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Chapter 267 – Family Law

A group of people rushed over with excitement. Theses were all people that were imprisoned here underground after suffering unexpected attacks. They all felt as if some kind of great change happened to the sect, but none of them expected that Old Fifteen would return.

They all thought that the all-powerful Great Demonic God from back then had long died, and never would have thought that he would reappear. These were all his good brothers that fought alongside him, so their relationships were very good.

They were  laughing and crying at the same time. Seeing their presumed dead brother alive again made all of their emotions go wild.

“Hahaha… Old Fifteen, everything is good as long as you are back!”

Only after a long time had passed did these people gradually calm down. They crowded around him and returned to a large hall to catch up.

Grandpa Fifteen did not hurriedly take action, because there was nothing he feared here. He was not scared of any changes, because with the nine great flags sealing up the Martial Imperial Manor, it was impossible for those people to escape.

“I want to know a few things. Where did Ziling go, and is Hao’er still alive?” Grandpa Fifteen asked with a low and unhurried voice. His brows were locked up deeply, reflecting how worried and emotional he felt. His true emotions were revealed, making him seem completely different from his previous overbearing appearance.

There was immediately a group of people who became silent, feeling sorry for Grandpa Fifteen. They knew that they didn’t properly take care of his descendants.

“None of us were in the mansion that year, and so by the time we received news, it was already too late.” One of them sighed.

“Blame it all on me. I didn’t take good care of Hao’er.” The one that blamed himself the most here was that lion-like elder who was ranked fourth among the clan elders.

Back then, he was doing everything he could to get rid of that poisonous woman and punish Shi Yi, but he was stopped by Shi Yuan and the others. They confronted each other and almost broke out into a huge internal strife.

“I want to know exactly what happened.” Grandpa Fifteen sat on top of a tall and precious Flood Dragon skinned chair. At that moment, he felt extremely weary. He had already realized that things were not good, so both his heart and mind were extremely sunken.

“Hao’er was a natural born supreme being…”

When these elders explained what happened back then, Grandpa Fifteen felt his emotions stir. His own grandson actually possessed that kind of bone! His old body was comforted, and he he began to laugh loudly like a child.

“Hao’er was extremely cute, intelligent and innately talented. His eyes were large and bright, only later…”

When he heard that his own grandson was bound on top of an ice cold iron bed and had his supreme being bone bloodily gouged out, Grandpa Fifteen erupted into absolute fury. His roar was so loud that it shook the entire Stone Mansion.


The enormous palace exploded, and all the walls were blasted into ruin. Debris flew in every direction. His fury had reached its peak, making him feel stifled and wronged to the absolute extreme. Who was he? This was the grand and magnificent Great Demonic God, and his grandson was a natural born supreme being, yet there were actually people who dared to do such a thing!

He could just imagine how much bitterness that child suffered from this bloody crime. He could visualize his helpless pleas, desperately begging with his large eyes as he called for his close ones. However, that aunt was completely heartless.

“My Hao’er, you suffered…” Tears unexpectedly appeared within the Great Demonic God’s eyes. He was always strong and domineering when facing enemies, dealing with them mercilessly.

However, at this moment, he couldn’t help but shed tears. They rolled down his face as he clenched his fists. His heart was feeling a ridiculous amount of pain and bitterness.

That child was so small, yet he suffered such great bitterness. He said to himself, “Grandpa has let you down. Why did these things have to happen back then?”

“Old Fifteen, don’t blame yourself. The reason you left home back then was to find pure blood for Hao’er, and you even risked your life in the process! If he knew, he would definitely be happy.”


Grandpa Fifteen couldn’t help but go crazy, roaring towards the skies loudly. His entire head of hair flew upwards and danced chaotically, making him look like a demonic god.

“To dare treat my grandson like this, do you think there is no one left in my bloodline?!” Grandpa Fifteen was beyond furious. He truly wanted to return to that time. If he could travel through time-space, he would definitely have unleashed a massacre within that underground palace.

In the distance, Shi Li, who was hiding within the palace hall, went pale as his body shook uncontrollably. Back then, he truly involved himself too deeply, siding completely with Shi Yi and his mother.

Within the main hall, the clansmen continued to narrate the various events that happened back then. This time, the old man held himself back and did not shout out in anger and grief. He quietly listened to everything.

However, the others noticed that his eyes became increasingly colder. The cold light was incredibly frightening like that of a vicious beast, making all of them feel intimidated.

Grandpa Fifteen’s anger had almost exploded his lungs. His natural born supreme being grandson was actually harmed like this, and not even his life was guaranteed. When he heard that his grandson’s memory became fuzzy, that the clever and lovable child became unable to recognize the people around him, and that his eyes became lifeless, he felt as if a knife was stabbed into his heart and was being twisted about.

“What a pitiful child, my pitiful Hao’er!” In the end, he still couldn’t hold it all in and roared towards the sky. He walked out from the palace in large steps towards a stone mountain.

With a wenglong sound, Grandpa Fifteen reached out with a large hand formed from countless symbols. It engulfed everything in front of him, shaking the great earth as it smashed down towards the underground palace.

“Ah… No!” Shi Li shouted loudly. He was in absolute dismay. Hiding himself seemed to have been completely futile, because he was discovered so quickly.

He was scared. Before, he wanted to wait for powerful assistance, but it seems like there’s not enough time now.

Grandpa Fifteen suppressed him all the way from the distance and grabbed him in one go. His voice was cold. “Do you still have any Death Substitution Talismans left? I’ll wait until you’ve used your fill!”

“No, no more. I only had that one!” Shi Li shouted loudly.


Grandpa Fifteen lashed out with his palm. Shi Li’s mouthful of teeth all fell out, bringing blood with them as they flew out. Moreover, his lower jaw was smashed with a kacha sound.

His entire body was sent flying from that one slap to the face, colliding into a small mountain in the distance. Smoke and dust rose as rubble rolled around everywhere; it was truly a miserable sight.

He kept shouting with wuwu sounds, and his eyes were filled with dismay. Back then, he dared to fight with Shi Ziling using his age superiority. However, with the Great Demonic God in front of him, he didn’t even dare to struggle.

It was because he knew that it would all be futile. If they truly fought, then he would be killed immediately. He wouldn’t have even a slight chance.

No one who knew better than him how terrifying Grandpa Fifteen was. Even the archaic Rainbow Luan King was shot dead with one or two of his arrows.

“My Hao’er ah… You are so pitiful!” The old man howled with grief. Even someone as firm and strong as him had tears in his eyes.


He kicked over, embedding Shi Li deep within the mountain. Blood splattered everywhere, and miserable ah ah sounds continued to sound in succession. His expression contained incomparable pain, and half his body seemed to have been turned into mush.

This was the result of Grandpa Fifteen not immediately taking away his life. Otherwise, the moment they made contact would have been enough to turn him into a bloody paste.

“Keep talking then.” Grandpa Fifteen calmed down his state of mind and told the group of elder brothers to continue their recount of that year’s events. His heart was full of grief and indignation.

Shi Li’s heart immediately sank even further. The Great Demonic God was using him to calm his mind! This was more miserable than dying immediately.

if he was the opposing sides’ blood-related uncle, then there might be a chance of mercy, sparing his life. However, they weren’t even of the same bloodline, so there was definitely not going to be a good result.

After hearing everything, Grandpa Fifteen’s heart was even dripping blood. His chest undulated violently, hurting for his grandson. He wanted to smash through the blue dome of heaven and return to that period of time to change everything.

Finally, he heard that after Shi Ziling returned, he caused havoc within the Martial Imperial Manor. Only after hearing that Shi Ziling’s golden spear directly impaled the poisonous women to death did he release a breath.

Ultimately, Shi Ziling and his wife were forced to travel far away after fighting with the clan’s experts. They left with the weak and dying infant that had lost his supreme being bone, never to be heard from since.

Hot tears poured down from Grandpa Fifteen’s eyes. Such a wonderful family was broken up just like this; no one knew if they were still alive, and their whereabouts were completely unknown. He truly wanted to go berserk.

At that moment, the Great Demonic God bellowed towards the heavens. He now knew about everything that had happened, and he simply couldn’t endure it any longer. Like a wounded beast, he roared out. Tears trickled down his face as his hair danced chaotically in the air.

He went mad, and there was no one who could stop him now. Like a demon king that had thrown off all shackles and restrictions from hell itself, he walked towards the distance. With every step, the great earth would split open. The cracks were wide, extending far into the distance.

There really was nothing that could stop him. Even if a building lied before his feet, it would shatter and be crushed into pieces.

Grandpa Fifteen went insane. He was actually crying loudly! How could a demonic god like him cry? It had never happened before in the past, yet today, he couldn’t hold it in at all.

The child was still so young, and was originally going to be a natural born supreme being. However, his bone was gouged out with blood splattering everywhere and grafted into another child’s body. This was truly too cruel and tragic towards the former.

“My pitiful Hao’er… Grandpa will bring back justice. I want to see who can stop me!” Grandpa Fifteen’s great roar shook all directions and travelled beyond the mansion walls. This was not only directed towards those within the mansion, but also a message informing the entire capital of his return!

The Great Demonic God did not fear anyone. Because something happened to him back then, everyone thought that he had died, and only then did they dare to treat his descendants so cruelly.


Grandpa Fifteen collapsed an underground palace with a single step, as if he was stepping on a mouse. This forced Shi Yuan and the others out.

“Stop! Old Fifteen, if you have something to say, then say it properly. Don’t use force!” These people all cried out loudly.

“Shut the fuck up and sit down!” The Great Demonic God erupted with violent rage and sent a palm flying over. Several people cried out miserably as their bones broke and their muscles were torn apart. They spat out blood before falling down into the dust.

Shi Yuan and the others naturally weren’t going to sit and wait for death, quickly fighting back. The number of people here weren’t few, and they were all experts from the same bloodline or those that were closely related. Symbols filled the skies as they rushed over, and all types of killing formations were activated.

However, it was all pointless. After thirteen years had passed, the Great Demonic God had become even more terrifying, and his cultivation had advanced at an incredible pace. With a loud roar, many people immediately exploded into piece on the spot.

This kind of scene, and this kind of bloody slaughter was enough to stun every person here. It was just too powerful.

The loud roar was like the fury of a god. It immediately shook the majority of experts here to pieces.

“Do you think there was no one left from my bloodline?!” Grandpa Fifteen went crazy. Who could stop him?

“Old Fifteen, don’t kill us! Ziling and the others aren’t dead yet, and Hao’er should still be alive as well. Don’t you want to know where they are? Stay your hand!” Shi Yuan was frightened badly. Even though he was a sect elder and possessed great authority, he was still shaking from head to toe. He couldn’t stop trembling as he used all of his strength to shout loudly.

These words finally made the Great Demonic God stop in his tracks. He restrained his fury and calmed down before sweeping his ice cold gaze over them.

“Old Fifteen, don’t kill them and just capture them for now. You should take a breather first.” From behind him, those old brothers of his shouted.

It was because even they were starting to become terrified. Once Grandpa Fifteen went mad, no one could stop him. They were scared that he would really flatten the Martial Imperial Palace and slaughter everyone until not even a single blade of grass could grow and not even a chicken or dog would remain.

“Fine!” The Great Demonic God only said this one word.

Following that, all of the Martial Imperial Manor’s people were gathered. Grandpa Fifteen personally pressed his palm into the void and caused a Golden Winged Peng to appear. It suppressed the heaven and earth, subduing everyone from Shi Yi’s bloodline.

As for Shi Li, the first one he dealt with, the Great Demonic God sent out a foot to first ruin his cultivation. He then kicked him into that crowd.

Grandpa Fifteen sat on top of a tall and lofty chair. Sadness and pain was reflected on his face, and only after remaining silent for a long time did he say, “I am not an unreasonable person. Today, I am going to let you guys explain yourselves.”

Everyone’s minds immediately loosened and released their pent up breaths. They began to secretly rejoice, because Grandpa Fifteen finally returned to normal, no longer going mad.

After a moment of quietness Grandpa Fifteen’s coldly and merciless spoke. “Stone Clan prohibits all internal strife. If there is a violation, then they should all be killed executed without exception. Today, I am going to carry out the family’s law!”

Once these words were spoken, all of these people immediately became fearful. Their hearts immediately froze, as they faces showed absolute horror. What did this mean? They were all going to die here with no chance of surviving!

“Old Fifteen, you can’t act like this. The family law is not meant for you to carry out, but rather something to be decided by the Martial King once he comes out!” Shi Yuan shouted loudly.


With a single finger, Shi Yi’s great-grandfather released a miserable shout. With a pu sound, blood blossomed, and to his dismay, his body’s cultivation was ruined.

Grandpa Fifteen did not immediately kill him either, but instead coldly stared at everyone. “Do any of you think that I am not fit to carry out the family’s law?”

Everyone was terrified, and none of them dared to utter a single word.

When he stood up, he truly seemed like a supreme demonic god as he looked down on everyone. Even though he only had a single arm remaining, he still seemed incomparably heroic. It was absolutely intimidating.

“Old Fifteen, even if we’ve erred, we still have to wait for the Martial King’s decision.” Finally, another clan elder spoke.

“Martial King? From what I can see, his mind is muddled as well. After so many years have passed, he still did not properly deal with this matter. Leaving things like this is unjust. He has grown old!” The Great Demonic God coldly spoke.

Everyone began to tremble. Who was the Martial King? He was someone who dared to fight against the human emperor for the title of emperor when he was young. He was powerful enough to make this entire ancient country shake in fear.

“You aren’t allowed to act so rudely. You cannot treat the Martial King with disrespect!” One of the clan elders shouted.

“Why can’t I? I will carry out the family’s law on you first!” The Great Demonic God lifted his hand, and with a weng sound, his palm turned into a large golden millstone. It smashed into that sect elder’s body, and with a pa sound, he exploded on the spot, turning into a bloody mist.

These actions were merciless, carried out with lightning-fast speed, deeply affecting every person here. Grandpa Fifteen once again opened his mouth and said, “If the Martial King is muddled-headed and no longer wants that position, then he can be disposed of!”

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