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Chapter 232 – Heavenly Mountain

After some discussion, Shi Hao decided to leave for sea with the others in search of the Kun Peng’s precious technique. However, when a certain topic was brought up, a problem arose.

“We will pick you up. No matter how far away you are, we can quickly rush over even if you give us an exact location.” A divine servant spoke.

Shi Hao naturally refused, because he couldn’t leak out the location of Stone Village or else huge issues would arise. This was a place of great importance to him, a place where his heart and spirit was entrusted to. It was not a place where anyone was allowed to enter.

However, without these people picking him up, was he supposed to walk over there himself? The great wastelands was boundless, and a single turn would result in millions of li. If he truly was going to trudge his way there, who knew just how long it would take him.

“Tell me the location and wait for me!” Finally, he left behind this sentence before leaving.

After returning to Stone Country, Shi Hao’s face became gloomy as he asked the Willow Deity for help. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to reach his destination within a few years.

“That’s not a problem, and is quite simple to take care of.” The scorched black tree trunk did not move, and only the dozen or so green and lush branches swayed in the wind as they released light. The Willow Deity gave him its decisive response.

“That’s great!” Shi Hao was happy, because he wasn’t really willing to travel so arduously.

When news of his journey spread and he was about to leave Stone Village, everyone came out and surrounded him. They were truly not willing to see him go.

“Child, you’ve only returned for a few months! Why is it that you have to go again? Can’t you stay a bit longer?”

“It’s so dangerous out there. Going out by yourself, how could we not be worried?”

These comforting words made the little guy feel extremely nice and warm inside. He slapped his chest and said, “Don’t worry, my appearance is like a disaster for others. No one dares to bully me.”

Haha… After hearing what was said, the group of youths all began to laugh. When they entered the Void God Realm earlier, they learned quite a few things. They were fully aware how much of a disaster the name ‘devilish brat’ brought. He was known as a troublesome character that angered humans and deities alike.

“Child, you only knowing how to comfort us and not how much bitterness you suffered in the outside world alone. You absolutely must be careful and protect yourself well first.”

“Child, you have to return safely. Uncles and elders are all still waiting to meet your future wife!”

The group of people were all warning him in every way possible. They were truly not willing to part with him, and there were many great aunts that shed tears. Towards this pitiful child that grew up without parents, they had long considered him their own.

“Don’t worry. After I leave this time, I will definitely bring back even more great things!” Shi Hao was extremely happy as he spoke. He wanted to bring back even more presents for his fellow clansmen.

“There’s no need for you tire yourself so. Currently, our Stone Country isn’t missing anything. Look, we even have dozens of spiritual medicines, and even the divine medicine is about to bear fruit. With even an Octadic Treasure chicken here, this place has already received a heavenly blessing.”

The villages warned repeatedly for him to be careful and to return early.

The big red bird scratched its head in all different ways. It really wanted to go, but was stopped by the little guy because his journey this time was too dangerous. They were all creatures from divine mountains, so only heaven knew what he would end up encountering.

On the contrary, Second Baldy shook its head from the start and was definitely not willing to go. It seemed to have some kind of relationship with the Archaic divine mountain, and as a result did not want to meet any of them.

“Little Big Brother, you have to take care of yourself!” Qingfeng waved towards him as he left.

This was all because they didn’t know how long it would be before they would meet again. If everything went smoothly, it might take a few months, but if some kind of danger appeared, then it would become difficult to say.

At the entrance of the village, the lightning-struck tree body became full of symbols. It was as if a dragon coiled about and roared towards the sky like a Hou. These were all created from the scorched black patterns. The WIllow Deity shone, and more than ten branches began to move about. An expanse of magnificent symbols appeared, creating a lush and green passageway that lead to an unknown place.

“Goodbye!” Shi Hao turned around. Even though he was smiling, there was quite a bit of reluctance within his heart. His eyes were almost becoming red, because he didn’t know if this trip was going to take many years. The great wastelands were vast, and the seas were boundless. There were simply too much that was unknown.


A streak of golden light pounced over. Hairy Ball scuttled over, landing on top of Shi Hao’s shoulder at the most crucial moment; it was going to follow along.

He was originally going to refuse, after all, the road ahead was unpredictable. The vast sea was definitely full of bloody rain and pungent winds, but after thinking about the golden hairy ball’s possible origins, he ultimately brought it along.

“Come back as early as possible!” The group of people shouted from behind them, and many of their eyes were turning red.

Finally, Shi Hao gave them one last glance before rushing into the shining passageway. His figure became indistinct s he gradually disappeared.

Symbols interweaved, and as the dozen or so willow branches brandished about, a dazzling splendor rose, sending him off.

When Shi Hao appeared, majestic mountains towered before his eyes. The terrain was relatively open, as if an old dragon was lying down in a coil or an ancient tortoise was living in seclusion. This was a piece of divine earth, and as soon as he arrived, he felt as if this place made him feel much lighter. It was because the spiritual essence here was extremely dense, making its way into his body autonomously.

In the distance, imposing mountains could be seen that reached into the skies. They were… the Archaic divine mountains!

Shi Hao had arrived. His small delicate and pretty face was full of amazement as he looked into the distance. Forget about those true divine mountains, even the dormant turtle and coiling dragon region below his feet was so outstanding.

Nearby, a spiritual waterfall cascaded down from the stone cliffs. The old medicine below him scattered their fragrance, and in the distance, precious birds and auspicious beasts roamed about.

What made him shocked was that there were still a few thatched cottages nearby where experts of various races lived and cultivated.

Were these the legendary pilgrims? He once heard that there were a few powerful characters that wished to worship and enter the gates of the divine mountain. As a result, they set up their own residences here.

It was to the point where a few creatures were willing to become servants in order to enter and receive guidance.

Of course, this region was divided up. Most of the Archaic vicious beasts here were illegally occupying this land. There were no divine creatures in sight, but even though it was like so, the creatures still did not dare to linger for too long, or else they would be completely devoured.

It seems like the master of this divine mountain wasn’t too bad, belonging to the more good-natured ones.

“You’ve arrived.” A clear voice rang out. An elder appeared soundlessly, revealing an excessively powerful force.

The little guy turned around and saw a golden beast with a human body. Golden hair covering its body brilliantly. It was quite old old already, and its body was scrunched over. As its supreme energy floated about, it terrified people to their soul!

This was definitely an expert that was ridiculously powerful. It made people feel intimidated as soon as they saw it, unable to resist their urge to bow down. However, the little guy was completely fearless because he was innately confident. A glimpse of the ten heavenly passages could be seen, blocking that indistinct pressure.

After taking a careful look, he felt that this individual seemed rather familiar. He had encountered it before within the Void God Realm, and at that time, this divine servant’s teeth were almost all gone. In the past, this servant had been threatened by him.

“Hehe, youngster, you’re scared now right?” The divine servant’s laugh was quite scary. He was just too powerful. If he were to appear within the ancient countries, he would definitely be treated with great respect.

“Turns out you are so powerful! It truly is a bit unfathomable. Why didn’t you seem that special at the heavenly passage realm?” The devilish brat talked noisily, lacking any respect.

The divine servant’s cold laugh immediately froze on his face. How could this devilish brat be so confident regardless of whether he was in the Void God Realm or in the real world? He actually dared to talk like this.

“Youngster, this isn’t the Void God Realm. In front of you is precisely the Archaic divine mountain!” The divine servant was incredibly awe-inspiring. The golden light covering his body was heaven overflowing. It was as if a sun was blazing, releasing a aura that was terrifying to the extreme.

The little guy felt pressured. Ten great heavenly passages were released, creating rumbling sounds as they became similarly brilliant.

“What is so special about the Archaic Divine Mountains? I came from a divine creature’s village, so stop putting on so much airs in front of me. Didn’t you guys want to go out to sea? Hurry up and lead the way, stop dilly dallying.” The devilish brat spoke.

“This…” The divine servant was prepared to give him a good beating. He wanted to tell him not to be so arrogant, because if they weren’t on good terms when they traveled together, there would be many troubles and headaches. In the end, he never thought that the devilish brat would act like this, not tolerating it at all.

Faced with the divine mountain, he still seemed as if he had sufficient backing. Could it be that this was the heir of a deity? However, it was quite likely that he was the child of that Shi couple…

“Quickly bring me inside the divine mountain to take a look. Time is precious.” The devilish brat’s eyes shone. He had long set his eyes on that precious land.

“You… Sigh!” The divine servant released a roar. It truly couldn’t control him, because at this point, they were begging him! They needed his ten heavenly passages to open that restricted passage.

The divine servant was rather depressed. Its entire body emitted dazzling light, causing a brilliant passage to spread out on the ground. It extended outwards, and not even the ancient trees, rocks, or streams could obstruct it; it was like a divine bridge.

“You are so powerful! Old one, give me some guidance okay? Pass me some supreme precious technique and I’ll pay you back in the future.” Shi Hao’s eyes lit up, and his small and pretty face was full of expectation.

The divine servant felt like he couldn’t match his temperament at all. Just now, he was acting fearless, yet in a split second, he began to beg the servant. In addition, he was trying to directly learn its secret divine ability.

“What a grand and imposing mountain. Is this the Daoist land created by Archaic deities back then? It is still so holy to this day!” The little guy sighed in admiration.

The mountainous paths were like a dragon, its might soaring into the heavens as it linked up the mountains and valleys. It was as if it had a life of its own, and on top of them, streams flowed and waterfalls poured down. All types of beautiful and exalted plants grew in the surroundings.

On top of the cliff, there were spiritual flood dragons coiled about. Crow nests were built on top of the enormous trees, and from the piles of rubble, a divine sable appeared. There was even a black tortoise bobbing up and down within the deep pond.

The spiritual elegance of this place was shocking. All types of exotic creature and rarely seen creatures existed here.

As soon as he arrived outside the mountain gates, Shi Hao widened his eyes. He saw a pair of Octadic Treasure Chickens that were leisurely pecking at the spiritual grass. He immediately jumped off the brilliant passageway and chased after them.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” The divine servant shouted out.

“Catching chicken.” The little guy replied. These were one of the Octadic Archaic Treasures and were rarely seen. He did not expect to see a pair of them outside the gate.

The divine servant’s forehead was full of black streaks. This fellow was too good at causing headaches.

“Those are the spiritual birds raised by the divine mountain. Don’t go after them randomly.”

“Aren’t we still outside the mountains?” The devilish brat was unsatisfied.

“Let’s hurry up and go. If you are able to gain the Kun Peng’s forbidden ability, at that time, forget a pair of spiritual birds, even obtaining all eight of the Archaic Octadic Treasures wouldn’t be a problem.”

The little guy turned around while still moving forward, constantly thinking in his mind. “So extravagant. You guys aren’t raising them to eat their meat, right? That would be too wasteful!”

“Is this the human youth you heavenly mountain folks picked up? So savage, not even letting a chicken go.” A youth that was roughly fourteen or fifteen walked over. His entire body shone with a copper radiance, and his face had look of ridicule as he mocked the little guy.

There were several old servants following behind him. They were all surrounded by divine light, appearing to be incomparably terrifying.

“It’s not only the chicken that I’m not willing to let go. Actually I don’t want to let you leave either.” The devilish child stared with his saliva dripping. It was as if he was looking at his original body.

“Impudent!” The youth shouted, his eyes glaring out like lightning. He tore through the skies with a head of hair flying behind him!

“You’re the impudent one! Are you looking to get beat up?!” The devilish brat stared and took large steps forward in fury. Even after arriving at the Archaic divine mountain, there was still nothing that he feared. It made the divine servant at his side stupefied. This savage child truly acted powerfully no matter where he went!

Cough… The divine servant hastily coughed and said, “This time, our families are in an alliance, so we cannot have any internal struggles.”

The few old servants behind that youth also quickly advised him otherwise, not allowing him to act out of anger.

The green-haired youth’s gaze was extremely cold. After staring at Shi Hao for a long time, he released a snort.

“Behave better. If you dare to snort or whine towards me anymore, I’m going to eat you.” The savage child threatened.

“This…” The divine servant was speechless. Who was the one going to who’s home now? Why did this fellow still seem like such a prick, not being scared of anything in the slightest?

The green-haired youth was furious. Green divine light began to dance about his entire body as he was about to leap into the skies and attack.

“Stop, our families are joining hands. This is for the sake of finding the Kun Peng precious technique. We have no time for internal strife right now.” In the distance, someone shouted.

Several young males and females walked over. They were all wrapped up in blazing divine light as if they were deities that had descended into this world; it was absolutely divine and terrifying.

There were several old servants behind every one of them. They were all surrounded by holy light and excessively powerful.

The purple-haired girl was the descendant of the heavenly mountain’s master, so she was naturally among this group of youths. It was precisely her that opened her mouth, stopping the green-haired youth from using force.

“Why are all the girls there fatties with slender waists and big butts? Life within the Archaic divine mountain must be great for all of them to be raised so fat.” The devilish brat quietly muttered.

An young girl whose entire body was covered in silver splendor was confused, and her sparkling white face was full of curiosity. Even her hair was silvery white and extremely bright. She asked softly, “Who is he calling fat?”

When the purple-haired girl heard what was said, her forehead immediately grew dark creases. She opened her mouth, but found that it was difficult to explain, because that devilish child’s standard of beauty had some serious issues.

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