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Chapter 275 – Suppressing the Rain Clan With Force

Grandpa Fifteen flew across the sky and arrived at the Rain Clan. His long hair was blown back by the wind. His tall figure reminded people of a demonic god descending into this world!

The Rain King screamed as fear registered on his face. He only had half of his body left, and this was not a result of stabbing or cutting, but rather blasted into pieces for good. The wound would never heal, and he would be an invalid forever.

When he saw Grandpa Fifteen come down, he clenched his teeth and desperately sacrificed his mushy lower part to the divine decree. The pile of golden clumps then illuminated and finally got rid of the divine arrow.


While wrapped within the golden decree, he fled into the Rain King’s Manor.

The Great Demonic God stepped down from the sky and reached the magnificent manor with one stride. Both his icy eyes and imposing aura filled people with awe!

“Rain Clan, you truly overstepped your boundaries this time. Not only did you run over to my Martial Imperial Manor to scatter down your filthy rain, you’ve even threatened to clean up the entire sect. Did you really think that you were unrivalled because of your divine artifact?” The Great Demonic God muttered.

With a wave of his hand, he called back the silver arrow and stored it inside him.

At this moment, a brief silence swept over the capital. The various powers watching from the side were surprised, as they had not expected the incident would go this far. They didn’t realize that even the Rain Clan was involved.

It started off as an internal strife of the Martial Imperial Manor, but it now escalated into a great battle between two clans, as well as a confrontation between noble kings!

No one spoke a word in the Rain King’s Manor, so it had gone completely quiet. What happened today was too unexpected. Even the divine artifact failed to suppress and kill Grandpa Fifteen. This was just too excessively terrifying.

The Great Demonic God walked closer, and the distance between him and the manor shortened with each step. His eyes were cold and ruthless as he finally released the giant bow from his back and drew out a black-and-white arrow.

“One should take responsibility and pay the cost for their own actions!”

With these words, he set the arrow on the bow. A mighty aura formed around his sturdy figure, creating a sense of power. The arrow that was released a moment later resembled a small sun. It burned vigorously and was blindingly resplendent.

The grand gateway at the front exploded into fragments with a hong sound. The light, though, carried the arrow even further, smashing through several courtyards and blowing them up into pieces.

The scene was incredibly astonishing. A single arrow was able to plow through the manor and leave behind a chasm. Numerous buildings were blasted into pieces by the shocking force.

The power of that arrow was astounding. Many gates and courtyards of the Rain Clan were destroyed and turned into ruins. The shockwaves of the impact had shaken many people.

It was worth mentioning that those courtyards were incredibly grand, and they were also guarded by the most terrifying symbols. Even so, they were still shattered, leaving behind piles of debris.

“Shi Zhongtian, you’ve gone too far!” Angry roars came out of the Rain King’s Manor.

“I’ve gone too far? Didn’t you pay a visit to my Martial Imperial Manor not too long ago and blabber endlessly about cleaning up the clan? How domineering were you then? Where is that attitude now?” Grandpa Fifteen with a cold voice.

He then set another arrow onto his bow and shot it into the manor. With a hong sound, ten courtyards were destroyed this time. No one was hurt, though, for they had long gone and escaped deep into the manor.

However, this terrifying scene was more shocking than the actual slaughter. The Rain Clan was going mad, yet they were extremely terrified at the same time.

How powerful was this man?! He attacked the Rain Clan in such a straightforward manner, yet even those powerful symbols could not stop him. Their regret was eating at them. Why did they have to ask for trouble and mess with the Martial Imperial Manor? The killer was now at their doorstep.

Soon, the third arrow left the Great Demonic God’s bow with blazing flames. It arrived with a hong sound. It was as if a great mountain had crushed down, grinding buildings into ashes.

This kind of aggressive and tyrannical attitude was just incomparable. The arrows plowed through everything and cleared open a path. They destroyed everything along the way and displayed their domineering world shaking power.

The effect was not produced by the attacks of a blade, but instead by shooting arrows. They were incomparably fierce and capable of destroying anything in their way. Such an unrivalled pressure brought the Rain Clan to their knees.

They knew that from this day forth that regardless of whether they could survive this catastrophe or not, the shame from this day would be branded on them forever. One man fought against the entire Rain Clan. He not only destroyed their manor, but also their confidence.

All forces in the capital were dumbstruck. The Great Demonic God was unbelievably powerful. His attacks were straightforward: drawing the bow, setting the arrow, and releasing the explosive shot. Everything in his way was going to be plowed flat!

Just like this, the Great Demonic God marched on. He shot six arrows one after another deep into the manor, as if six archaic demonic mountains were crashing down, destroying the exterior of the Rain King’s Manor. The magnificent manor was no longer recognisable, and the scene was astonishing.

Everyone was dumbfounded at this. Even the leaders of the great forces in the capital felt their eyelids twitching and their mind unsettled. Once one reached such a shocking level of power, it would truly become terrifying.

He was even holding a divine artifact in his hand, making him even more frightening. It gave people a feeling of absolute horror.

“So hateful!” The people of the Rain Clan were furious, and they regretted their previous actions so much. Why on earth did they provoke that devilish brat in the Void God Realm back then? Due to that event, the decree inscribed with the ‘attack’ character was eaten by him. The Decree of the Rain Deity was no longer complete, becoming a flawed one.

They only realised now that it was probably because of the lack of that piece that the decree was no match for Grandpa Fifteen’s divine artifact. This was the reason for their deplorable situation.

It was driving them over the edge. What an abominable devilish child! How could he have done such unspeakable things? He had endangered the entire Rain Clan.

The Great Demonic God charged at the Rain Clan. One arrow was powerful enough to incinerate a small town. Even through the Rain Clan were using symbols to guard the manor, buildings were still in being destroyed one area at a time.

“Fifteen, enough is enough! You are going too far!” Someone from the Rain Clan shouted with indignation.

A large area of the manor had been burnt to the ground, and the shame they were feeling was unbearable. How would the various forces in the capital think of them from this day forth? Serious problems would arise sooner or later.

“I’ve gone too far? From what I’ve heard, you’ve tried to intercept and kill Ziling the entire time he tried to escape. After plotting against Hao’er, you went so far as to not leaving him any chance of survival. How dare you question me now?” The Great Demonic God retorted with brewing anger. Ever since he learnt the truth, he could not let go of this burning frustration and rage.

Even if the Rain King did not pay a visit to the Martial Imperial Palace earlier, he would still demand an explanation once he came here to wreak havoc.

The Rain Clan was shocked and angry, but there was nothing they could do. Not a single one dared step out and confront the Great Demonic God

They started to retreat, because the buildings outside were continuously exploding. They fled deep into the manor where a holy temple stood. A stone statue of the Rain Deity was enshrined within, and everyone began to worship the statue, hoping to draw support from the restricted power.  

The entire temple was a restricted area. Not only was the Rain Deity Decree kept here, the remains of the divine formation were also left here. They were trying to use it to resist and fight back against Grandpa Fifteen.

As expected, after the holy temple was activated, multicolored hazy lights erupted and spread out rapidly. The entire manor was soon covered by them.

Grandpa Fifteen squinted his eyes before releasing several fierce attacks that destroyed half of the Rain King’s Manor. He then stood high in the sky and shot down an arrow flickering with silver light. It was the divine arrow!


A blinding light exploded, and the earth around that area soared high into the air like a mushroom cloud. It was a collision between divine powers. The massive power trembled violently and surged high into the sky.

The Rain King’s Manor’s people became greatly frightened. The collision had shaken the holy temple to a point where it nearly collapse, scaring them badly. Luckily, the temple managed to withstand the impact.

High up in the air, Grandpa Fifteen was also surprised. This temple of the Rain Clan was indeed a peculiar one. There was divine power flowing within it, so even the silver arrow of a deity failed to break apart the temple.

“People of the Rain Clan, I’m solemnly warning you, be humble and honest. Otherwise, even if the deities do not punish you, I myself will deal with you all!”

Grandpa Fifteen shouted and started shooting again. The silver light destroyed everything in its way with a crushing force. The heaven and earth seemed to be connected as arrows flew down continuously.

Those were divine arrows. Each hit would make the temple illuminate and shake violently. In the end, the temple was about to crack open.

The mightiness of Grandpa Fifteen was unparalleled. He was about to eradicate the Rain Clan in one battle. All of the aristocratic kings in the city were astonished, and even a figure from the capital glanced over in this direction.


Eventually, the holy temple was shattered. A part of it collapsed to the ground and raised a cloud of dust. Divine aura filled the air.

The Rain Clan’s people were dumbfounded by this terrifying outcome. The dwellings of their ancestors collapsed under the power of arrows. This was supposed to be the resting place of a deity!

Their eyes were bloodshot as they released cries of dismay. They were extremely angry, for the holiest place within their hearts was tarnished and practically ruined. They were all seething with hatred.

“If you all have an untouchable place within your hearts, then why can’t you understand what you all did back then?!” Grandpa Fifteen said coldly.


Someone from within the Rain Clan shouted out. They rushed out from the holy temple and began to mindlessly fly up towards the sky to fight Grandpa Fifteen.


The Great Demonic God shot out an arrow, that exploded in mid-air. Those individuals were killed in an instant. They fell down from the skies, and their lives were extinguished like a blown candle.

The battle between Grandpa Fifteen and the Rain Clan had attracted quite a bit of attention. His mightiness and ferocity were almost suffocating.

It was one man against an entire clan, yet he still dominated the battlefield. The Rain Clan was no match for him at all. Such strength was so petrifying that the onlookers found it difficult to express it in words.

“How could this happen?” Inside the divine land of the Rain Clan, a group of people was going crazy. They couldn’t accept the fact that they had suffered a crushing defeat because of a single person. The shame was too great to bear for the entire Clan.

“When you were bullying and humiliating my Ziling, and when you plotted against my Hao’er, have you ever stopped to think that someone would similarly oppress you in such a way?!” The Great Demonic God questioned with a loud voice.

Many went speechless at this question. They had pursued the descendants of the Great Demonic God, and were now scolded by the Great Demonic God himself, who now arrived at their very doorstep to denounce them for their crimes. Maybe it was karma.


Finally, the temple collapsed completely, and the ground was scattered with debris. The only thing standing was the stone statue and an altar that radiated in a terrifying manner.


Dozens of people charged from the Rain Clansmen. Among them were middle-aged experts, elders and sect elders. They were all extremely infuriated.

However, the reality was cruel and merciless. These people were all blasted into pieces from the Great Demonic God’s arrows. They were not merely pierced through by the arrows, but were blown up completely. Their flesh and blood were scattered all over the place.

In the end, the Great Demonic God did not enter the Rain Clan divine land but fell back instead. The battle had finished.

The reason was because the stone statue and altar were releasing a strange light. It was somewhat peculiar, especially towards the end when an entire domain sealed up this mansion.

All members of the Rain Clan turned ashen. Most of their manor was destroyed, and even the ancient holy temple had collapsed. How could they swallow such shame and sorrow? How could them bring themselves to even appear before the presence of their ancestors?

The capital erupted after an initial silence. Everyone became dumbstruck at the result. One man had brought a clan to its knees!

“It’s over. We’ve come so far, it’s time to end it.”

Just at this moment, a figure appeared on the distant main street. It was a tall and slender person who held a pagoda in one hand while walking towards them.

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