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Chapter 252 – Incredible Young Experts

The blue sea rose and fell, as the crowd remained completely silent. The youth was so ridiculously powerful that even Mo Shang and Han Tian could not absolutely suppress him now. His actions greatly disturbed all creatures in this sea!

Where did this young unrivalled talent come from? No one had anticipated it.

“Wei, the whole staring thing won’t work on me. I’m not some crying sissy.” Shi Hao looked sideways at the green-haired man, completely unaffected by the latter’s hostility.

With a weng sound, the sea surface began to shake and tremble violently. The green-haired male’s were chilly cas he took action. He was a mighty pure-blooded creature, and so he naturally had his own dignified and conceited nature.

He had cultivated for many years with peerless strength. As one of the inheritors of the Archaic divine mountain, he had opened nine heavenly passages and studied many divine abilities. As a result, his strength was incredible.

Green symbols covered his entire body. A divine bird cried out, its bright and verdant feathers unleashing an endless green flame that blotted out the sky. It dove down from the skies straight towards Shi Hao. This was the manifestation of the Green Luan’s divine ability.

Shi Hao dared not treat this attack carelessly. This was a tough opponent that he could not overlook. Both of his hands moved in a rowing motion, causing his symbols to interweave into a sea of lightning. . A pair of purplish-golden discs emerged from within, rumbling towards the divine bird in a crushing motion.

After entering the Spirit Transformation level, Shi Hao’s understanding and application of symbols had undoubtedly improved rapidly, enabling him to derive bone texts and precious techniques with much less difficulty.

This was an evolution of the Suan Ni’s precious techniques, and it was an unconventional extension created from Shi Hao’s thorough understanding of the divine ability. He was eager to become stronger, ambitiously hoping to establish an absolutely peerless techniques one day.

The enormous discs turned slowly inside the monstrous sea of lightning and emitted a terrifying aura as it crushed towards the divine bird. The discs and the bird then collided, giving off splendid light.

Everything was shattered in the end. The green-haired man backed, panting for air while blood streamed down from the corner of his mouth. It was a humiliating defeat; his long years of cultivation was nothing to this teenage boy.

He was a pure-blooded creature who could easily sweep through his powerful peers each time he left the Archaic Divine Mountains. Those creatures from archaic clans and ancient countries were far from being his match.

“Ah!” Roared the green-haired young man. His eyes turned cold as his killing intent surged into the heavens!

His body illuminated. Creatures emerged from his heavenly passages one after another and circled around him. The act of revealing those spiritual bodies signified that he was going to unleash multiple great abilities at the same time and attack with them together.

Shi Hao frowned and summoned his ten heavenly passages. They linked up into a splendid divine ring and revolved around him like divine suns, making him appear rather terrifying.

“What?” Many people cried out in surprise, especially those sea creatures since they did not know about Shi Hao’s past deeds. Seeing his ten heavenly passages now, they immediately dubbed him a young deity of heaven.

Shi Hao was also nourishing spirits in his heavenly passages, but only two of them contained spirits with physical forms. The others only contained his willpower and divine force, nothing tangible.

He only had two divine powers at the moment, being the Kun Peng and Suan Ni respectively.

Even so, his strength had not been affected. Ten impenetrable heavenly passages linked into a divine sun and condensed the power within the void.


The air seemed to freeze under his loud shout as the ten heavenly passages linked together. Divine force merged with his spiritual core, creating an inexhaustible flow of essence that spread to form a domain.

The green-haired young man was shocked. He felt like he was bogged down inside a quagmire, and all his spirited creatures were even more so confined in place, unable to dash forward. These were the spiritual embodiments of his great divine abilities that he summoned to attack his opponent, yet in the end, they all lost effectiveness!

“Ten heavenly passages, he has ten heavenly passages!” The blue sea was greatly disturbed. All of the sea creatures were shaken and horrified.

“See? I knew that this savage brat was going to do something ridiculous.” The terrestrial creatures that knew about him previously couldn’t help but sigh. However, at the same time, they were waiting expectantly to see if he was bold enough to challenge the elders.


The green-haired young man shouted. He jumped up into the sky and turned into a Green Luan, trying hard to get rid of this constraint. His body shone all over as he flapping his wings violently.

Alongside him, the archaic divine birds and vicious beasts he created also began to roar and struggle. These spirited entities were all trying to break free from this domain as well.


Shi Hao stepped forward. The divine ring surrounded him, making him look like like he was standing in a splendid sun. His entire body was flourishing with brilliant light as he walked on the sea surface, quickly getting closer. A great power erupted, shaking even the skies.

Peng, peng…

Following the violent exploding sounds, the archaic creatures materialized from the Green Luan’s divine abilities all dissipated. All of them fell under Shi Hao’s fist, with not a single one able to escape destruction.

The Green Luan coughed out large amounts of blood in the air. With the destruction of his spiritual bodies, his physical body also became badly damaged. It would be quite some time before he could fully recover and summon his spirited body again.

All of his thoughts now were on escaping, because he finally realized why this youth was so ‘savage’ and dared to challenged the everyone. He was truly a supreme youth, and there was no other reason needed!

He sighed inwardly. Such a talent was rarely seen even within the Archaic Divine Mountains. One he appeared in the outside world, he would definitely become an unprecedented existence. Individuals like Shi Hao were destined for fame and glory.


He finally shook free from the imprisonment and flew high up into the sky. Breaking free from the ten heavenly passage ring’s suppression and escaping was still a type of terrifying power.

Unfortunately, he was not able to completely escape.

A Kun Peng flew out from one of the heavenly passages in the divine ring. It quickly enlarged and spread its wings to pursue the Green Luan. It was shockingly large.

The crowd in the distance shouted in surprise. Some of them even though that the Kun Peng nest had opened and the real inheritance had appeared.

Two divine birds faced off in the sky, colliding violently.


Blood splashed outwards as the Kun Peng sliced off one of the Green Luan’s wings, descending with its spoils in hand. Meanwhile, the Green Luan tumbled and fell on the sea surface some distance away. A group of experts immediately surrounded him in protection.

From among them, an older creatures looked over in this directions. Divine flames seemed to surge each time his eyes opened and closed, which was terrifying to look at.

Many were astonished. Could that be a supreme expert? Even if he wasn’t, his cultivation wasn’t far from it. Even though one’s cultivation was suppressed here, their temperament and aura would not change.

“Ai, not Green Luan meat again. Last time I ate through the night with that fatty. I’ve had enough of it.” The devilish brat grumbled. He seemed rather fussy, but in the end, he reluctantly put the giant green wing in his heaven and earth pouch.

The group on the opposing side watched him coldly. Their killing desire surged towards him like a torrent. They were creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains, yet they were now treated like prey!

“Stop staring. If you hadn’t messed with me in the first place, things wouldn’t turn out this way. I’m not your punching bag, so why should I tolerate your bullying? If you want to be my enemy, then you should also be prepared to die,” said Shi Hao.

After all that had happened, there weren’t many that were still willing to attack. Even groups that were as powerful as the Archaic Divine Mountain alliance were hesitating. The devilish brat was just too savage.

Someone sighed among the Archaic divine mountain members. It was quite likely that only if the genius that left for the great wastelands came back would they be able to fight this savage youth in this cultivation realm.

Shi Hao turned to face the sea area in the distance. An old man with both gray hair and clothes was currently sizing him up.

Shi Hao watched him with a peculiar interest. He felt like he ransacked this old man two years ago when he worked together with that little witch. Could it be that the Elder Flood Dragon brought his physical body here instead of the spirited one this time?

“Hei hei…” He began to laugh amusingly. Even the mightiest expert of a region had been robbed by him and the little witch.

The Elder Flood Dragon was a bit irritated. What the hell was this devilish brat looking at? They still had old scores to settle, yet Shi Hao was staring at him like this, truly making him want to spit out blood.

Soon after, the devilish brat turned around and walked towards the grand altar in the distance. He looked at the Sea Deity descendant and said, “Why do you always have to try and look cool? You’ve been standing still up there this entire time, aren’t you tired?”

Mo Shang’s stone cold face remained unchanged. He did not speak a word, but the halberd in his hand had already pointed at the center of Shi Hao’s forehead. He was fearless, even after witnessing Shi Hao’s mightiness. He was confident that he was unrivalled in this sea.

Shi Hao did not respond, but rather circled around the altar. Symbols flickered around his body, sending all sea creatures who came close flying.

“This altar looks nice. Why don’t you come down and let me stand there for a while?” The devilish brat asked. He realized that the altar was a battle platform, and once the Kun Peng nest cracked open, this platform would give him a great advantage.

Not only could it be used for battle, the altar could also serve as a form of transportation. With all the symbols engraved on it, the altar could instantly send someone to their destination.

“Do you wish to die? Get up here and hand over your life!” Said Mo Shang coldly.

He was wearing a golden armor around his tall and straight body, standing there like a god. Blue hair hung loosely, and shining piercing eyes stared at him. He possessed an aura that was difficult to put into words.

Shi Hao did not mind his words at all. He was asked with a serious expression, “What is your original form? Is it a fish, a turtle, or a flood dragon? Does it taste good?”

The crowd in the distance was dumbfounded. This guy was outrageously daring, and was at the same time a true foodie. Why did he always choose opponents as if he was picking cooking ingredients?!

Surprise swept over everybody’s face. Even the lurking elders were startled. This savage kid truly unbelievable, but he really was powerful.

That was the Sea Deity descendant he was talking to, who had been unrivalled till now. Who else would dare to ask such question? The reason that Shi Hao asked about his original form, was clearly to see whether or not he would taste good.

“Get your ass over here and die!” Growled Mo Shang. The great halberd struck directly from high above towards Shi Hao, trying to cut through him like a vegetable.

This was a form anger,  but also a type of arrogance. His eyes were ice cold, containing within them self-importance and pride. Light erupted into the heavens from his golden armor.

The halberd created wuwu sounds as it suddenly extended over ten zhang in length. It struck down on Shi Hao’s head, filling the air with symbols. A deathly aura immediately shook the blue sea.


Shi Hao returned a similarly terrifying attack. His right fist made contact with the halberd, creating a deafening metallic sound. The resulting explosion caused the tidal waves to surge magnificently and symbols to burn ferociously.

The crowd held their breath as they watched this battle.

The first strikes were well-matched in strength. The golden halberd was fended off, and neither of them gained the advantage. All sorts of symbols flew high into the air, disturbing the heaven and earth and creating thunderous sounds.

Mo Shang’s face remained cold as he waved his golden halberd again. He swept towards his opponent with wide motions and tremendous strength.

Shi Hao evaded the attack and suddenly lept up. He dashed towards the altar, and ten heavenly passages once again linked into a blazing sun, surrounding and protecting him. He successfully made it to the top.

It was a duel two at the absolute peak. These two incredible talents fought on top of the magnificent altar. A myriad of mysterious symbols flickered as they arranged themselves in the air.

They had both used their strongest divine abilities for this deadly duel. It was a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents.


Shi Hao’s fist hammered down on the halberd, and the other was smashing towards Mo Shang’ face. The Sea Deity descendant, however, took on the fist with his hand.

The impact created a splendid light. It was the first collision their their physical bodies, and the result was absolutely dazzling. The entire world seemed to have been devoured by the light, as if two deities were fighting.

“They are so powerful!” Everyone exclaimed.

The purple-clothed Yun Xi was also surprised. Even someone as savage as the devilish brat had met his own match! The sea deity bloodline was indeed formidable and ridiculously strong.

In fact, the sea creatures were more shaken than the terrestrial ones. Mo Shang was a young deity to them, a completely unrivalled being, yet he had now met his match!

As for the elders, they were also watching with curious eyes. These two youth were too talented. At such a young age, they already had the power to shake mountains and seas. They were deserved to be called proud sons of heaven.


The two seemed have turned into golden divine beings as they released splendid light. The violent collision had been completely flooded by the golden light.

It was a incredibly intense battle that attracted everyone’s attention. No matter what the result turned out to be, Shi Hao’s reputation had been risen greatly in this sea. Being able to confront and fight Mo Shang as his equal was a deed that astonished everyone.

This sea would surely become chaotic, and all sea creatures will remember his name.


A terrifying sound suddenly broke out, and the blue sea was shaken violently. Tidal waves surged high into the sky. An indescribable fluctuation filled the air, as if a supreme being had been resurrected.

“It’s cracking open! The Kun Peng nest is about to open!” The crowd all shouted loudly in surprise.

On the island, the giant black ancient nest was radiating splendidly, turning golden in color. With loud rumbling sounds, it now truly began to split open.

The gap was growing wider, and the nest was disintegrating!

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