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Chapter 268 – Unwavering

Everyone shuddered at this statement, and the entire place fell into silence. The Great Demonic God was too tyrannical! He even dared to speak such domineering words!

If the Martial King did not want to sit in his position anymore, then he can be disposed of. This statement was simply world-shaking. Even though he didn’t carry out this threat yet, the entire capital would still be greatly shaken.

What this implied was the Great Demonic God’s great dissatisfaction. Not only was this a warning for those of the Martial Imperial Manor, but also a demonstration of his resolution for the outside world.

Was he going to change everything that has been established until now? It was possible that the Martial Imperial Manor might have a new master. If word of this got out, not only would the various great kings and nobles be shaken, even the the human emperor would be shocked!

“You… Old Fifteen, you even dare to something like this?!” One of the sect elders berated

These words were incredibly shocking for them. The complete overthrow of the Martial Imperial Manor would make too great of an impact. Many of them felt their bodies go cold and could not accept this.

“Even though our bloodline looks splendid on the outside, it is extremely problematic inside. There is a serious illness, and it has to be cured!” Grandpa Fifteen spoke calmly as he looked on at everyone here.

“What are you saying? Old Fifteen, do you realize what your words and actions are implying? You need to understand your position! Do not become a sinner that tears apart this sect!” A sect elder spoke.

“Of course I know what I am doing. It is you all who can’t see the state of the current situation clearly! Does this manor still need me to split apart? Ever since you all committed that disastrous act thirteen years ago, a seed of destruction has already been implanted within the Martial Imperial Manor! It was only a matter of time before a great problem happened!” Grandpa Fifteen swept his cold eyes across them. He spoke in a flat tone, “It is like a great tree that looks to be thriving on the outside but has bugs eating on the inside. The tree will rot eventually, so I am applying treatment, exterminating these bugs!

“You…” There were immediately some whose faces discolored, and there were even more that felt fear from those words. Their bodies shuddered uncontrollably as they felt great horror.

“Great illnesses need to be treated!” Grandpa Fifteen was straightforward and resolute. With these words spoken, he sat down onto the tall Flood Dragon skin chair and watched the crowd with his ruthless eyes.

Many of them were immediately scared badly by these words. This was equal to sentencing them to death, so who wouldn’t be scared? Even the most ferocious individuals would feel fear when death arrived at their doorsteps.

“You… is this a rebellion?” An elder was trying to be bold even though he was struggling with fear inside. He was truly scared that his life would immediately be terminated.

“I’m not the rebellious one, it is you who are the rebels by violating the ancient doctrine and causing internal strife. Your actions have been corrupt, breaking the rules of the clan and violating human morality!” Grandpa Fifteen stood up. A wave of powerful and peerless aura swept out as he shouted, “It is you all who’ve betrayed this clan!”

The crowd was completely dumbfounded. What was the Great Demonic God doing? Was he calling them the rebels? Why did their positions swap completely?

Those words struck down on them like the blow of the god of thunder, dealing blow after blow on their hearts and minds. It made their ears feel stabbing pains and their heads swell. All of them nearly coughed out blood.

“Everything will be done based on the established rules. The clan’s law will now be carried out!” The Great Demonic God’s majestic and threatening figure sat down. These words were like the voice of a devil as they fell on everyone’s ears.

“No!” One of them shouted out.

Even the old brothers of Grandpa Fifteen opened their mouths to try and speak. They felt that killing all of them would create too big of an after effect. It would definitely create a huge disturbance and shake Stone Country greatly.

However, they were on the Great Demonic God’s side and so they didn’t ultimately voice their concern. They supported him unconditionally.

“This is a betrayal, seeking rebellion!” Shouted someone loudly.

“I will start with you!” Grandpa Fifteen spoke. He extended a finger that enlarged and turned golden. With a wenglong sound, the finger pressed down at that man and incinerated him.

Just like that, an expert was turned into ashes, disappearing from this world.

“You can’t treat us this way!” Those people were beyond frightened. He was absolutely ruthless. His declaration of carrying out the family law was done without any hesitation!

“Why can I not? You persecuted the clan members, and that is punishable by death!” Grandpa Fifteen once again snapped his fingers, and like pillar of golden light descended from the skies, crushing that individual into ashes.

The awe-inspiring aura truly frightened everyone present badly. Not a single expert could fight back, because the disparity between their strength was too great.

They were used to being superior, because they possessed great power and influence. Everyone would treat them with respect when they walked out from the mansion. There were some of them that were so influential that a stamp of their feet would cause everyone to feel uncomfortable. However, they were now all prisoners that awaited their trial of death.

“We are the cornerstone of the clan, the foundation of the Martial Imperial Manor. If you kill us all, that is the same as exterminating our clan! You cannot do this!” A sect elder roared.

“Cornerstone? You all truly have no shame, daring to say such a thing. Have any of you established any glorious achievements? What kind of heaven defying deeds have you all achieved? Anything that makes any of you formidably renown, or allows you to suppress a region?” Grandpa Fifteen calmly asked.

He then raised his voice. “Our clan has never lacked talented people. After dealing with this internal disorder, we’ll call back those stationed in the bitterly cold areas. They won’t be inferior to any of you, and even those ‘sinners’ that have been exiled should have many talented individuals. It is time for them to come back.”

“You… Are talking nonsense!” A sect elder could not accept this.

“You’ve stayed in the capital for too long, and this cosy nest that you’ve been hiding in has corrupted you. Even those clan members stationed in bitterly cold places are better than you. Even though you are all belong to the direct line of descent, if this continues, even the roots of our clan will become rotten.”

With these words, Grandpa Fifteen lifted his hand again and executed another elder. During this process, he announced solemnly each man’s crime and responsibility before continuing his execution.

This was the general assembly of judgment. Grandpa Fifteen did not start a crazy slaughter, but instead used this method to deal with these people. These people were pronounced guilty one after another and then executed.

These people cried out miserably with pale faces during the entire process, but the Great Demonic God was completely heartless, as if his heart was made of steel. He paid no attention to them as he carried out his actions without hesitation.


Right at that moment, light and shadow flickered. An oppressive aura pressed near as four supreme experts appeared. There were some that carried with them the outstanding airs of immortals, and some that seemed to have been in their original prime state of power. All four were shocking individuals.

Even though their ages were great and their beards were completely white, divine light would seep out whenever their eyes opened and closed. They were like streaks of lighting as they flew through the air.

“Old Fifteen… How could you do this?!” One of them shouted loudly.

These were four of the Martial Imperial Manor’s old ancestors. Back then, it was because of their appearance that forced Shi Ziling to leave the capital.

“Why shouldn’t I? Since you all can’t handle these affairs with righteousness, I have decided to bring reformation to the Martial Imperial Manor and bring order back to this place.” Grandpa fifteen replied. He showed no trace of fear in his expression even while in the presence of these four individuals!

“Old Fifteen, we know that you’re angry. The clan has failed your party greatly, but you have to understand that the clan members’ decisions have been made for the greater good.”

“Exactly! Everything we did was for the sake of making our clan stronger. We have already lost a supreme being due to our negligence, so we cannot get rid of another naturally talented individual, right? Otherwise, our losses would be too great for our clan to afford.”

The four ancestors’ expressions were calm as they once again tried to mediate the situation. They began to to describe what was at stake.

“What kind of reason is this? That vile person has stolen my grandson’s blood and bone all for the sake of growing stronger, yet he completely got away with it. Meanwhile, my Ziling was exiled far away, with no one knowing if Hao’er is still alive! This is your so called way of deciding for the ‘greater good’? Fine then, today I have returned. Where is Shi Yi? I am going to personally deprive him of his dual-pupils and supreme being bone to place into the body of another person, creating another supreme being. Once This happens, the useless people of Shi Yi’s family will be banished. How does that sound? This is exactly the same as what you all have done!” Grandpa Fifteen roared.

A hush fell onto the crowd. They all felt coldness creep up their backs, finding it impossible to respond.

When the four ancestors heard these words, they all furrowed their brows. Among them, one said, “Old Fifteen, you are being too extreme. After all, things have already happened, and we could only do so much.”

“Yi’er has now become a supreme youth whose great power has rarely been seen since ancient times. He could be one of the greatest figures in all of the wastelands. He’ll surely lead our clan to greatness,” spoke another ancestor.

The Great Demonic God laughed coldly. “You all are wrong. Truly powerful individuals are brought up in this way. If my grandson is not dead, I believe that even without his supreme being bone, he could still similarly defeat the Yi’er you’ve all armed to the teeth. Isn’t it just dual-pupils and a bone? Yet you care so much about them, so you’ve already become inferior. In the end, all of those hopes and efforts will be futile!”

His voice was thunderous and was ear-splitting. The crowd fell ashen at these words; these were words only he could speak of.

“You don’t believe me?” The Great Demonic God ran his eyes down the crowd nonchalantly. “I have a feeling. If Hao’er managed to survive, even without the supreme bone, he will still rise to greatness on his own.”

Many of felt shaken after hearing this statement. When they looked at his demonic god-like face that was full of confidence, everyone trembled. Could the kid from back then really return?

“Old Fifteen, there are some things that cannot be undone. Don’t speak such sulky words anymore. Yi’er is truly quite incredible, and his unrivalled disposition has already emerged a long time ago.”

“Sulky?” The Great Demonic God laughed loudly and shook his head. “You either understand it or you don’t. It seems like you all truly cannot understand.”

The four ancestors’ expressions changed. The other party was truly looking down on all of them. It was as if he was set up high above them, making the four feel rather unhappy.

“Yi’er’s destiny is extraordinary, and ever since he was young, he has received many great opportunities that are beyond your imagination. Currently, he has entered the Ancient Sacred Courtyard, and there is a chance that he might obtain the legendary Heaven Mending technique, so no one can stop his rise to greatness. Old Fifteen, for the sake of our clan’s prosperity, we have to ask you to be magnanimous this one time. Just think of it as a request from us and allow our clan to rise to a splendid peak. Just stop this, okay?”

The four ancestors looked ahead of them with serious expressions.

“The dual-pupiled individual is formidable, but if you continue to pamper and indulge in him, in the future, everyone will follow suit and murder each other to reach a similar state. What kind of unity would the clan have then? Someday, it will collapse and fall apart. You all don’t understand where you’ve gone wrong even to this day, and are constantly praising how great of a heavenly individual he is. This is not being wise, but pure stupidity!” Grandpa Fifteen spoke bluntly.

Nonetheless, he still felt regretful in the end. He released a sigh and muttered in a sorrowful voice, “How great would it be if Hao’er was still alive and at my side? The facts would speak for themselves. No matter how great of a supreme being one is, they definitely cannot depend on a bone or a pair of eyes!”

Finally, he quickly raised his head and said, “The clan law cannot be broken. Those who deserve death still must be killed!”

He began to proclaim the sins of those people again, and was about to kill the ones that have participated in this great crime.

“No, you can’t do this!” The four ancestors tried to stop him.

“You all still decided to intervene somewhat back then. The four of you were invited out in the end to stop Ziling, so your crimes are not too outrageous by letting him go and even pointing out the ancient ancestral land’s whereabouts. Therefore, I cannot judge you too clearly right now. However, you all have truly grown too old, so it’s better if you all go into seclusion to cultivate.” Grandpa Fifteen spoke in a heavy voice as he spoke. He watched them intently with extremely intimidating eyes.

At that moment, the crowd felt their heart skip a beat. All of them became incredibly nervous.

“You…” The four ancestors went ashen.

“Don’t act without thinking!” They shouted when they saw Grandpa Fifteen take action again, executing those that he pronounced guilty.


They tried to stop him, but it was as if they were struck by lighting. They were all shaken until blood trickled from their mouths as they stumbled back.

The Great Demonic God stood upright and unafraid at the center of this place. He seemed like a supreme deity as light blazed around him, making it difficult for anyone to look at him. Outside his body, a Golden-Winged Peng, Bi’an, Suan Ni and others circled about, creating a scene that was absolutely horrifying.

At the moment, he was announcing the crimes of these people as he executed them. With a pu sound, a sect elder was blown into ashes.


Another elder was annihilated in his hand following that. Soon after, yet another sect elder was told the clan law he had broken and crushed to ashes.

Fear seized the crowd, because nobody could stop Grandpa Fifteen.


The four ancestors shouted before moving forward again to attack Grandpa Fifteen.

“You four should all just retire!” The Great Demonic God opened his mouth. Around his body, the Golden-Winged Peng, Bi’an, and the others charged forward. With a wenglong sound, the four old ancestors were blasted away. It was actually hard for them to even get close.

“Fifteen, you’ve gone too far.” Right at that moment, a majestic voice sounded. It seemed as if it was transmitted from a place beyond this world. The voice was awe-inspiring, and it shook people to their souls.

“Martial King, you’ve finally arrived.” The Great Demonic God looked up towards the distant sky. He saw a figure arrive from the horizon and return to the mansion.

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