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Chapter 271 – Unmatched Divine Arrow

The Martial King is coughing out blood?

On the ground, Shi Yuan and the others’ faces became deathly white when they saw this. All of them were frightened badly. Just what level of power did the Great Demonic God reach? He was actually able to harm the Martial King?!

Each and every one of them felt the hairs on their body stand up straight. A chill ran through their bodies all the way from head to toe. When the Martial King first appeared, they were hoping that he would suppress Grandpa Fifteen for their sake, yet they never would have thought that this would be the result.

In the distance, the experts from various clans sucked in cold breaths of air. The Great Demonic God was ridiculously powerful! It made everyone horrified. After leaving for more than ten years, he came back to stir up the capital again.

The Martial King was shaken until he spat out blood from his mouth. However, he did not back up but instead smiled. The blood from his mouth actually began to increasingly spread out, turning into a lake of blood.

His eyes were extremely chilly. Even though there was a smile on his lips, his expression was ice cold. His two hands joined together, and with a honglong sound, the lake of blood swept towards Grandpa Fifteen.

Everyone was shocked. This was a divine ability! It was just a mouthful of blood, yet it turned into a lake of dense symbols. Did this mean that a single drop of his blood was enough to kill a large mass of people?

Grandpa Fifteen remained fearless as he slapped forward. A true wave of blood engulfed the skies as it surged, smashing apart this lake of blood.

The Martial King’s gaze became increasingly cold. His two arms waved about, causing a large expanse of blood to once again surge. This time, it rushed out with even more ferocity. The symbols were absolutely dazzling, carrying with it waves of fierce killing intent as it submerged Grandpa Fifteen.

This time, the torrential wave of blood surged endlessly. It drew in essence energy from all directions to refine Grandpa Fifteen.

The Great Demonic God released an ice cold snort. His remaining arm lit up, and with a hong sound, he created a huge cauldron out of symbols. Its power was released, collecting the endless blood inside before sitting down to refine it.

“This is a pot of precious flesh medicine. Who wants some?” Grandpa Fifteen spoke.

The contents of the cauldron began to boil, and the lake of blood was completely evaporating into a single pellet. Scarlet multicolored light was released, and essence energy flowed about freely.

The Martial King’s expression became even colder. The opponent was ridiculing him at this point. He truly did not expect to be wounded today, because never did he foresee that his opponent would be so powerful.

“Old Fifteen, you really are great!” The Martial King shouted this sentence.

It was as if a mountain torrent was pouring out as the tremendous and oppressive noise rang out, traveling into the distance. Above the Martial King’s head, the greenish rust on the copper furnace quickly began to peel off.

Beautiful and life-like golden crows appeared one after another on top of the cauldron. It made it appear even more massive and beautiful.

The precious furnace revealed its true body. Flames burned vigorously within, and mysterious ancient symbols swarmed about its exterior. It was as if it possessed life when it erupted at this moment.

A huge explosion sounded. The furnace shone so brilliantly that even the sun in the sky seemed pale in comparison. The copper furnace was sparkling and translucent, no longer seeming plain like before. It had its own life force

In addition, dazzling light was released from the furnace’s surface. A golden crow spread its wings and took to the skies. Fiery light flickered about its golden body, making it look extremely tyrannical.

Following that, another flew out. The golden wings were so splendid that it made people’s hearts tremble. It just seemed too lifelike, and its terrifying aura was diffusing everywhere.

The third one flew out. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens when it swept its golden pupils towards Grandpa Fifteen. Just like that, six golden crows flew out and circled about the copper furnace.

The ancient treasure was being surrounded by these golden crows, as if the stars were cupping themselves around a moon. They began to shine simultaneously.

Grandpa Fifteen had already stood up. He flung that blood pellet towards the ground. An enormous bow appeared in his only arm as he coldly glared at the opposing party.


Finally, the bronze furnace flew out. It was dazzling and brilliant, and those six golden crows were even more enormous. Flames overflowed into the heavens as they all moved their wings around the copper furnace in a frightening manner.

Everyone was greatly shaken. The entire sky seemed to have been flooded by the fiery light, with flames and divine radiance extending everywhere. The copper cauldron no longer seemed worn out in the slightest.

It was incomparably frightening at the moment. Mysterious symbols circled all about, sending down streak after streak of divine force. Together with those few golden crows, it seemed to have become a great killing weapon.

A wave of energy rippled through the air, as if the sky itself was going to collapse. The fluctuations continued to undulate, causing the people below to feel great fear. There wasn’t a single pair of eyes that weren’t on this battle, and all of their bodies felt like they had gone soft.

A loud sound erupted. The copper furnace suppressed downwards to kill Grandpa Fifteen. The light about it flourished with even greater ferocity, as if a sun was smashing down.


Under everyone’s cries of alarm and fear, the Great Demonic God did not put up any type of defense. There was only a single movement; he took the initiative to attack, smashing his enormous bow against the copper cauldron.

The sound was crisp and melodious, as if it struck straight at one’s soul. Many people cried out loudly as their heads felt a splitting pain and their eyes went lifeless.

That enormous bow was plain and unadorned, yet it could collide against such an ancient copper furnace without the slightest bit of damage. Meanwhile, that large killing weapon was sent flying.

“So powerful!”

“Using the bow like that… He isn’t even using it like how he is supposed to!”

In the distance, there were some who sighed.

The Martial King was cold and expressionless. After chanting an incantation, the copper cauldron trembled, and its lid was opened. The endless flames poured out like a sea of flames, revealing an absolutely ridiculous amount of power.

It clearly wasn’t that large, yet an entire sea of flames was being poured out from the opening. A great killing weapon like this could definitely wipe out a city wall and the massive army behind it, yet it was currently used to deal with a single person.

The great bow in the Great Demonic God’s hand spun around, forming a golden storm. It began to frantically devour and absorb the sea of flames.

“Yi, what is this?!”

There were also symbols on top of that great bow, and as it absorbed the entire sea of flames, it made the entire weapon light up brilliantly. Eventually, it reached a state of near transparency.

This was the result of reaching a certain threshold of divine might, and at that moment, the bow released a terrifying radiance.

The Martial King’s expression changed. With a shake of his hand, the copper furnace flew up once again. This time, it was completely different. The golden crows were even more frantic as they absorbed the flames. Their bodies continuously increased in size, and then they all threw themselves towards Grandpa Fifteen.

“Old Fifteen, what a pity it is for your renowned unmatched divine arrow. With only a single arm remaining, how will you draw the bowstring?” The Martial King said with a cold smile.

“Do you want to see for yourself?” Grandpa Fifteen replied. He was not scared in the slightest as he faced the incoming golden crows.

“There are many ways to draw a bow, but regardless, there is no way that it can be as shocking as when you had both hands.” The Martial King shook his head.

“You’re scared!” The Great Demonic God sneered. Right at that moment, an arrow ejected from his back autonomously. One of his sleeves curled up before attaching to the bowstring.

Everyone stared blankly and watched with their eyes widened.


The blood within the Martial King’s body erupted like an ocean. He seemed like an archaic vicious beast as endless divine multicolored light enveloped him. They converged to activate the copper furnace and golden crows to suppress Grandpa Fifteen.


Grandpa Fifteen released a loud roar as well. His single arm was holding the bow, while his sleeve substituted for his lost arm and similar pulled back that divine bowstring. The light created was absolutely dazzling.

At this moment, his entire body was surrounded by light. It was as if streak after streak of light were gliding past him as they released their dazzling radiance. He was now a battle god with divine light flickering all about him. As the great bow was pulled into a full arc, a single sparkling arrow rested within.

Following that, with a weng sound, the vibration of the bow threw the skies into disorder. Wave after wave of terrifying patterns were released as the arrow’s feathers lit up, carrying with it a blast of divine might.


The divine arrow covered the sky, leaving behind a long trail of light. It turned into a divine rainbow, directly penetrating through a golden crow’s chest. The crow unexpectedly contained a spirit, releasing a miserable shriek. Blood splashed outwards as it dropped from the sky.

Following that, the second arrow was placed on the bowstring. Bright light shone as it flew out almost instantly, directly piercing through the head of the second golden crow. Its body was blown apart without a chance to even make a sound.

The Great Demonic God continuously drew his bow. Six arrows flew out, and six golden crows were killed. They were equivalent to the frightening symbols on the copper furnace, possessing astonishing divine force. However, they were all shot through in the end.

This all happened in a split second. Following that, Grandpa Fifteen shot out three arrows in succession that struck the copper cauldron. Dang dang sounds rang out. It was sent flying, and fiery light was scattered everywhere.

The Martial King was furious. Even though the ancient furnace was was not harmed, those six symbols seemed to have faded somewhat. He truly couldn’t take it anymore, because he had constantly been on the losing end today.


Light erupted from his entire body, and a wave of vitality surged into the heavens. His entire being was like a supreme archaic vicious beast. With a wave of his hand, the copper cauldron flew back.

Following that, the ancient magical artifact in his hand flew towards Grandpa Fifteen. This was a battle of life or death. He rushed forward to engage his opponent.

At this moment, an ash-colored Flood Dragon appeared outside his body, a golden Divine Crow spread its wings, and a purple Suan Ni roared…

These were all powerful vicious beasts and divine birds in the heavenly passage realm. They rushed out at the same time murderously and displayed an utmost strength.

The Great Demonic God’s face looked cold, without much expression. However, his aura erupted. A Golden Winged Peng circled about his head, a Bi’an roared and leapt out…

He released his spirit body as well to carry out this final fight against this great enemy.

“Kill!” The two individuals shouted at the same time before rushing towards each other.

Grandpa Fifteen drew back his bow, forming a full moon. This time, it was aimed at the Martial King and nothing else.


The copper furnace violently shook. The Martial King used it to block his chest to avoid being killed by that arrow. A blast of terrifying light was released.

Dang, dang…

Metallic sounds continuously rang out as Grandpa Fifteen unloaded his arrows one after another. The Martial King concentrated all of his attention on the copper cauldron.

This was a great killing weapon passed down from the ancient era, yet currently, it was continuously suffering damage. A part of the furnace was now dented, because all of the arrows were shot at the same place.

The Great Demonic God’s divine arrow was unmatched. His grasp of its power was perfect, reaching its absolute peak. Every single arrow shot out with extreme accuracy.

“Old Fifteen, do you only know how to shoot arrows?” The Martial King had long became furious. His heart was feeling great pain. This precious artifact’s origins were so great, yet it was damaged like this today. It made him feel a raging anger.

In the end, he rushed forward, and with a pu sound, a streak of blood blossomed. Grandpa Fifteen killed one of the spiritual bodies next to him, hitting it right between the eyebrows.

“Accept death!”

The Martial King roared, and his entire body was set ablaze. His divine might surged, making him seem completely different from before.

“What?! He was actually holding back strength!”

“He suppressed himself. This is also a type of cultivation. Now that his power has truly been unleashed, Grandpa Fifteen is in danger.”

In the distance, there were many people who cried out in alarm. This battle stirred up every single expert within the capital, and all types of powers were watching carefully.

The Martial King erupted into rage. He unleashed everything he had to confront Grandpa Fifteen and kill him here. Regardless of how he thought about it, he still had to deal with his opponent harshly.


It was as if the heavens fell and the earth tore apart. Grandpa Fifteen stepped backwards as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. This was the first injury he received.


The Martial King roared loudly. His power became even more boundless as his entire being ignited. He smashed the copper furnace in his hands towards Grandpa Fifteen.

Grandpa Fifteen avoided it. At this moment, two different kinds of light rose, starting all the way from his feet. A wave of spotlessly white and peaceful energy swirled up from the center of his left foot, and from the right, a wave of pitch black and deeply cold energy extended upwards. With a hong sound, the white and black strands of light intertwined and suffused his body.

“Great Demonic God!”

Everyone shouted at the same time.

There was always a rumor that Grandpa Fifteen was not known as the Great Demonic God purely due to his character, but also because of his cultivation. Today, this was proven.

The divine nature and demonic nature were both released. His entire body shone, and a terrifying energy filled the air. It was much more powerful than the power he showed just now, and he was now going to fight the Martial King with everything he had.


His single arm slammed down on that copper furnace, and the furnace unexpectedly caved into a by a large amount. Just what kind of power was this? Even the ancient magical artifact was having a hard time holding on.

Just like that, the two individuals collided and carried out the most horrifying confrontation. Meanwhile, the spiritual bodies also engaged in this battle.

It was as if two tyrannical dragons had clashed a bitter struggle. They fought from the heavens down to the earth, from the capital into the mountain range, and then back up into the heavens to resume their slaughter.

They fought until the heavens became muddled and the earth became dim. Blood flowed from the corners of their lips. In the end, the Martial King’s copper furnace was sent flying from one of the Great Demonic God’s strikes, and his entire body was so shaken that he continuously coughed out blood. He took to the skies to create some distance.

“Martial King, are you going to surrender?!” The Great Demonic God yelled.

“I will not!” The Martial King roared back as anger clouded his eyes.

The Great Demonic God directly drew his bow. This time, his facial expression was even more serious before, yet it was also more calm. The great bow was drawn back, and a single alternating black and white arrow flew out with a wuwu sound.

The Martial King did everything he could to bombard it with interweaving symbols, and even his body was trying to dodge it. However, it was still futile, and he was struck by the arrow!


A string of blood blossomed. Most of the symbols around his body were extinguished, and his ribcage was penetrated. Many of his bones were broken. If not for the symbols that were concentrated around the wound to quickly protect himself, he would have undoubtedly exploded into pieces.

With a peng sound, the Martial King descended into the manor. The battle had concluded!

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