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Chapter 231 – Getting Ready

The scene was currently peaceful, and the remaining people were all frozen in place as their scalps became numb. How were they supposed to fight, and who was the enemy? If they continued to rush ahead, then they would all die!

This was a demonic deity, an invincible supreme youth! Elder Shi Li was stepped to death with one single foot, how lame was that?!

In the real world, Shi Li could bid wind and rain to come at will, and commanded regions from high above; all because he was an honored elder who held great power in the Martial Imperial Manor.

Yet now he was despised as such, being killed by a stomping foot without one bit of concern. The opponent surpassed proudly with one strike, which had made Shi Li unworthy of his great reputation.

In the real world, a roar erupted from the Martial Imperial Manor. All hair stood up on Shi Li’s head, making him look like an old lion. A savage look appeared in his eyes and blood was trickling down from the corner of his mouth. Rage filled his heart, pushing him towards craziness.

Numerous screams were heard at that same time. Those led by Shi Li all woke up badly injured, and their minds were severely damaged. This of course caused quite a stir, astonishing everyone in the manor.

“What happened? Had formidable enemies invaded the Void God Realm? Inform the elders immediately! Do they need reinforcement right now?” Clamour filled the manor. Everything was in chaos.

Inside the Void God Realm, the devilish brat did not start another slaughter in the Martial King’s pure land. As in that bloodline, those who deserved to die had all been destroyed, and the rest were not on his killing list.

He looked back. One glance from him was enough to mortify the crowd. They were terrified of him getting angry again. If that happened, this place would end up sharing the same fate as the Rain Clan, leaving nothing but wasteland behind.

The little guy walked out without hesitation. “You guys had nothing to do with this. I will not attack unless I am attacked.”

He stopped outside the pure land and looked back again. There stood the stone tablet inscribed with three words: Martial Imperial Manor.

He would not come here again. If he did visit, the place would be the Martial Imperial Manor in the real world. He could imagine what a disturbance it would cause. It would sweep the capital of the Stone Country!

The little guy walked away steadily, as if a young deity was out on an excursion. Members of the Stone Clan outside the mountain gate shivered with terror. They couldn’t help but step back, leaving the road wide open for him.

People of the pure land finally exhaled with relief when he was far away. It felt like a mountain had been removed. The air was so oppressive just now, they could hardly bear it.

“Where is the great enemy? We are here to help!” Shouted a crowd gathered in force outside the pure land. These were the experts of the Martial Imperial Manor, and they had brought with them their forbidden killing weapons. They were here to guard the place.

“He has already left, please stop shouting!” An elder came forward and stopped them hastily.

The aiding members were dumbfounded. The Martial Imperial Manor had never been intimidated like this. They had always been the ones with crushing power and defeating all rivalries, yet today, they had to endure this.

“Don’t mess with that kid!”


After hearing everything, they realized that the little guy was not there to eradicate the pure land. All exhaled with relief, yet all sighed at the same time.

“Being such an outstanding youngster, just how wonderful would it be if he were born as a member of the Martial Imperial Manor? We’ve already had Yi Er,  so with a supreme youth like him, no one can compete with us in the future.”

“Actually, we should have had a supreme youth, a natural born supreme being…” said an elder with sad and regretful expression.

“Don’t speak of it. What’s passed should not be mentioned carelessly now.” Many faces turned gray and the speaker was being hushed.

“Why can’t I speak of him? The poor kid was born a natural supreme being, but had withered at too young an age. If he were alive now, even Yi Er may not be comparable to him!” The elder seemed very emotional and raised his voice. Looking back to what had happened in those days, anger and grief filled his heart.

As a matter of fact, a group of people in the Martial Imperial Manor all felt the same way. They found what had happened then very unfair, but the other bloodline had grown so powerful. The winner takes all; there was nothing they could do but to accept the fact.

Shi Yi, on the other hand, was outstanding and powerful enough to amaze everyone. Even the Martial King had reappeared from his long seclusion for Shi Yi, inviting supreme experts to protect Shi Yi.

“I wonder what is going on with Ziling and his wife now. Have they been killed in secret by those men?”

“I hope they are safe and well. The Martial Imperial Manor has owed them too much. The kid is the most pitiful. He was born a natural supreme…”

“You are right. Our clan should have had a supreme youth with all the glory, yet all has been lost in that incident.”

The little guy walked the whole way back without further delay, because there was nothing left here that was worth is attention. Through the golden passage, he returned to the ruined earth filled with primal chaos where the Willow Deity was waiting.

The next moment, they were back in the Stone Village.

“I’m about to start my cultivation. When news from the Archaic divine mountain arrives, I’ll set out to look for Kun Peng precious technique in the ocean!”

The little guy did not break through right away and was still strengthening himself. The ten heavenly passages formed a dazzling ring, nourishing the heavenly passage that was his flesh. Such phenomenon was too mysterious, or at least, no relevant written words could be found in any ancient books.

He needed to carefully experiment and understand it to make sure there was nothing wrong. Furthermore, he needed to try to evolve various fighting techniques from it.

The surrounding divine ring would bring fundamental change to his fighting methods, so it was worth looking at. He had to carefully comprehend it, because his fighting capacity will definitely see great improvement!

The little guy was optimistic. He had soon forgotten that unpleasant incident and immersed himself within his cultivation.

Stone Village had seen some significant changes in the past few months. The spiritual medicines that had previously been planted one after another as well as the future divine medicine silver peach tree were currently spurting out spiritual essence. Essence energy was scattered down generously, transforming the whole village into an actual pure land.

The Octadic Treasure Chicken also stayed, settling down next to the Willow Deity for good. The villagers couldn’t chase it away even if they wanted to. It started to produce spiritual eggs, which became a continuous source of precious medicine.

The youngsters’ cultivation was quickly advancing, making everyone delighted.

The sun was setting, and a group of kids were returning from the distance while riding unicorns. The gathering of silver lights were like divine mounts as they neighed towards the sky.

It was the hunting team. They had come back fully loaded, dragging all sorts of wild delicacies behind the unicorns.

Within the lake in front of the village, golden ripples sparkled in the water as a group of teenage girls were catching fish. Those were Dragon Tassel Fish that could increase one’s strength. The fish were entirely golden-colored and very precious.

Now that Stone Village was on the right track, it would only become more powerful in the future.

“Uncle little guy, teach me… cultivate.” Dazhuang’s child tottered over. He was just over one year old. The plump little body looked sturdy and adorable.

The crowd bursted into laughter. Addressing him as ‘uncle little guy’ sounded really funny.

“He’s not ‘the little guy’ any more. Let’s call him by his real name Shi Hao from now on. Otherwise, even Dazhuang’s toddler will start using the nickname. That’s not appropriate.” Shi Fei Jiao suggested with a smile.

“You are right, we should change the habit. We’ll call him Shi Hao from now on.” The adults agreed with him.

In another few months, the little guy would have his eleventh birthday. Time passed fast, and another group of little kids had replaces him as ‘the young ones’ of the village.

“It doesn’t feel right. ‘Shi Hao’ doesn’t sound as intimate as ‘the little guy’.” The teenagers teased.

“Uncle little guy!” Dazhuang’s son joined the chorus.

“No, you all have to change the habit. I’ll deal with you all personally if anyone still tries to use that nickname.” Shi Linhu added.

The village chief walked over and nodded his approval. Shi Hao was no longer a little kid. He should be addressed by his official name. He could not be ‘the little guy’ forever.

The chief now had a ruddy complexion and walked with vigor and easiness. He had fully recovered his health, so his cultivation had seen some rapid enhancement. Stone Village now had another master.

“This is so unfair! Why can he use his official name, but I’m still called ‘snot baby’?”

“And me! Why am I still ‘Pihou’?”

“When your nose stops running, and when Pihou stops acting like a flaming monkey, you’ll all have your official name.” An elder said with a smile.

Thus, although it took a little bit of getting use to, villagers started call the little guy by his real name, Shi Hao.

A month later, when Shi Hao was cultivating alone in the mountains at noon time, he saw streaks of black smoke rising from afar.


Shi Hao rushed to a mountaintop and looked into the distance.

“Truly a group of brutes!”

Tragedy was happening again, only this time, it had just started. A herd of roving bandits invaded a village and was about to slaughter it. They were going to eradicate the village.

The village was less than 2000 li from the Stone Village. It was a small place with a mediocre Guardian Spirit. The spirited bird could not fight off the enemies, and was getting slaughtered.

A group of teenagers from the Stone Village had seen similar scenes back then. Now that history was recurring in front of Shi Hao’s eyes, he leapt high from where he stood, before descending towards the village.


The resulting collision was like an earthquake. The huge ferocious beast brought by the bandits that was standing outside the village was more powerful than ordinary village Guardian Spirits, yet he was still crushed into a mush by this landing.

The devilish brat jumped down the mountain as if he was falling from the sky. His glowing body smashed right into the beast; the latter had no way to ward him off.

Had it not been for the Kun Peng wings on Shi Hao’s back that raised right on time to stop his momentum, the impact would have drilled open a huge crevice into the ground, completely ruining this area.

“Who the hell are you?” The bandits were currently brandishing their knives, and upon seeing this scene, they became extremely shocked.

“You are too cruel and violent to be human. You should all die.” Shi Hao felt a sudden need to kill. This group was extremely cruel, and had eradicated several villages back then

It was pure slaughter. The arrival of Shi Hao had saved the village. After the divine ring displayed its power, all of them were frozen and locked in place. They could not move at all, and as a result were killed off by the furious villagers.

“After discovering a supreme treasury, Little Western Sky has constantly been making preparations. They need a large amount of black gold and other materials to destroy the formation. Aside from their never ending transport of these materials, they;ve also been using bandits to exploit the clans within the great wastelands. It seems that the opening of the divine treasury isn’t too far off.” Shi Hao frowned.

He was going to leave soon, but this place was not peaceful. If the Willow Deity went with him, wouldn’t Stone Village be in danger?

“This won’t do. I would rather not go out to sea than put Stone Village in danger.”

After returning to the village, the little guy informed the village chief as well as the others about what he saw. He explained everything to the Willow Deity as well.

Needless to say, this land would see bloody battles in the near future. Little Western Sky was an ancient sect. In the past, they had subdued supreme experts from divine mountains into becoming their guardian spirits.

“You… needn’t worry about the village. Set out towards the ocean. Take this with you. I’ll come to you immediately if necessary.” Said the Willow Deity.

A sparkling palm-length willow branch fell down, falling into Shi Hao’s hands.

“Willow Deity, you don’t have to come along?” The little guy was surprised, but soon became relieved.

“There is a familiar aura that has been lying dormant within this region this entire time. I need to keep my eyes on it and wait for its appearance.” The Willow Deity said.

Shi Hao suddenly realized something. When he journeyed into the great wastelands together with Hairy Ball and unicorn back then, he saw the earth split apart several thousands of li away. A giant claw reached out from the earth, scattering the clouds.

Could that be it? He was quite shaken, and back then, he had spoken to the Willow Deity about these things when he came back.

Did the supreme treasury have any connection to that uncomparable and frightening creature? Even the Willow Deity was waiting for that creature to appear, so it must be extremely formidable.

Time flew by, and Shi Hao finally reached spirit transformation stage. He was only eleven years old! To achieve such a level at his age could shock the world.

Moreover, he had also opened ten heavenly passages, meaning that it should have taken him even longer to improve. However, he was still so unnaturally talented, enough to leave the rest of the world in absolute shock.

He had entered the Void God Realm several times, so the people from Archaic divine mountain simply couldn’t wait any longer. They were exceptionally anxious, fearing that some kind of change might happen to the sea area and cause the Kun Peng treasure to slip from their hands.

The purple-clothed girl brought another piece of information on Shi Ziling and his wife, but because it lead beyond the great wilderness, it was not worth much, and did not leave behind many clues.

“We really should get going, or else we may lose that opportunity.” The urges from the archaic divine mountain almost became pleads.

This was because they were not the only team on the move. A few creatures from the Archaic diving mountain had received these news, and they were all carefully making preparations.

There were also some who did not plan to use people with ten heavenly passages to clear the path, but found ancient methods instead. Some even got ahold of some bony remains of the Kun Peng.

The situation did not look good. They would surely meet fierce competition!

“Fine, let’s set out to the sea!” Shi Hao nodded his approval.

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