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Chapter 274 – The Divine Artifact

The palm pressed down, blotting out the sun and the sky. The Great Demonic God’s enormous hand turned jet-black as it pushed downwards like a dark five-fingered mountain.

The terrifying scene reminded one of the arrival of a great demon. Black clouds rolled in as the giant hand covered the sky. The pressure and the magnificent aura had a daunting effect on everyone.

The Rain King roared as he did everything he could to withstand the attack. Endless torrential rain poured down from the clouds, and lightning reached down from the heavens as it shook the earth; this was the thunder and lightning released from clouds that had reached an absolute threshold of power.

Electric radiance wrapped around him as he tried to resist that giant black hand. Following a violent collision, countless streaks of light erupted between the two.


Eventually, the Rain King coughed out blood and was knocked away. The electricity flashing around him was dispersed under that black five-fingered mountain. All symbols went dim.

The entire sky seemed to have split open. Grandpa Fifteen’s expression was cold and detached as he walked over. He was like an enormous demonic god, and his presence alone brought everyone inside the capital great pressure.

It was a demonstration of the fierce and mighty Great Demonic God’s ‘demonic’ feature. Even though he only had a single arm left, he was still unstoppable as he smashed it downwards.

The Rain King suffered a heavy blow. He could not bear the tremendous force and stumbled back several steps with trembling legs. As he floated in the sky, large amounts of symbols were extinguished.

Grandpa Fifteen looked indifferent as he charged fiercely without a single word. He was going to kill the Rain King who had stepped into this manor to provoke his clan.

The giant black hand smashed down, shaking the sky. The Rain King’s arms made gazhi sounds as he fought back, as if they would snap at any moment. More and more blood was coughed out from his mouth.

“That’s enough!”

He roared loudly and spat out some blood deliberately. All the blood he coughed out surged into the sky and turned into a shower of blood rain.

“Yi?” Grandpa Fifteen was surprised. The spurted blood contained an astonishing divine energy that was incredibly powerful.

This was a rain of blood; each raindrop contained the vital essence of the Rain King. This was all done intentionally. The blood that he coughed out was not wasted and was within his calculations.

“It’s the Great Blood Rain Formation!” Someone cried out from the distant sky when they realized what was happening.

In the next moment, the scene changed completely. Everything became misty in this world as the scarlet shower of light turned heavy and submerged this place. It continuously underwent change and enlargement.

Meanwhile, nine tiny gourds appeared. The ominous and mysterious objects were all bright red in color and undulated in the blood rain. A weird energy was spreading out from the gourds.

Multicolored light spurted out of the openings of the gourds. These were all sword blades, and all of them were hacking towards Grandpa Fifteen. The blood raindrops turned into symbols, flickering ceaselessly.

With the nine tiny gourds inside, the power of the Great Blood Rain Formation increased rapidly. Even the clouds and winds of this place was stirred up.

The swords almost blended together. In the end, they were no longer separate shiny blades, but instead waves. Scarlet tides rolled in vast and endless quantities, covering heaven and earth.

The crowd was shocked. The great formation passed down from the Rain Clan ancestors was indeed terrifying! With such a formidable measure, normal people would explode into blood mists as soon as they stepped into the formation.

The endless sword radiance turned into tidal waves. Some of the residual power flew out of the capital and travelled into the distance, and the mountains over there were blasted open immediately.

This was only a portion of the scarlet waves, not even all of it. This kind of power terrified everyone. If the entire great formation struck down, it could definitely annihilate a great city  and an army made up of hundreds of thousands.

This was a real killing formation, not designed to trap a single person.

The crowd in the Martial Imperial Manor was terrified and worried for Grandpa Fifteen. His opponent had come fully prepared, which meant that the earlier weakness shown by the Rain King was done on purpose. He was now showing his true strength.


A loud explosion took place in the great blood formation, and blobs of light flew up one after another. The giant jet-black hand erupted and smashed into the blood-colored light. Sonorous sounds rang out as the blades and waves made contact with the hand.

“Hand of Devil!”

Someone shouted this in surprise. No wonder he was called the Great Demonic God! He was able to cultivate such a great divine ability. Black light flickered about with a terrifying demeanor. The endless blades didn’t manage to stop its arrival at all.


The giant black hand fell down and scattered rain of blood, leaving behind only the nine gourds that were still radiating with circulating symbols.

“Shi Zhongtian, cease your attacks!”

While the Rain King cried out, the nine bright red gourds moved closers and radiated resplendently. The aura around them erupted abruptly as more killing beams surged out.

The Great Demonic God charged fiercely. He made nine strikes with his hand, each on top of a gourd. The resounding sounds of explosion shook even the skies.

“Break!” Roared Grandpa Fifteen.

“Open!” Roared the Rain King, too.

Finally, with a series of kacha sounds, all nine bright red gourds split open. Webs of cracks appeared all over them before they were completely destroyed.


In the end, rosy clouds filled the sky as the nine precious gourds exploded. They broke into pieces that flew towards Grandpa Fifteen.

“Annihilate!” Roared the Rain King loudly.

The divine power produced by the explosion was incredibly violent, making all the great forces in the capital shudder. If the explosion spread out, numerous creatures could be killed. As for the Martial Imperial Manor, an even great disaster would befall it. Grandpa Fifteen’s old brothers were extremely worried and feared that something abnormal might happen, because that power was too great!

Suddenly, the color of the Great Demonic God’s palm changed. The black light faded away, and the palm turned as white as jade. It looked completely different.

“ Hand of God!”

Everyone was mind-blown again, and all of them became dumbstruck. This was a legendary divine ability! Its power was enough to make everyone shudder. It had already been many years since the last time the Hand of God made an appearance.

The Great Demonic God’s title did not exist for no reason. Rumor had it that he had been cultivating both the divine and demonic path, and it was being demonstrated right now. It was first the Hand of Devil, and then the Hand of God.

These types of divine abilities were extremely powerful. With a stretch of that porcelain white palm, the bright red gourds fragments all exploded into ashes, and the violent storm of energy also died down.

Peace was restored to this place. The storm and bloody mist completely disappeared, and the nine bright red gourds were completely destroyed.

The Hand of God was true to its name, resembling the technique of a divine being. It terrified everyone.

The Rain King was smashed away, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth again. He stumbled backwards in the sky.

Excitement swept across the capital. The Great Demonic God had returned with mighty strength. He had demonstrated his invincibility, overcoming all obstacles with ease. Nothing was unbreakable to him; he was completely unstoppable.

“Rain King, you’ve overestimated your capabilities when you provoked the Martial Imperial Manor. This is your punishment!” Shouted some sect elders from below. They were most discontent with his deliberate provocation during this chaotic situation.

“Heihei, hahahah…” Laughed the Rain King. He was not upset at all, and his face looked colder.

“This is a sacrificial rite, a reception! Let’s begin!” The smile faded from the Rain King’s face, and his expression became even more callous.

Blobs of light appeared in the air one after another. As the pieces radiated, all kinds of characters emerged. An incredible pressure was released, making the crowd feel as if their souls were trembling.

“What are those?!”

Many people raised their heads towards those shining pieces. They all felt a type of indescribable pressure, as well as an ominous feeling that made their bodies kneel down.

“It’s the aura of deity!” The Great Demonic God said in a soft voice. His arrow was blocked by this extremely formidable artifact earlier.

“Revive!” Shouted the Rain King.

The mighty divine power emitted by the rain of blood and nine broken gourds he summoned previously did not disappear, but were instead absorbed by these pieces hidden within the void.

“Relics of deities!” Many cried out in surprise. Gasping sounds arose simultaneously in the capital. They were in big trouble now.

The Rain King had sacrificed everything for these pieces, using the energy he gained from the battle to resurrect them. He was waiting until now to reveal everything!

“Imperial Decree of the Rain Deity!”

Someone shouted with an ashen expression. The decree left behind by the archaic deity was incredibly terrifying. There were many symbols inscribed on it, and they were shining brilliantly as they released their mighty aura.

If Shi Hao were here, he would have definitely been surprised, for he had previously eaten a piece of the decree. Of course, it did not happen in the real world, but in the Void God Realm.

The Rain Clan was infuriated by that incident and cursed Shi Hao multiple times. The incredibly powerful deity’s decree was suppressed when taken into the Void God Realm, and a piece of it was… eaten by that devilish brat!

They were not in the Void God Realm now. This was the real world, where the decree could function with its full power. Its aura alone was making the crowd’s blood curdle.

“Old Fifteen, what else can you use to fight me? Today, I will clean up your school and kill you for your betrayal.”

The Rain King was becoming more forceful. After wiping away the blood at the corner of his mouth, he stood upright and stared at Grandpa Fifteen. There was a pressing and mighty aura about him.

The Martial Imperial Manor’s people were infuriated. The Rain King was only an outsider, yet he acted so arrogantly, meddling with their internal affairs. They were all enraged.

In the sky, muddy-coloured pieces of decree appeared one after another, which soon turned splendid and golden. The symbols on each piece were shiny like the sun, stinging people’s eyes.

The aura was becoming stronger. On the ground, countless people couldn’t help but kneel down, as if they were at the presence of an archaic deity.

The capital fell into a dead silence as people feared for their lives. With the aura of a deity fluctuating through the air, how could they even fight back?

“Hand over your head, Old Fifteen!” Shouted the Rain King.

The golden pieces descended, and the power it produced was far more terrifying than what an aristocratic noble could. it was simply impossible to defend against, making everyone inside the Martial Imperial Manor stupefied. All of them were horrified; was the invincible Great Demonic God going to lose?

The divine being decree was quite special and unordinary. A divine will was recorded within, and killing intent was suffused within. As a result, a single activation would bring about an earthshaking effect.

The air around the Great Demonic God contorted, and he was suppressed with a downward pressure. How could the power of a human compete against the power of deities? He was falling down due to the pressure, and his life was at risk.

Many people sighed. The Rain Clan used to have an ancestor who became a deity, and the decree left behind was way too special. It contained a fighting will that could make the heaven and earth collapse!

The sky was about to be blasted open as Grandpa Fifteen continuously fell. Blood was trickling down his mouth, and his body was shaking violently.

“It is as powerful as expected. I still have a long way to go compared to the deities,” said Grandpa Fifteen. His countenance then changed suddenly. He drew out the giant bow, and a beam of light flew out of his mouth, turning into an arrow.

The arrow was a special one. It was almost transparent, and a thin layer of silver light flowed along its surface. The sun and moon were dimmed immediately by its presence. The wind and cloud changed in an unexpected manner as killing intent surged up into the sky.

The look on the Great Demon God’s face remained indifferent. He set the arrow on the bow and drew fiercely. “The Rain Deity’s Decree contains a fighting will that is very powerful. However, it’s not the Rain Deity himself. Take my arrow!”

The silver light crisscrossed and dashed out at a tremendous speed. The sky felt like it was crumbling. With a loud rumbling sound, the golden pieces of the decree were shaken violently.

Some of the pieces were shot by the holy arrow. The symbols were obliterated with a hong sound, fading away completely.

“What… was that?” Many people were shocked.

“The arrow left behind by an ancient deity!” There were a few aristocratic kings who were greatly shaken. They had never expected that the Great Demonic God would take out this kind of object out at the last moment, explained his calmness.

“Impossible!” The Rain King cried out. He couldn’t think of a worse situation than this, that the divine artifact of the clan had met its match. The arrow from his opponent had frightened him tremendously.

The golden decree flickered as the pieces vibrated one after another. They erupted rapidly before wrapping themselves around the Rain King, who fled into the distance. He dared not fight any more.

The decree was the most powerful backup he counted on, but it did not work and was defeated. Great fear filled his chest. The Great Demonic God was too frightening!

“The Martial Imperial Manor is not a place you can act recklessly in. Have you forgotten what I told you?” Grandpa Fifteen said in a cold voice.

He waved his hand and set up the bow again. The silver arrow flew out, pierced through the sky and striking the sphere of golden light. Numerous pieces of the divine decree began to tremble, and like an explosion, multicolored light shot in all directions. The symbols grew dim and were extinguished soon after.

The Rain King screamed miserably. Even though the silver arrow was blocked temporarily and did not directly hit his body, the enormous pressure still pierced through and smashed onto him.


The strike on his body was almost as heavy as a crushing mountain. He fell to the ground with a body that was nearly torn apart.

The arrow of deity was in a stalemate with the decree pieces of the decree, and the Rain King fought back with all his effort. He even tried to remove that arrow, because he would probably die here otherwise.

The Great Demonic God was merciless and cold-hearted. He drew an arrow from his back. It was not an arrow of the deity, but it was still similarly formidable.


The long arrow pierced through the air and flew across the sky. As the two divine artifacts locked onto each other, the other arrow crossed air rapidly and shot the Rain King with a pu sound.


The Rain King screamed in misery. He tried his best to evade it, but the arrow still shot through the lower part of his body. It exploded and his bottom half disappeared, turning into a mush.

He was a powerful King, but he still could not fend off the arrow of the Great Demonic God!

His bloody upper part collapsed to the ground with a peng sound. As he lifted his head, he found himself in front of a grand Manor. The tablet said “Rain King’s Manor”.

The Rain King’s face contorted. The Great Demonic God had arrived right in front of their manor. He truly brought a disaster onto himself!

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