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Chapter 238

‘You haven’t died yet’ was the first sentence after he arrived. With such a cold tone, even a statue would be angry.

Moreover, after being invited to travel together and help one another out, he was struck while down by these people. How could there not be any killing intent behind Shi Hao’s cold gaze?

“Shut up.” The purple-clothed girl spoke, berating the green-haired youth. She was extremely discontent with his words and actions. If not for him attacking the ghost ship at such a crucial juncture, Shi Hao would have probably joined them after meeting again. However now… it became difficult!

“Yun Xi, you are overstepping your boundaries. Watch how you speak to me.” The green-haired youth spoke with an unpleasant expression.

When the purple-clothed girl heard what was said, she coldly snorted without paying him any attention. She spoke towards Shi Hao, saying, “What happened previously was our fault. In the future, we will give you an explanation, or even compensation.”

“Right! Qing Yun was too impulsive, committing a few things that were excessive. However, he can make it up to you in the future. He definitely has to suffer a bit and hand over something precious.” Yin Xue also spoke.

It was clear that they didn’t want to give up, doing everything they could to rope Shi Hao in. They were hoping to continue their cooperation as they deliberately spoke in a gentle manner.

“I am only interested in his blood. What kind of race does he belong to? I wonder if the medicinal effects are strong.” Shi Hao spoke.

Qing Yun’s eyes were malicious, and a hint of cold laugher hung on his lips. “Do you guys see now? Not only does this human not care about your invitation, he even wants to kill me.”

The divine servants sighed, knowing that this situation was unsalvageable. Meanwhile, the purple-clothed girl named Yun Xi also frowned. Her quick-witted eyes that were filled with divine multicolored light stared at Qing Yun. If not for him, how could the situation ended up like this?

“This fellow is truly lucky, not dying even after entering the ghost ship. He really is an oddity, and there has to be something eccentric about him.” Qing Yun spoke. Following that, a slight cold smile appeared on his face as he said, “It might be true that we need you to open up the passage. However, there is no need to cooperate, and we only need to restrain you.”

He was incredibly direct and arrogant as he hinted for the old servants beside him to take action and capture Shi Hao.

“What do you guys think?” After speaking up to this point, the smile on his face became even colder. “Since we met up again, then it can’t be helped. Capture him. Why do you guys have to waste your time trying to invite him?”

This tone and attitude made it impossible for others not to be angry. He was suggesting that they capture Shi hao and force him to open the passage.

“Crawl over and accept your death.” Shi Hao said to him.

Qing Yun’s expression suddenly became even colder as he said, “We might not necessarily use you. Rumor has it that the Kun Peng nest has completely appeared, opening up by itself, so we might not need some special method to open it. When we ask you in a bit, please don’t struggle too much. It’ll be unfortunate if we became a bit careless and take your life.”

“So noisy. If you have the strength then just crawl over. Stop wasting time.” Shi Hao seemed extremely calm. Moreover, he had a look of contempt.

“Seize him!” Qing Yun spoke, telling the old servant beside him to move.

This was an honorable descendant who was extremely powerful. He served as a divine servant within the divine mountains, and after turning into a human form, appeared to be extremely old with thinly spread hair. However, his eyes were like two lanterns as he stepped forward to suppress Shi Hao.

“Pretending to be strong in front of me?” Shi Hao’s eyes were clear as he erupted with divine strength. He definitely wasn’t going to act carelessly, and as essence energy erupted, a huge Suan Ni rushed out, roaring towards the heavens before charging forward.

This was simply an ocean of lightning. Within the mountain-sized Suan Ni were streaks of gold, and together with the hundreds and thousands of lightning streaks that descended, this place immediately exploded. The blazing light was absolutely dazzling.

The old servant’s palms and fingers were covered densely in symbols. Even though his cultivation was restricted, this deafening attack was still at a high level of power within the Spirit Transformation realm.


The two collided, and the old servant’s hands violently shook. His arms were scorched black, and his sleeves immediately exploded, turning into ashes from the lightning radiance.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao personally rushed forward. He was just too fast, because a pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, increasing his speed by an enormous amount.

With a peng sound, he firmly grabbed one of the old servant’s arms. He shook it fiercely, immediately shattering the symbols that the opposing party was trying to activate, making him cough out large amounts of blood.

The descendant felt as if some kind of strange force penetrated through his arm. It was extremely fierce, and with a kacha sound, his bones began to continuously shatter; it was too ferocious.

Everyone became overwhelmed with horror. They had only seen Shi Hao move close and grab the old servant’s arm before seeing the other party’s body ring out with pi pa sounds. His precious bones continuously broke, creating a scene that was simply too intense.


The old servant released a loud howl. His opponent took advantage of the slightest bit of carelessness. However, his skills were still great, and after having his cultivation restricted, he could still display a high level of power within the Spirit Transformation level.

In just a split second, he became to blaze like a stove. An expanse of mysterious symbols rose, curling beside his body to shake Shi Hao off and protect his own body.

Even though Shi Hao had just entered the Spirit Transformation realm, his fighting strength was somewhat shocking. He began to move, putting to use the symbols within the True Primordial Record to dissolve his opponent’s bone text skillfully, not suffering any injuries.

He was exceptionally strong and vigorous. Like a Suan Ni, his entire body was surrounded by lightning. Drawing support from the servant’s great power, he rushed towards QingYun to directly kill him.

“Just entered Spirit Transformation and you want to fight me?!” Qing Yun’s face became cold. With a fierce gaze and a cruel smile, his body erupted with green radiance.


A huge green-colored bird rushed out with bright and beautiful plume feathers. They seemed like they were made from green metal as they rang with kengqiang sounds. With a might that could tear apart the heavens, it rushed murderously at Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s eyes were astonishing as his mouth released a clear roar. Lightning surged, and the purple electricity rushed into the sky, colliding into that Green Luan with a honglong sound. Dazzling radiance exploded in the sky.

“Die!” Qing Yun shouted as he dove down. He was a pure-blooded creature that opened nine heavenly passages. Moreover, he entered this realm a long time ago, possessing strength that was extremely tyrannical.

He firmly believed that no matter how heaven defying Shi hao was, he was still someone that just entered the Spirit Transformation realm. With a low cultivation level, Qing Yun was confident that he could kill Shi Hao.

His right hand became hazy. Green symbols erupted as multicolored light danced about, smashing down together. The clashing of metal sounded, creating clanging sounds.

The scene was extremely terrifying. It was clearly a single hand, yet countless beams of light flew out from within it. The illuminated the skies with endless divine swords.

Tens of thousands of swords began to spin around, hacking down together. The boundless sword qi slashed at everything, and even Shi Hao with his incredibly powerful body felt as if the killing intent could make him bleed.


Enormous waves rushed towards the heavens as a black body of water surged behind Shi Hao. A huge fish appeared; this was the Kun Peng’s aquatic form, and its might was increased many times here.

It was because the sea was right behind the stone staircase. The blue waves were boundless as they surged ferociously, easily absorbing an endless amount of essence energy.

The great fish displayed its might, as if it was on a level of its own. It swept through the void, smashing apart the numerous swords. Its own body was pierced by a few of the divine green swords as well, causing blood to trickle out.

This strike was extremely astonishing, with Shi Hao obstructing Qing Yun. This was the first time they fought against each other.

Qing Yun’s face was ugly. The opposing party had just entered the Spirit Transformation realm, yet his cultivation had already reached such a high level. This clash of power immediately made his gaze even more malicious.

“Enough, I’m going to take your life!” The green-haired youth shouted. His pupils shot out two disks of green moonlight. Rumbling sounds rang out as two streaks of terrifying beams of light flew out.

Those were two starry rivers created from symbols. The stars converged into one, making this world seem as if it was being recreated. Rumbling noises continuously sounded.

After these two streaks of light flew out, his pupils quickly dimmed, returning to their previous state. Energy blazed aggressively all around him as he suddenly jumped up and stamped his foot towards Shi Hao’s skull.

Not only did he possess powerful strength, even his methods were extraordinary. Even though he was so domineering normally, he would hardly ever encounter hardships due to these assets.

The two starry rivers that were shot out were actually a type of strange demonic force that sealed up this area. It loced Shi Hao in place, making him feel as if he was stuck within a swamp.

Qing Yun wanted to end this as soon as possible, so he began to use his race’s innate ability. Soon after, he soared into the sky, tramping towards Shi Hao’s head. He wanted use brute force to completely crush his opponent.


However, Shi Hao broke out at this moment. His ten heavenly passage appeared, containing the divine force of Spirit Transformation within them. Following that, they drew out a flourishing circle of light, allowing everyone to open their eyes.


Everyone began to cry out in alarm, and even the purple-clothed Yun Xi was stunned. Her small mouth formed an O shape as her spirited pupils flickered with multicolored light, staring towards that direction.

“Why are they connected together?” Yin Xue also cried out softly. Her beautiful face was full of astonishment.

Ten heavenly passages appeared around Shi Hao, connected together to form an immortal divine ring. It actually allowed him to break free from the imprisonment, enabling him to smash apart the two starry rivers as if they were rotten vines.

As a scarlet flame burned around the youth, his hair seemed to be like a fiery flame. The essence energy around his body rose dramatically as everyone watched with absolute disbelief.

As for the divine servants, they were even more terrified. What kind of divine might was this? How did he accomplish such a thing? To link up all ten heavenly passages, did he advance even a step further from the highest level of enlightenment?!

He had just entered the Spirit Transformation realm, yet he was able to smash apart Qing Yun’s innate divine ability! He tore through everything along the way and arrived right in front of his opponent.

Qing Yun’s body in midair could see this situation clearly. His mind began to tremble. This child that was younger than him by several years was too formidable! Just how did he do this?

The ten heavenly passages merged together into a divine ring, and as it used the strength of Spirit Transformation, it was simply too shocking. Shi Hao stood within the divine ring like a supreme deity!

His foot descended, wanting to trample on Shi Hao’s face. This action was both humiliating and domineering, and even more so an act of arrogance. Qing Yun had his eyes set on Shi Hao, wanting to end this in the shortest time possible.

This was clearly a catastrophic decision made from the contempt he had for his opponent. He had undoubtedly placed himself in an absolutely perilous situation.

Even though Shi Hao had just entered the Spirit Transformation realm, he was not trapped within his technique. He tore through the restriction like a hot knife through butter, using the divine ring to rip apart those starry rivers as he personally welcomed the incoming Qing Yun.


Shi Hao avoided the foot aimed at his face and grabbed his ankle. Following that, he seized the opportunity to make his move. With a hong sound, he directly smashed his opponent into the stone staircase as if he was a scarecrow.

This was a historical place that had existed since the ancient times. It remained immortal through those endless years due to the symbols contained within.

Qing Yun cried out miserably as blood gushed out from his mouth and nose. His face directly met the stone stairs, and after colliding, it directly became distorted.

This kind of tremendous pain was simply unbearable.

Shi Hao seized every moment, obviously not willing to let him go. He spun his arms around again, using all of his strength to smash Qing Yun down on the stone staircase again.

Not to mention Qing Yun, even the people watching could feel the pain. The green-haired youth’s nose was smashed, immediately sinking in. His face was completely deformed.

He couldn’t help but shriek miserably. This type of pain made even his soul throb.

Symbols exploded from his entire body as he struggled for his life. His true strength was extremely great and his cultivation far surpassed Shi Hao’s. Upon flaring, he would become extremely horrifying.

However, how could Shi Hao waste a single opportunity? He took the initiative once again to smash him onto the ground, smashing apart his bones and dispersing those symbols. At the same time, his two hands grabbed at the green-haired youth’s leg while a foot locked down the other leg. He began to ferociously tear with everything he had.


Blood splashed outwards simply and violently.

Qing Yun bawled miserably, and even though he wasn’t completely split in two, a large part of his legs were split open. This type of pain was carved eternally into his memory, and he wouldn’t be able to forget it for the rest of his life.

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