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Chapter 276 – Guest From the Divine Mountains

A single figure slowly walked over, seeming rather desolate and and indistinct. There was a bronze pagoda in his hands when he arrived in front of the Martial Imperial Manor.

“Halt!” Someone reprimanded in a low voice to stop the newcomer from walking near.

Zhi ya.

The bright red gate was pushed open and a single man came out. He had jet-black hair, and his skin was fair and translucent like jade. Adding to this exceptional appearance was the indistinct spirited light within his eyes.

“You all, move aside.” He asked the people in the manor to withdraw to the side.

While Grandpa Fifteen was fighting fiercely with the Rain King, Shi Ziteng retreated to the ground floor of the Martial Imperial Manor and waited. He was now greeting and welcoming this individual inside.

It was a man that appeared to be around forty years old. He had a pair of pitch-black eyes that couldn’t be described as just ‘deep’, but instead more like an ‘abyss’. They were a pair of terrifying maelstroms, ready to devour people’s souls.

He had green hair, and his figure was not strongly-built. His tall and solitary figure made him seem as if he belonged to the void, making it so that others could only barely feel his presence.

Shi Ziteng greeted him properly and led him into the manor. They walked towards the deepest parts of the manor.

“Who are you?” Someone shouted within the manor.

Shi Ziteng confronted the Great Demonic God just now, but when Grandpa FIfteen fought with the Rain King, he broke away from the battlefield. Only now did he return, and he even brought someone with him, alerting many people.

The newcomer turned around. His pitch-black pupils were like black holes as they formed two vortexes.

The individual that questioned in a loud voice not far away immediately released a loud scream. He fell onto the ground with his head still stretched towards the sky, and streaks of multicolored lights flew out from between his brows.

The crowd near him were petrified, backing off all at once.

It was extremely strange. That man had only glanced over, yet it seemed as if the soul left the body and entered his eyes. It was extremely frightening.

“Shi Ziteng, what are you doing?” Some ancestral elders in the distance were shocked and questioned him loudly.

“It’s nothing. I’m only inviting an elder over,” replied Shi Ziteng in a plain tone. He led the man deep into the manor.

A group of people felt threatened, especially the old brothers of Grandpa Fifteen. They immediately summoned their treasured artifacts and closed in forward, ready to stop the two.

“Everyone, please don’t make any reckless moves. You’re all my elders and I want to talk peacefully. I’m here to stop the fight,” said Shi Ziteng.

There was no way the crowd would believe him, for he and the Great Demonic God opposed each other. Based on his natural disposition, someone very powerful must be behind him. The man who had just arrived was such a terrifying creature, so how could things proceed peacefully?

A tall figure appeared in the sky. The Great Demonic God was back. He descended and glanced at the green-haired man. “Are you here for me?”

He then walked closer with a majestic gait before sitting down directly into a wide precious chair. He did not pay further attention to the man, but instead turned to stare at Shi Ziteng. “Ziteng, are you still unwilling to give up?”

“Uncle Fifteen, you’re too domineering, so I’ve invited an older senior to reason things out,” replied Shi Ziteng with a gentle smile.

“Was that arrow of yours brought out from the Black Forest? Let me take a look.” The green-haired man looked at Grandpa Fifteen with his abysmal eyes.

“The bronze pagoda in your hand seems like something I lost. Why don’t you let me take a look.” Grandpa Fifteen glanced askance at him.

If the devilish brat were here, he would definitely second guess himself. Why did this person seem so much like him? Their ways of doing things were rather similar.

“You’re very confident of yourself, but you also have to know your own limit. Too much confidence usually leads to self-destruction,” said the green-haired man.

“You came all the way to my clan mansion to give a lecture. Are you that arrogant, or are you truly powerful enough? What you said just now is quite suitable for yourself.” Grandpa Fifteen spoke while learning back into the precious chair. He looked at him with indifferent eyes.

“Not bad. Come with me,” said the green-haired man.

“You’re just a spiritual body, and a badly-damaged one for that matter, yet you still dare to give orders within my mansion? Do you really think you have any power here?” The Great Demonic God’s back left the chair as he sat up and stared at him.

The crowd was surprised. The fact that this was not a real living creature, but instead a spirited body was absolutely shocking.

“You’re correct. I met an ‘old friend’ on my way here and had quite a fight. As a result, my trip to Stone Country Capital was a bit delayed,” said the green-haired man.


He suddenly raised his palms, from where eight bones emerged. They were all in different colors, such as purple, lustrous white and golden. Clouds and multicolored lights were rising from the bones, and an auspicious essence gushed in and out of them.

With a swing of his arms, all eight bones were summoned out. They landed down in different directions and sealed up the Martial Imperial Manor. The entire place was completely locked down.

Everyone became startled. This was just too forceful! He trapped the entire Martial Imperial Manor as soon as he arrived. Was this done to prevent Grandpa Fifteen from leaving? What incredible confidence!

At this time, Shi Ziteng stood up and bowed towards the green-haired man. He then retreated.

The green-haired man pointed with his finger and a glowing path appeared, which sent Shi Ziteng out of the manor. He was a meticulous man and did not want to take part in what was coming. He did not like getting involved in battles and dangerous circumstances.

“I admire your talent quite a bit. Why don’t you come with me. Given your talent, you should be able to achieve much more than what you have currently. As for you severed arm, a few divine medicines or divine pills will grow it back without any difficulty,” said the green-haired man.

“Even though you’re a real eyesore, I don’t think it will be a bad idea to have you stay behind either. Why don’t you stay and join the Martial Imperial Manor?” The Great Demonic God replied.

“Are you waiting for me to take action?!” The green-haired man raised his voice, which sounded like the booming of thunder.

“Try me!” The Great Demonic God said. He had already stood up, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Everyone present had guessed by now that the green-haired man was probably from the Archaic Divine Mountains, and was most likely a disciple of Shi Ziteng’s master. His backing was truly great!

When everyone realized this possibility, they all became petrified. A wave of chilliness surged from the depths of their heart. What kind of terrifying character was this? Archaic vicious beasts and divine birds from the Archaic Divine Mountains represented invincibility!”


The green-haired man’s eyes formed two extremely terrifying black vortexes, and there was a great devouring force within them. It made people’s souls unsteady, as if they were going to leave the body and head towards the swirling abyss.

The nearby people all cried out in alarm. They felt their bodies going soft, and all of them retreated.


Grandpa Fifteen stamped hard on the ground, causing unusual symbols to light up and explode. The peaceful skies were disturbed, but that strange devouring power had vanished.

“Let me see exactly what you are capable of!” The green-haired man charged over, quickly closing in on Grandpa Fifteen.

His finger drew out a stroke, sending out a stream of cold air. A white mist began to diffuse out, immediately dropping the temperature. With a shua sound, Grandpa Fifteen disappeared. However, the precious chair he was sitting on just now was sealed in ice, and soon after, it cracked into pieces.

“Extreme Frost!”

The crowd cried out in surprise. This was an embodiment of the Great Yin1’s true force. Once sealed up by this power, not only would the physical body die, it would even shatter into pieces.


Grandpa Fifteen reappeared behind his opponent, and his arm shook. A black dragon immediately flew out and formed black chains. They twisted about his opponent’s body as the roars of dragons stirred up the nine heavens.

The green-haired individual dodged. His body shifted several zhang out and appeared in a completely different location. He never thought that the black chains would follow so relentlessly, still tangling around his body.

“Black Chains of Order!”

The green-haired individual was shocked. This was the power of regulation, a type of order! Under Grandpa Fifteen’s control, the blacks dragons had already wrapped themselves around his body, and they were quickly constricting.


The green-haired man shouted loudly, causing a wave of sinister flames to burst forth from his body. The black divine chains of order were broken inch by inch. They fell off from his body, and were completely destroyed.

At the same time, his aura erupted. His eyes were so devoid of expression that they were somewhat terrifying, as if they lacked the slightest bit of life within them. It was as if they were linked to the great gates of hell, making people feel horrified.

Sure enough, within those empty eyes, ash-colored symbols flew out. There wasn’t any light, but instead what seemed like the souls of the deceased. The void was split open, creating a huge gate.

Wuwu sounds continuously sounded, ringing outwards from within. It was a nest of devils that seemed to be from the underworld. Black figures flew about one after another within.

His pair of eyes seemed to have opened up a bizarre gate, and it was as if he wanted to send Grandpa Fifteen inside.

This kind of great divine ability was definitely a terrifying technique. How could an ordinary person open up such a thing? It was simply unheard of!

When Grandpa Fifteen saw this, his body began to flicker. He immediately entered that piece of the void, as if he was going to be swallowed.


The numerous black figures threw themselves over to submerge him within.

Two types of energy rose around Grandpa Fifteen, one white and one black. They ferociously intertwined, forming a spiral. They created both a white and a black dragon, and with a hong sound, many of those black figures were blasted apart, allowing him to break free from this world.

When he turned around, the underworld was still there, suppressing towards this direction. His gaze became chilly, and after drawing an arrow on his bow, it quickly shot out. With a honglong sound, the gate was finally blasted apart.

The green-haired individual was calm. The bronze pagoda in his hands flew out. It quickly enlarged into the size of a lofty mountain. It towered in the sky, and it was so oppressive that it seemed like the entire Martial Imperial Manor was going to be smashed apart.

The pagoda’s power was just too great!

“Collect!” He released a loud shout.

The pagoda lit up, and the mottled stains that had accumulated over the years on its bronze surface all became symbols at this moment. They release their might, and at this moment it seemed to be even more terrifying

Grandpa Fifteen felt a wave of fear. This time, the energy that surged over seemed especially powerful, to a point where he couldn’t even block it. His body immediately left the ground and moved involuntarily towards the pagoda. At this rate, he was going to be sucked in.


He drew back the arrow on his bow and released another silver arrow. It immediately pierced through the air and landed on that enormous bronze pagoda.

Sparks flew everywhere, but it was not pierced through. Symbols shone brilliantly, lighting up this place in dazzling light.

“Divine Artifact!” The Great Demonic God expression became extremely serious, and his mind was a bit disturbed. This individual was extremely terrifying..

This was a frightful and intense battle. He had no choice, and he could not end up on the losing end. He could only fight to the death.


The silver arrow flew out, colliding with that magical artifact. Keng qiang sounds rang out as the symbols vanished like an illusion. It was incredibly terrifying.

They fought from the ground into the sky, making everyone in the capital quake in fear. The green-haired man’s cultivation realm was just too high, and he possessed a great killing artifact. As a result, this battle was incredibly devastating.

After fighting for a while, Grandpa Fifteen was surprisingly swallowed up by the bronze magical artifact, leaving all of the Martial Imperial Manor’s people pale-faced. They felt as if the heavens collapsed and the earth caved in.

However, the green-haired individual’s expression changed. He did not relax at all, and sure enough, the bronze pagoda began to shake. A violent sound transmitted out from within. Not only was there a silver divine arrow, but there was also a black divine arrow; Grandpa Fifteen was releasing arrows inside!

Meanwhile, the silver arrow outside attacked autonomously. It continuously struck against the pagoda’s surface.

It was as if something was being forged between the heaven and earth. It fiercely shook as the earsplitting noises continued to ring. It made the green-haired individual startled, fearing that his bronze magical artifact might be destroyed.


In the end, Grandpa Fifteen slaughtered his way out and struggled free from the pagoda’s bindings. Even though there was blood trickling out from the corner of his lips and there were wounds on his body, he was still able to successfully escape.


When they saw each other again, there wasn’t much hesitation. The two began to fight intensely, and both used their most powerful energies to fight this bloody battle.

Within the imperial capital, everyone’s hearts were shaking. The Great Demonic God was just too strong. He could actually fight with one of the Archaic Divine Mountains’ creatures!

Meanwhile, another figure appeared within the Martial Imperial Manor without a word. No one knew when he had arrived, but as soon as they noticed who it was, they could no longer look him in the face, and their hearts were immediately filled with fear.

“Human Emperor!”

“We pay our respects to the Human Emperor!”

The crowd within the Martial Imperial Manor immediately trembled and hurriedly paid their homage.

“It is time for this battle to end.” The Human Emperor opened his mouth.

No one predicted the Human Emperor’s arrival. He spoke these words as soon as he arrived; was he trying to stop this conflict?

A layer of brilliant and resplendent light shone brilliantly from that location. Golden radiance surged boundlessly like ocean waves. The Human Emperor stood at the center like a dragon that overlooked this world.

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