devilish brat was completely dumbstruck. He felt like his own skin was thick enough, yet why did he always feel like this fox-spirit was always a cut above him? What kind of words were these? Even he didn’t have anything to say.

“Witch, stop speaking nonsense.” Yue Chan’s expression was still calm and indifferent. It was as if nothing could disturb her tranquil heart.

In the end, contrary to expectations, she actually smiled sweetly towards Shi Hao and said, “You were also forced here. How about we team up to deal with her?”

“Woah, older sis, you are supposed to be always calm and never tempted. How could you act so two-faced? This is one of my people, so don’t randomly set your ideas unless you are ready to completely devote your heart.” The fox-spirit fairy’s smile was extremely brilliant.

As Shi Hao backed up, he saw that the two were truly like heavenly and otherworldly beauties. However, they possessed an exceedingly dangerous aura, and they were both extremely powerful.

“Deity-like youngster, what are you backing up for? Hurry up and go on the offensive!” The heavenly fox-spirit instigated.

“This is a matter between the two of you, and completely unrelated to me. You two continue!” Shi Hao found a boulder and sat down. He propped up his chin, as if he was watching a show.

He was scheming inwardly. If he suddenly activated the Imperishable Golden Body, could he catch both fatties? He wasn’t sure, because he couldn’t see through these two’s limits.

“Hey, brat, what kind of evil things are you thinking? I am trying to find you a wife here. Are you trying to think of some way to get rid of both of us?” Needless to say, the heavenly fox-spirit’s insights were too sharp. She could easily see through his intentions.

“No way. You two should fight. I will watch from here.” Shi Hao replied.

The heaven and earth became dusky. This ancient battlefield wasn’t extremely large, but it was sufficient for the two unmatched beauties to fight.

“Older sis, we have decided many years ago that since we have both reached the peak and are locked in a stalemate, we could use some different way to fight. This is the person I chose. How about it? Do you dare fight?” The fox-spirit asked.

Fairy Yue Chan laughed and said, “You really think that he will listen to your words?”

“Older sis, you really are two-faced. He isn’t listening to my orders, but he is rather on friendly terms with me. He’s merely helping me out. You shouldn’t use words to instigate misleading ideas.” The fox-spirit fairy said.

“What are they talking about? The two fatties are truly hard to understand.” Shi Hao said softly to himself. He felt even more unwilling to get involved.

“Are you not willing to help me?” The fox-spirit asked Shi Hao. And then, she said in a soft voice, “Northern Sea, Kun Peng nest, enjoying wine under a moonlit night.”

“It’s you?!” Shi Hao’s eyes immediately widened and stared at the fox-spirit fairy. It was as if he was looking at a ghost. That flawless face, that silly appearance, it was truly quite similar to that witch back then.

No wonder he felt rather familiar after they made contact. Was this really that witch? Their behavior were similar, but their appearances weren’t the same.

“You truly make me broken-hearted. No matter what form you change into, I will still recognize you. Yet as soon as I turn around, you think that I am a stranger.” The fox-spirit sighed softly.

Shi Hao didn’t believe her words at all. He felt that the witch definitely didn’t recognize him during the auction. Only within the Green Wood Garden did she recognize him.

“This place is known as the Demonic War Domain, equivalent to a supreme treasure. It is because of this place that she recognized you.” Yue Chan exposed the truth with her words.

“Older sis, you should give up on your ideas. Me and him are old acquaintances. In the past, we’ve work together on several major operations. We’ve robbed supreme deities, beat up an ocean deity descendant, haha…”

After saying these things, the witch turned around and looked towards Shi Hao. “Boy that likes fatties, do you think that Yue Chan is pretty? You can bring her back to your village.”

Shi Hao released a sigh. In reality, his impression of the witch was quite good, and it truly was as she described. The two had carried out many robberies in the Northern Sea. Even though they worked together for their own benefits, their time together was extremely joyous.

“What kind of help?” He asked in the end.

“Don’t be so unwilling. Helping me is helping yourself. Everything I said was real. As long as you suppress Yue Chan, then I’ll gift her to you as your wife.” The witch spoke valiantly.

Shi Hao looked at her. Was this another one of her spirit bodies or was this her real body?

“I’m not her opponent. Her cultivation realm is higher than mine.” Shi Hao said frankly.

“There’s no harm in trying. This place is equivalent to a supreme treasure and known as the Demonic War Domain. Our cultivation levels can be suppressed when battling. Just choose the Heavenly Passage realm,” the witch smiled and said.

Soon after, this place became hazy with mist, and the clouds began to condense in the skies, making it even more dusky. Shi Hao could clearly feel his cultivation suppressed to the heavenly passage realm. He began to shiver inwardly. These two individuals from outside of the wastelands were just too terrifying. They actually possessed a supreme treasure like this. It really was incredible!

“Fairy Yue Chan was known to even exceed the ancients, so you have to be careful!” The witch reminded.

“Really?” Shi Hao was shocked and revealed a surprised expression. He did not want to take action, but after hearing these words, he became more and more eager to give it a go.

“There is no need for you to fall into her trap.” Fairy Yue Chan was surprised as well, noticing that the youngster’s attitude was changing. Was this some battle maniac? Why did he immediately want to start fighting after hearing that she was outstanding in the Heavenly Passage realm?

“Actually, the Heavenly Passage realm is where she is unique.” Fairy Yue Chan seemed to have understood something and added while pointing towards the witch.

“I’ll ask her for pointers later.” Shi Hao replied. At this moment, he became incomparably terrifying. Essence energy surged from all around him, and he rushed forward while immersed within the resplendent divine light.

His transformation was just too great. Just now, he was still delicate and pretty, but now, he was like a supreme demonic deity. His temperament had completely changed!


Shi Hao’s palm pushed forward, and a rumbling sound immediately sounded. It was as if deities were shouting, and blazing radiance accompanied the noise.

Fairy Yue Chan was startled. As soon as the other party moved, she knew that she was facing an unimaginably great enemy. There was actually a youngster that was this powerful in the Heavenly Passage realm. It truly created waves within her previously calm heart.

A slender jade-like arm moved, and within the brilliant multicolored light, everything was blasted apart like rotten weeds. Shi Hao’s strike was completely dissolved, and those symbols were completely disposed of.

Shi Hao was a bit shaken. This female was terrifying after all. She immediately erupted with an even more powerful aura. He brought out all ten heavenly passages, and every single one was brilliant and intimidating.

This was the first time fairy Yue Chan’s expression changed. She gasped and said, “There was someone who established ten heavenly passages within the great wastelands after all.”

At this moment, her expression became extremely serious. Her jade-like arms moved, and a rain of light scattered about frantically within the air, surrounding her and making her seem more and more sacred. At the same time, heavenly passages appeared around her body one after another. She actually also possessed ten!

Shi Hao was completely shocked. This was the first time someone displayed ten heavenly passages in front of him. This girl was mysterious and powerful. She could fight him even when they were at the same cultivation realm!

This was an intense battle. One was like a demonic deity, and the other was like an otherworldly immortal. Power and elegance existed at the same time as brilliant radiance erupted between the two time and time again. The entire place was shaken, and the ground began to crack apart.

Shi Hao possessed the manner of a master with every fist and kick. Even though he was still young, his calmness and decisiveness was absolutely horrifying.

Fairy Yue Chan felt a domineering pressure, but she still did not feel frantic. She calmly proceeded to fight.

This was the first time Shi Hao encountered someone with ten heavenly passages. This was a fairy from outside of this region, reputed to surpass even the ancient people. This reputation was definitely not without reason, and her ten heavenly passages were definitely unordinary.


The two collided fiercely once again. Shi Hao had absolute confidence within this realm. He firmly believed that he could suppress any enemy at this this realm.

As a result, he unleashed his power. He was like an unrivalled supreme deity as he attacked at every one of his opponent’s weak points and closed in fiercely. He truly possessed the aura of one at the peak of supremacy.

Fairy Yue Chan was moved. There was actually someone who was able to cultivate such an unrivalled temperament within the wasteland region! He was still so young as well. This was truly rare!

With a honglong sound, fairy Yue Chan’s ten heavenly passages shone, and a creature appeared within. This was the embodiment of precious techniques. Ten creatures emerged, and all of them turned into copies of herself. It was incredibly shocking.

Within the Heavenly Passages, there were Rainbow Peacocks, beautiful Vermilion Birds, and all of them took on humanoid forms. They were now completely identical to fairy Yue Chan with bodies that were elegant and wonderful. They sat within those heavenly passages and simultaneously revolved around her body.

The scene of the fairies sitting within heavenly passages was truly dazzling. Their hearts and minds were moving together, and every single one was extraordinary.

They were reading incantations, sounding just like the chanting of deities. It made this world feel incomparably sacred, and an enormous aura hid the sky and covered the earth to suppress Shi Hao.

“So powerful!” Shi Hao was startled, but he still remained fearless. He believed that he was unrivalled and could overcome anyone.

However, he did not impatiently make his move. Instead, he backed up a few steps and continued to defend himself. Helping the witch was not an issue, but it wasn’t worth fighting to the death. After all, it was still difficult for him to determine what was true and what was false.

In addition, he believed that through this battle, fairy Yue Chan should already understand his strength quite a bit. If she truly came to the wasteland region with a purpose, then she would try to rope him in.

Of course, this was on the precondition that he would not fight to the death with her.

Shi Hao did not want to get caught up in these two individuals’ battle under such unclear circumstances.

“Deity-like youngster, throw yourself at her!” The witch yelled.

Fairy Yue Chan’s expression remained unchanged and still extremely calm. She used the divine figures from the ten heavenly passages to deal with that demonic deity-like youngster. This was truly a formidable opponent, so her mind was in constant thought.

“Deity-like youngster, you have to know that in fairy Yue Chan’s eyes, the wastelands only have three or four youths worth her attention. Her arrival in the capital is for the sake of roping in Shi Yi, because she considers him as the wasteland region’s overlord.” The witch’s voice was as light as a feather, but it made Shi Hao close his eyes. The flourishing radiance in his pupils disappeared in a flash.

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