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Chapter 272 – The Rain King

Blood splashed outwards when the Martial King got struck. He fell down into the courtyard after being shot out of the skies. His injuries were severe, and he had lost the ability to fight!

This moment, a hush fell over heaven and earth. For a long time, nobody made a single sound. The battle ended in such an unexpected way! Many people found it difficult to believe what they had just seen.

The Martial King had lost!

He used to be an all-powerful figure that ruled over the Great Wasteland. His great strength had won him prestige and prominence in this world, and he was worshiped by many like an overlord. Yet despite his incredible power, he was defeated by a mere arrow, falling down from the sky in a shower of blood.

How could anyone not be shocked?

This was the Martial King we were talking about, whose title alone would stir up a great quaking within Stone Country! Now that he was defeated in such a way, many found the fact rather hard to swallow. They were all dumbfounded.

Even though he rarely made an appearance these years, he was still a renowned figure. No one expected him to end up like this.

Eventually, the capital began to stir with excitement. The battle ended with the crushing defeat of the Martial King. The arrow of Grandpa Fifteen had pierced through his body, making it impossible for him to fight again.

All kings, noble lords, and great clans outside discussed enthusiastically about this breathtaking battle. The duration of the battle could not be considered short, yet it ended in such an astonishing and unexpected way.

Excitement swept over everyone, from the royalties down to the common cultivators. The clamor filled every street and alley, and did not quiet down for quite some time.

An incident like this would surely cause a disturbance that would travel far and wide. It would become the most talked-about topic, and the excitement would not subside for several days.

Inside the Martial Imperial Manor, Shi Yuan and the others had gone pale. The result was a severe blow to them. Even the Martial King had been defeated, so how could they make a comeback in the future? They felt as if the entire world had been turned upside down.

This kind of defeat and frustration turned all of their hopes into dust. It was merciless and cruel, leaving their entire body ice-cold.

As for the older brothers of Grandpa Fifteen, after an initial shock, they became extremely excited. The result completely exceeded their expectations. Originally, they were still rather worried and never thought that the battle would end in such a great victory.

“How could this happen? I refuse to believe it!” An elder who was stripped of his  cultivation growled. His body was trembling as he stared at the Martial King with bloodshot eyes.

The faces of Shi Yuan and the others ashened. They opened their mouths and tried to say something, but their words were stuck in their throats..

“Are you alright, Old Fifteen?” An old brother called out, fearing that he might be badly injured as well.

Up in the air, the light surrounding the Great Demonic God had disappeared. Blood was trickling down the corner of his mouth, but he was still full of vigor and vitality like a burning furnace. The battle did him no harm, and he was as vigorous as ever.

This was true especially of his eyes, which were extremely intense. Divine light flowed out from them occasionally as they swept across the sky like lightning. He landed on the ground and wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth.

This tall and supreme figure had defeated the Martial King in a tough battle. He really did resemble a demonic god that could make people’s hearts lurk with astonishment.

He was worthy of his title “Great Demonic God”!

Far off, the Martial King struggled to his feet. A bloody hole was opened on his left side, and many of his bones were broken. His injury was extremely severe, so returning to the battlefield would end his life.

He said nothing, for all words were useless now. Before long, a divine light emerged again and wrapped itself around him. No one could see the expression on this face.

“I’ve lost!” At these words, he marched away into the distance.

“Martial King!” Shi Yuan and the others called out after him.

“I am no longer interested in the position of Martial King.” The Great Demonic God spoke calmly.

“Yi’er is backed by an incredibly mighty supreme expert. Neither of us can stop him from rising to greatness.”

The Martial King stopped for a moment to say these things. He then left for the the palace halls. However, he did not make it very far before collapsing to the ground unconsciously with a peng sound.

A few people rushed to his side immediately and carried him to a quiet room for treatment.

The Great Demonic God waved his hand and called back the nine big flags. They shrank to no more than a few cun tall before disappearing into his palm. The great formation outside the Martial Imperial Manor was unsealed.

At this moment, the Martial Imperial Manor was dead silent, with no one daring to make a sound. Shi Yuan and his crowd broke into a cold sweat. Their legs failed to support them as they all dropped to the ground.

They felt as if their life had gone gloomy, becoming devoid of all hope. Was the Great Demonic God going to be the master of the Martial Imperial Manor now that he returned? What would their lives be like in the future?

All of a sudden, it began to rain. It was drizzling at first, but gradually became heavy.

Frightening light radiated from the Great Demonic God’s eyes at once. He shouted, “Does the Rain Clan have a death wish?!”

The loud sound stirred the entire capital, and its incredible vigor caused a great disturbance in all directions. The Great Demonic God was infuriated as he looked up at the sky.

“Fifteen, your temperament is too fiery. Are you going to treat a guest in this manner?” A gentle voice sounded.

“What kind of place do you think this is? You dare to provoke the Martial Imperial Manor and bring disaster to your clan?!” The Great Demonic God shouted.

The rain was not a natural one, but man-made. Due to the arrival of this great character, rain began to pour down within the heaven and earth. It was an extremely shocking sight.

“The Rain King!”

There was someone who cried out in shock after recognizing the newcomer’s identity. The outside of the manor began to stir with even greater commotion, because the king of the Rain Clan who hadn’t come out after so many years also came to the Martial Imperial Manor.

“Old Fifteen, your temper really is bad. I merely came as a guest, so it isn’t very polite to treat me like this,” said the Rain King. Sparkling raindrops surrounded him immediately as he appeared, blurring his figure.

“Stop your rain, and don’t act carelessly. The Martial Imperial Manor is not a place for you to play around!” Grandpa Fifteen replied in a deep voice. His facial expression was not good.

The Rain Clan resided near waters and was famous for their ability to borrow strength from the rain. Bringing the rain with them to the Martial Imperial Manor was simply a great provocation!

The rain scattered down, obscuring everything. The glowing figure wrapped within was sending off a peculiar aura.

The Rain King was powerful and awe-inspiring. With the rain-controlling ability, he immersed himself in the holy and pure shower of lights while subtly resonating with the heaven and earth.

“Old Fifteen, you haven’t even asked anything, yet you still threaten me like this. Your words are just too harsh,” said the Rain King.

“I think you know very well who is the one with evil intentions. Regardless, your arrival is not a completely bad thing for me. I was going to visit your clan sooner or later anyway.” Grandpa Fifteen replied with an unmoved face. From what he had heard, Ziling had been hunted down repeatedly by the Rain Clan.

When Ziling and his wife took Shi Hao to the western border, they encountered many experts along the way. Ziling only managed to make a narrow escape while protecting his feeble child.

“You have two choices. Get lost, or be defeated by me and watch me pay a visit to the Rain Clan!” The Great Demonic God said in a cold voice.

The opposing party’s attitude was just too arrogant. The rain was pouring down with increasing ferocity. It could turn into an offensive weapon at any time as it surrounded Stone Manor.

Many people in the Martial Imperial Manor became irritated as well. How dare he act like this! The scolding of the Great Demonic God excited many clan members, who found his words appeasing.

Outside the manor, the spectating clans all became startled. A great battle had just ended, yet another conflict arose. No one could have predicted this situation. They were all afraid that another great battle would occur.

“Fine, I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’ve come to help the Martial King clean up his own clan. You are too arrogant, Old Fifteen. After leaving your family for more than ten years, you actually dare to rebel so greatly!” The Rain Clan suddenly roared.

“Who are you shouting at? Do you wish to die?” The Great Demonic God held out his great bow at once. Cold and terrifying lights flickering in his eyes.

“With the Martial King’s temperament, how could he have invited this person!” Behind Grandpa Fifteen, his old brothers  were furious. Who was the Martial King? Even though he did not agree with the Great Demonic God and had fought him fiercely, he would never ask someone from the Rain Clan for help.

The Rain King had poked his nose too far this time. Who did he think he was by coming here? He still brave enough to show himself after witnessing Grandpa Fifteen’s frightening power, so everyone suspected that he had something to rely on!

The Rain King could not possibly be stronger than the Martial King. This emboldened act meant that he definitely had some formidable measures.

“On the Martial King’s behalf, I’ll clean up his clan for him. You’ve crossed the line, Old Fifteen. After disappearing for so many years, even if you did make some progress, you shouldn’t have acted so domineering,” said the Rain King.

“Who the hell do you think you, to even dare criticize my Martial Imperial Manor?!”

At these words, Grandpa Fifteen directly took out his radiating bow. With the flow of symbols, a long black-and-white arrow was set on the bowstring. It aimed at the sky, and resplendent light erupted from it.

The Rain King changed his countenance. He was actually somewhat terrified of the Great Demonic God’s unmatched arrow. Even though he came prepared, his expression was still somewhat unnatural.

The Great Demonic God was incredibly mighty as he drew the bow. The bowstring trembled with a weng sound, releasing a splendid long arrow high into the sky. As the arrow pierced through layer after layer of rain barriers, exploding sounds rang through the skies and all sorts of rain symbols were shattered.


It did not feel like an arrow at all, but rather a great mountain as it smashed towards the Rain King. Even the sound it made was magnificent, and everything was shaken by its wenglonglong sound.

The Rain King fell back and evaded rapidly. However, his opponent was the Great Demonic God, and his shooting skill was unparalleled, so all of his evasion was futile. The arrow would not stop until it reached its target.

With rumbling sounds, symbols erupted from the arrow, and it changed direction to chase endlessly.

The Rain King halted in surprise. Light gathered in front him, and many peculiar symbols emerged. He summoned an unknown divine object that radiated with blinding light.


A loud bang sounded, as if a divine figure was pounding against the heavens. It was so loud that the crowd could hear wengweng sounds in their ears, making them feel dizzy and befuddled.

The black-and-white arrow made contact with the radiating object and was blocked. The object acted as a divine shield that the arrow could not break through.

Even so, the Rain King still took a great blow. A tremendous force passed through that object, sending him flying backwards with that divine object. His body did not stop for hundreds of zhang.

One could imagine how formidable that arrow was! It immediately knocked the powerful Rain King away, as if a mountain had smashed into him.

Finally, the Rain King managed to regain his balance and stood still up in the air. He put the radiating object away.

Grandpa Fifteen look grave as he said, “That object is related to divine existences!”

A hush fell over the crowd at his words. Many were astonished and greatly shaken. They stared into the sky with aghast faces, and fear crept up their backs.

“Are you afraid now, Old Fifteen?” Surrounded by the misty light, the Rain King walked near again. He was indifferent and calm now.

The rain sprinkled down in a disorderly manner, filling the world with a thin layer of smoke. It was a mist of water that contained symbols, and completely submerged this place.

“I don’t know who gave you the confidence to bring such provocative words to the Martial Imperial Manor. You are bringing great misfortune to the Rain Clan!”The Great Demonic God spoke in a cold tone, as if he was announcing his decision to deal with the entire Rain Clan.

“Like I said, I am doing this on the Martial King’s behalf. I did not come here without reason. I’ve come to clean up his clan for him,” said the Rain King mildly. He seemed even calmer than before.

“Who do you think you are, and by what authority can you claim such a thing?” Behind the Martial King, the old brothers of Grandpa Fifteen could not hold back their anger and scolded loudly.

They were worried. Since the Rain King dared to come, there wa definitely someone powerful behind him. Old Fifteen might be in danger, and he might face another fierce battle.

“I’m the one who invited the Rain King and gave him the permission. After all, Yi’er is his relative as well.” Just then, a figure emerged from the misty rain and walked near. There was a formidable rhythm in his steps. It eventually resonated with heaven and earth, as if unifying with the natural laws!

“It’s you!” Some sect elders cried out in surprise.

It was a powerful man. He seemed indistinguishable from the natural environment, and there was something inexplicable about him. The crowd felt a tremendous pressure.

“Ziteng, is that you?” Shi Yuan asked in a trembling voice from the distance. That was his own grandson, and was the father of Shi Yi!

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