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Chapter 277 – Battle of the Capital Concludes

His face was completely calm. Endless golden light radiated from him, as if he was residing at the center of the sun. He made everyone shudder just by standing there. Everyone felt helpless in this man’s presence; they could only kneel know while trembling.

“Human Emperor, do you want us to stop fighting?” Asked the green-haired man as he engaged in the battle with Grandpa Fifteen. The battle was becoming increasingly fierce. Blood was splattered all over his body, and his movements did not seem as fluid as before.

Grandpa Fifteen, though, was in no better condition. He had met his match, and was currently afflicted with awful-looking wounds. His clothes were stained with his blood, and his injuries seemed severe. It was rather worrisome.

“Expert from the Demonic Spirit Lake, you’ve crossed the line. You shouldn’t be here in my capital,” said the Human Emperor.

Everyone was amazed. The Demonic Spirit Lake was a place that was just as formidable as the Archaic Divine Mountains, and both were inhabited by divine birds and pure-blooded vicious beasts.

“It is only a ruined spiritual body that is here. My real body is not here, so that statement is not exactly true.”

Everyone became speechless. It was just a ruined body, yet it could still fight with Grandpa Fifteen like this. How terrifying was his real body then? It was obvious that as soon as he made his appearance, he would reveal a world-shaking might.

“Leave, then.” The Human Emperor spoke in an incredibly authoritative manner.

He had competed in the struggle for power when he was young, and back then, he did indeed have his share of rivals. However, when he truly became the Human Emperor, he far surpassed everyone else. Those rivals in the past were fated to be forgotten.

“Forgiving him is not impossible, but he must declare his wrongs and be expelled from the Martial Imperial Manor,” said the green-haired man. He was someone invited by Shi Ziteng, and so he naturally had to express his position.

“An outsider even dares to give orders? Who do you are?!” The Great Demonic God said. He was still acting powerfully despite being wounded.

“As you can clearly see, he is looking for death. This really can’t be blamed on me anymore.” The expert from the Demonic Spirit Lake looked at the Human Emperor and sneered. His head of green hair began to flutter violently in the wind.

“You’ve only cultivated for a hundred years or so. What gives you the qualifications to act so arrogantly in front of my face? If we keep fighting, who knows who will be the on dead,” said Grandpa Fifteen.

He was fearless even while facing such a mighty opponent. His will to fight was strong, and he was going to fight to the end.

“Stone Emperor, are you seeing this? This battle must go on. You can’t blame this on me!” The green-haired man said with a long face. His eyes were even more frightening now. There was nothing but blackness in them.

“Fine! Let’s fight to the end!” Shouted Grandpa Fifteen.

The Human Emperor stood there and watched them fight from the side. He did not speak for quite some time. It was not until more blood was spattered, and when the people from Martial Imperial Manor cried out in alarm did he nod his approval.

Grandpa Fifteen was wounded. His only arm took a hit, and that shoulder was almost pierced.

“Once the battle concludes, everything must be settled. Your life and death will be left up to fate,” said the Human Emperor.

“Good!” The green-haired man laughed loudly.

“Let’s begin!” said Grandpa Fifteen.

This battle had stirred up the entire capital. Powerful figures from all different clans arrived after hearing that the Human emperor was here. They no longer had to watch from the side, and all of them came to this place.

However, when they arrived, they realized that they could not enter the manor. The green-haired man had completely sealed off this place with eight pieces of bones. Only the Human Emperor who had seen through the natural laws was able to break inside.

These people did not try to break the formation by force. For one, they feared they would offend the mighty expert of the Demonic Spirit Lake. They also did not want to displease the Martial Imperial Manor, as walking in without an invitation might incur misunderstandings.


The green-haired man sealed off the sky as well. He summoned several bones which formed a giant shield of light. This was done to prevent Grandpa Fifteen from escaping.

The Great Demonic God watched this with chilly eyes and did not speak a word. Despite the numerous wounds on his body, he still continued to fight. Some of them were inflicted by symbols and hard to heal, but still fought fiercely without showing any hint of hesitation.

Precious techniques danced about chaotically and divine lights filled the sky. The battle between the two had reached an incredibly fierce stage, and both of them were covered in blood.

The crowd was greatly shaken. It was normal for the Demonic Spirit Lake expert to be powerful, but Grandpa Fifteen was surprisingly heaven defying as well. This kind of power truly shocked all of the spectators.

The more powerful the Demonic Spirit Lake creature was, the more it proved the Great Demonic God’s terrifying power.

It was a duel between the bronze pagoda and the black-and-white arrows. They collided continuously as the bloody battle dragged on to seemingly forever.


As the battle proceeded, the green-haired man went mad. His two arms began to swing around like windmills, and endless symbols erupted around him while he fought against Grandpa Fifteen. Fists and palms struck about as the battle became more and more fierce.

At this moment, Grandpa Fifteen’s disadvantage of having only a single arm emerged. He was now on the defensive as his opponent barraged him with attacks.


His empty sleeve was blasted into pieces. The lost arm was severed cleanly from the shoulder, so the sleeve alone could not block the attack. One arm was simply not enough in fighting off his enemy.

“What else can you take out to compete against me?!” The free-haired man roared.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself!” Grandpa Fifteen roared back. Several heavenly passages appeared all at once, and various creatures such as the Golden-winged Peng dashed out. It released a long screech before spreading its wings to rush forward.

A purple Suan Ni with golden stripes running through it brought down lightning from the nine heavens. They all descended ferociously on the green-haired man.

A black-striped golden Bi’an roared as terrifying light flickered around it. As it opened its mouth, lights as splendid as rivers of stars flooded outwards..

Grandpa Fifteen was now fighting with everything he had. His several spirit bodies all moved out to simultaneously attack the green-haired man decisively.

“I heard that your arm was eaten by a Pi Xin. The rest of you is mine!” After going crazy, the green-haired male’s voice became even more harsh, because he was truly angry now.

In the beginning, he thought that he could easily get rid of Grandpa Fifteen, but he didn’t think that they would fight until now. Things were becoming more and more difficult.

They had both fought without regard for life and death. Blood was spilled from time to time as they fought fiercely. After the great spirit bodies of Grandpa Fifteen appeared, the green-haired man found it difficult to defend himself. His chest was almost punched through.


Grandpa Fifteen’s strength was tremendous. His leg ferociously smashed outwards, colliding into the opposing party’s body. An enormous sound was released as large amounts of symbols erupted.

The green-haired man was badly injured by the kick. Black blood trickled down his mouth, and following that,  large mouthfuls of blood were spurted out. That last strike had inflicted serious damage onto him.

“You are asking for death!”

He was no longer capable of remaining calm. At the very beginning, he seemed rather illusory and intangible, but now, his killing intent was pouring out. Ten stars appeared within his empty pupils, releasing terrifying precious techniques.

Grandpa Fifteen fought back fiercely. All of his great spirit bodies moved forward to surround him.


Suddenly, the empty air trembled with a wengweng sound, startling everyone. The infuriated green-haired man was employing all of his power, imitating his original form with this spirit body. The pressure from the demonic power was terrifying.

Waterfalls started to appear in the sky one after another, interweaving into a net. It forced Grandpa Fifteen to evade. Symbols packed densely as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The scene was extremely violent.

In fact, they were not real rivers at all, but rather streaks of silk!

An enormous spider appeared right where the green-haired man was. Green hair as spiky as steel needles covered it giant body. It was ten zhang in length, and the silver waterfalls were silk ejected from it.

Its jet-black eyes looked like two black holes. They were now even more frightening than before, ready to devour people’s souls.

The silk it spat out continuously erupted with lightning. At this moment, the silk and lightning interwove together into a large net. They formed incredibly power divine chains that were constructed out of symbols!

“It’s the Black-eyed Demonic Green Spider!” The crowd cried out in surprise. They were all frightened.

It was an archaic demonic spider whose original form was definitely more powerful than that of noble kings. Its spirit body arrived here after suffering through tribulations, yet it could still exert such power. This display of power was definitely enough to shake the world.

“Go to hell!”

The Black-eyed Green Demonic Spider released a great and terrifying roar. The spiderweb and lightning interweaved, turning into a descending curtain of light. A black aura poured out like a great ocean billow, threatening to destroy everything.


Grandpa Fifteen fought with all of his effort, but one of his spirit bodies was covered by the large web and was entangled tightly within. The ten zhang long demonic spider then killed the spirit body, completely devouring it.

Even though it was only a spirit body, the scene still looked incredible cruel. As a result, Grandpa Fifteen’s true body spat out a gulp of blood and was badly injured.

If the battle was between true bodies, then scene would be extremely horrifying. A giant spider devouring a living human being; the image was frightening enough just by thinking of it.


From Grandpa Fifteen’s side, a scarlet sparrow flew up, bringing with it sky overflowing flames. It charged forward and ignited the web to try and burn the spider to death.

This was a natural suppression between species. However, their actual strength was still what mattered, and it was clear that the archaic demonic spider was a bit more powerful. Its unique silk flew out fearlessly towards the flames like a spear. It pierced through the scarlet sparrow, forcing it to retreat from the injury.

After the green-haired man revealed its true form, the savage and enormous body proved to be incredibly frightening. It was the polar opposite of its previous appearance.

The crowd found it hard to imagine that how such a huge spider could be so light-footed and void of malevolence when in its human form.

Their battle had reached such a fierce stage that the bronze pagoda and two divine arrows all started to release plaintive whines. The continuous collision had dimmed the symbols and weakened their divine power.

The battle had reached a point where both of them seemed like they were on the verge of falling.

“Grandpa Fifteen, be careful!” Suddenly, a young woman’s voice that was as beautiful as nature itself was transmitted to warn the Great Demonic God.

Grandpa Fifteen was originally backing up, but when he heard the voice, he became alerted. In a split second, he remembered the bones set by his rival that were used to sealed off this place. He was close to them now and sensed an approaching threat.


A purple precious bone indeed erupted and pressed at him. The demonic spider had gone crazy after attacking for so long without any breakthroughs. It began to summon those symboled bones to form a killing formation, trying to kill Grandpa Fifteen with it.

The Great Demonic God gave a snort of contempt and raised his hand. Several precious bones flew out along with a piece of beast hide. They spun rapidly and also formed a killing formation to resist the spider’s.

The hide was the diagram of the formation, and the bones were used as daggers. Inexhaustible and splendid sword energy burst into life as they shot out from the daggers towards the sky.  

Scorching heat filled the place as the battle was becoming even more intense.

Grandpa Fifteen nodded to himself. The girl who warned him just then was truly remarkable, for she could grasp the intentions of mighty experts of his level. She was a youth worth nurturing.

He turned around and found a teenage girl. She had a curvaceous figure and a most appealing face as beautiful as the moon and flowers. Her beauty was of a rare kind.

“What’s your name?” The Great Demonic God asked her in secret.

“I am called A’man1,” replied the girl with a sweet smile.


The battle became even more bitter and desperate. Blood spattered everywhere and flesh was torn. The bronze pagoda wailed as the two divine arrows trembled. Both individuals were close to their limits.


The giant demonic spider uttered a long cry and yelled out this word. Spiderwebs criss-crossed densely and thunder rumbled down. The space around it was locked down, making it difficult to move.

The spiderwebs were not physical ones, but rather made from symbols. They had confined this place from the heaven down, and Grandpa Fifteen could not even move a finger.

Needless to say, a divine ability like this would consume energy at a tremendous speed. The Black-eyed Green Demonic Spider was shaking and could collapse at any moment. It spoke in a cruel voice. “What else have you got? Go to hell!”

It was its last strike. The spider stretched out a leg, which stabbed at Grandpa Fifteen like a formidable divine spear.

The two divine arrows, however, were still in a stalemate with the bronze pagoda and could not descend to rescue Grandpa Fifteen.


Although blood was trickling down from every pore of Grandpa Fifteen, he still shouted out that word. The center of his forehead radiated and out released a black and a white ray of energy. They then transformed into a precious bow, and an arrow of light was formed automatically as well.

No one was drawing the bow or setting the arrow. It was all done on its own, thanks to the mental power of Grandpa Fifteen. Although his physical body could not move, his terrifying spiritual power was able to transform into the most precious bow and arrow.


A divine light flew near and the archaic demonic spider screamed. The spider leg stopped in mid-air and failed to pierce through the body in front of it.

The spiritual divine arrow was much faster than physical movement. It surpassed everything as the arrow went through the head of the demonic spider. The spirit body had died a miserable death!

The Great Demonic God was able to move now. He approached the spider with one dash and cut off its head with a chi sound. Holding the head in his hand, his invincible mightiness still proved to be matchless!

It was finally over. The battle in the capital had come to an end.

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