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Chapter 237 – Dying the Blue Sea Red

Kun Peng was one of the archaic vicious ten. Now that the remains of its nest were surprisingly displayed right in front of everyone, the breath-taking scene had left everyone astonished and shaken!

A withered and grand cliff stood in the middle of the sea. The nest was built on it and had existed since the archaic times. It had always hidden itself in the vast ocean, and no one had been able to set eyes on the divine power in the nest.

The sea was blood red with the bodies from all different species floated in the water. Ear-splitting cries of war shook the heavens; with the inevitable appearance of the Kun Peng’s matchless precious techniques, all the clans brought over their elites.

“Lightning Dog, how dare you to kill my offspring!” The loud roar of a bird could be heard. A green bird spread its wings, creating strong winds that made the blue ocean waves rise and fall.

The big green bird was a descendant of the divine Green Luan. The brilliant creature shone with resplendent light as it arrived from the horizon. As it swooped down, waves reached high into the sky as the waters moved chaotically, showing signs of just how terrifying and powerful it was.

In front, there was an enormous dog whose entire body was shining. Streaks of lightning flickered all around it as it moved through the waters. As it attacked, Green Luan descendants were killed one after another. The Lightning Dog refined their blood essence to replenish itself.

Fluctuation happened now and then in the forbidden sea, suppressing the cultivation of the mighty ones, squandering a large amount of their divine force. Experts with cultivation levels exceeding the spirit transformation realm felt strenuous here, constantly needing to replenish their essence energy.

The big green bird dove down and released resplendent blades of light. Even the waters exploded upon being struck. The endless sea began to evaporate; this attack was too powerful.

However, the Lightning Dog was also incredible. It howled towards the sky, drowning the Green Luan in bolts of lightning.

Lightning interweaved in the air as blades of light flurried about, causing blood to flash and feathers to dance about chaotically. Both creatures were injured.

Meanwhile, an enormous living creature seemed to be breathing deep in the sea. It was so incredible that the entire world seemed to resonate with it. As it moved up and down, layers of ripples began to diffuse outwards.

“This is bad, it’s happening again!” Many creatures panicked and cried out.

Ordinary creatures weren’t affected much, but the faces of experts beyond the spirit transformation realm immediately changed. They dashed away from the battlefield at top speed for a peaceful region to occupy.

The fluctuation was a form of suppression, forcing them down from a higher cultivation level. Not being able to surpass the spirit transformation level was extremely dangerous for these experts.

Sure enough, there were some experts that suffered attacks after being suppressed by the fluctuation. A group of Sea Demons leapt high into the air to pursue and kill the experts situated at the lowest points.


The big green bird and the Lightning Dog were both killed after being surrounded by thousands of Sea Devils. It was truly like the saying where enough ants could kill an elephant. Blood sprinkled everywhere as the two were killed in midair.

Similar things happened all over this sea. The waters become crimson as the corpses painted out a tragic sight.

The suppression finally ceased. Another tumult was over.

Ao hou…

A Nine-headed Lion roared in the distance. It opened its gaping mouths and raise all nine heads high, shaking the heaven and earth. Fierce golden light radiated from the lion, and as it sucked in with its mouth, the Sea Demons in the sky all fell into its mouths.

This type of might startled many creatures. They all became frightened.

“This… Could it be the Nine Spirit King?” Shi Hao stood on the Ghost Ship and watched the battle from afar. He was quite surprised at this, as his sworn younger brother — the Nine-Headed Lion, had a grandfather called the Nine Spirit King.

Beside it, a huge fish leapt out from ocean surface. It radiated a purple glow, making it look like a purple divine mountain. The fish similarly devoured many creatures with a single bite.

It was a strike-back against those experts beyond the spirit transformation level, killed off by creatures at lower levels. It was truly a humiliation, but there was nothing they could do due to the peculiarity of this place. Following the release of fluctuations of the Kun Peng nest from time to time, their cultivation realm would immediately be suppressed.

More bodies decorated the sea surface, dying the ocean surface in blood.

Ao hou… The nine-headed lion roared before ultimately dashing far away. It left behind a trail of blazing golden light as it fled, not wanting to die here.

In fact, other mighty creatures also planned to do the same because they didn’t want to take further risks. They started to back away, leaving this battleground.

However, everything was still in chaos. Some mighty beings beyond the spirit transformation level were still moving in and out of the water. They were trying to approach the ancient nest, willing to take the risk for the Kun Peng treasured artifact.

It was too a point where this place did not lack extremely powerful individuals. Even a group of supreme experts quietly sneaked in.

Shi Hao was full of excitement. Even though he was watching carefully, he did not act hastily. It was extremely dangerous here with many big shots lurking.


Ocean waves reached sky-high as the sea split open to reveal a grey mountain ridge. It was shockingly enormous. Many creatures in the sea panicked and fled at once.

The mountain ridge began to rise higher and higher from the sea surface. It was almost like a continent, appearing incomparably majestic.

“Oh my god… It’s an ancient flood dragon!”

“It’s… the Elder Flood Dragon!”

Many creatures cried out in surprise. All species, regardless of terrestrial or aquatic ones, shuddered at the scene. They knew who was coming, and that creature was the most powerful creature of its region.

The reputation of the Elder Flood dragon could shake this sea. Like the Elder Sea Devil, it was also the master of a region. Even the creatures of the Sea God Island had to show it some respect.

The Elder Flood Dragon had came in person. It was so powerful that even while suppressed, it could sweep over this place with its mere physical strength. How could the creatures here not cry out in surprise?


The sky split open and black fog filled the air. An enormous devil bird crossed the sky, covering the entire sea. It was about to dive directly towards the massive withered cliff.

“The Heaven-Swallowing Sparrow! It’s still alive!” Shi Hao was surprised. His eyes were opened wide as he stared at the bird with hatred and rage. It was directly related to the destruction of Heaven Mending Pavilion.

Had it and the Qiong Qi not come, the divine vine would not have fought to death, and the other sects would not have dared to attack them.

Although the Ghost grandpa chopped off a wing and claw later in the fight, the sparrow had obvious survived the injury and fled the scene.

Now that it appeared again, its mighty strength was world-shaking like a Kun Peng. Being a bird as well, it crave this type of precious technique the most.


The body of an enormous flood dragon surfaced in the sea, shaking up endless waves and violently disturbing the waters. The splattered water pierced into the clouds, showing how formidable the power was.

Many creatures were sent flying by the wave. It was very difficult to keep one’s footing here. The withered cliff stood tall and was the only thing unshaken, and not even the ocean waves could drown it out.

The grey flood dragon attacked no one but the Heaven-Swallowing Sparrow, trying to drive it away. The dragon did not want the sparrow to get hold of the divine cliff, wanting the precious technique for itself.


The two fought ferociously. Symbols flashed like a sea of thunder, shaking the heaven and earth, evaporating the water nearby, almost drying the surrounding sea area completely.

“Something has definitely gone wrong. Those above the spirit transformation level are able to enter as well. This is not good.” Shi Hao felt regretful.

All of a sudden, the ancient cliff glowed, as if it was responding to something. Circles of golden ripples spread from it and expanded gently into the air.

The Heaven-Swallowing Sparrow cried out in surprise. Its feathers began to flutter in the wind, and blood trickled outwards. It quickly rushed into the air, rushing into the distance while shuddering severely.

At the same time, the grey flood dragon sank into the sea, leaving a huge whirlpool and a trail of blood behind. It had also fled after experiencing the equally terrifying suppression.

This place was full of mighty beings with creatures like the Elder Flood Dragon and the Heaven-Swallowing Sparrow that were rarely seen. They were willing to risk their lives for the Kun Peng’s precious technique.

To sum it up, the wasteland was going to be thrown into chaos. Something vital was about to happen, so these supreme experts all had their eyes set on the Kun Peng’s precious technique, wanting to strengthen themselves with it.

The sea quieted down. The water turned even redder as bodies piled up higher and higher as the other creatures rushed back again. However, no one knew how many mightiest beings stayed, hiding among them.

A few moments later, the sea was crowded again. Many creatures dashed forward, but no one could get close to the withered cliff. The Kun Peng nest seemed to be within their reach, but it was always some distance away, like a mirage.

The Ghost Ship was also moving forward. Shi Hao sat in it and watched it all quietly. Whenever species holding grudges met in this sea, they would immediately fight to death, filling this place with heaven shaking war cries.

The majority of them were powerful beings. The weak ones were not qualified to come here.

Of course, nearly ninety percent of them were creatures of the sea. This was their home court, so if a member of a clan showed up, thousands of them would follow into the fight.

“Why are such strange things happening?” Shi Hao wondered.

Three days had passed. He had seen too many bloody battles since then, and even his Ghost Ship was attacked several times. Countless bodies floated in the water.

However, they were still unable to approach the ancient divine cliff.

It didn’t seem that far away and was quite distinct. Streaks of chaotic energy descended one after another, yet no one could truly approach and enter.

The journey had cost them half a month, with fights breaking out through this entire trip. All the clans fought with their lives on the line, some for old grudges and others to gain a dominance here. Their competitors were wiped out, and some hope could finally be seen.

After trudging for half a month, the ancient cliff suddenly seemed vast and unclimbable. Marks from claws, knives and swords had been left on the wall, recording the struggle of countless years.

A stone staircase was laid out in the sea, leading up to the cliff.

The length of the staircase was a bit terrifying. It was boundless, allowing countless creatures to simultaneously climb any congestion.

The ridiculous amount of effort involved in building such a grand structure amazed them all.

Even though all of them could have climbed it together, the endless killing continued. Experts from all different races fought as they ascended, leaving behind numerous corpses.

“This doesn’t seem like the withered cliff we saw before in the middle of the sea at all. After getting closer, it seems more like a large piece of land!” Shi Hao exclaimed. This was one of the Kun Peng’s personal creations.

He fought back the urge to climb up with everyone else and waited in the sea nearby instead. Other powerful clans had their elders as guardians, some of which even hid in the crowd. He was all by himself, so acting incautiously would be risky.

Several days passed in succession. The fluctuations from the withered cliff became more and more frequent. In the end, the ripples seemed to have become continuous, spreading towards all directions.

It meant that those beyond the spirit transformation level had been completed suppressed, bringing them much trouble. Several days had passed since those people climbed up the stairs, and no bad news had been heard since then.

The devilish brat could not wait any longer and wanted to move into action. Otherwise, he might be too late to obtain anything.

“The mightiest experts had retreated. We can move now!”

Someone murmured from the distance. Quite a few creatures were thinking the same thing as Shi Hao. Another wave of figures began to climb up the stairs.

“Be careful. I heard that some supreme experts took the risk to hide in the crowd. They are also trying to get into the Kun Peng nest.”

“What? Are they crazy? Do you know how difficult it is to cultivate to their level?! They have achieved their cultivation level after many years of hard work. If they die here because of the suppression, all of it would have been for nothing.”

“The precious technique of the archaic vicious ten are simply insurmountable. Obtaining one would immediately give them the qualifications to aim for the peak of this world. Even creatures as powerful as them have gone mad over this.”

Many creatures fell into discussion. The atmosphere was extremely heavy.

Hearing this, Shi Hao held back his impulse and calmed down again. He had to wait. Only after the fluctuations of the cliff truly became continuous and an unsurpassable suppression had formed would he enter. It would be safer that way.

Two days later, the condition was reached. The violent fluctuations formed a carpet of ripples, suppressing this region completely.

During this time, he had witnessed many terrestrial creatures climbed up the staircase while accompanied by divine servants, including several groups of pure-blooded ones.

“Those are alliances of other divine mountains. So powerful! Those youth are all extremely formidable.” Commented Shi Hao.

Those youth were all extremely talented and heroic. They were all at the peak of the spirit transformation realm. If they fought, they could easily defeat their enemies.

The girls all possessed ethereal beauty, looking like fairies that descended into this world. There were a few that especially beautiful, possessing a grace and elegance that was almost peerless in this land.

Pure-blooded creatures from the sea also showed up, and they were all quite young. It was rumored there were descendants from ocean deities and heirs of supreme experts. They were extremely powerful, and were currently taking on human forms.

A power struggle was destined to happen here. Outstanding talents were going to display their skills, and the strong ones will rise. Heavenly youths and peerless beauties moved out at the same time, and the truly unrivalled characters were going to fight for the top. Only the most powerful could have a chance at obtaining the precious technique.

Shi Hao abandoned the Ghost Ship and finally stepped onto the staircase within the sea. Step by step, he walked towards the ancient land.

The closer he got to the withered cliff, the wider it became. It was as if he entered a new world that was incomparably massive instead of an ocean cliff.

“Yi, you are still alive?”

Shi Hao was just about to approach the ancient land after leaving the sea when someone noticed him, revealing a look of shock and coldness.

Obviously, Shi Hao had noticed them as well. They were none other than the members of the Heavenly Mountain alliance. The purple-clothed girl, Yin Xue, Chi Huo, several divine servants and Qing Yun were among them, and Qing Yun was the one who spoke.

Shi Hao looked calm, but his eyes contained a slight chilliness. Not long ago, these people not only did not save him but even struck him while he was down, wanting him dead.

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