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Chapter 239 – The Real Nest


Brilliant symbols began to pour down streak after streak like lava from the sky. Several divine servants were collaboratively taking action, because if they waited for even a moment longer, Qing Yun would have been hacked in two.

Shi Hao sighed, turning around to deal with the symbols.

At the same time, the symbols fell down. Most of them wrapped around Qing Yun to guard him and seize him back.

All in all, Qing Yun himself still had to be powerful enough to survive the attack; otherwise, he would have already been cut in half by Shi Hao just then.


Shi Hao released his final strike. His hands lit up, and all of the brilliance was used on that green-haired youth. Bones all over his body were crackling, tens of which were broken.

Unfortunately, he was hindered by the divine servants’ symbols and could not unleash his full power. Those divine servants were very powerful, possessing the strength to offset such a fierce attack.

“Catch him!”

Several divine servants moved at once, spontaneously trying to suppress Shi Hao. The boy’s abilities were beyond their imagination.

The fusion and joining of ten heavenly passages was such an invincible might. The fluctuation it emitted was immortal. Was he making miracles? He had stepped on a path that no one had walked before!

Now that they’ve become enemies, if they let the boy leave, who knew how powerful he would grow up to be? Even the divine mountains would dread him. They shuddered just by thinking of it.

In addition, he was able to break through the limits of their predecessors, which would even shake the elders. If they could catch and bring him back, the elders might be able to comprehend something from him.

Among the divine servants were Golden Beasts and long-cultivated archaic descendants. Those were powerful and extraordinary beings, with a single one possessing the power to disturb the world.

However, they were under suppression here. The Kun Peng nest was sending out surges and waves, limiting their battle capabilities to the Spirit Transformation level.

Even so, the battlefield was terrifying. Resplendent symbols dropped like falling stars, making even the sky shudder, as a weng weng noise sounded.

Shi Hao took an evasive move and fell back without hesitation. He did not confront them head on. After all, he had only just reached the Spirit Transformation level and should be content with his earlier achievement.

“Don’t even think about leaving!”

The divine servants shouted and were about to dash forward. Just then, baking heat came at them, ready to melt down the sky. Flaming light rushed in like tides, dyeing the heaven and earth in crimson radiance.

“What is that?” Exclaimed everyone. Not only them, but all the creatures on the stairs were shocked by the scene as they quickly moved out of the way.

The red light expanded wide in the blue sea. Vapors rose up like fallen clouds, filling the space between the sky and sea’s surface. White mist rolled and swirled like smoke, as if the divine clouds from heaven had blanketed the vast ocean.

The flaming tide moved forward at incredible speed without end. The water was almost evaporated completely, turning the sea into a fog and mist that spread up the stairs.

“Those are… legendary Flaming Fish!” Some sea creatures cried out in surprise.

Lengths of these fish ranged from several chi to several zhang. Their bodies were vividly bright red and scorching hot, and as they moved together, it was as if a volcano was erupting.

They were like a gush of living lava, only hotter as they almost boiled the blue sea dry.

Legend has it that the Flaming Fish were formidable creatures that always appeared in the tens of thousands. They were born with a gift of fire essence and symbols. When such forces set out together, their power became terrifying.

Within ancient times, one of the Flaming Fish became a deity and even tried to grab power from several great deities of the sea. The battle astonished the seas, and in the end, this fish clan was defeated and sealed. No one had expected to see them come back now.

Pipa pipa

After these sounds spread, the school of fish leapt up like shooting arrows before landing on the vast staircase. They stood on their tails and waddled forward with them.

The school of fish consisted of at least hundreds of thousands. The joined force was frightful, burning everything on their path to ashes.

Had the stairs not been built by the Kun Peng, this place would been swallowed by lava and erupting volcanoes like everywhere else. The dao field of an archaic vicious ten was indeed true to its name.

The crowd backed off. Anyone dared to challenge them would be devoured instantly by the fast-moving fish and burned to ashes and dust.


The divine servant was able to release one last attack towards Shi Hao before he had to back off. The Flaming Fish rushed in like an unstoppable tide, rushing right through the middle of the stairs. They would kill anyone and anything standing in their way without any hesitation.

Shi Hao and the divine mountain group looked at each other across the blazing wave. He too did not want to continue their bloody battle at such time.

“Wait until I’m recovered. I’ll kill you myself next time!” Qing Yun roared with a twisted face. The pain was excruciating. He was cleft between his legs, and blood was oozing out from the wound.

“So arrogant. Exactly who do you think you are? Had they not saved you in time, I would have cut you in half. As for the future… There’s no chance.” The devilish brat responded scornfully.

The green-haired boy was so enraged that he coughed blood. This should not have happened, but he was reckless and did not think much of his opponent. Consequently, he ended up like this.

He was powerful enough to overpower Shi Hao, but the fight only got himself stamped and ripped apart, making him resentful beyond belief. The frustration clogging in his chest gushed out as blood kept dripping from his mouth. He had to roar towards the sky to vent out his hatred.

The divine servants also sighed. The Flaming Fish came ashore unexpectedly, which had interfered with their attempt to kill the boy. They were afraid that Shi Hao would become a great threat to them in the future.

With the passing of the Flaming Fish army, all living creatures gave way to them.

“Each Flaming Fish has trace amounts of divine flame essence within them, but the concentration is extremely low. Extract from a thousand of them and you may still only get one drop of it, of which the value is immeasurable. The essence is a rare divine substance which can be used to refine divine instruments.”

Even though everyone knew the rare value of the Flaming Fish, no one was bold enough to provoke them.

Everyone realised that they were in big trouble now. Flaming Fish would definitely be a formidable competitor in fighting for the Kun Peng’s precious technique. Their clan even dared to challenge a deity before!

Shi Hao turned and merged into the crowd. He did not linger around this place. The withered cliff was a vast place, and when he actually climbed onto it, he found it was almost like a continent.

Moreover, the higher he climbed, the pettier he felt. The symbols here had taken after the nature itself, and was a small universe in itself.

Despite the great number of creatures, this place could fit them all without any crowding. All the powerful ones dashed up the mountain rapidly.

Ten days quickly passed just like this unexpectedly. This was extremely shocking for everyone, because this was the result of running and leaping at top speed.

After another ten days or so, Shi Hao finally reached the top of the cliff. The Kun Peng nest was no longer there, and the flowing chaotic energy was the only thing left. What had happened?

He was not the only one. Everyone else was dumbfounded as well.

The vast cliff top was barren without a single blade of grass. Fog filled the air and crimson glow loomed through the mist. A mysterious fluctuation spread out from here.

“There are remains of an archaic formation!”

Creatures arrived later realized that the mighty ones were disappearing one after another, stepping into the distance from that cliff.

“I knew the Kun Peng nest wouldn’t be that simple! After all, it was one of the archaic vicious ten, how could its nest be built on ordinary sea surface? A wholly different world surely hides behind this.”

Some of the older ones sighed, not surprised by this discovery.

“It was said that the dao field of the Kun Peng was built in the realm of gods, so there might be some truth in that. It could also mean that the dao field was a divine land on its own.”

People realized that this cliff was only a launch point. The nest seemed to be here, but this place was nothing but a transport formation.

“Could it be that this place is merely a projection of the real Kun Peng’s nest?”

Shi Hao did not linger. He stepped on that passage after the other creatures and entered the ancient formation, disappearing from the cliff.

Quite a while later, they could see light in front of them. They were transferred to an even stranger ancient land. Masters of symbols among them whispered their thoughts, speculating that they had been transferred at least seven to eight hundred thousand li away.

The deduction surprised them all. They were sent this far!

They were on a tiny island now. Golden sunlight surrounded them, and everything here looked dream-like; even the plants here were golden-colored.

They looked far into the distance and saw many similar islands in the sea. They were all glowing and radiating different colors.

Many creatures could be seen on each island. They had been transferred to different locations. The spirited essence was extremely dense here. One would feel like transcending by taking a deep breath. Their physical strengths were all enhanced.

The sparkling sea water did not form big waves. The vapors suspended witin mid-air were actually Xiantian essence.

“There! The Kun Peng nest is over there on the sea!”

A nest was on a reef in front of them, almost level with the sea surface. The nest was extremely grand, larger than the islands nearby.

The crowd shouted and screamed. All were rushing forward with bloodshot eyes, trying to enter the divine nest.

Actually, killing and fighting had already started there. Every living creature had joined in crowding that area.

Some people had traversed here several days ago and had been fighting ever since. Everyone wanted to be the first to enter.

“The seal is no longer as firm as before and might break. Everyone can head over then.” Whispered someone.

However, despite the ferocious fights and fierce attacks, no one succeeded. The reef was covered in endless blood and dead bodies. It was a gruesome scene.

Shi Hao of course did not hesitate. He rushed forward with the crowd and landed on the immense reef, approaching the ancient nest.

Countless logs of divine wood were used to construct this boundless and unparalleled nest. Chaotic energy surrounded this place, creating a shocking sight.

Obviously, it would still take some time for the nest to open by itself.

Shi Hao had already known that those with ten heavenly passages were no longer the only ones able to open the nest. Some divine servants said that people had found some bone remnants of Kun Peng in the divine mountain, and were going to to open up the passageway with them.

The top alliances all had their own methods to rely on, or else they would not be here for the competition.

On one path, a young man was standing with his back to everyone. He was wearing golden armor with a golden trident  in hand. His blue hair cascaded down like a waterfall. With a cold and merciless voice, he said, “Leave. This road is closed!”

“This…” the crowd was shocked. He obviously was a descendant of the sea deities!

“Who do you think you are, telling us the road is closed?” Shouted someone.

“Get lost!” The blazing golden-armored boy still kept his back to the crowd, his blue hair flying in the wind. With a shake of his trident came a hong sound, and golden light swept towards them like tides. The speaker and the crowd near him were all bombarded to pieces. Blood mist filled the air.

The mightiness of the boy was bloodcurdling.

The vast Kun Peng nest was boundless. Symbols flickered around it, turning it into a restricted land. Dozen of roads  that led to the entrance had already been occupied by now.

Shi Hao did not immediately take action. He noticed that there was another enormous wondrous scenery right beside that Kun Peng nest. Some others were looking at it as well.

An enormous gateway was situated on that island. It was flourishing with brilliant light, as if it connected straight towards the realm of gods. A single river flowed out from within, pouring into the ocean.

“The spirit essence was so concentrated that it liquefied into a river!” Shi Hao was shocked.

There weren’t many people there. Most of the people flocked and gathered around the Kun Peng nest.

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s eyes were wide open with surprise, because he saw a black paper boat float out from the golden gateway down into the river.

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