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Chapter 270 – Confrontation Within the Capital

“Get them all out of here!” Commanded the Martial King, ordering the servants to carry the crippled elders away.

An exuberant expanse of radiance was blazing where the Martial King stood, as if he was standing within the dwelling of a divine being. The resplendent light shone around him, giving him a superior and untouchable look.

The Great Demonic God did not massacre everyone indiscriminately, for he was not a bloodthirsty person, so the Martial King thought he still had a chance. If he could break through his current cultivation level, there was a chance that he could restore these people’s cultivations.

The Great Demonic God watched the Martial King indifferently and did not stop him. He had never considered these people as his equals, so there was no need to think of them as potential enemies.

To some extent, what he was doing today was not entirely revenge, but purging the clan of its long-existing ailment as well. These people would not be able to cause any trouble in the future.

Shi Yuan and the others went deathly pale. They had a feeling that the only reason the Great Demonic God let them live was to witness whether or not Shi Yi could conquer the wastelands.

“Old Fifteen, you still have a chance. I’ll ask you again. Will you turn back?!” The Martial King asked in a bitterly cold voice. The mildness from his previous words had disappeared and was now replaced by a forcing hostility.

The only reply he got was Grandpa Fifteen’s palm. The vast and majestic symbols poured out like a raging waves beating against a shore as it flooded this place.

There was nothing left to say. The Great Demonic God used his actions to announce his unwavering decisiveness. He wasn’t even willing to say anything else.

“Fine!” The Martial King roared angrily.

His roar was so loud that it sounded like a strike of thunder from the nine heavens. Shattering fragments of divine light erupted with such dazzling light that everyone who looked at it felt a scorching pain in their eyes. He reached out with a large hand that was tremendous in size.

The crowd became astounded. The sun, moon, and stars circled about that palm, producing a mysterious scene that made people’s hearts palpitate fiercely.

“Universal Palm!”

Many people gasped. This was a great divine ability that only the top experts could execute, because the requirement of the performer’s cultivation level was extremely strict.

At this point, the old brothers of Grandpa Fifteen felt their blood freezing and their faces go pale. The power of Martial King was unbelievable! Having secluded himself for so many years, he improved and made a breakthrough again. He was worthy of being  someone who fought for supremacy within Stone Country in the past.


The giant hand reached out and extended forward to completely cover Grandpa Fifteen. Boundless mist filled that palm, making it look even more immense.

Grandpa Fifteen leapt up, and blazing scarlet light curled around him. It made him look like a deity that was about to split open the heaven and earth as he rose high into the sky.

The Martial King did not move. He remained standing in the courtyard, but that giant hand had reached out and followed Grandpa Fifteen high into the air. It obscured everything while casting down its enormous shadow.

The heaven and earth were shaken by a weng sound as all five fingers enlarged abruptly and turned golden. Dust rose high into the air in clouds. The fingers were incomparably thick, as if they were the pillars that propped up the heavens.


The overhead giant head covered Grandpa Fifteen and slowly began to close. It was about to trap him inside.

Grandpa Fifteen shot up into the sky, but that palm enlarged as well. Its large shadow followed him wherever it went, not letting him escape. It was vast and boundless, as if an entire universe was contained within that palm.

Meanwhile, the sun, moon and stars moved around in that palm with rumbling sounds. These mysterious and frightening bodies circled abound within those gigantic fingers.

The crowd had never seen such a scene before. The universe in the palm normally did not contain heavenly bodies, yet these were clearly created from symbols. A mist began to spread out to trap the opposing party.

The current scene was very astonishing. The suns, moons and stars were rumbling with extremely loud sounds as they rotated, disturbing the capital skies.

There were many experts who were shocked. They immediately took to the skies to see what was going on within the Martial Imperial Manor. After so many years of seclusion, the Martial King truly did become much stronger, making them all feel rather intimidated.


The Great Demonic God smacked over. He wanted to pierce through this palm and fly out of its range.

However, the strength of the Martial King was truly frightening. Every single giant star turned, and their symbols illuminated one after another. They squashed forward from all directions, preventing him from escaping.

The Universal Palm was closing in. Giant stars descended and circled around Grandpa Fifteen to suppress him.

Divine light sprinkling down one layer after another. They all poured towards the center to ignite and incinerate him.

The crowd was terrified. The fluctuations alone would astonish the mighty experts of the manor, let alone the other techniques. Had it been them who fell under that giant palm, they would surely have turned to ashes without a single bit of flesh left.


Grandpa Fifteen was fearless even inside the Universal Palm. While brandishing his fist, he sent one fist after another towards those great heavenly bodies.

Above, the scene in the sky had completely changed. Divine power gushed out in streams as light spattered out, throwing the skies into chaos. Grandpa Fifteen had smashed many giant stars into pieces with his fist, and he was about to smash his way out.


The universe in the palm changed at the Martial King’s shout. The river of stars disappeared, and blazing flames erupted. His palm and fingers closed up, turning into a furnace to refine the Great Demonic God.

Everyone’s expressions changed. The bronze furnace was the Martial King’s weapon, yet currently, it had completely merged into his palm and fingers. This kind of power was extremely frightening, and many shuddered at this suppression and annihilation method.

The sky was shaking, and the clouds were scattered as an eternal bronze furnace made its appearance. The furnace was unexpectedly mottled with bluish-green rust. Raging flames burned inside to melt down the powerful enemy.


Following Grandpa Fifteen’s shout, the people heard a mighty bang. With a dang sound, the sky shuddered, and all of the clouds were completely scattered. The bronze furnace shook violently.

The Martial King’s body swayed as he loosed up that hand. The bronze furnace also disappeared. The Great Demonic God’s gaze was chilly, and in front of his body was an enormous bow.

That was the first time these two weapons collided. The explosion just now was as loud as a divine bell of the heavenly realm. That deafening noise was clearly produced by the collision of the two.

The Great Demonic God escaped from the trap. He looked as calm as ever, appearing to be neither pleased nor worried as he faced the Martial King.

The crowd was absolutely shocked. He truly did become more powerful, far surpassing his past self. He was now definitely on equal footing with the Martial King.

Following that, the Great Demonic God made his move. His fist struck out forcefully, creating a spiral of energy that formed a golden Bi’an. The beast’s body was covered densely with stripes and dazzling brilliance, as if it was going to break open the heavens.


This strike was incredibly ferocious. The golden Bi’an seemed powerful enough to split open heaven and earth as it dashed towards the Martial King. The scene was absolutely astonishing! Grandpa Fifteen’s fist alone carried the force of a Bi’an.

Streaks of light shot out of the Martial King’s eyes. He waved and jabbed with both hands, releasing a series of mysterious symbols to block the Bi’an. As he flapped his sleeves, whistling black winds blew out.

“Black Divine Wind!”

Someone shouted in a surprised voice from the distance. This was a divine ability that was soft and tender, yet once the black winds were released, they could smash a mountain into pieces. Even though the winds were not ferocious, they still possessed a shocking amount of power.

As expected, when the black winds brushed against the Bi’an, its internal organs were crushed and it spat out blood. Although this vicious beast was transformed from precious techniques, it was as vivid as a living creature. Those who could see through the natural laws  of the world could easily create such beings.

The Martial King unfolded his wide sleeves and leapt high into the air. Black wind gushed out of his sleeves like tidal waves as they rushed towards Grandpa Fifteen.


The Great Demonic God let out a soft sound, and a hazy mist was spat out. It immediately scattered the Black Divine Wind in a berserk manner.

“This is… the Great Chaotic Breath?!” Everyone immediately felt fearful.

This was a technique that had almost been lost throughout the passage of time. At the very least, it was incredibly rare within Stone Country, and not many people comprehended it. None of them expected Grandpa Fifteen to successfully understand it.

By cultivating all types of origin symbols internally, a breath of chaotic energy could be refined within the body. Upon being spat out, it would produce a world-shaking power that could scatter apart everything.

“The Martial Imperial Manor’s Old Fifteen’s lung power is truly great. No wonder he is so formidable! Truly an incredible individual.” From the distance, there were some amazed spectators that softly muttered.

“Worthy of being called the Great Demonic God!” The crowd all sighed with admiration.

The Martial King’s gaze pierced forward. Suddenly, a gap emerged from between his brows, and a silver eye was revealed. It shot out streaks of symbols that flew out like strands of heavenly sword energy. They all hacked towards Grandpa Fifteen.

Dang, dang…

Grandpa Fifteen’s right hand reached out, unexpectedly forming a dragon claw. It was incomparably dazzling, blocking all of the sword energy.

This was incredibly intimidating. The two of them both grasped a large number of divine abilities! Just these probing attacks alone were already enough to make everyone’s head feel dizzy. It was absolutely terrifying.

It was as if two divine flames were illuminating the horizon. The Martial King and Great Demonic God collided, erupting with endless radiance. Booming sounds ran out and shook in all directions.

Who is the Martial King? He was powerful beyond comparison, and his name was enough to intimidate everyone. However, now, he actually met his match.

All types of precious techniques danced about, causing dazzling radiance to blossom in all directions. It was as if two dragons were intertwining and violently struggling from the sky to the earth, and then once again through the clouds.

This battle shocked everyone within the capital!

“Grandpa Fifteen has returned!” Even many commoners became informed, making them immediately tremble. The Great Demonic God that had left for more than ten years had returned, and he was actually fighting against the Martial King!

A copper furnace with green rust spots appeared. It began to light up and suspend itself above the Martial King’s head. Meanwhile, a divine waterfall poured out from the furnace opening, protecting him within.

He was like a deity as he tread on the empty skies. As he walked forward, his might erupted frantically. The sun, moon, and stars circulated within his hands as it smashed towards the Great Demonic God.

Everyone was greatly shaken. Was there any difference between this and a god? Standing within the heavens and operating the sun, moon, and stars; just how frightening and domineering was this?

“Old Fifteen, your rate of progress is great, but your body has already been crippled when you lost an arm. Even though you reached such a cultivation level, you still possess that inherent weakness!”

The Martial King spoke as he took large steps forward. Great heavenly bodies appeared one after another within the sky, making even the sun seem to lose color. It was like a great starry sky.


The heavens collapsed and the earth split open as he borrowed the force of tens of thousands of stars. Around him, a serpent, ash-colored Flood Dragon, Suan Ni and other vicious beasts displayed their power as they circulated around his body.

This attack was ridiculously frightful, as if raging waves beating down on a shore. The entire capital was thrown into disorder. It possessed the power to annihilate everything!

“Martial King, are you scared? Are you using words to attack me?” The Great Demonic God’s voice was calm. His lone arm moved. There was no dazzling radiance, and no stars filled sky.

However, the grandeur that exuded was absolutely dreadful. The sun, moon, and stars exploded one after another, resulting in a horrifying scene. It was as if an entire world was being destroyed!

Those heavenly bodies were created from the Martial King’s symbols, yet under a single arm, they were crushed one after another into pieces.

The Great Demonic God released a loud roar. He walked forward in large steps, and his single arm continuously shook and struck out. All of the great stars in front of the Martial King were blasted apart.

The Great Demonic God brandished his arm and continuously smashed down on the Martial King.

The symbols that struck down wave after wave were absolutely horrifying. Blazing radiance enveloped this place, greatly shaking the Martial King. He was also forcefully fighting back. In the end, it felt as if tens of thousands of great mountains were smashed apart.


The Martial King spat out blood from his mouth. The Great Demonic God’s simple yet tyrannical attacks shook his body so greatly that he began to stagger and continuously fall back.

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