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Chapter 269 – The Martial King

From the distance, a figure that was wrapped in scarlet light arrived from the distance, as if a deity was descending from beyond this world. An incomparably terrifying fluctuation was released as he entered the Martial Imperial Manor’s vicinity.

This kind of aura would cause any mortal to tremble and feel reverence. Even the cultivators here were shaking, because the Martial King was too powerful. His mere descent made it seems as if he did not belong to this world.

His entire body was surrounded by a dazzling divine ring. It was so bright that it was difficult to make out his real appearance, so the people here could only feel the terrifying aura that swirled about.

“Martial King!” Many people shouted out once they saw hope of survival. They all felt incomparably excited as their bowed down with respect.

The ones that were about to be condemned with execution were trembling with despair just now. However, after seeing the Martial King rush over, they began to grab at this straw of life out of desperation.

Behind Grandpa Fifteen, his old brothers’ countenances changed. Their expressions were extremely grave, because with the appearance of the Martial King, things were truly looking bad. Now that so many years had passed, the other party’s might was becoming more and more terrifying, reaching a point that was almost suffocating.

The might of the Martial King was something known to all of Stone Country. His divine valiance was simply unstoppable. He had contended for dominance in his youth and demonstrated a monstrous power. Even though he was defeated in the end and did not become the human emperor, his great power was something that everyone recognized.

Divine light illuminated everything, making it seem as if an enormous sun was falling. The entire courtyard was shaking with honglong sounds as a layer of terrifying splendor covered the enormous manor.

He was just like a deity. The mysterious power circulated throughout his entire body, producing an effect that was absolutely intimidating,

“Fifteen, I am glad that you made it back alive.” The Martial King spoke in a calm voice. No temper or rage could be detected, yet people were still awed by his majestic tone.

This surpassed everyone’s expectations. Who was he? His title carried the character ‘Martial武’, and was known as a king. His anger would stir the winds and clouds, and his roar would split open the vast sky. His powerful might could command the sea and waves.

Once discontent, his battle intent would overflow into the heavens. His grandeur alone was deadly enough to make enemies explode and die miserable deaths. Such strength was truly too rare.

“Ever since I came back, I’ve been extremely disappointed and furious.” Grandpa Fifteen replied calmly. He did not beat around the bush and spoke his true thoughts in a frank and honest manner.

“I was not aware of the circumstances when it happened, and was only notified later. By then, everything had already been settled. What occurred was truly an injustice for your bloodline, but everything had already happened, so what is done cannot be undone. With things reaching such a state, tell me, for the sake of my clan’s prosperity, what would you have done in my place? Were you really going to kill a natural born divine dual-pupil individual?” The Martial King was still extremely clam as he talked about the past and present.

“Even if it was my own descendants that committed acts so cruel and malicious, then there would only be one word awaiting them — execution! There would be no exceptions, not even if they were a reincarnated deity!” The Great Demonic God spoke with a resounding voice.

He had already said everything that needed to be said. The clan appeared to be prosperous from the outside, but a disease had long been growing within, so it had to be cured!

The Martial King no longer said anything. In reality, it had already heard some of it when he still up in the sky. There was no use in engaging in further debate, because any more would not be befitting of someone of his status.

Only after quite some time had passed did he say, “As the Martial King, if I tried to persuade you to forgive Yi’er and his bloodline, would you agree?”

Being the leader, the Martial King had the power to grant amnesty to clan members. It was clear that his actions were done according to the clan’s regulations, hence this question.

“I refuse!” Grandpa Fifteen was resolute and decisive as he issued his stiff rejection. Such pardoning was meant to be used under special circumstances, and this was not a situation where he would accept this.

“Old Fifteen, if you kill all of these people, then there will be nothing left of this mannor. Can you really bring yourself to do such a thing?” The Martial King’s voice sunk as he spoke. His intention was clear: he did not want the clan’s experts to be killed, or else the manor’s power would decline.

“These are merely rotten seeds. I have already said that there is no need to keep them around any longer. They need to be exterminated, and everything needs to be reformed,” said Grandpa Fifteen.

“It seems like I won’t be able to persuade you. Are you really going to take action against me?” The aura of the Martial King was becoming more formidable at these words. The fluctuations felt like tidal waves as they poured out, making those nearby tremble.

“If you insist on using force to settle this, then so be it. Make your move!” The Great Demonic God said. Even when faced against the well-known terrifying king of Stone Country, he still seemed calm and composed.

Everyone was shocked. The Great Demonic God was too domineering! He still acted this way while facing the Martial King. It was truly frightening. Those that were awaiting judgment by the family law were all shuddering in fear.

“You’ve revealed your outstanding talent ever since you were still young, exceeding all of your peers, worthy of being called a heaven warping talent. Later on, you rose to greatness just as we predicted. Thirteen years ago, you were pursued by an adult Pi Xiu, but managed to escape narrowly with your life. After being stranded for so many years, despite losing your arm, I believe that you must have made extraordinary progress and far surpassed your past self,” said the Martial King. There was not a hint of contempt in his voice as he spoke seriously.

This conversation made the prisoners feel even greater fear and anxiety. Their hearts felt as if they were going to burst out of their chests. Now that more than a decade passed, was the Great Demonic God truly unrivalled now? It even made the Martial King feel some restraint.

“Fifteen, I admire your talent. However, if you do not turn around and continue to push forward obstinately, then don’t blame me for acting impolitely!” The Martial King finally declared his final stance on this matter with a colder tone.

“Am I being stubborn, or are you all refusing to wake up? Come, then. Do you think I’m scared of you?!” The Great Demonic God shouted.

At this moment, his entire body illuminated. Divine light erupted from his body surface and burned ferociously. His long hair fluttered about even though there was no wind, and his body became as dazzling as a sun.

“Fifteen, I will give you one more chance. Just turn back.” The Martial King said. His voice was a bit colder, and with a pair of incomparably cold eyes, his gaze pierced through the splendid light covering his body.

“The one that should turn back is not me!” Grandpa Fifteen responded.

“Is that so? Don’t force me to suppress you!” The Martial King finally revealed his aggressive side. He roared with a thunderous voice, and as he shouted, the divine light around him erupted abruptly, filling the heaven and earth.

“In my opinion, you have become muddled-headed!” The Great Demonic God berated.

“What did you say?!” The Martial King became enraged. In that split second, the brilliant rays were dispersed momentarily, revealing his real body. His eyes were like small suns as they glared down terrifyingly.

Everyone became stupefied. After so many years had passed, the Martial King’s appearance didn’t change at all. His age still looked to be a little over forty. He seemed extraordinarily valiant and much younger than his real age.

Everyone present became astonished. This was the embodiment of absolute power! His strength was so powerful that even time seemed to have lost its affect on him. His body had not declined at all from its strongest years!

This sharply contrasted with the four ancestors whose bodies were somewhat drying up. This implied that the Martial King still had room for further improvement!

“I said that you have become confused! If you don’t want that position anymore, then you can just step down.” The Great Demonic God replied with a cold tone. His voice was not loud, but it was still able to shake the entire manor and echo far into the distance.

This place became completely silent as everyone became dumbfounded. When he spoke similar words in the past, that was when the Martial King was not yet present, so they thought that it was merely an angry outburst.

However, the situation now was completely different. He was berating the Martial King face-to-face. He really was going to depose the king!

These words could be heard from far into the distance, astonishing the entire capital. The other great clans all became dumbstruck at these words.

“It really is that Old Fifteen. He’s back!”

“A daring man indeed, no wonder he’s called the Great Demonic God! He was going to depose the Martial King directly with such an aggressive and ambitious claim!”  

Such were the thoughts of the experts of various clans. They were all a bit jumpy as they shuddered with fear, for they realized that something important was going to happen today in the capital.

Grandpa Fifteen returned with such an aggressive announcement. This was a declaration of his discontent, that he was going to reform the Martial Imperial Manor!

“Old Fifteen, do you think you’re powerful enough to rip this sky apart?” The Martial King said in a cold voice. He really was enraged now, and his words became stern and merciless.

“You are too self-righteous. If you want a fight, I’ll give you one!” The Great Demonic God replied in an unmoved tone.

“As you wish!”

The Martial King lost his temper. As he pressed forward with a palm, a string of incredible sounds broke out and symbols devoured everything in front him like tidal waves. The heaven and earth was shaking violently, as if the entire Martial Imperial Manor was going to explode.

Putong, putong…

Many could not endure these terrifying fluctuations and collapsed. It felt like their souls were about to abandon them as their physical bodies trembled uncontrollably.


The Great Demonic God swept his single arm forward, and a similar series of symbols flew out. They were packed densely in the sky as they collided into that splendor. An explosion immediately followed.

Then, the scorching symbols and terrifying divine power were burnt into oblivion upon contact. The impact did not spread out far, however, so no others were injured.

Obviously, these two had reached near perfection in their ability to manipulate symbols. Had these fluctuation spread out, even a mountain would be annihilated.


With a wave of the Martial King’s sleeve, an ash-colored ancient Flood Dragon flew out. It was imposing and majestic. With a body that was as thick as a mountain ridge, it was absolutely frightening. This was naturally the embodiment of a precious technique.

It was extremely realistic. The Flood Dragon was too large, covering the skies with its ash gray scale-covered body. It was as if had travelled all the way here from the archaic era. When its eyes opened and closed, it seemed to possess essence energy, as if it was living!

Grandpa Fifteen remained fearless. He released a soft shout, and a Golden Winged Great Peng rushed out. The golden symbols were incredibly dazzling, and all of its golden feathers seemed to be burning as they illuminated the skies. It reached out with one of its claws to grab that ash-colored Flood Dragon.

“The Family Law will be carried out!” At the same time, the Great Demonic God coldly spoke as he looked towards the prisoners.

“You… Stay your hand!” The four ancestors were shocked. The other party actually still had time to be distracted by other matters while confronting the Martial King! They quickly moved up to stop him.

However, they were too close, and Grandpa Fifteen had already arrived in front of them. The four old ancestors were blasted back as he arrived in front of everyone with a single step.

Following that, with one slap after another, those people’s bodies exploded in front of the four ancestors’ and Martial King’s faces. His actions were decisive and absolutely ruthless.

Broken bones flew out as a mist of blood scattered. These actions were powerful and explosive, truly like those of a demonic god. He was tall and heroic, possessing a grandeur that was incredibly dreadful.

This scared everyone terribly. They all tremble uncontrollably as they waited for the family law to be carried out on.

“You…” Even the Martial King was furious. Grandpa Fifteen could still carry out these tasks while confronting him with precious techniques. Was this a reflection of Grandpa Fifteen’s power, or was it his contempt for the Martial King?

“Outside of the clan regulations, there is still some familial connection between us. As for the remaining people, I will give you all another chance, leaving you all with your lives. I will let you all see how far your so called supreme youth will progress,” Grandpa Fifteen shouted.

There was still a large group of people in front. There were sect elders and people from the middle-aged generation; the number of people here was still rather high.

Everyone cried out happily when they saw hope. To be able to survive was truly incredibly great news.

“Death can be avoided, but you all still can’t be let off without any suffering. It is still better if your bodies’ cultivation are crippled to avoid any unrest. Live out the rest of your lives honestly,” said Grandpa Fifteen.

Everyone immediately felt as if they were thrown into an icehouse. Their excitement just now immediately vanished, and they felt their bodies go cold. Heart tearing and lung splitting screams were released.


The faces of these people immediately paled as they felt their courage wilt.

“You dare!” The Martial King shouted loudly. He was now truly angry as he rushed forward murderously. A heaven overflowing might soared greatly as he arrived.

However, it was already too late. The instant the Great Demonic God raised his hand, symbols filled the air and submerged those people. They coughed out blood one after another before falling.


The Martial King and the Great Demonic God fought ferociously. It was incredibly terrifying, as if two supreme deities were fighting fiercely. Waves of divine and magical afterimages could be seen.

During the course of this fight, something unexpected happened. Shi Li was struck by the shockwaves of their battle, causing his body to explode on the spot.

Meanwhile, Shi Yuan and the others almost suffered as well, but at the most crucial moment, it was actually the Great Demonic God that took action. He slapped them away, saving their lives.

“I’ve already said that I would let you all live to see exactly how Yi’er ends up!”

These people all trembled. How cruel was this? Could it be that the only reason they were left alive was to bear witness to this?

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