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Chapter 253 – Great Duel

The black nest was incredibly vast, almost like a demonic archaic mountain. Right now, it had turned completely golden, and giant cracks began to appear one after another.

It had stood tall throughout these endless years within the ocean islands. No one could breach inside, and only today did it finally completely break open. The spectating crowd was so moved that they began to tremble.

Wasn’t everything that everyone did until now for the sake of that glorious and world-shattering precious technique?

A great commotion immediately broke out in this ocean region. None of these creatures could wait any longer. All of them felt their blood boiling as they prepared to enter at any time to clash in battle.

Even the creatures that could only stand in the distance before fearlessly rushed over. The sea surface immediately became packed, with figures everywhere.

All types of powerful creatures appeared, engulfing the blue sea with killing intent. Even the unrivalled supreme experts have shown themselves, no longer keeping themselves hidden. A great battle was unavoidably going to take place!

The Kun Peng nest continuously cracked, and the openings became wider and wider.

However, after reaching a certain point, the ancient nest once again stabilized. Rumbling sounds echoed from within, as if a supreme being was regaining consciousness and the heavenly dao was resonating with it.

Everyone believed that they didn’t have to wait much longer, and that it was going to completely split open.

On the altar, those two figures continued their intense duel. It was incomparably fierce, and all types of symbols were interweaving. While immersed in dazzling divine light, those two incredible youth’s fight had reached its climax.

Shi Hao’s fist collided with that golden halberd. All types of divine symbols burst forth, as if a volcano was erupting. Powerful golden waves immediately swept in all directions.

“Kill!” Mo Shang shouted loudly. His head of blue hair stood erect, and his pupils were as sharp as lightning. His golden armor shone, and his entire body surged with a fighting aura that shook everything in all directions.

He leapt into the air, and the great halberd in his hand became even more resplendent as it pierced towards Shi Hao’s chest. Waves of rumbling sounds were released one after another, releasing deafening kengqiang sounds.


Another thunderous sound rang out. Shi Hao avoided the halberd’s edge, and smashed his fist on the golden halberd’s pole, making it continuously shake. He unleashed an absolutely crazy amount of power to break this precious artifact.

Zheng zheng noises sounded. The golden halberd released golden wave-like fluctuations that affected the surrounding blue sea, terrifying the crowd.

With a hong sound, waves rushed into the heavens. It soared hundreds of thousands of zhang into the air, completely submerging this place. The symbols in the air seemed as if they were burning with raging flames.

The two youngsters continued to fight ferociously. Symbols gushed out from their palms and fighters, fiercely colliding with only a golden halberd separating them. It was as if two supreme deities were fighting to the death.

Everyone became stupefied. These two youth were too ridiculously powerful! Their fight actually reached such a level, making them absolutely horrified. If they participated in a fight like this, they would probably immediately explode.

They were simply not in the same league as these two. This was what fighting at the highest level truly meant. Their bodies’ spiritualization and true self reformation have both reached the legendary state.

This was a domain of deities, so how could ordinary cultivators participate? Only youngsters that would eventually turn into deities belonged here, for they reached the absolute limit of legends.

A metallic sound was emitted. All of the symbols between heaven and earth began to rumble with noise. The golden halberd was blasted into the air, and tremendous divine golden radiance burst forth.

The two youth jumped like divine apes, moved about like flood dragons, and soared through the skies like eagles. Their movements were all as swift as lightning, and in a split second they had exchanged numerous moves. They continuously collided into each other.

This battle was dangerous and fierce. A simple mistake could decide everything! This was a direct clash of symbols, a fierce contest of precious technique, and most importantly a life and death battle of their physical bodies.


Many people were affected by the golden halberd and were smashed into the sky. There were a few experts whose pupils flickered with intelligent glints; they all knew that this was a supreme treasure.

There were people who suspected that this was an ancient magical artifact. Some even though that it might be something left behind by the sea deity, only that it is currently sealed.


Blazing multicolored light illuminated the skies. Several figures simultaneously rose up into the skies to seize that golden halberd. They wanted to use this opportunity to take it for themselves.

It was clear that the people who moved were powerful experts, or else how would they dare?

Long long

A muffled sound was released. With a seemingly endless amount of symbols, it smashed down with a force that could prop up the heavens. In addition, killing intent surged poured out.

The golden radiance blocked out the sun, and the killing intent spread, shaking the entire sea. In the sky, streak after streak of golden lightning flew across the sky. Someone immediately cried out loudly as blood splashed high into the air; they were cut apart.

The other creatures’ expressions changed greatly. They immediately turned around to leave, because even though that battle halberd had been sent flying high into the sky, it was still within Mo Shang’s control. He merely didn’t call it back.

“Daring to set eyes on my weapon, none of you should think about escaping!” The sea deity descendant spoke coldly.

The halberd was like a golden demon god. It erupted with extraordinary symbols and slashed towards those individuals. Pu pu sounds could be heard as its divine might caused those people’s bodies to explode.

Everyone trembled greatly. None of them dared to carelessly take action again.


Mo Shang jumped from the altar and swept out his right leg. It was like a golden tree stump, bringing with it the power to smash apart the heaven and earth. He directly aimed at Shi Hao’s neck to take his head.

If he actually received this attack, his head would definitely be smashed into a bloody pulp. His neck would be shattered, and that time, he would turn into a headless corpse.

Shi Hao quickly dodged. He then reached out a hand to grab his ankle to stop his movements.

“Strike of the Ocean Deity!” Mo Shang shouted loudly. A whirlpool formed around that leg, and his entire body spun like a top before rising into the air. Following that, he spat out a streak of terrifying light.

They were formed from symbols, and these mysterious symbols were packed densely. They burned so brightly that even the skies seemed to have grown dim. The dazzling light forced everyone else to close their eyes, unable to stare stare it head on.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. The ten heavenly passages shone resplendently and merged into a divine ring, locking this place down. It completely froze the light that was aimed at this head, allowing him to barely avoid it.

In addition, he quickly moved behind Mo Shang. After rushing up, he was going to tear his opponent apart.


Mo Shang was quite strong, and so he did everything he could to jump out from this restriction. Moreover, his body began to flow with golden symbols, and even his eyes shone similarly. He seemed to have turned into a young deity.

In the next moment, he went completely mad. He called back the golden halberd and summoned an attack that was like howling winds and torrential rain to kill Shi Hao.


Shi Hao also displayed his power. Behind him, the black sea appeared, and an enormous fish emerged colliding into his opponent. In addition, a Suan Ni roared as well, killing its way forward.

During this decisive battle of life or death, both of them felt that they were unrivalled. They fiercely strove for the upper hand, fighting extremely intensely.

Shi Hao never thought that the other party would be so powerful, reaching the extreme limit of the Spirit Transformation realm. It was to the point where he had flawlessly harmonized with his spirit, breaking out an exuberant life force. The various divine birds and beasts were bestowed life.

Meanwhile, his own cultivation time was too short. He had still not completed the final juncture of Spirit Transformation. Only after finishing this campaign could he return and comprehend to perfection.

With their battle reaching such a ridiculous level, it was difficult for the altar to hold them. Their battle reached the sea, causing the waters to rush into the heavens!

“With what qualifications do you have to fight against me? Your Spirit Transformation level is still not complete, so you aren’t my opponent!” Mo Shang roared. His eyes were incomparably cold, his gaze shooting out like piercing blades. He became more and more powerful.

Ah… He was like a demon king. His entire body was sturdy and powerful as he looked down from above. He brandished the halberd and hacked towards Shi Hao.

The ocean region was hacked apart, and every single creature was forced back. There were a few that were absolutely stunned as they watched these two fight. They were just too powerful, far surpassing the others at the level of Spiritual Transformation. If they were to get caught up in this battle, they would immediately split apart into pieces.


The great halberd sliced over. The longer Mo Shang fought, the more valiant he became. Behind him, a golden pair of ocean deity wings spread out. It allowed him to soar into the skies and look down arrogantly as he continuously hacked at Shi Hao.

He became more and more powerful, as if he was going to completely obliterate this sea region. His head of blue hair dance about, and the golden armor continuously shone with immortal light, making him terrifying to the extreme.

“Go to hell!”

He shouted loudly. His entire body was covered densely in symbols, making him shine with dazzling light. Together with his loud shout, long long sounds were emitted. The halberd in his hand descended, directly piercing towards Shi Hao. He released his most powerful strike to penetrate his opponent.

The entire world was trembling as the blue seas surged; everything was being affected. In the end, the light emitted was so dazzling that it seemed as if only he himself remained.

This one attack was too terrifying. Everyone’s expressions turned pale from horror. Even those supreme experts were shaken. What would have happened if they met someone like Mo Shang when they were younger? After thinking about this, even those supreme experts felt their hair standing on end.

Shi Hao’s expression also changed. Lightning interweaved around his body and symbols covered the sky. It formed a barrier of light, blocking this strike!

However, this attack was just too terrifying. It resonated with the heaven and earth, causing everything to rumble. The sea deity descendant Mo Shang was not only using his own strength, but borrowing the power of heaven and earth as well.

It was could even said that this attack contained the oneness of heaven and man. Otherwise, how could it create such terrifying exploding sounds? It was as if he had borrowed all the power of this world and infused it into the golden halberd.

With a bo sound, the barrier of light made from bone text was pierced through. The halberd flickered with cold light, and the golden weapon tore through everything like rotten weeds as it rushed towards Shi Hao’s body. It was going to execute him here.

“With what power do you have to fight me?!” Mo Shang shouted.

He had already reached the consummate level of spirit transformation, reaching the most powerful state recorded in ancient texts. He was already comparable to the legends in every stage, granting him an unparalleled faith in himself.

With a weng sound, symbols appeared, becoming even more concentrated. It protected Shi Hao, as well as allowing him to quickly back up.

“You can’t escape! Your life will end here!” Mo Shang’s voice was ice cold, and his aura flourish even more magnificently, making the entire heaven and earth tremble. The golden symbols around his body filled up this world, as if a divine creature had descended.

The golden spear once again pierce towards the barrier of light, arriving right in front of Shi Hao’s body. It was going to pierce through his body and kill him on the spot.

At this moment, he was truly rather terrifying. The heaven and earth seemed to have merged with his divine might as it locked down Shi Hao. No matter how he tried to retreat, he still wouldn’t be able to escape.

Shi Hao released a huge roar. His ten heavenly passages shone, interconnecting into a divine ring. They erupted with dazzling divine radiance to block the ancient magical halberd.

With a hong sound, the halberd that pierced towards him was frozen in place. It did not penetrate his body, and no blood splashed out.

“Break open!” Mo Shang released a great shout. He wanted to blast apart the ten heavenly passages and make his opponent’s body explode. At this moment, an incomparably powerful divine force surged.

At the same time, all types of spiritual essence and symbols filled the entire universe. They did not enter his body, but instead were still within his control.

Heaven and man as one! Mo Shang was like an unmatched god that had descended into the mortal world. “Without absolute perfection of spiritual transformation, what are you going to use to defend yourself?!”

He ferociously waved the battle spear to stab through Shi Hao’s body and kill him here!

The spectating experts were trembling. This was just too powerful! To borrow the power of heaven and earth, what kind of might was this? It far surpassed their own limits, not being something that the power of mortals could defend against!

Every single person was shaken. The youngster that was on the defensive end as also extremely heaven defying. He actually used his ten heavenly passages to block it, and not immediately dying as a result.

With the battle reaching such a stage, Shi Hao did not panic, but instead appeared to be rather calm. He continued to fight back.

“Can you contend against the divine might of this entire world? I refused to believe it unless you defy the heavens!” After Mo Shang entered the rarely seen state of ‘heaven and man as one’, he truly had the right to speak these words.

“You didn’t break through.” Shi Hao replied indifferently. In the end, he no longer put up his defenses and allowed Mo Shang’s attack to pierce into the ring of light.

“Finish it!” Mo Shang shouted loudly and was going to kill his opponent. His halberd violently shook, and light was released in every direction. The golden symbols were resplendent as the halberd’s edge sliced forward.

Everyone’s heart trembled. This type of force was too formidable! It was truly unblockable and difficult to fight against. It was even somewhat incomprehensible!

Many people sighed. Shi Hao was rather powerful and stunning. He was able to reach such a high level at his young age, and if given the time, the final stage ‘heavenly passages nourishing spirit’ could also reach the legendary stage. However, he was going to die here.

“Mo Shang is truly extraordinary, actually entering the ‘heaven and man as one’ state. After entering such a wonderful state, he has become the most powerful!”

“It’s quite pitiful for that youngster to die like this…”

Many people began to speak softly as they nervously watched this battle reach its end.

However, even though the great halberd pierced forward, there was no blood that splashed out. Everyone became petrified, because they couldn’t understand how such a thing was possible.

Even Mo Shang was shocked. What happened? The golden halberd was absolutely invincible, so how could mere flesh be able to block it? It clearly pieced forward, yet why didn’t his opponent die?

Finally, the sea deity descendant was able to understand why. The ten heavenly passages were linked together, and they collaboratively nourished a flesh heavenly passage. When the halberd pierced forward, it was actually restrained in place!


Shi Hao took action. A fist smashed out with a force that was as powerful as lightning. His speed was extremely fast, attacking with a unmatched power.

This fist shattered all of the golden symbols. It smashed on top of Mo Shang’s body, directly breaking through it. The golden armor shattered, and blood splashed and gushed out.

This result stunned everyone!

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