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Chapter 241 – Descendant of the Sea Deity

The descendant of the sea deity kept his countenance unchanged. Hair flapping in the wind, he raised the halberd in one hand and struck forward. Mighty golden tides surged and exploded with a hong sound.

Shi Hao moved sideways at once, evading the attack. Light trailed behind the halberd like the tail of a comet as golden light swept across the air. Chi la, the river was cut off in the middle.

Pu tong, a huge rock as heavy as eighty to ninety thousand jin was cleft into halves before falling into the river, splashing water all over the place.

The scene was too terrifying. As the dao field of the archaic Kun Peng, this island region was no common place. Even though mighty individuals were fighting, rarely did any of these mountain rocks break.

The power of that one sweep could devour mountains and rivers, able to conquer all regions!

The crowd was startled. The formidable boy had reached the peak of perfection in the Spirit Transformation level. He possessed such an incomparable strength that calling him a reincarnated teenage deity of sea would not be an overstatement.

Shi Hao’s pupils constricted, because the situation did not look good for him. He naturally would fight head on if they were at the same cultivation level, but currently, he had only just reached the Spirit Transformation level.

After being cornered like this, he had no choice but to fight back. The sea deity descendant was looking condescendingly at all the other creatures, and even his servants were acting similarly, making it too difficult for anyone to bear.

“You killed my servant, so you are going to pay with your life.” The descendant said calmly. His blue hair hung down loosely and shone brightly. His brooding eyes flickered as he lifted his halberd again.


Tidal waves of crimson light surged fiercely into the sky.

Shi Hao took the initiative this time, since he was left with no choice. As someone at the initial Spirit Transformation level, he had no choice but to use all of his power to put up a fight.

Ten heavenly passages appeared simultaneously, interconnecting into a diving ring while it surrounded him. He looked as if standing in a blazing sun as resplendent light shone around him.

At that moment, a strange power emerged out of nowhere. Auspicious energy rose up and constrained the entire place.

With the immortal divine ring, Shi Hao waved his sword and stepped forward like a heavenly god. Heaven and earth shook with every step he took, and the world seemed to resonate with him.

The crowd nearby was astonished when they realized that they had been completely immobilized by the divine ring. They were completely still like clay or wooden sculptures.

The broken sword seemed unstoppable as black light erupted from it. Shi Hao swung his right arm, striking down towards the head of the descendant.  

Many were shocked and shaken by this. The boy of the sea clan seemed unable to move. He did not try to defend himself, but only stood there.

“Master!” The group of ocean clan fighters were frightened as they shouted at him. The ten heavenly passages had joined into a splendid divine ring. Such a formidable scene shocked every single one of them.

While they were still in fright and everything seemed to have been decided, everything changed.

A golden light split open the sky. The young man in the middle of the battlefield raised the arm holding the halberd towards the sky. His body erupted with mountainous rays of divine light, and his blue hair danced wildly in the air as his eyes flashed with cold lightning.


He fended off the broken sword with his halberd. The impact resulted in an explosion of resplendent lights, causing people to shout and scream. Many of them coughed out blood upon being caught up in the attack before flying out.

The impact was astonishing, and the power was beyond people’s imagination.

The descendant of sea deity remained nonchalant. He was not inhibited at all and continued to act condescendingly. His aura of invincibility flourished even greater as he pointed the halberd towards Shi Hao.

The devilish brat shivered inwardly. This individual was too terrifying, and was powerful to a ridiculous level. He actually couldn’t hold his opponent in place! However, this did not make him dispirited, because he had just entered Spirit Transformation.

The ocean clan youth had a serious look in his eyes as he walked steadily towards Shi Hao. The earth shook at his steps, as if an enormous being was marching over. The golden armor radiated splendid lights, like a god descending to this world.

The golden light rose violently all of a sudden as the boy dashed toward Shi Hao without a single word. The halberd swooshed across the air, causing golden light to surge and gallop like thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers.

The entire area became chaotic. All were trembling at the scene as they were forced to flee into the distance.

Shi Hao avoided direct confrontation and uttered a long cry. The divine ring shone brilliant like the sun as it surrounded the broken sword. As the two weapons collided violently, an ear-splitting metallic sound that shook one to their souls was produced.

At this instant, symbols covered the sky and flooded the entire place. The fight between the two was just too horrifying.

The crimson light faded as the two moved away from each other. Shi Hao’s chest heaved as he panted for breath. Had he fought without the broken sword, he would have probably lost his life with his initial level of Spirit Transformation.

The golden halberd in his opponent’s hand wasn’t ordinary either. It was definitely a supreme treasure passed down since ancient times. It was extremely outstanding, and powerful to a point where it was a bit terrifying.

“I am unrivalled! Who dares to fight with me?” The ocean clan youth spoke as deafening metallic sounds rang through the air like thunder. He was extremely conceited, and even after seeing how mysterious and extraordinary Shi Hao was, he still acted like this.

With the halberd in hand, his golden armor shone brilliantly as he marched forward like a sea deity. Golden waves surged around him, giving him a majestic and invincible look.

“Then come and defeat me!” The devilish brat replied, divine light erupting from his eyes. Even though the situation was extremely disadvantageous for him and might cost him his life, he was still fearless.

His belief in himself did not waiver for one single bit. After stepping into this level, he believed that he could not be defeated. He hadn’t been defeated yet, so he yearned for a strong opponent.


The collision sent sparks flying. The golden halberd pressed down again, shaking the entire place.

“The hell with being unrivalled, you will all submit to me in the end!” Scorching tidal waves rushed towards them like lava flowing from erupting volcanoes. Blazing crimson light covered the sky, rolling their way over rapidly.

A figure emerged from within crimson light, and while holding a blood-red spear, the individual soared across the sky. The spear arrived with terrifying power, directly striking at the sea deity descendant. The sound was earsplitting as multicolored light flooded this place.

The newcomer was a young man surrounded by red clouds. He was wearing a scarlet red armor, and his red hair flapped in the wind. In his hand was a spear resembling polished blood-red diamonds.

The young man had a majestic look to him like a war deity. He came down from high above with incomparable power as he struck at the sea deity descendant.


The blood-red divine spear collided with the golden halberd, creating deafening noise. Symbols spread out towards all directions like tidal waves, creating an absolutely stunning collision.

Flaming light surged high towards the sky, releasing a scorching heat. Countless Flaming Fish appeared from the distance. The crowd became horrified upon realizing the young man’s identity.

He was a Flaming Fish had transformed into human shape, which proved how ridiculously powerful it was. The transformation ability was said to be extremely difficult for these creatures, so those that succeeded in doing so were definitely extremely talented.

The youth treaded on endless crimson light, making him appear incomparably mighty. His aura surged with increasing ferocity as he struck the sea deity descendant.

“In the past, my ancestor was only one step away from defeating the ocean deity, but was suppressed by him in the end. This time, I will complete his legacy and rule the blue sea.” Said the youth that was surrounded by scarlet multicolored light.

“Survivor, the sea deity could seal your people up back then, and today, I will similarly suppress you!” The ocean clan youth responded coldly.


A fight started between the two. The golden halberd collided violently with the blood-red spear, spilling tens of thousands of sun rays and auspicious colors. The place was lit up by fluorescent lights as symbols crisscrossed like tidal waves.

The two young men were too powerful. One was the descendant of a sea deity whose mightiness needed no introduction. The other one belonged to a formidable ancient clan who had challenged a great sea deities with its earthshaking capabilities.

“They are so powerful!” Exclaimed the devilish brat. The two creatures’ hostility was directed exclusively at each other, creating a bloody fight right away. This made Shi Hao the outcast, excluding him from the battlefield.

Shi Hao had never met such strikingly talented people like the sea deity descendant and blood-red-armored youth in his life. Their prowess was incomparable, and they were definitely powerful and unrivalled beings within the Spirit Transformation level.

Those two were so much stronger than the people he encountered before. The others of the same cultivation level were no match to them.

Numerous Flaming Fish were gathering here. Their scarlet red and shiny bodies heated up the place instantly, causing the temperature to soon become unbearably high.

Mighty descendants of the sea deity were also hurrying in this direction with great numbers. They stood there facing the scarlet red fish, creating an incredibly tense atmosphere.


The golden halberd and blood-red spear collided ceaselessly. The two youths were demonstrating strength at the peak of the Spirit Transformation level. The matchless power created was beyond the imagination of anyone present.

Shi Hao turned away and left, because the battle here did not concern him anymore. He ran quickly towards the Kun Peng nest.

Flaming Fish and sea deity descendants were blocking the doorway of the flourishing gate. Whoever wanted to obtain the rotting elder wood and the green translucent leaf would be left in a hopeless and difficult situation.

Moreover, the gate was a forbidden thing in of itself, since no one was able to touch it safely.

After leaving the battleground, Shi Hao felt golden bone texts flicker as both his vital energy and blood also starting to churn inside of him. It was an alarming sign. Had he fought without the broken sword, an even worse result might have happened to him!

“I am unrivalled…” Muttered Shi Hao to himself. He had to reach a higher level of spirit transformation to stay on even footing with the ocean deity descendants and others. Otherwise, he would be placing himself in great danger.

The Kun Peng nest was seated high on the island with grandeur and majesty. Chaotic energy was being released from it.

The nest was everchanging. At first it looked primitive and dull, upon closer inspection, one would find that it would gradually begin to brighten into a shining golden color. However, a while later, it would revert to a black state.

The mysterious change left people dumbfounded. This dao field was filled with dense fog, and within it were traces left behind by peerless heros of the archaic era.

Many people gathered here. All of them were trying to get in and compete for the legendary divine ability. Powerful members from all clans fought fiercely, causing countless bodies to fall. However, at this moment, no one had succeeded yet.

“Yi, what’s that?” Exclaimed someone. Precious light radiated from the entrance of the nest, creating great fluctuations.

“The entrance has been breached! Oh my god, someone has opened the dao field and is about to enter!” Shouted many creatures, causing an uproar.

The Kun Peng nest was larger than any of the surrounding islands. It was made of some unknown ancient wood, and those imperishable trunks had existed for eons without any change.

Now that the sealed entrance was breached, chaotic mist surged from the crack, gushing outwards.

A group of powerful beings gathered around it. This group was a top-level force that consisted of terrestrial creatures. They were holding a cracked bone that radiated mysteriously.

The bone looked ordinary, but once it bursted into life, golden lights came out like tidal waves. It then emitted black symbols and light patterns of all kinds gurgled out.

“That’s… the bone fragment of the Kun Peng!” Some began to cry out upon recognizing the object.

People were stupefied at these words. Bone fragments of one of the archaic vicious ten were actually left behind in this world! No wonder the ancient nest was breached, since they were holding such an incredible object.


After a brief moment of silence, shouts and screams resumed. All forces joined in the fight as they charged towards the entrance with bloodshot eyes. An opportunity like this might not come again. The precious technique was in the nest, so they absolutely could not let it go to someone else.

“The situation is not good.” Shi Hao got there just in time and frowned at the scene. So many had gathered here for the sake of seizing the precious technique. The end result was too unpredictable!

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