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Chapter 240 – Drifting through Endless Eras

The black boat was extremely small and delicate, no bigger than a palm. It was far from possessing the might of a ghost ship, and there was even less of a need to compare their size.

Shi Hao trembled. The ghost ships that had drifted about since ancient times until now were originally like this? Where did they come from?

The shining translucent river was formed from concentrated essence energy. It surged with multicolored light, and as soon as they approached it, they would feel as if their bodies became as light as a feather and incomparably relaxed.

Shi Hao became suspicious. Did that gate truly lead to the realm of deities? Otherwise, how could such a phenomenon like a river of liquefied spiritual essence happen?

Within the great wasteland, such a thing was simply inconceivable. Such a river would have triggered a huge war between ancient countries, making all types of ancient powers fight each other for it. It’s value was extraordinary.

He walked up, and with symbols flickering within his palms, he intercepted the paper boat that was drifting with the current. After getting his hands on it, he immediately felt a vigorous life force flowing out from it.

At the same time, a soul felt a tremble that almost made him collapse right there. He felt the sun, moon and stars fall down numerously, as if the heaven itself was going to collapse.

“This is…” Shi Hao was overwhelmed with shock, and only after a while did he stabilize his state of mind. What kind of power was this? It was all sent out from the black paper boat.

Finally, his mind stabilized and everything calmed down. He was no longer affected by any fluctuations.

The black paper boats seemed new, as if they hadn’t been folded long ago. There were a few frightening and glistening words that flowed with extraordinary splendor. The bloody characters wrote: I am the only one left.

As the wind blew and river flowed, it was as if a woman was sighing. It carried with it the mysteries of the ancient years, bringing sorrow and dreariness…

Shi Hao’s felt all of his hair standing up straight. The paper plate was still relatively new, and the blood on it hadn’t even dried yet. Could it be that the woman was still alive, residing beyond that brilliantly blazing gate?

That can’t be right, because even though the liquid hadn’t dried yet and was still sparkling, he could clearly feel the force of endless time after carefully examining it.

Everyone has heard of the ancient ghost ships since ancient times. However, other than Shi Hao, no one knew about the mysteries and origins of the black paper boats.

Shi Hao’s heart was constantly rising and falling. It was difficult for him to calm down.

Since the black paper boat originated from that place, could it be that it was truly another world? How else could it have drifted through such endless years?

“The nest constructed by Kun Peng is adjacent to the gate, this…” Shi Hao suddenly became silent. He stood there for some time without moving.

After quite a bit of time had passed, the murderous shouts in the distance brought him back to reality from his deep thoughts.

He lowered his head and looked at the black paper fan in his hands. The boat seemed to tug at his heartstrings for some unknown reason. It was as if he could vaguely feel the bleakness and sorrow of a woman. With a single glance, endless ancient eras would seem to have passed by.

He shook his head fiercely to snap out of his state of stupor.

“This blood is so powerful and mysterious, yet it is all contained within this black paper boat.” Shi Hao sighed in admiration.

A boundless divine might was contained within the black paper boat’s bloodstains. It’s wasn’t a big deal if it was never burst, but if it really did come out, then the entire world might be affected!

“So shocking!” Shi Hao was shaken. He felt as if the stars were falling out of the sky and the heavens were collapsing when the paper boat first entered his hands. Was this a representation of this blood’s power?

It was clearly just a tiny bit of blood, yet it was able to evolve the paper boat into an unrivalled ghost ship. Currently, the divinity of the blood still had not completely dispersed, and so he should still be able to experience its elegance.

The blood on the ghost ship had already long dried up, while the blood on this black paper boat was still like before. Even though its divinity had already begun to disperse, there was still a portion that had been preserved, radiating within.

Shi Hao carefully preserved it, storing it within his heaven and earth pouch.

He decided to stop thinking about it for the moment and leave this area. Now was not the time to be absent-minded. A single bit of inattentiveness could cost him his life.

The number of people outside that gate gradually increased. This seemed to have brought about some kind of disturbance, and a group of people suddenly took action. Symbols began to fill the air, causing a great battle to abruptly break out.

“Heavens! There’s a piece of divine wood here!”

Eventually, someone cried out. It startled the people around the Kun Peng nest, and many powerful experts rushed over after hearing that.

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered as he watched. Within that flourishing gate was a piece of rotten wood. Even though it had nearly been soaked rotten, it was still releasing a divine splendor that dripped out brilliantly.

He suddenly had a flash of understanding. The reason why this black paper boat took so long to drift out was most likely due to being obstructed by this brilliant piece of wood for all so many endless years.

The broken log was most likely a tree branch. It had the thickness of a barrel with coiling symbols over its entire body. Even though it had already rotted to a serious degree, it still contained a sparkling divine radiance. It was extremely astonishing.

Thanks to the brilliantly burning gate and river of spiritual essence, no one noticed the log previously.

“Look at its patterns and radiance! Why does it seem so similar to the legendary elder wood?” Someone cried out in alarm.

“There is a green sparkling and translucent leaf that hadn’t rotted yet. It looks exactly like the elder wood’s leaves!” A huge sensation broke out in this place.

The battle became even more intense. Creatures from all different races began to call over people from their side to assist them. Blood began to splash and spread out as a large amount of corpses fell; a bitter battle broke out.

The islands region immediately became chaotic, and the people that rushed over weren’t any less than those at the Kun Peng’s nest. They all went crazy over the two words ‘elder wood’, causing numerous creatures to fill up every corner of this place. Symbols filled the sky before submerging this place.

Shi Hao was also astonished. What kind of place was this? How could there be elder wood?

“Is the sky opening and the earth splitting apart? Could it be that there really is a divine realm beyond that gate?”

“Elder wood! Are you sure you aren’t mistaken? This is too unbelievable! Did it truly appear?!”

There were some creatures who tried to confirm this information with their clans as they fought. They frantically killed their way, leaping into the waters to seize the rotten piece of wood.


However, after entering the river waters, when they went against the river to pass through that gate, everyone was blasted apart and burned into ashes, turning into a rain of light.

This stunned everyone. Even some powerful creatures like the several hundred zhang long ocean beast were still blasted to pieces and turned into a bloody mist, not able to stand a single blow.

That gate seemed to have locked down this region, not allowing mortals to come in contact.

Shi Hao stood in the distance, as emotions flooded his mind. He couldn’t calm down at all. His head began to swirl between the paper plate, Kun Peng nest, blazing gate and elder wood; these things were all too mind-blowing.

With the emergence of the elder wood, everything pointed to the divine heavens. This was a bridge that connected man and heaven!

This kind of tree had only appeared in legends. It was known to be heavenly reaching, directly connecting to the blue dome of heaven. It was simply incomparable.

Supposedly, it had been cut down during the archaic era, and ever since, it had never shown up again.

Of course, a few of the oldest divine mountains might still have one or two of its leaves. Anything else would only exist as records within ancient texts.

When everyone initially began fighting, there were still some doubts after the cry of surprise rang out. They thought that it was merely similar to the ancient wood. However, there was a chance that the world behind the restrictive gate of light was truly the realm of gods, so many people immediately believed.

This was most likely really elder wood that contained worldly profound mysteries. With one of its leaves in hand, one could comprehend the dao with much less difficulty, increasing one’s cultivation speed. It was a remarkable treasure.

There was a sparkling and translucent elder wood leaf, as well as a piece of rotten wood. It naturally made everyone go mad, and even pure-blooded creatures began to fight over it.

“Get lost, all of you!”

Right at that moment, a loud shout rang out. It was powerful and overbearing, carrying with it a heaven-overflowing golden light. It hid the sky and covered the earth, immediately making many people shake until they coughed out large amounts of blood before flying outwards.

There was even a group of people that was crushed into a bloody paste upon being swept by the golden waves. They were as frail as porcelain, losing their lives on the spot.

“Descendant of an ocean deity!” Everyone shivered inwardly.

It wasn’t that those people were weak, but rather that the ocean deity’s heir was too strong. His head of hair and golden battle clothes fluttered behind him. With pupils like sapphires, his beauty was like that of female.

This was an extremely powerful youth. While pointing out with the golden halberd in hand, he said, “All of you, back off! Otherwise, be killed without mercy!”

Golden light surged like ocean waves, and he seemed as if he was standing within a vast body of water. His essence energy burned around him vigorously like a furnace as he looked at everyone with disdain.

Naturally, there were people who weren’t willing to yield. Among them, the individuals that had long surpassed the spirit transformation realm were even more unwilling. This was merely youth from the younger generation. Acting so arrogantly and domineering in front of them angered them too deeply.

A rumbling sound rang out between the heaven and earth. It was like a falling star as a large expanse of precious artifacts suppressed forward and everyone made their moves.


However, the golden halberd in the youth’s hands swept out, causing an immensely powerful radiance to burst forth. The aura it gave out felt as if it could defeat even tens of thousands of enemies as murderous light soared into the heavens.

Pu pu sounds rang out within the golden waves. In front of the golden halberd, experts exploded one after another, and even the most powerfuls were sliced apart. Only their ruined bodies remained, without a single person able to survive.

Those precious artifacts all cracked open before falling down. Not a single one remained.

Those that rushed over all died without a single survivor. This type of power and unrivalled technique deeply shook every single person here. This was simply the rebirth of a young deity!

“Those that want to live, back off!”

The sea deity’s heir was unrivalled in power. His head of blue hair danced about as he pointed out with the halberd in hand. Even though his age wasn’t great, he possessed a supreme aura that could devour mountains and rivers.

The nearby groups of people couldn’t help but retreat. This youth was too powerful, reaching great heights within the spirit transformation realm. He far surpassed everyone else, and within this region, he was like a young deity.

“Did you not hear? Still not backing off, are you asking for death?!”

A group of people wearing golden armor appeared, all of them with cold expressions as they shouted towards everyone. Among them, one was pointing and berating loudly towards Shi Hao who was standing right in the middle of everything.

“An armored servant like you even dare to act so unbridled?” The devilish brat was naturally unconvinced. The youth that fought just now was already unbearably arrogant, yet now the servants below him even dared to act like this.

“Not only did you not show gratitude towards us for not immediately killing you, you even dare to resist our divine ocean group? You’re courting death!” Those individuals in golden armor’s eyes all widened, their pupils cold while staring at Shi hao. Among them, one person soared up valiantly before stomping down.

These were all fighters from the ocean race who had gone through the tests of life and death. They were powerful, and had bathed in the blood of many creatures. They followed the descendants of the ocean deity, and currently, they swiftly and decisively rushed forward without mercy.

This type of style reflected their strength normally. After soaring into the air, a foot smashed down towards Shi Hao’s chest. They were incredibly arrogant as coldness filled their eyes. Symbols flourished magnificently within their hands as they slapped down.

Everyone’s expression changed. This was an extremely powerful ocean creature. Could this be a lord? His harsh words were cold and valiant, but he truly possessed strength.

Many people could tell that they could not defeat him if they fought alone. The ocean deity’s servant was too powerful.

Shi Hao’s gaze was chilly, and without a single word, a broken black sword was raised. It hacked forward, and immediately, black light erupted into the heavens.

The ocean race creature cried out. Hidden symbols erupted from all over his body, covering the skies. A powerful force was released, but it was still unable to block it.


He was hacked in half by Shi Hao, and from top to bottom, the cut was extremely smooth. A huge rain of blood splashed out as the two halves fell onto the ground.

“His broken sword’s power is so great, but he himself is only at the initial spirit transformation realm.” Someone was able to see through the real situation.

Everyone felt their eyelids jumping. A powerful ocean race creature was cut down just like this? Many people felt exceptionally overjoyed, because these golden warrior’s attitudes were too excessive, making them furious.

All of them were feeling stifled. The ocean deity descendant’s demands were already bad, but to be berated by his servants too made them ridiculously furious.

“You dare to kill one of my followers, do you want to die?!” The ocean descendant turned around and pointed his golden halberd at Shi Hao. His head of dark blue hair fluttered about as two streaks of penetrating light shot out from his eyes.

“Who do you think you are? Do you really think you are the ocean deity? Even if the ocean deity were to come here himself, I will still chop him up if he provokes me!” The devilish brat responded fiercely.

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