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Chapter 266 – Rage

Shi Li’s face was completely pale as he slumped to the ground with expressionless eyes. That incredibly loud and divine voice almost extinguished his soul. He was shivering head to toe from fear.

“Elder fifteen, what do you think you are doing?!” The more composed Shi Yuan on the side shouted out in a loud voice.

His cultivation was deep. After he used a rather similar technique ‘True Roar’, the shockwaves woke Shi Li from his bewilderment to prevent him from saying anything ‘inappropriate’.

Shi Li finally came back to his senses, but his face was completely drained of color. Sweat covered his palms, and the entire golden phoenix silk chair had shattered into a heap. His entire body felt ice cold, and a great fear filled his heart.

“Old… fifteen. What are you… trying to do?” He noticed that his voice was trembling as soon as he opened his mouth.

Everyone in the main hall could feel a coldness that chilled them to the bone. After so many years, Grandpa Fifteen remained as formidable as before. One shout from him had thrown their dao hearts off-balance and nearly make them collapse. This was just too terrifying.

“You are still asking me what I’m trying to do? Answer me, where is my Hao’er?” Who was Grandpa Fifteen? His strength was incredibly great, earning the title Great Demonic God. He could already tell from that split second just now that something was off.

Cold sweat crept down the backs of many people; this was just too powerful. His spiritual perception was ridiculously sharp! Fear immediately filled the hearts of everyone here. Were the events that happened back then going to be exposed?

They originally decided that they would calm Grandpa Fifteen down first and try to buy as much time as they could. They wanted to wait until the Martial King came out of seclusion so that he could come to their rescue.

They now realized that Grandpa Fifteen was more shrewd than all of them. He immediately noticed a discrepancy and knew that there was a problem. The old man’s intuition was truly shocking.

“Hao’er is not in the manor. He will be away for a while,” said a sect elder.

Shi Yuan kept his composure. “Ziling and his wife went to the western border, so Hao’er naturally left with them. I think they’ll be back in half a month’s time. Zhongtian, we understand that after leaving your home for so many years, you miss your descendants very much, but don’t worry, you’ll meet them sooner or later.”

“Old Fifteen, you… are acting too out of place. Regardless, I am still a generation older than you. That roar of yours almost scared scattered my soul.” After Shi Li stabilized his mind, he stood up from the ground.

“Have you guys gone senile, or are you treating me like some youth?” Grandpa Fifteen’s expression had already returned to normal, but the pressure behind his words only seemed to have increased.

He was like an active volcano. Although the eruption had not started yet, the scorching heat and the destructive aura had already built up, ready to explode at any time.

“You… What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Shi Li stood up and took a few steps backwards. His calves were actually shaking as he walked.

Grandpa fifteen was his junior, yet Shi Li felt as if he was the inferior one. He tremble at the presence of the Great Demonic God, and the fear was suffocating.

The main hall fell into dead silence. The crowd watched as Shi Li stumbled back with his shaking legs. They couldn’t decide whether to sympathize with him or to be ashamed of his actions. He was actually frightened into such a state.

“Speak. What happened to my Ziling, and where is my Hao’er?” Grandpa Fifteen did not erupt in anger. His voice became increasingly undisturbed as he looked at everyone.

He was now positive that something had gone wrong, moreover terribly wrong!

Otherwise, these people would not have acted that way. Ever since he showed up, his powerful spiritual awareness had already detected the tension and fear of the people here.

Furthermore, the old brothers that used to get along well with him and those elders that were close to him all failed to show up. This was all extremely unusual.

Grandpa Fifteen was not only extraordinary and known for his matchless divine arrow. His mind was also extremely sharp, or else he would not have accomplished so much to this date. He also would not have survived the powerful attacks of that Pi Xiu.

No one made a sound in the main hall. They all stiffened as they wondered whether or not the Martial King was coming out. The Great Demonic God already discovered the tiny hints they left behind, and the situation was at a point where they could not avoid the subject any longer.

“The younger generation should leave now.” One of the sect elders spoke.

Following that, all of the children stood up and were led away by old servants. They did not hesitate before leaving.

There was no point in beating around the bush by lying anymore. The Great Demonic God’s eyes were not blind. He had already seen through the gaps in their speech, so it was useless to try and cover things up. The only thing they could do now was stall and wait for powerful backup!

“Old Fifteen, some incident happened back then. It was a terrible misunderstanding, which made Ziling resentful. As a result, he left the Martial Imperial Manor,” said Shi Yuan.

“How serious could this misunderstanding be? Has my Ziling fallen? Is my child still alive?” Grandpa Fifteen asked. His eyes were releasing bolts of chilly lightning as he watched the crowd intently.

The crowd all retreated backwards. They sensed a powerful pressure, as if an archaic vicious beast was eyeing them with hostility. Fierce aura filled heaven and earth and engulfed towards them.

“Ziling did not die. He has left with Hao’er,” said a sect elder.

“If they didn’t die, then where are they? When have they showed themselves these past few years?” Grandpa Fifteen raised his voice, reflecting the rage within him that was on the verge of erupting. He could no longer stay calm.

“I think… they should all be alive.” An elder that was on the more honest side spoke.

The crowd knew that a storm was incoming. Answering him with such an uncertain tone would definitely trigger his fury.

Sure enough, Grandpa Fifteen became infuriated. He didn’t even know his child’s whereabouts, and he didn’t even know if they were still in this world. While trapped within that dangerous place for all those years, the only thing that kept him going were thoughts of Ziling and Hao’er. This was the hope he held onto that allowed him to persevere all this time, yet now, he received this kind of news. How could he stay calm?

“Speak. Are they alive or not?” The Great Demonic God roared. The main hall began to split apart under the rumbling sounds.

However, because of the shockwaves produced by that roar, the formation patterns that densely covered the hall were activated, trapping Grandpa Fifteen inside. Flood Dragons and Bi’ans surrounded him.

“Good! You all are truly formidable. Now only did you stall me with lies, you even laid down killing formations. Are you going to kill me as well?!” Grandpa Fifteen was enraged. Rays of light shot out of his eyes. Strand after strand of symbols densely covered this place, emitting a thunderous sound.

The crowd in the hall backed away and retreated immediately. Even while trapped, Grandpa Fifteen still frightened them tremendously, for he was the Great Demonic God. Once he went wild, everything would be overturned.

“Old Fifteen, please don’t get angry. Calm down and listen to our explanation,” said Shi Yuan.

“You’ve trapped me with three of our clan’s great deadly formations and set up a killing plan, yet you want me to calm down now? Are you kidding me?” Grandpa Fifteen’s voice was level toned, but that majestic pressure had penetrated the formation and hammered down on everyone’s heart.

The crowd stepped backwards. Their hearts were filled with dread.

“We were just worried that you might have been a bit hotheaded. It’s better this way for all of us, since we can speak calmly without stress,” said Shi Yuan.

“Zhongtian, please don’t act irrationally. Things aren’t as bad as you think, so don’t act recklessly.” Shi Li spoke after finally collecting himself and finding some peace of mind.

“Don’t act recklessly? Are you trying to threaten me? We don’t even know if Ziling, his wife, and Shi Hao are even alive, yet you dare to say these things to me?” Grandpa Fifteen berated in a loud voice.

“It is precisely because of the rage within you that you might easily do something out of line, and that’s why we had to make these decisions. Therefore, don’t do anything carelessly.” Shi Li spoke.

The only thing that could comfort him this time was the thorough preparation they had made in advance. They had set up the three killing formations passed down from their ancestors to suppress this place. Luckily, the Great Demonic God was right in the center of these formations.

They were no ordinary formations, nor were the formation patterns broken by Shi Ziling in the past comparable to these. They were the best of the inherited formations.

“Ziling’s life is uncertain, and Hao’er is nowhere to be found, yet you can brush it all away so lightly and threaten me instead? Who do you think I am? Am I that gullible?!” Roared Grandpa Fifteen loudly.

The entire Martial Imperial Manor was shaken by honglong sounds. That single arm of the Great Demonic God illuminated as it stretched towards the sky. Auspicious light was released from the arm, and a Golden-winged Peng flew out, emitting the aura of a primitive vicious bird.

The dazzling golden light then devoured the place, shocking everyone here. What happened? The eyes of the Great Demonic God was incredibly formidable. They were shooting out beams of symbols that broke the killing formations apart.

Furthermore, that Golden-Winged Peng was circling about, shattering the beams of light that were aimed at him. All of them were destroyed.

Streaks of symbols shout out one after another from his eyes. They were more terrifying than those from precious artifacts, actually tearing apart those great formations. Suns, moons, and stars flew out from those splendid pupils. To be more precise, the symbols were forming heavenly bodies that smashed towards those formations.


With a loud crack, the heaven and earth were split as the main hall was blasted open. Everyone fell back and took cover hastily.

With a dong sound, Grandpa Fifteen escaped the killing formation with a single step, as if a heavenly deity had descended. The stars in his eyes faded away as his gaze swept through the crowd.

When it didn’t go as planned, there were some that immediately tried to flee, while others remained trembling at the spot. Those were the three great killing formations of the clan, and even they could not trap him.

“No one should even think about escaping!”

With a roar from Grandpa Fifteen, the entire palace began to shake. A wave of fluctuations spread out, and those who tried to flee from the scene felt like they were struck by lightning. All of them flew out horizontally into the buildings in front of them and coughed out large amounts of blood.

“You… ” Shi Li was extremely terrified. He was an entire generation older than Grandpa Fifteen, yet he could not control the fear he was feeling now.

“You acted as if I did not know about these formation patterns. I’ve studied them more thoroughly than all of you. Who told you they were unsolvable? All of them can be broken!” Grandpa Fifteen spoke in a cold voice.

With a wave his hand, Grandpa Fifteen snatched at Shi Li as if catching a little chicken. Shi Li was about to fall into his palm.

“No!” Shi Li cried and dodged in horror.


In the end, he was drawn away upside down, losing control of his body. He fell into Grandpa Fifteen’s hands, and was lifted up.

“Old Fifteen, you are disrespecting your superiors! You can’t treat me like this!” He shouted.

“Speak. What happened back then?” Grandpa Fifteen questioned in a harsh voice.

Even though he only had one arm left, he still had an upright posture and a soldier’s bearing. Shi Li shivered at his majestic face. The fear was not the usual timidity, but had stemmed from the palpitation of his soul.

“Speak!” He only roared one word, but Shi Li was coughing out mouthful of blood from the shock. Clenching his teeth, Shi Li unexpectedly self-exploded. He turned into streaks of light and disappeared.

“It’s the Death Substitution Talisman. The manor only has a handful of objects as insanely powerful as this. It’s creation requires an endless list of precious materials, yet you’ve just wasted one of them like this,” said Grandpa Fifteen coldly.  

He realized that the situation must be incredibly serious. That man would rather use such extreme measures than fall into his hands. The sins they had committed back then must have been unforgivably severe. Grandpa Fifteen’s heart sank at these thoughts. He was worried about Ziling and Shi Hao.

The next moment, Shi Yuan also turned into a streak of light and ran away. He dared not linger here.

“No one is leaving here today!” The roar of Grandpa Fifteen shook the streaks of light off-balance, scattering out large amounts of blood.

Meanwhile, he lanced out nine great flags with his only arm. With hualala sounds, the flags blocked all exits out of the Martial Imperial Manor, sealing this entire place down.

All the others were frightened by this move. What was the Great Demonic God trying to do by sealing off the manor? This… was too terrifying.

Shi Li and Shi Yuan were both astonished as well. Although they had fled from the scene, they were still in the manor. They trembled with horror, hoping that mighty experts would come to their aid soon.

“Get lost!” Shouted Grandpa Fifteen. He did not start a killing spree right away, but his thundering divine voice had blasted everyone present into mid-air, making them spit out mouthfuls of blood.

As he strode forward, the center of his forehead illuminated. Divine flames soared from there, lighting up the sky. It looked as if a deity was sitting cross-legged in front of his forehead, dazzling splendidly.

His spiritual awareness was released, covering the entire mansion without omitting any corners. Even the places where restraints had been set were eventually exposed.

“How dare you take clan members as prisoners!” Grandpa Fifteen berated. Not only did he find Shi Li and Shi Yuan again, his old buddies and some senile elders had also been found.

“Open!” Several dungeons opened at a shout from Grandpa Fifteen. Without even moving a finger, those stone gates and restraints were blasted into ashes.

He was really like a demonic god, and few could stop him. Even his divine voice could make such an impact.

“Old Fifteen… is that really you?!” His old brothers in the dungeons were both shocked and bewildered. Tears were streaming down their faces.

“You… Are really still alive?” The returning of Grandpa Fifteen was completely unexpected. They used to be good brothers back then, so they were crying and laughing simultaneously at this surprise.

“I knew it. Only the returning of Old Fifteen could have this kind of effect. That bastard Shi Li is losing his senses and trying everything to cover up this mess.” Someone laughed loudly, and even his body was shaking with excitement.

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