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Chapter 236 – Ancient Lost Riddle

Ghost Ships represented death. Those infected by them rarely lived, however, Shi Hao currently had no choice. Behind him, a mountainous monster was running rampant, so without borrowing the force of this ship, there was no way for him to defend himself.


Great waves took to the skies as a mountainous tentacle that flickered with cold light slammed down. There were many sharp and dazzling spikes on its surface, and as it smashed into the great sea, a multitude of waves rushed out. The ocean waters swirled high into the air, causing even the clouds to scatter.

The ghost ship began to sway, but it did not flip over. Shi Hao fell inside and felt cold air blowing about his body. However, he finally avoided that life-threatening disaster.

The black-colored monster did not attack the ancient boat and instead retracted its tentacle. As it stirred the ocean waters, it began to attack the beast horn in front. In addition, it was at this moment that its entire body was revealed.

This was an enormous octopus, and just its feeler alone was as large as a mountain ridge. When all eight converged, it became ridiculously large. While it moved its body, whirlpools would appear, undulating within the great sea.

Wuwu… The symbolled horn began to sound. It began to emit light, causing silver ripples to proliferate. They all smashed into that tentacle.

In a split second, an angry cry sounded as the octopus began to struggle about. One of the tentacles trickled out blood, dyeing the sea in red. However, the divine might that it released was even more shocking. Its eight legs moved simultaneously to seize that beast horn and completely refine it.

The divine servants’ hearts began to tremble. Just how powerful was this creature? Was even a supreme treasure left behind by a supreme expert going to be seized? They became exceedingly nervous as they poured in everything they had.

In the end, the shining beast horn began to release ripples that were even more concentrated, breaking free from the eight tentacles. Moreover, it broke apart a few tips, making this vicious ocean creature let go from the pain.

With a chi sound, multicolored light shot out in numerous streaks that tore through the hazy mist. The entire beast horn lit up and rose high into the air before leaving the great sea. This area was too dangerous, so it had no choice but to take flight.

However, the amount of energy this consumed was great, and the divine servants were starting to find it difficult to endure. After all, this was the sea of death. Their cultivation levels were constantly fluctuating from the unstable restrictions, making them feel rather unbearable

Within the great sea, the enormous vicious black creature’s tentacles reached towards the skies. This was a divine ability, and after penetrating the clouds, they struck the beast horn. As the two collided, a dazzling brilliance flourished.


A few people cried out miserably as they were separated from the beast horn. While falling, they were sucked in by the tentacles. In the blink of an eye, their bodies were badly mangled. In the end, not even their bones were spared; everything was digested.

This type of scene was just too horrifying. As the beast bone was struck high into the air, ten or so people disappeared from its surface. The remaining people panicked as they mutually felt fear.

Eventually, they were able to fly high enough to a point where the vicious ocean creature gave up. It submerged itself into the waters and could no longer be seen.

Without knowing how much time passed, the people on top of the beast horn finally snapped back to reality. This time, their journey to sea went terribly. All types of disasters befell them, making everyone feel both mentally and physically withered.

“We finally avoided this calamity, but the one with ten heavenly passages climbed into the ghost ship. What do we do?” A divine servant spoke out with an ugly expression.

At the crucial point, Shi hao was actually left behind by them. He had no protection at such a critical moment, and as a result could only fall into the ocean.

“What else can we do? Once affected by  the ghost ship, it becomes extremely difficult to survive. Let’s give up.” An elder spoke.

Everyone’s expressions were ugly. Were they going to end their journey to sea fruitlessly? They never even reached their goal, yet they had already lost their qualification to enter.

“He’s still alive.” The purple-clothed girl stood on the beast horn’s back, her clothes and hair fluttering behind her otherworldly body. Her brilliant pupils released a divine light that penetrated through the mist, allowing her to see what was happening within the ocean.

“We can’t go down. That vicious creature might still be hidden within the waters. Moreover, he has already stepped on the ghost ship, so he will die sooner or later.” The green-haired youth stopped her, his gaze ice-cold.

“He isn’t dead and is waving to us right now. We must save him, or else how will we enter the Kun Peng’s nest?” The purple-clothed girl retorted.

“Let us take a look.” The other people were all amazed. That youth actually didn’t immediately die! He was truly rather formidable.

The beast horn descended a bit, and everyone looked carefully through the mist to see the ocean scene. The area became calm, and an old boat was lying in disarray. A single youth was currently waving towards the sky on top of it.

“He really is alive, only, there seems to be a problem. There are black colored streaks of light around him, making it so that he can’t break away.”

Shi Hao truly did encounter an inconvenience. Black light was being released from the boat, trapping him and making it difficult for him to break free.

The boat was extraordinarily large and incomparably broad. It was like a small mountain as it floated in the sea. Its body was ancient, with its wood almost rotten, clearly reflecting the great changes of time.

There was a demonic aura within the boat, and as it rumbled, it was as if an ancient devil was regaining consciousness. Heavy breathing sounds could be heard as it tried to plunder his body’s blood essence.  

“There’s no way for him to live. He has already become the ghost ship’s food. He will undoubtedly die, so there is no reason to pointlessly put ourselves in danger.” The green-haired youth said.

“Seems like the situation is already hopeless. It would become a huge problem if we became infected by the ghost ship as well. Let’s give up.” An elder sighed before saying.

“But he’s still alive!” Yin Xue muttered quietly. Her large eyes glanced over, looking in that direction.

“What can we do? How can we save him?” The purple-clothed girl asked. Even though she was always angry whenever she saw Shi Hao, he did save her just now. Otherwise, that vicious beast’s attack would have definitely landed on her body.

“There is no way.” The divine servants all shook their heads, because these things were truly troublesome once provoked. They’ve drifted within these demonic seas since the ancient times until now without decay, proving how monstrous they were.

“Since he is going to die anyway, let’s see his final struggle.” Qing Yun spoke. His entire body lit up. His green hair flew behind him as he watched with a piercing gaze.

A chi sound rang out, and a streak of divine light flew out; it was a piece of beast bone. It quickly combusted as the symbols on it flickered, turning into a circle of light that wrapped itself around the bone.

The light became more and more magnificent before it ultimately turned into a small sun, smashing into the ghost ship.

“What are you doing?” The purple-clothed girl turned around and shouted.

“Since he is going to die anyway, I was going to stir up that ghost ship a bit. Who knows, maybe it might even injure that enormous octopus.” Qing Yu laughed coldly as he spoke.

“Sigh, let’s go.” A few divine servants shook their heads. They couldn’t change much at this point, and it was quite possible that staying longer would lead to bigger problems.

Symbols began to linger around like lightning, and that beast horn carried everyone far away.


The beast bone piece dropped onto that ghost ship and exploded. Multicolored light overflowed into the heavens, making the ship shake violently. The little guy stared furiously at the sky. Those people didn’t reach out to help, and actually struck him when he was down.

He was currently facing an extremely troublesome situation. The black light within the boat began to burn with an even greater ferocity, as if it was going to devour and refine him completely. Blood continued to trickle from his body as essence energy drained from his body.

This was a dense wave of heaven-overflowing killing intent that made him feel as if he  had reached the land of the dead. This type of chilliness was absolutely terrifying.

Sure enough, that octopus didn’t leave the vast body of water yet. It also began to feel these fluctuations, so it immediately began to scurry away as if it was trying to escape from a poisonous creature.

Great waves soared into the heavens. Not even the enormous vicious creatures were willing to mess with the ghost ship, proving just how terrified it was.

Zhizhi… Hairy Ball woke up, and all of the golden fur on its body stood on end as it jumped endlessly on Shi Hao’s shoulder. It had also been trapped by that black light, and was going to be devoured.

During the past few days, it seemed to be addicted to sleep. It would sleep through the entire day without waking.

The situation was dire. After being caught, both Shi Hao and Hairy Ball’s bodies were chained up by the black light. They couldn’t move any of their limbs, making it difficult to escape.

If his terrifyingly powerful body had been switched for any other normal creature, they would have exploded on the spot. The resulting bloody mist would have been devoured by this part of the ship.

“What kind of demonic thing is this? Get out here!” He shouted with a loud voice.

With a sound similar to a breath, all of the black light on the ship began to resonate and burn even greater as they refined him and Hairy Ball.

“Break apart!” He brandished the broken sword while concentrating all of his essence energy. The demonic cluster was sent flying before erupting into a burning radiance.

A weng noise began to sound. The black blood marks on the broken swords suddenly became scarlet red and moistened, as if it had revived. The sight of it frantically devouring the black light was a bit scary.

“En?” Shi Hao was startled, because he merely wanted to try something out. When he considered how strange the sword was, as well as the degree to which ghost grandpa yearned for it, he began to feel that it probably possessed characteristics that he hadn’t observed yet.

However, he never thought a simple movement would bring about such divine might. It devoured the black light, stipping the ghost boat of its energy instead. This scene was extremely bizarre and shocking.

All of the heaven-overflowing black light, cold aura, and deathly demonic clouds were absorbed. The broken sword was like a black sun, both bewitching and astonishing.

Shi Hao quickly quickly recovered his freedom, and Hairy Ball stopped screeching as well, looking at everything in a daze.

After the broken sword resurrected, it no longer needed him to control it. It automatically swallowed all of the ghost ship’s mysterious force as if it found the most effective tonic. The two seemed to be of similar in origin!

This entire ocean region was flooded by the radiance of this demonic force. Black light circled about like black-colored lightning to block out the heavens. As a result, even the sea began to tremble.

The ghost ship continuously underwent transformation. The ancient boat’s frame turned into a rain of light as it continuously melted. All of the black-colored rain fell on top of the broken sword, making it look even more intimidating.

The rotten wood transformed into light, and the ship shrunk in size as it continuously changed. Shi Hao and Hairy Ball were both dumbstruck. This boat… in the end became only three or so meters in length.

In fact, it was going to shrink even shorter, but Shi Hao forcefully controlled the broken sword, not allowing it to absorb all of the ship’s energy. Only then this this process stop.

“How did this all happen?”

He was considerably shocked, because it was no longer a wooden boat but instead a black paper boat!

It clearly used to be a terrifying mountain-sized ghost ship that emitted powerful fluctuations. Why did it turn into a black paper boat?

Even Hairy Ball quickly widened his eyes as it continuously cried out with zhizhi sounds. It couldn’t believe what it was seeing.

It was completely different! It was not constructed at all, and was clearly a paper boat folded by someone. This was absolutely stunning!

Suddenly, Shi Hao noticed a line of text on top of the paper plate: I am the only one left.

He could feel a type of sadness emanating from those words, as if he could hear someone sighing.

What did this mean? A ghost ship that had floated from the ancient times until now actually had this kind of history to it! Could it be that there was some type of hidden meaning?

He began to carefully look it over, earnestly trying to find any other abnormal things. Soon afterwards, he found a large area of bloodstains. There were fingerprints everywhere, and it was to the point where traces of the loops and whorls of the fingers were still present.

Shi Hao became dumbstruck. Immediately after, he felt a wave of fear. His entire body became cold and he began to tremble.

The paper plate could shrink further, so its original body could become even smaller. Meanwhile, these blood stains and fingerprints shouldn’t be that big. As he looked them over carefully, these should have been left behind by the slender jade-like hands of a female.

Was this supposed to be like a message in a bottle?

A scene appeared in his mind. A woman was creating paper boats one after another, releasing them after she was done. However, these boats hadn’t been destroyed, floating since the ancient era until now, becoming ghost ships.

How powerful exactly was this woman? This was just too scary.

The message she left behind was especially shocking: I am the only one left. What there some kind of hidden intent behind those words? Was this a reminder for the rest of the world, or was it a request for help? Was this where she released the paper boats?

The more he mulled over it, the more disturbed he became. The ancient era was extremely terrifying!

The energy released by the paper boat and the force contained within the broken sword was quite similar, almost to a point where they could have came from the same source.

As Shi Hao examined it carefully, he noticed that there weren’t any special symbols on top of the boat. The sentence and those delicate fingerprints alone made the boat gain intelligence.

“So powerful and terrifying. With just a few blood soaked characters, it actually began the incomparably horrifying ghost ship! How powerful of a diving ability is this? Her methods must be ridiculously powerful!”

Moreover, their creator’s original intent wasn’t even to create ghost ships, but rather to fold paper boats to float with the current. Only, they weren’t seen by the correct people, so they ended up turning into demonic ships.

When everything became peaceful again, Hairy Ball once again fell asleep.

These matters began to toss around a bit within Shi Hao’s mind, but he decided not to overthink it in the end. Standing stupidly within the vast forbidden sea like this was not good; they had to continue moving.

“You all invited me to open up the road to the Kun Peng nest, yet you didn’t even protect me during the most critical moment. That’s already barely tolerable, yet you even struck me while I was down. You guys truly are something!” The devilish brat became indignant.

He began to travel using the small boat. He didn’t want to enter the depths of the ocean because he knew that some kind of change had happened, making it so that all of the outside experts could enter.

The divine servants speculated that the Kun Peng nest was going to fully come into existence, and that was the reason why the power of the restriction became so strange and unstable. It could no longer completely suppress someone to the spirit transformation realm.

He didn’t want to place himself in danger, so he was going to leave these chaotics seas first and foremost. It was best to watch the course of events calmly from the side for now.

Soon after, he encountered another ghost ship. This time, he voluntarily got closer, bringing the paper boat with him as he leapt over. Black light flickered, and the previous strange event happened again. The broken sword displayed its might again, devouring the ghost ship’s energy. This time, he didn’t wait for the ship to shrink too small before stopping.

He needed an empty ghost ship to protect himself. By hiding inside, others wouldn’t dare come close.

The black paper boat was too small, and its divine might had already waned. Scaring off enemies with it didn’t seem likely.

Just like this, he began to move along the ocean. During these days, he saw many creatures from all different races that were moving quickly in a certain direction.

In addition, more and more creatures emerged from within the ocean. It was as if they were all making some kind of pilgrimage, all of them travelling towards those direction with their large numbers.

This was a large gathering of powerful individuals. Experts were numerous, and it was entirely possible for a world-shockingly great war to break out. If they were all leaving for the Kun Peng precious technique, then this entire sea region would inevitably be dyed red in blood.

These creatures were all scared of the ghost ship. None of them were willing to get close to it, immediately running away as soon as they saw it. Shi Hao was extremely safe as he leisurely travelled forward. He wanted to go and take a look for himself.

Two days later, he finally approached his destination. There were countless creatures within this restricted ocean abyss, and all types of creatures were occupying this region. Blood flowed from numerous corpses on the ocean surface

Within the forbidden ocean abyss, shouts of war shook the heavens as powerful creatures fought.

“That is…” He was finally able to survey the scene.

An enormous cliff was situated within the ocean abyss. It was more grand and imposing than an archaic demonic mountain as it rose from the ocean surface. A simple and unadorned ancient bird nest rested on the cliff. There were no symbols or divine light being emitted.

However, strand after strand of primordial energy fell down, creating a scene that was absolutely terrifying!

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