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Chapter 290 – Fairy From Another Region

Natural Born Supreme Deity? You really dare to say something like that? Many people curled their lips and didn’t believe it at all. This was an incredibly powerful title we were talking about here!

Of course, not everyone thought that this was a lie. While living in the capital, they had still heard some leaked information about how Shi Ziling overturned the Martial Imperial Manor that year.

Furthermore, the Great Demonic God had thrown all of the capital in chaos not too long ago. At that time, he had shouted and berated in anger. Even though he didn’t publicly disclose everything to the entire city and only restricted it to the Martial Imperial Manor, those that were more keen were still able to piece together a bit.

“You’re drunk!” Another individual from the Martial Imperial Manor shouted. He grabbed the drunk individual and shook him to try to sober him up.

“I’m not drunk. Stop blocking me!” He struggled angrily. His face was completely red.

“Forget it, don’t pay attention to that drunkard.” There was someone who spoke softly. The surrounding people began to scatter.

They all still felt a restraining fear towards the Martial Imperial Manor. Even though they were currently divided, that clan truly didn’t lack experts. Each and every one of them were outstanding.

There was even less of a need to talk about the Great Demonic God. He was enough to scare an entire generation, and even noble kings were now not his opponent.

A bit beneath that was Shi Ziteng who joined the Demonic Spirit Lake. This was a restricted land that was shoulder to shoulder with the Archaic Divine Mountains. Who wasn’t scared of such a place? These individuals all possessed extraordinary techniques and dealt with matters ruthlessly. Their innate talents were horrifyingly great.

Other than this, there was still Shi Ziling, known as the capital’s genius. Back then, he defeated everyone within his generation, and in the end when he left, not even the Martial Imperial Manor’s four clan ancestors could stop him.

Below that would be Shi Yi, the natural born deity. With his dual-pupils, he was completely invincible. He was a dazzling figure as soon as he was born, becoming one of Stone Country’s most astonishing supreme youths. No one could predict just how far he would reach in the future.

For those hostile to the Martial Imperial Manor, they were rejoicing in the division, but they still didn’t dare to recklessly offend them.

Calming flute music sounded, causing the commotion here to fade away and the noise to disappear. Everyone looked towards the lakeside. What they saw was a girl in white clothes that drifted in the wind. Her hair flew upwards as the flute was rested horizontally against her lips. The beautiful music moved the heaven and earth.

“The fairy has arrived!” Many people cried out in alarm after recognizing who she was. This was the honorable guest of Prince Nineteen.

There was still no one who knew her identity, but from Prince Nineteen’s attitude, it was obvious that her background was astonishing. She should be from the Archaic Divine Mountains at the very least.

Those that were well-informed found out that she had paid a visit to the emperor’s palace and spoke with the human emperor himself for an entire night. This created an endless amount of speculation.

“It can’t be another imperial concubine, right?”

“Stop speaking nonsense. Not even the noble lords dare to say anything, so someone like you should speak less gossip. My clan’s ancestor said that she came from outside this region.

There were naturally those that knew more about them, and they knew that the pure fairy and that bewitching fox-spirit possessed incredible backgrounds. Many had been warned not to act recklessly.

The lakewater was a dark blue without a single impurity. The girl was just like a fairy as she played the instrument with flawless skill. As she stood on the lake in her snow white dress with her black hair scattered behind her, it was as if she wasn’t a part of this mortal world.

Her face was covered by a veil, but this only contributed to her otherworldly aura. Her pair of eyes were covered by a hazy mist, her gaze making people feel moved. Her red lips were extremely beautiful, and the jade flute was sparkling. The two together was like a scene straight out of a painting.

The music from the flute was just too extraordinary, as if there were divine symbols leaping about and cleansing everyone’s souls. Everyone quickly calmed down, and not many people were talking softly anymore.

This was like the music of heaven, enchanting everyone. Light scattered down from the jade flute. The specks danced about with sparkling brilliance.

That place appeared splendid and brilliant as light danced around her like flower petals. This made her seem more illusory and otherworldly, as if she was going to fly away.

She did not need anyone to praise her. She genuinely had the appearance of a fairy, isolated from and above the entire world. Her appearance made many people around her seem filthy and forever unable to approach her.

The sound of flute rang in the air. The buds by the lake shore grew as the flowers blossomed. After being showered by the like, they were brimming with vitality.

Furthermore, the many colorful butterflies fluttering in the distant gardens were attracted by the sacred aura and flew over. They formed a spectacular and beautiful scene by the lake as they danced about.

“Forever unapproachable.” Someone sighed.

Some people turned around and unexpectedly saw Li Baiding. This person was extremely powerful and rarely had an adversary within his age group due to his exceptional talent and elegance. However, he actually said these words that contained a sense of powerlessness and endless regret.

“She’s a fairy. We common folks naturally cannot approach her.” Another strong prince muttered.

At this precise moment, the middle of the lake rippled. Several silver creatures appeared on the surface, undulating and circling around the otherworldly beauty in white.

“Dragon carp!”

“It really is this type of creatures! There are only a few within this entire lake, and their medicinal effects are extremely powerful, possessing powerful intelligence. These are as close to pure-blooded as possible.”

Some cried out in alarm. These were rare creatures that the human emperor personally raised, rumored to be one of the eight ancient treasures. After many years, there were still barely a few of them. Their survival rate was too low.

Afterwards, even more fish began to surface from the lake, producing every color under the sun as they danced beneath the water. Then, the birds in the air also flew over. There were scarlet feathered cranes, rainbow luans, and even peacocks. All the birds from the garden appeared as they dance and flew about. Their bright feathers shined and appeared extremely beautiful.

At this moment, whether it was the sky, the lake, or the grass by the lake. They were all brimming with vitality. Birds, butterflies, dragon carps, and other creatures all wrapped around the fairy as showers of light sprinkled outwards.

Suddenly, a long shout broke the peace here. A youth with dishevelled hair appeared. He was around twenty years old with a head full of scarlet hair in blood colored armor. He charged over from the distance like a comet.

“Hahaha… I have finally found the fairy.” He laughed incessantly. He seemed very valiant with a vicious aura.

Everyone was originally in a state of stupor when they were suddenly disturbed. After returning to their senses from such a state of tranquility,  they were all furious. This male broke such a beautiful and serene mood.

“Fairy, I have followed you along your journey, while travelling across regions. How have you always eluded me?” His eyes were shining with passionate rays of light.

“Who are you? Leave immediately!” Some people shouted.

Even more people were overwhelmed with shock. This man travelled across the regions? He wasn’t from the great wasteland. This was all too astonishing.

“Zhenzhen, if you’re still being a bother, don’t blame our young lady for being impolite.” A maid stood out from the lake shore as she loudly reprimanded.

“Who cares where you came from. Don’t disturb the fairy. Move it!” There were only geniuses here who were young and talented. Many of them shouted angrily.

“How can you guys control me?” He sneered at the approaching people as he declared. He exploded with a powerful aura and shook and splattered the lake water.

Some of them began to berate the scarlet haired individual as they activated their precious artifacts and charged forward. However, with a single loud shout, that scarlet haired youth shot out glaring rays of light from his eyes and all the precious artifacts exploded in the air.

In the blink of an eye, the lakeside became absolutely silent.  Many people quaked in fear of this absolute power.

“Your region is going to become chaotic. All of the divine beings have withered, and you all will lose your light soon enough, yet you dare display hostility towards me. Heng!” He spoke coldly.

“Cease your rude behavior!” Lord Huntian spoke. His identity here was great, being Stone Country’s powerful and youngest lord. With a weng sound, a blood ruler soared into the sky.


The male named Zhenzhen snorted. He raised his hand and directly suppressed downwards, catching the blood ruler.

“Yi, something’s not right. This is the Demonic Blood Ruler!” He was startled and quickly withdrawing his hand. He cried out in shock, “The brilliant artifact from the ancient times!”

“Zhenzhen, because of your senior brother, I do not want to bicker with you. It’s better if you just leave.” Beside the lake, the gentle and hazy fairy spoke.

She had already taken action, sealing off the space and not allowing him to fight against Lord Huntian. The Demonic Blood Ruler paused for a moment before returning to its owner Lord Huntian’s hands.

“Haha, interesting. The younger brother of the protected client came to chase after the sect’s sacred fairy. Hehe, are you trying to steal her away?” Not far away, the foxy lady spoke.

“Bewitching beauty, you are here too?” Zhenzhen opened his mouth. His eyes flickered, but soon after, he turned around and continued to fixate his gaze on the fairy and forgetting everything else.

The fairy in the lake’s gaze flickered. She did not want to be bothered, and with the jade flute once against resting against her lips, a divine sound could be heard. Flourishing symbols flew out one after another.

The atmosphere of this place immediately changed. Zhenzhen was shocked as he continuously retreated. He felt as if he was being crushed by a great golden mountain as he was forced back.

Ah… He released a loud shout. His aura was incredibly fierce, as if a demonic deity had appeared in this world. The entire garden began to shake, as if it was on the verge of splitting apart.

Everyone became dumbstruck. Just how powerful was this male? He was only around twenty, yet he already possessed this kind of strength! It really was hard for them to believe.

“Zhenzhen, that’s enough. You should leave.” The fairy by the lake spoke. She blew out a final note.

The golden symbol turned into a tangible character that continuously enlarged. In the end, it crushed down like a mountain and descended onto the scarlet haired male.


He spat out large mouthfuls of blood. He then turned around to leave, saying, “Fairy, I will return. Even if I lose another ten times, my heart still won’t change!”

Everyone was frightened. This individual named ‘Zhenzhen’ was extremely powerful and intimidating, yet he was defeated like this by the fairy. How terrifying was this?

Everyone’s expressions changed. At first, there were still some lords who lusted after her beauty, but now, they were full of respect. It was truly like facing an immortal fairy that could only be looked at but never approached.

“Older sister really is getting more and more powerful. This younger sister is a bit scared of you now.” The Heavenly Fox beauty appeared and walked over with her luscious and undulating curves. Her dress drifted behind her, and her lotus like arms flickered with light. Her eyes were full of life as she displayed an enchanting appearance.

“What is there to be scared of? The two of us can have a good discussion. There is no need for such a thing.” The female fairy smiled sweetly. As the wind by the lake blew over, a corner of her veil was raised, revealing a portion of her otherworldly face. Anyone who saw this would feel as if they were being suffocated.

“Our two sects will definitely fight a decisive battle in the future and create an enormous war. At that time, I don’t think older sister will show any mercy.” The heavenly fox beauty’s laugh resonated.

“By searching for me now, could it be that you want to start a fight?” The veiled fairy asked.

“To continue our bet from several years ago, let’s have a go with everything we have!” The heavenly fox-spirit said.

Everyone saw a flash before their eyes, and the two individuals disappeared from the lake surface.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao, who was currently abusing the free delicacies and wine while making his way through the ‘fatties’ suddenly felt his body become light. He disappeared from his original location and reappeared in a special space.

He chewed off the golden dried meat in his hands in a single bite and then drank the good wine from the cup in his hands. He then stared at the two incomparably beautiful fairies with vigilance. “You fatties, what are you trying to do?”

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