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Chapter 229 – Martial Imperial Family

When the devilish brat arrived, the Martial Imperial Family immediately became scared. This was simply a sign of murder. Even though he wasn’t that old, he still stirred up the entire Void God Realm.

“You… What are you trying to do?” It was as if they were facing a great enemy, and someone quickly ran inside to relay information. With the appearance of this unrivalled disaster child, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t nervous.

If they were in the the real world, then they would naturally be fearless. However, inside the Void God Realm, the devilish brat was invincible and could blast apart ancient great powers. After continuously eradicating the Rain Clan, Tuoba Clan and many others’ pure lands, how could it not make people fearful?

“I came to visit, yet you guys are unsheathing blades and drawing bows. Could it be that you want to attack me?” The little guy asked.

The group of people backed up, but they did not let go of the weapons in their hands. Their great bows were drawn back, and it was clear that they were nervous to the extreme.

This was a special kind of power and influence. Even though the little guy was still young, no matter where he decided to travel to, there would definitely be people trembling in fear within that pure land, not daring to relax.

“Back down!” An elder appeared and shouted before coming over. “It is an honor to meet this little friend. Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling, we welcome you inside.”

This was an elder from the Martial Imperial Family. After receiving news, he was the first one to rush over. He did not dare to show the arrogance of a king, but rather had a serious expression on his face. This child was just too famous, and he truly feared that the little guy might sweep this place clean.

“Elder is quite courteous.” The little guy did not act disrespectfully and replied in a similar manner.

Within the mountain gates, the pure land’s scenery seemed like it was carved from colored glass. Iris and orchids were everywhere, their fragrance wafting through the air. All types of rare birds and unusual beasts appeared. In the distance, mist was enshrouding a spiritual mountain, and essence energy was also curling about. It was truly a precious cultivating land.

There was even less of a need to describe the palace. It was grand and majestic, situated within the spiritual roots. It took in and sent out multicolored splendor, and as the dense vapors rose, it was like a divine temple.

“It truly is a good place. I wonder how many outstanding heroes visited this place to cultivate before advancing to higher regions.” The little guy spoke.

The group of people felt rather strange, because they didn’t know why he would mention such a thing.

“Sigh!” The little guy released a soft sigh and entered into the heart of this pure land. He walked past many enormous buildings, but he did not enter any. Instead, he merely wandered around outside.

Along the way, there was a palace pavilion with a small bridge with flowing water. Various hills towered from above, and there were spiritual springs that were rushing forth. The scenery was extremely beautiful; as essence energy was taken in and sent out, precious light shone brilliantly.

“Rumor has it that the Martial Imperial Family is affiliated with the Rain Clan?” The little guy asked.

When these words were spoke, they immediately made the others’ hairs stand up straight. Many people became anxious and frightened, because their relationship with the Rain Clan wasn’t shallow. They had actually sent out some troops to assist the Rain Clan not too long ago, but they were cut off by a great elder along the way and sent back. If everything was revealed, then it might truly end in disaster.

“There is a certain degree of relationship.” The elder that was guided him replied while feeling extremely nervous inside. Did this murderous thing really come here to destroy everything?

However, who could have guessed that this murderous thing did not make things difficult and only uttered an oh sound. This gave them another wave of nervousness, because they didn’t know what he was truly trying to do.

The little guy did not enter those palace halls and merely came to those cultivation lands to find clues of his parents. He walked by them one after another before ultimately releasing a sigh.

After arriving at this place, his mood immediately became complicated. He wanted to flatten this place out of fury, but after coming down, he once again lost those feelings, because he didn’t see the people from back then.

Back then when war broke out within Stone Mansion, there were many elders and great elders that took action. However, today, he didn’t see any of them.

If those people were here, then he wouldn’t mind suppressing them and bringing back a bit of honor for his parents. However, towards these unrelated people who looked like they were facing a great enemy, it made him lose interest.

It was quite obvious that these people were feeling incomparably tense.

“Now that I think about it, I also have some relations with you guys.” The little guy suddenly spoke out like this.

“What kind of relationship?” The elder asked from the side with an extremely serious expression.

“Shi Yi belongs to your family right?” The little guy spoke.

“Correct, Yi’er is a dragon among men, and did indeed come out from my Martial Imperial Family.” From the side, an elder couldn’t help but open his mouth. A sense of pride clearly manifested from his confidence.

However, he snapped back to reality soon after. In front of him was a murderous being! He was similarly a dragon among men, moreover, his performance after entering could be described as excessively formidable.

When such praise was spoken about Shi Yi, would it lead to this youth being unhappy? He felt a wave of nervousness and immediately closed his mouth, no longer daring to say anything more.

“Shi Yi… How many heavenly passages did he open?” The little guy asked.

“This… I do not know.” An elder from the Martial Imperial Family replied. What he said was the truth, because Shi Yi never allowed others to know about his cultivation. After breaking through to such a stage, the great elders of the family still did not know anything.

“Don’t tell me that he couldn’t even open nine heavenly passages, right?” The little guy said.

Within the Martial Imperial Family, a group of youth couldn’t hold themselves back. They were all roughly twelve or thirteen, and one of them was not willing to give in, saying, “The Martial King even came out from his seclusion, and many other supreme experts were invited to protect brother Yi together…”

“Shut up!” An elder shouted.

They didn’t know all the details, only that the Martial King who was previously training in isolation came out. As for how Shi Yi was being protected, they didn’t know.

When the little guy heard this, he nodded and said, “After all, he is still my senior brother. We both entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and so there is still a bit of camaraderie.”

Everyone became stupefied, not knowing how to respond.

“Only, after growing within the Heaven Mending Pavilion, receiving so many great resources and even entering the ancient divine courtyard, he didn’t even participate in the final battle. It truly is a bit unacceptable.” The little guy opened his mouth again.

“No one knows exactly when the ancient courtyard will open, and so Yi’er cannot be blamed for not participating in the battle. He didn’t even know about outside matters.” An elder defended.

“Did he really not know? It seems like the other great powers all heard about this and sent their own children to take advantage of the great opportunity to submerge themselves within the rain of the deity. It seems like this time, you guys benefitted the most. How could the ancient divine courtyard be an ordinary place?” The little guy said.

“We do not know about that. They were all arranged by ancestor Shi Li.” The people from the Martial Imperial Family were hesitant on this topic.

The little guy was not unfamiliar with the name Shi Li. Back then, this individual was the one that sent all those forces at his parents, and also the one that did everything he could to shield Shi Yi’s mother and the rest of her family. Within the old ancestors, he was ranked ninth, and his authority was great

“Whatever.” He walked forward and said, “When is that senior brother coming back? I want to test myself against him.”

With these words released, the Martial Imperial Family’s people expressions immediately changed. Right now, who didn’t know about his ten heavenly passage? He was known as the supreme youth, so he definitely had the strength to subdue an entire region.

Shi Yi was similarly shocking and illustrated, but the most important thing was that he had many trump cards, so outsiders didn’t know just how powerful he was.

Stone mansion’s people all had quite a bit of confidence in Shi Yi. He possessed the divine gift of dual pupils from the ancient saints to open the world, so who could contend against him? This was a natural divine ability! Together with the mysterious divine being bone, he could be said to be without equal.

In reality, the little guy never had contempt for Shi Yi. Even though he opened up ten heavenly passages, he was still in a serious mental state. It was because he knew that this small big brother was truly terrifying on the field of cultivation.

The most important thing was that within the ancient sacred courtyard, should be, if he wasn’t mistaken, the recorded Heaven Mending technique.

What was the Heaven Mending technique? It was known to be able to mend the heavens, so as for how powerful it really was, it was difficult to imagine. What all people in this world felt was regret in their cultivation, yet this technique could make up for that, granting them another opportunity.

The little guy unknowingly arrived at the practice fields of this pure land. There were all types of weapons, as well as a few strange stone tablets that were emitting precious light.

“What is this?” He was rather amazed.

“These are out Martial Imperial Family’s own record tablets.” An individual spoke out.

The little guy was speechless. He looked carefully to see whether there were any traces left behind by his father, however, after looking everywhere, he could see experts from successive generations, yet there wasn’t any records left behind by Shi Ziling.

This shouldn’t have been the case, because every person had their own records, and only that generation was missing.

On the contrary, he found Shi Yi’s monument at the most noticeable spot. It was incomparably dazzling.

“What kind of record did he establish?” The little guy asked.

“The stone tablet has has the imprint he left behind. It allows others to see the laws and dao he comprehended.” A white bearded elder spoke.

“Can I give it a try?” The little guy was curious.

Everyone frowned. Frankly, they really weren’t willing, but since he already said these words, how could they refuse?

This stone tablet’s materials were special. It was created from an otherworldly meteorite with mysterious force concentrated within. It was indestructible, and was truly a divine stone that was optimal for preserving this imprint.

It was sparkling and dazzling. There was a palm imprint on its surface, and even though it wasn’t enormous, it was extremely distinct. Just by approaching it, one would be able to feel a wave of intimidating energy.

The little guy was extremely calm as he reached out with his palm, pressing into that imprint. In that instant, this place erupted with a most dazzling light that shook all four directions.


The little guy was shocked. He felt a type of mysterious energy that made his chest feel like it was burning. This was an imprint carved through the force of the supreme being bone.

After learning about this, there was a bit of coldness within his eyes.


Suddenly, this stone tablet exploded, splitting into pieces in the ground. Divine light surged, startling everyone.

“What happened?” Everyone became shocked. This stone tablet was extremely special, and was known as a divine stone. It was difficult to shatter, so what was going on right now?

In addition, there was Shi Yi’s name imprinted on it. Even if the clan’s ancestors were invited over to cooperative take action, it would still be difficult to do anything within the heavenly passage realm.

But now, it was blasted apart on the spot!

“You…” Everyone began to glare at him.

“I apologize, it was not done on purpose.” The little guy did not lie, because his breastbone resonated, causing a terrifying wave to crush apart the stone tablet.

There wasn’t much they could say, because even though they were discontent, it was still a stone tablet in the end. Once Shi Yi returned, they could recreate it.

“After coming to my Martial Imperial Family and creating such a disturbance, do you think I’m nobody?!” Suddenly, someone released a low roar.

At the same time, the little guy’s body began to shine. All types of symbols interweaved like streaks of lightning around his body. This place immediately became so dazzling that it was hard to see anything clearly.

The great restrictive formation was activated, and the little guy was trapped within.

Someone had just returned from the real world, bringing back a group of experts and trapping this place. In addition, these people immediately made things difficult by activating the pure land’s great ancient formation.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” The little guy calmly asked. He was standing at the center, not having taken a single step. It was s if he didn’t even notice the extremely powerful restrictive symbols below him.

“Stop, do not create any misunderstandings.” The elders that originally accompanied the little guy hurriedly spoke. They shouted loudly to stop the backup troops.

“After breaking into my pure land and destroying Yi’er’s record tablet, what kind of misunderstandings are there?!” An elder walked up. His pupils were like golden lanterns as they flickered with brilliance.

The little guy could tell with a glance that this was Shi Li, ranked ninth within the ancestors. His influence was extremely great, single handedly shielded Shi Yi and his mother as well as commanded everyone to hunt down his parents back then.

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