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Chapter 233 – Conflict and Aggression

“He… has a poor eyesight.” The purple-clothed girl explained with a whisper, making sure not to be overheard by that ferocious kid and irritate him.

Sprinkles of light showered down, surrounding the purple-clothed girl as if glittering petals were swirling around her. It was an extraordinary scene, making her look almost otherworldly.

Obviously, the explanation was vague. The silver-haired girl grumbled with a pout. “No one’s eyesight is that bad.”

Their garments fluttered in the wind, revealing figures that were both slender and curvaceous. They had waistlines that were as soft as billowing wickers, being exceedingly beautiful. They were nowhere near the word “fat”.

Suspicion appeared on Shi Hao’s pretty face. “Why are you whispering like that?”

The others studied him with curiosity. They were amazed by this human teenager’s remarkableness, that he was able to open up ten heavenly passages.

“Did I just hear you calling us fat? Is that so?” The silver-haired girl asked with a sweet smile. Her shiny hair could reflect light like a mirror.

“Is that not so?” The devilish brat retorted surprisingly, hinting the answer apparent. He looked as if he had said the most natural thing, and was glancing at the inappropriate parts of their bodies. “The divine mountain does have plenty of spiritual medicines. You are all over-nourished.”

Among them were several teenage girls. Their clothes were fluttering in the wind, exaggerating their extraordinary body curves. On hearing Shi Hao’s comment, they couldn’t help but tense their fair muscles and clenched their delicate fists. Some even ground their teeth.

“Ignore him. According to him, only those beefy and masculine girls are mighty enough to be considered in good shape.” The purple-clothed girl teased. She explained to the others with a chuckle.

Her graceful body was surrounded by a layer of dim light as her beautiful hair fluttered in the wind. Her fair and pretty face was blurred by the light, and one could only make out those lively eyes that looked like black gemstones. She was shining with a spiritual glow.

“Bullshit. There’s something extremely wrong with your aesthetic standard. Don’t impose your bizarre interests on other normal people.” Shi Hao retorted earnestly.

The purple-clothed girl paused slightly and began to grind her teeth. Exactly whom did he suggest to have a bizarre aesthetic standard? He must have said that on purpose!

With her hands on her spotless forehead, she finally felt defeated. Her red lips clamped tightly and decidedly wisely not to speak again. Otherwise, she might be once again dragged into the devilish brat’s unbelievable logic.

Beside her, several curvaceous girls all felt indignant and frustrated. This guy had a sneaky look in his eyes. He was definitely trying to irritate them!

One of the girls had a lotus-shaped mark between her eyebrows, and the mark was giving off a beautiful glow. The girl warned Shi Hao. “Little guy, are you trying to have yourself beaten up? One more teasing word and the big sisters here will give you a good drub later.”

“Do you want to wrestle with me? You are definitely not my match. Ask her.” The devilish brat raised his chin, indicating the purple-clothed girl and trying to let her explain.

The purple-clothed girl had always kept herself aloft and ethereal after Hundred Shattered Mountains. She had not revealed her face to anyone, but people could somehow still realize her otherworldly beauty.

Yet right now, she raised her eyebrows at his words, and her bright eyes threatened to release anger. She most definitely did not want to mention that incident again. Wrestling on the ground with a devilish brat was too shameful a thing to let out.

The others looked at the two with wondering eyes; so something did happen?

Thus, as soon as they saw each other, the two two would immediately start to bicker. It was nothing serious, only enough to make others not know whether to laugh or cry. Meanwhile, that green-haired youth seemed to have been given the cold shoulder.

He grunted coldly and stared at Shi Hao with chilliness in his eyes. His gaze did not look kind at all.

“Wei, staring at me as soon as we meet, what’s your problem?” Shi Hao leered at him and asked.

“You should know that you are in the Archaic Divine Mountains now. You cannot act in this presumptuous way! This is neither mortal men’s realm, nor the Void God Realm. As a human being, you should show some veneration!” Said the green-haired boy.

He was self-assured and somewhat arrogant, because when people mentioned the Archaic Divine Mountain, they would always look up to it.

“Yeah, I know. The Archaic Divine Mountain, right? So what? You are the one who invited me. You need my help, so you should be awed by me. Control yourself, do you understand?” Said Shi Hao.

He was all easy and carefree, not bothered by anything as if nothing here was worth his attention. Instead, he was asking them to pay homage, which was pure irony.

Green flames were flickered within the green-haired boy’s eyes. Pride, gloominess, and every untouchable chilliness filled those eyes, but he did not act rashly.

He was aware that the boy was no common human, or he would not have dared to come alone. Plus, they did need his help.

Even after his ‘service’, they still needed to carefully consider whether or not to get rid of him. As Shi Hao was not an ordinary human, he must have some connections. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to cross millions of li and reached the Heavenly Deity Mountain so swiftly.

Could he have come from some village where heavenly deities reside? It did not seem so. They had come to understand that he genuinely cared about that Ziling couple.

“We have only just met for the first time, so let’s not mention unpleasant things. We need tolerance and understanding among us. We’ll have to cooperate in order to obtain the Kun Peng precious techniques.” Said another boy. He had shoulder-length red hair, the color like a bright flame. He was about fifteen to sixteen years old. Even his eyes resembled the sun, which were blazing fiercely.

Each youngster was followed by several divine servants who were accompanying them to the sea. The servants were all powerful creatures, and were starting to join in on the conversation.

“Let’s enter the mountain.” The purple-clothed girl saw that the tension was released for now. Since they were no longer arguing, she invited everyone to enter the Heavenly Deity Mountain.

They had formed an alliance. Each force was very influential and had enjoyed glories in the past. For all other creatures in this world, such status was unreachable. Now they had aligned, their power was almost unimaginable, and all this effort was put forth to obtain the Archaic Vicious Ten’s precious technique.

More spiritual and auspicious creatures could be found in the mountains, with five-colored cranes living in flocks and Luan birds soaring in the sky. Perfumed irises and orchids were giving off the essence of heaven and earth here. While the group walked through the essence-filled mountain, it felt as if they were a group of divine creatures.

It was not a place where commoners could visit. The mountain was ethereal and peaceful with all sorts of rare birds and beasts roaming about. These creatures were extinct everywhere else, but were still multiplying in this place.

Climbing the mountain was like walking in a fairyland. Divine streams gurgled and bubbled as divine birds swept across the sky, and the aroma of ancient medicines and white mists filled the air. They could see heavenly palaces here and there.

Shi Hao was amazed by this wonderland, because he had never seen such a place before. Staying here for longer periods would sure be beneficial to one’s cultivation.

While they were walking, he grabbed a spiritual medicine right between two stones. He woke up Hairy Ball who was sleeping on his shoulder and gave it the medicine.

The golden little thing was angry at first, as disturbing it from sleep annoyed it the most. However, upon seeing the precious medicine, it lit up at once and began to chew on the plant as if it was a carrot.

“Wu, now that everyone’s here, I hope you’ll work with each other and obtain that great divine power.”

Many others were also on the mountain. They gathered in front of a heavenly palace where many jade tables were arranged and sat cross-legged. White mist crept up to their knees, making it look like a feast held by a heavenly court.

The mountain was magnificent, and various buildings were constructed in it, all of them extremely ancient. The buildings seemed to have been there since the archaic time, enduring all the time and changes.

Spiritual essence filled the air. Five-colored Peacocks spread their tails in the clouds, radiating gorgeously. Three-legged Golden Crows covered the sky, shining like the sun.

The astonished Shi Hao was led to a jade table and sat at it. It was his first time meeting so many creatures from the divine mountain, all of which had important connections.

Even though some of the elders had slouched postures, their bodies were like small imposing suns as they flourished with divine light. As they sat there, even though they suppressed their power, their world-shaking might could still be felt.

They were practically living gods. Sitting at the top tables, their radiation even lit up the jade tables in front of them. A divine ring had been formed, surrounding that area.

They were the leaders of the major forces, and were currently discussing how to profit from the seas this time. Even pure-blooded creatures as powerful as these were mustering such large forces, so one could see just how incomparably powerful the Kun Peng was.

“Everything is covered. We are ready for the sea.” In fact, they had been discussing this for quite some time, and it was about time they moved out.

This campaign arranged by the big clans would use the Spirit Transformation teenagers as its main force. Aside from them, a great number of attendant would also join the team, which included some powerful old servants and divine guards as reinforcements.

In addition to that, a large group of mighty Spirit Transformation experts were also following them into the divine nest, helping them with the competition. A lot of people were going to be involved in this campaign.

“Everything is ready. I am only worried that the so-called ten heavenly passage fellow is too weak. After all, he has only just reached this level, so I hope he won’t disappoint us when he’s most needed and fail to open the gateway.” Someone murmured.

“I want to try him out. See if he’s strong enough.” The person stood up. It was a boy about sixteen to seventeen years old. He had sharp eyes, and even though his position wasn’t as high as those other teenagers, he was important enough to challenge Shi Hao. The boy stared at Shi Hao firmly.

“I agree with you. Otherwise if he fail us, all this preparation will go to waste.” Echoed the green-haired boy. Obviously he was still brooding on the incident at the mountain foot and was now sneering.

“Are you asking me for help or trying to challenge me?” Shi Hao scowled at once.

These were people from the Archaic divine mountain, but so what? He had the Willow Deity to back him up. , so they should all be equals here. He was the guest, so how could they challenge him as they pleased?

“We apologize for that. Young friend, please don’t get us wrong.” A divine servant came up to him with apology.

As for those elders at the heavenly palace, they were still surrounded by divine light. As they stood behind the jade tables, they looked like blazing suns, making it difficult to see their facial expressions. Their statuses were terrifyingly high, and would not lightly voice their opinion.

“If you don’t want my help, I’m going to leave right now. However, since you dare to challenge me, I have been humiliated and offended. I’m not letting you off the hook!” Shi Hao smashed the jade table into pieces with a pa sound. He stood up and took large steps forward.

Everyone was shocked. This was the Archaic divine mountain where all clans of the world looked up to, a place where all creatures worshipped from afar. Who dared to behave like this?

Yet this human boy did just that. He was completely fearless as he pointed towards the challenger, saying, “Come here and die.”


That boy erupted into fury. He reached the Spirit Transformation level two years ago and was remarkably talented. How could he possibly be inferior to some ten year old? As amazing as his ten heavenly passages were, he had only just stepped into this level.

Without hesitation, he dashed towards Shi Hao like a burst of light. Mysterious runes rumbled and a crane appeared. It spread its wings and pounced down.

The little guy stood still and waited for his attack. In an instant, all ten heavenly passages open and joined up to become a diving ring. A tremendous honglong sound rang out, as if the heaven and earth were being torn open.

The crane was immediately strangled into pieces by the divine ring. Then with a slap, the Sixteen year-old boy screamed as he split into body parts. The blood rained down in all directions.

Everyone was astonished!

A single attack had smashed a Spirit Transformation expert into pieces. Such aggressiveness was unimaginable and incomparably fierce.

“You!” The green-haired boy burst into rage, because the rain of blood fell right in front of him. Had it not for the light around him, the blood would have drenched him.

“Enough with your bullshit! Come over if you aren’t convinced!” The little guy retorted, becoming furious. After being invited over, someone actually provoked him in such a way. There wasn’t much to be said, so he directly took action.

As in this place, the more polite one appeared, the more likely one would be looked down upon. These were are creatures of divine mountains. If you behaved aggressively, you would look more mysterious, and they would start wondering what connections you might have.

From the fact that he was able to cross the millions of li of the great wasteland, they could figure out that he was not a common human and show some restraint.

The green-haired boy stood up at once, and was about to start a fight.

“Come over then. I’ll kill you!” The little guy said provocatively. Even in the Archaic divine mountain, he was still fearless.

At that moment, an elder sat high up spoke up. “Young friend, please calm down.”

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