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Chapter 230 – Simple and Direct

“Since there is no misunderstanding, are you going to kill me?” The little guy was very calm. As he stood at the center of the great formation, he looked at the group of people in front of him, particularly at the one in the middle.

Shi Li had blazing and powerful eyes. Though he was old, his mind was strong and his cultivation level was high. His posture was always extremely good, so living for several decades longer wasn’t even a problem.

He squinted his eyes to stare at the little guy, and wisps of radiance came out from his eyes. There was killing intent hidden inside him, but he did not reveal it right away.

This was a powerful youth that was known as a supreme being. He could look down on the Void God Realm, establishing record after record, so he was a big threat to Shi Li.

According to what he knew, this young man could become a formidable adversary to Shi Yi. This made him feel like he had a thorn stabbing into his heart, so he had been paying close attention to the little guy this entire time.

When he heard that the devilish brat come to visit today, Shi Li’s heart thumped. He rushed over immediately, because he wanted to deal with this at the earliest opportunity.

When he arrived, he saw the young man standing at the center of the great formation, right in the middle. He wanted to immediately kill the young man, because if he was able to kill him by activating the formation, then everything would truly be perfect.

He did not know why, but he felt uncomfortable the moment he saw this young man. He kept feeling like there would be great consequences in the future, as if ominous things were about to happen.

“Young man, you are too arrogant. My Martial Imperial Family isn’t that easy to bully. By breaking in like this, you are challenging the dignity of an entire imperial country!” Shi Li shouted, finally making a firm resolution.

Although the young man was extravagantly powerful, he was now standing on the eye of the formation. Could it be that he was going to defy the heavens? You have to understand that this was an ancient great formation that was known as an ancestral formation.

The Martial Imperial Family  was one of the bloodlines of Stone Country, it naturally possessed outstanding methods. This was a formation passed down from an ancient guardian spirit that possess endless power and boundless terror.

The guardian spirit, also known an ancient deity, was worshipped by the entire country. How could the things it left behind be low quality?

At first, Shi Li was worried. After all, this young man once ate the decree from the Rain Deity. However, after seeing him standing at the center of a formation that will certainly kill him, Shi Li immediately felt reassured.

Even though the devilish brat was ridiculously powerful and could break apart this formation, it was difficult for him to escape this disaster unharmed.

“Ancestral elder, he did not break in but instead paid a visit. We brought him inside to give him a tour.” An elder spoke righteously, but he was worried at the same time. He was scared that an accident might happen and turn the entire situation into a disaster.

Many people wanted to kill the devilish brat, but did any of them succeed? All of them died, even many big families; these are all examples that should be learned from. It was so destructive that even their sacred lands were wiped out.

“There is no need to be scared of him. You all dreaded his vicious might and tried to reach a compromise, but there is absolutely no need.” Shi Li spoke coldly.

“Did you finish talking? If you want to kill me, then you might as well make your move.” the little guy was very calm as he stood there, showing no fear at all.

“You…” The little guy’s reaction made Shi Li feel as if he only struck thin air. The little guy was too calm, leaving him an unsatisfied feeling inside. At the same time, his heart felt a wave of restraining fear, making him feel as if something wasn’t right. There shouldn’t be any unforeseen incidents that could happen here, right?

Even though the decree passed down by a guardian spirit deity would still be restricted, it shouldn’t have any problems killing the devilish brat standing right on the center.

Why did he still feet anxious? His eyes revealed his unsettled mood.

“If you continue to hesitate, then I am going to move and deal with you.” the little guy said.

He looked ahead. Other than Shi Li, there was still another group of people that all looked a bit familiar. After so many years had passed, he could still recognize their appearances.

They were from the same branch of the family, Shi Yi’s relatives. These people were precisely the ones that protected him and his mother, as well as the ones who attacked the little guy’s parents.

However, during that battle, these people were far from enough. They were all sent flying by Shi Ziling’s spear, and since the difference was so great, they all previously suffered serious injuries.

“Ancestral elder, please reconsider!” in fear of creating a huge disaster, an elder standing on the sacred land sent these words to Shi Li who had just rushed over.


At that moment, Shi Li waved to gave the order. The field was activated immediately, causing bolt after bolt of multicolored lights danced towards every side. This place became so bright that it was a bit terrifying, as if it was a sea of blazing lightning.

The interconnected symbols  concentrated at one point, heading toward the devilish brat. That was the center of the formation, and it was currently gathering all of the murderous power to smash the little guy into pieces.

However, at that moment, the devilish brat did not run away at all. He stood at the center without any movement, and a circle of indescribable radiance suddenly erupted from his body.

The ten heavenly passages appeared at the same time, and it seemed as if they had erupted. After they collided together, no one could see anything else.

The little did this on purpose. The integration and connection of the ten heavenly passages created an absolutely resplendent divine ring. However, no one was allowed to see it clearly. The essence that was released pierced towards everyone’s eyes like divine needles, compromising their perception!

Within the vast expanse of whiteness, everyone’s eyes began to bleed out, losing all of their senses. It was as if they were facing a supreme deity, filling them with dread. Was this still the strength of a human? Why was it so terrifying? They were all within the heavenly passage realm, yet the difference was like heaven and earth.

A deafening cracking sound was emitted from the formation. Those terrifying symbols were all burning, and as the two forces collided, it was as if two great mountains had smashed together. Following that, the symbols collapsed.

Shi Li’s eyes were swelled. He began to retreat as fast as he could as fear grew within his heart. He never would have thought that the terrifying restrictive formation was not enough to immediately kill that youth.

This was just too terrifying! The formation had been passed down from Stone Country’s guardian spirit, so it was definitely powerful to the extreme and possessed power at the peak of this world. After standing on the eye of such a formation, it was the same as if Stone Country’s guardian spirit’s strength directly hacked down on his neck, so just a tiny bit of force should have been enough.

Why did it end up like this? The formation was clearly releasing strength, even seeming to be getting more and more ferocious. However, that youth seemed like he was about to step out of it!!

“How is that possible?!” He became overwhelmed with horror as his face paled.

Within the center of the great restrictive formation, the little guy was surrounded by a divine ring. The ten heavenly passages interconnected into a divine ring, and as the domineering force released, it did not try to break the formation bit by bit, but instead crush it in one go.

The ten heavenly passage began to surge with divine energy, and as its power merged with his flesh, he began to destroy the symbols imprinted in the void as if he was tearing out rotten weeds; his strength was just too powerful.


Meanwhile, the majestic and imposing ten heavenly passages were also terrifyingly powerful as they revolved around the little guy. They directly smashed apart the ground, collapsing the symbol-carved pure land and sweeping through everything.

This was a type of divine might, a true and unparalleled power!

The little guy forcefully pushed forward, destroying the great formation as he made his way out. As for the symbols within the formation’s center, they were directly crushed under his feet and turned into powder.

This scene and might was just absolutely horrifying. However, thanks to the needlelike radiance released by the ten heavenly passages, no one outside could see what was happening inside, and so they thought that he was still trying to defend himself.

In this way, the little guy swept through this region, destroying most of the symbols. The entire great formation was about to sink into a deathly stillness, losing a majority of the sky-covering multicolored light and patterns.

“Heavens, what happened? Why did the great ancient formation lose its effectiveness? Why can’t i feel it’s fluctuations any more?”

Everyone was shocked. It was missing the divine fluctuations, a sign that its divine force had been depleted. Could it be that the essence energy within the great formation had dried up and its symbols obliterated?


Finally, a loud sound rang out, and the rear formation was broken apart. A resplendent circle of light appeared, as if a divine god came down into the secular world. As he stood there, it was as if he was looking down at them.

The divine light around the little guy scattered, separating into ten heavenly passages. Despite this, he still seemed like a deity, giving people an unapproachable type of feeling.

“This was the great restrictive formation of the Martial Imperial Family? That’s rather disappointing.” The supreme youth shook his head and spoke calmly. Everyone who heard felt as if their ears were struck by thunder!

This was truly something straight out of a legend. It was just a single youth, yet he destroyed the formation left behind by Stone Country’s guardian spirit in just a split second. This… was this true? It was just too difficult to believe!

Everyone finally understood how horrifying the devilish brat was. He truly deserved his reputation of being ferocious; he was just too ridiculously strong!

At this moment, it was incomparably quiet. After snapping back to reality, everyone felt the hair on their body stand straight. It was because they knew that after taking the initiative to provoke the little guy, all hell was going to break loose.

The little guy began to move forward, directly rushing towards Shi Li. The ten heavenly passages shone, and with a honglong sound, symbols immediately lit this place up. This region immediately seemed like the world of deities.

“Ah…” Shi Li cried out loudly. He activated his precious technique, immediately turning around to flee.

However, the devilish brat’s movements were extremely simple. As soon as his hand was raised, golden symbols were imprinted into the space around him. Everything within this place seemed to have been completely frozen in place.

Following that, Shi Li flew out in reverse. He kept his original movement, only now he was quickly moving straight towards the little guy. The little guy grabbed him and threw his body down in one motion before stepping on it.

After that, all of the golden symbols disappeared. In this place, there was only a youth wrapped in light stepping on Shi Li’s body. As the little guy overlooked Shi Li, he said, “Someone like you, killing me?”

It was only a few words, yet it immediately threw Shi Li’s mind into disorder. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood. When was the last time someone treated him with such disdain? This kind of gaze was too scornful, as if he never thought much of Shi Li.

“You…” Shi Li’s face was thoroughly red, however, while being stepped on, he couldn’t move at all.

“What do you mean ‘you’? For the Martial Imperial Family to have someone like you, it truly is embarrassing.” The little guy shook his head.

Even though this youth was known as the heavenly passage supreme being, Shi Li still couldn’t tolerate him. After living for so many years, his status was extremely high and his influence was heaven overflowing, yet he was currently being looked down with such despise from a mere child.

Ah pu…  Shi Li spit out a mouthful of blood. He could not bear any more.

The little guy forcefully stepped down, causing Shi Li to spit out even more blood. Being stepped on like this, how could he defend himself?

Following that, the glint of a Soul Shattering Needle shone. It flickered with sparkling bloody light and released a terrifying chilliness.

At this moment, Shi Li became absolutely horrified. He immediately became motionless; who didn’t fear death? There wasn’t a single person, yet there wasn’t anything he could do to prevent it. The great disaster that happened today was all caused by him alone, making him full of remorse.

“Using the Soul Shattering Needle on you feels a bit like a waste…” The little guy talked to himself.

When Shi Li heard this, he first felt a wave of relief, and then extremely anger surfaced. Who was he? He was a magnificent ancestral elder! Within the real world, he could make everyone tremble with just a stamp of his feet, yet he was currently treated with such contempt. This was truly more unbearable than even death.

“There are things that you still haven’t seen the results of yet. If you were to die now, it would be letting you off too easily.” The little guy said to himself.

He wanted to visit the Martial Imperial Family later in the real world and tell them that he, Shi Hao, was still alive and in this world! Moreover, he wanted to cut down the people who stole his supreme being bone, letting everyone who harmed him in the past personally witness this result.

In the end, he was still a child. There was anger and resentment in his heart, making him want to fight them.

“Return, clean up your own necks and survive.” The little guy muttered. Not everyone heard what he said, so he shouted loudly, “Get lost! Don’t disgrace yourselves any further!”


He stamped his foot and killed Shi Li directly. Simple and direct, as if he had trample a worm.

“There is still you guys. You all don’t deserve to have Soul Shattering Needles used. It would be a waste!” The little guy spoke. He raised his hand, and golden symbols flooded the skies. Following that, pu pu sounds rang out, and they all exploded.

All the troops that came with Shi Li were obliterated, turning into a bloody mist.

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