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Chapter 251 – War Against the Crowd

The devilish brat revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth as he warned everyone with a loud voice. Anyone that dared to provoke him would be completely eaten.

How could these words make anyone give up? These people couldn’t hold back their anger any longer. They were all either great characters of their sects or talented youth from their regions. All of them were extraordinary characters that were difficult to defeat.

“Young man, you’re way too arrogant. Since you don’t know when to stop, this ancestor will teach you how to respect others!” An elder shouted with an overcast expression. He was about to take action.

“Threaten me again and I’ll really eat you. Don’t make a fool out of yourself!” Shi Hao stared back.

There were still some people that believed his words. At the very least, there were a few terrestrial creatures that felt somewhat disturbed, because they had heard about his past deeds.

In particular, the purple-clothed girl from the Archaic Divine Mountains — Yun Xi, was affected. She had a faint hunch that the brat was not joking, and that he really was going to flip out violently.

Those who had been to the Hundred Shattered Mountains and those familiar with his actions within the Void God Realm all knew how utterly savage and tough to deal with this fellow was.

There were just too many that had ran out of their luck after ignoring his warnings.

The infamous descriptions ‘one who enraged men and deities’ and ‘devilish brat’ weren’t simple jokes. They truly represented his might and valiant nature.

“I have a feeling that someone is going to suffer terribly!” Someone muttered softly.

However, most people didn’t take him seriously, because the majority of the creatures here were sea creatures. They had never heard about his vicious reputation, and saw him only as a child. A noisy clamor broke out; all of them wanted to kill him.

“Let’s kill him, he’s too annoying. An immature youngster even dares to speak so boldly.”

“What great thief? This all seems like a farce. Hurry up and take him out, I can’t stand this eyesore anymore.”

The sea creatures all berated him.

“You, the one yelling the loudest… you seem rather tasty. I’ll make a great dish out of you — Flood Dragon stewed in soy sauce!” Shi Hao pointed forward towards a sea Flood Dragon that was over ten zhang in length.

“And your fins… they are perfect shark fins.” He pointed at a Silver Shark king, as if he was picking dishes.

The creatures immediately became enraged. These actions were too unbridled and outrageous!


Blue waves surged high into the air, and symbols gathered before scattering down like blazing lava. It was a terrifying scene. The powerful sea creatures could not hold themselves back any longer and dashed forward.

After seeing that the attackers mainly consisted of battle servants of the ocean deity descendant and Elder Flood Dragon, Shi Hao immediately became happy because these would make fine dishes.

He soared towards the sky and jumped into the league of sea creatures, directly unleashing a slaughter. A golden vortex began to swirl around his body. It quickly enlarged, engulfing several of the most powerful creatures inside.

The devilish hands made a circling motion to fiercely suck them in. The golden vortex quickly pulled them in, and soon after, he stretched out his fingers.

Pu, pu…

The place lit up with bloody light, and the space between these powerful creatures’ eyebrows immediately split open. Their frontal bones were all pierced through, killing them all on the spot.

Among them were ocean Flood Dragons, Silver Sharks and Great Sea Turtles, all of which were things that Shi Hao found delicious. Their bodies sparkled with luster, containing powerful spiritual essence within. He was absolutely delighted as he collected them into his heaven and earth pouch.

He then turned towards the other frightening sea creatures. “You guys don’t taste good. Leave.”

The crowd was dumbfounded. It looked like he was shopping at a market, selectively choosing what he wanted.

“No wonder!” The purple-clothed Yun Xi’s heartbeat accelerated as she marveled with admiration. It turns out that this fellow had indeed broken through another limit, and that was why he dared to fight like this. His strength was incredible.

A strange feeling suddenly rose within her. Could it be that the events within the Hundred Shattering Mountains were going to be repeated? Was this savage kid going to scare off all other creatures every time he appeared?

However, this was not the same as that small world, because all of these experts had enormous powers backing them. Not only were there pure-blooded creatures, there were also forefathers of sects and supreme experts. Could he scare these people off as well? Even the thought of it was crazy.

“You dare!”

Up on the grand altar, Mo Shang, the ocean race descendant shouted. One of his fighting servants had been killed and taken into Shi Hao’s heaven and earth pouch as food.

He stood firmly on the magnificent altar without moving a single step. The halberd in his hand, however, hacked towards Shi Hao. A resplendent light descended with honglonglong sounds, as if a golden torrential flood was surging.

The crowd was horrified. Mo Shang was too powerful! No wonder he remained undefeated during these past two years. He was unrivalled in this sea area, and this strike alone demonstrated his strength.


However, to everyone’s surprise, Shi Hao did not evade but instead struck out with his fist. Golden symbols surrounded his fist as it tore through the golden waves.

Mo Shang’s strike could destroy batches of mighty beings at the Spirit Transformation level and scare off countless cultivators. He was undefeated at this cultivation level, yet his strike this time did not produce any results. It was blocked by Shi Hao’s fist, and the force behind this attack was defused.

For the past two years, apart from Han Tian of the Flaming Fish clan, no one else had been able to meet him head on. Now, however, another person was able to do this, moreover someone so young. This scene immediately surprised many of the spectators.

Even Mo Shang was astonished. He had encountered Shi Hao two years ago, and conflict had sparked between the two. However, back then, the other party was not his equal, and if they had fought to the death, Mo Shang was confident that he could kill Shi Hao.

Yet Shi Hao was now so terrifying, fending off his strike. He revealed a look of surprise, but he was still not afraid. He believed that he was invincible within this sea area, and even if the supreme experts dared to challenge him, they would still still face his severe and terrifying retaliation.

He was sure that he could defeat and kill any opponent at the Spirit Transformation level!

“Come here and accept death!” He stood motionlessly on the altar and looked down at Shi Hao, telling the latter to stretch out his neck for execution. This was truly a domineering attitude.

Mo Shang did not seem to care about Shi Hao’s display of power at all. He stood his ground firmly, exuding the aura of a ruling tyrant!

“Who the hell do you think you are, telling me what to do? Crawl over and die.” Shi Hao shoot him a look of contempt.

The crowd was taken aback. This was Mo Shang we were talking about here, and he was the unrivalled descendant of a Sea Deity! Even those supreme experts were scared of him, not willing to make him their enemy.

Yet now, a savage brat acted so boldly and fearlessly, telling the sea deity descendant to come down and die in front of everyone.

Mo Shang’s expression was ice cold. No one had ever dared to mock him like this before. During these past two years, no one dared to stand in his way, because they didn’t dare fight him.

However, he did not step down from the altar. The Kun Peng nest had already began to crack, and an opportunity was going to present itself at any moment. Below him was a battle platform, and he was currently standing guard here. He did not want to be caught off guard by leaving this place.

“You killed my brother and even dare to speak such arrogant nonsense. There’s nothing that can grant you forgiveness, so had over your life!”Finally, another terrifying expert stepped out. He came from the Archaic Divine Mountains’ young experts and possessed an intimidating aura.

He was a pure-blooded creature, and was the older brother of Qing Yun. His cultivation realm exceeded the Spiritual Transformation level, but it was being suppressed by the Kun Peng nest’s fluctuations. His head of green hair fluttered about, and within his eyes, it was as if streaks of lightning were flying about.

“Young master, do not be so angry. Let this old servant go in your place.”

An elder from the Archaic Divine Mountains shouted. He was originally an archaic descendant, and was currently in human form. However, he still appeared similarly tyrannical. His pupils were gold, flowing with golden radiance.

As an old servant, he naturally had to show his support. He immediately attacked Shi Hao. His palm turned into the size of a small mountain, hiding the sky and covering the earth as it slammed into the sea region.

Everyone felt a shiver run down their backs. This creature was powerful, and was definitely of a formidable race. If not for the cultivation restriction here, the heavens might have been completely covered by its enormous body.

“Golden and large hairy claws, could it be a mountain cat? Their meat taste sour and absolutely terrible.” Shi Hao mumbled without fear.

He soared into the sky, and a black body of water surged behind him. An enormous fish appeared, and its black symbols gathered to form a mountainous mass, blocking out the sunlight.

“Kun Peng’s precious technique!” Some people immediately cried out loudly. They thought that he obtained the matchless divine ability.

“It was developed on his own, different from the unrivalled archaic technique. There is a clear difference.” A supreme expert spoke, immediately calming everyone down.

Even though it was as such, the appearance of this precious technique still caused great changes. The world seemed to have lost color, and everyone began to tremble inwardly from the extraordinary might being released.

The black expanse of water was constructed from symbols, and so was the humongous black fish. It immediately caused the ocean waves to rush into the heavens, submerging the great golden claw in the sky.


A gloomy roar sounded. The old servant’s body was struck violently and sent flying. His entire arm was badly mutilated, and as blood flew everywhere, even the whiteness of his bones could be seen.

Everyone became completely shocked. This was only a single exchange, yet such a powerful old servant was defeated. It was worth mentioning that he came from the Archaic Divine Mountains, so his strength was definitely shocking.

The scene in front of their eyes was  enough to make everyone go mad. This youth’s ridiculous strength was truly no joke! He was able to act like such a little savage because he had confidence in his strength.

The land creatures that knew about the events within the Hundred Shattering Mountains and Void God Realm had absolutely stunned expressions, as if they had seen ghosts.

They originally believed that his performance here wouldn’t be that dazzling. After all, there were old ancestors, nobles with deep cultivation, pure-blooded creatures and many others that came from all different places. He was so small, and it should have been difficult for him to act so aggressively.

However, who knew that he would suddenly rise again?!

Moreover, he was still so powerful. It made those that knew about him prior to this sigh in admiration.

At the same time, quite a few people felt that things turned out as expected. This savage youth was able to establish unconventional records one after another, because this was just his natural style.

Could it be that he was going to forcefully push back everyone again? Thinking about this possibility immediately made these people’s expressions turn strange. They couldn’t help but look towards those clan ancestors and unrivalled supreme experts.

Any one of these creatures could shake the great earth with a just a stamp of their feet. Those supreme experts in particular were known to be powerful beyond belief. Ordinarily, they would remain within the Archaic Divine Mountains, being absolutely unrivalled within their region.

If this crowd was actually hunted down by a single savage child, then that would simply be a miracle. It was too preposterous; what kind of changes would such a thing bring about? The terrestrial creatures all felt their heartbeats speeding up. They mulled over these things, and once this possibility rose in their minds, many of them felt a strange type of excitement.

Hou… Divine Mountain servant roared loudly. Ocean waters soared into the heavens, as if waterfalls cascaded down from the nine heavens.

It turned back into its original form. A golden body travelled on the ocean surface and pounced over. Symbols flickered around its entire body as it rushed murderously to fight the devilish brat to death.

“It really is a mountain cat! But you don’t taste good, so what do I do?” Shi Hao widened his large eyes, revealing a conflicted expression. With a loud roar, the black sea behind him became even more vast. The enormous fish soared up and smashed into that mountainous cat.


All of the symbols were scattered, and the enormous golden cat was sent flying by the large fish. Its bones snapped and its muscles were torn. The old servant’s body was badly mutilated and his injuries were so severe that it seemed like he was going to die right there.

This kind of power and force from Shi Hao immediately stupefied numerous creatures.

“I don’t want to eat you. Stop irritating me.” In the end, he only spoke this sentence. He did not chase after that old servant, instead looked at the green-haired youth and ocean deity descendant Mo Shang with interest. In the end, he also glanced at towards the Elder Flood Dragon.

The sea was quiet, and at that moment, every expert here felt their heart rate spike sharply.

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