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Chapter 222 – Technique from Archaic Vicious Ten

The little guy clung to his opponent’s arm, and threw her down. Burning symbols followed, and with a hong sound, she smashed into the ground, causing earth and rocks to fly everywhere.

At the same time, his palm began to surge with multicolored light. An expanse of golden symbols descended like a great downpour to subdue the purple-clothed girl.

With a weng sound, a curtain of light soared. The purple-clothed girl’s sparkling earpiece began to emit light. The radiance wrapped around her before quickly rushing out to avoid this strike.

“Youngster, stay your hand.” The elder once again arrived to fight the devilish child.

The little guy was looking for a gap to exploit while fighting him. The opposing party had that armguard, and even though it was suppressed by the laws of this world, it was still rather terrifying.

“Stop! I have something to say. I am going to give you a great opportunity.” The elder spoke in a deep voice that was extremely imposing. There was a type of intangible aura that poured over.

“Why are you making things sound so needlessly complicated? If you have something to say, then just say it.” The little guy didn’t seem to care about his proposal, and was even less scared of his prestige. Within this world, the tenth heavenly passage reigned supreme.

He naturally didn’t believe the opposing party. The purple-clothed girl was definitely an enemy not friend. After being chased after from the Hundred Shattering Mountains until now, how could she suddenly have a change of heart and give him a great opportunity?

“Are you doubting this old one?” The elder spoke. His words created a rumbling sound, as if thunder was echoing here.

“Your granddaughter hates me to death, and every time she sees me she would want to chew me out. Why would she bring you over to give me a great opportunity?” The little guy looked at him with contempt, as if he was looking down on him.

“Devilish child!” The elder’s face was thoroughly red. What kind of look was this? It had already been many years since the last time he was looked at like this.


As a result, because of a single mishap, he was struck by the little guy’s palm. He was thrown back with a pu tong sound, smashing apart a stone mountain. Rocks were blasted into the air.

“Just speak. What do you want with me? You better not bring up the bronze precious book.” The devilish brat’s vitality was too exuberant. He rushed over while shouting, continuing his attacks.

From his perspective, both of them were enemies. It was impossible for them to have a great opportunity for him, so there was no way he would be tricked. There was no way he would ever think that purple-clothed vicious beast would suddenly change her feelings for him.

“Grandpa!” The purple-clothed girl was startled and immediately rushed towards the pile of rubble. She feared that the elder suffered some serious injury, so she became even more furious. Her sparkling white beautiful face was full of unwillingness.

She wanted to beat him violently, but she was outmatched.

Her grandfather was what kind of person? If his identity was revealed, then this great wastelands would be shaking, yet currently, the devilish brat was sent flying. It was truly unbelievable.

“You guys shouldn’t be attacking me for my precious bronze book, right?” The little guy mocked before attacking again.

He was quite sure that the purple-clothed girl always wanted to beat him up, so it was impossible for the grudge between them to vanish so fast. If not for his body being so strong when he fought her at close quarters, he would have been killed by her precious techniques within the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

From the beginning until now, the purple-clothed girl always wanted to get revenge, so how could she have suddenly changed her mind? Especially after inviting such a ‘great vicious beast’ over, he definitely had to stay vigilant.

As a result, the little guy wasn’t moved in the slightest and continued to attack fiercely. The Horned Dragon didn’t treat him well, and as a result was suppressed and almost turned into soup.

If the elder wanted to trick him, then there was nothing to be scared of either. He believed that he was unmatched here, so even if the opposing party brought over a deity, he would still be without fear.


The Suan Ni precious technique was brought out, causing wind and lightning to fly about chaotically. Purple colored symbols began to arrange themselves, and they were absolutely terrifying as they submerged everything in front. The elder was once again sent flying.

If not for that armguard, then he definitely would have been blown to pieces since he wasn’t the little guy’s opponent. This was a supreme youth, and within this world, he could look down on all of his opponents.

“Fine, this old one admits that he wanted to suppress you, but after hearing that you broke through the tenth heavenly passage, I’ve changed my mind.” The elder truly had enough and began to spill the beans. Otherwise, he truly feared that this devilish brat would never let him go.

“I want to ask, are you a divine creature?” The devilish brat’s expression changed. He didn’t understand what he was saying, but was actually somewhat interested.

“Why do you want to know such a thing?” The elder was astonished.

“Because I’m curious! After fighting like this, a small divine existence was even beaten up by me.” The devilish brat spoke mischievously as he laughed continuously.

The elder’s face immediately darkened. “Stop dreaming!”

This battle truly made him feel suffocated. Such an incredible supreme expert was fighting with a devilish child in such a vicious manner! If news of this spread, where would he even show his face?


The little guy once again made his move. Thunder struck down, and the elder’s entire body was charred black by the electricity. His hair was standing straight out, cutting a sorry figure.

“You still dare to attack?!” The elder was furious, his imposing aura surfacing again.

“What do I have to be scared of? You came because of your granddaughter to suppress me, so you’re obviously an enemy.” The little guy directly began to speak noisily.

“Are you not scared of my identity in the real world?”

“What is there to be scared of? Since I had the ability to open up ten heavenly passages, do you really think I would be inferior to you guys?” The little guy once again looked at him with scorn. It represented that he had power to back himself up as well.

With this sentence released, everyone began to feel their bodies shiver and their minds tremble from fear. There were people that had doubts a long time ago that this fellow’s origins weren’t simple, and that he entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion simply to train himself.

Now that he spoke these words, it immediately gave quite a few people a scare.

In addition, he had just given that elder a beating! It was done with absolutely no restraint, so after taking all of this into consideration, wasn’t the credibility extremely high?

At this moment, quite a few people’s fine hairs began to stand up. They felt a layer of goose bumps on their skin, along with a wave of dread. This was especially startling for those great hostile powers, because they were truly beginning to consider what to do.


The little guy’s tenth heavenly passage opened, and it was as if a volcano began to surge, causing ‘magma’ to boil. It was incomparably dazzling as it submerged him, replenishing his essence energy as he continued to battle.

Everyone was frightened. He established the tenth heavenly passage after all, and it was now real in front of their eyes, stirring up a huge commotion.

“Could he be the descendant of a deity?” Many people became uncertain after his words and actions. With the appearance of his divine might, they all felt that he did not speak nonsense just now.

The elder rushed forward to block the little guy. He fought while saying, “The things I need to discuss with you is extremely important and cannot be randomly shouted out. They need to be discussed in a quiet and peaceful place.”

“Give me one of the armguards then. You don’t have to hand over both.” The devilish child set a condition. He did not feel the slightest bit of reverence for an existence from the Archaic divine mountain.

The longer they were here, the more those people quaked in fear, feeling like this fellow’s background was incredible.

“What I want to say is — A precious technique from the Archaic vicious ten, one that is countless times more precious than these artifacts!” The elder said under his breath.

The little guy suddenly stopped. His eyes widened until they were round, and his attention was finally attracted. This was truly what he wished for the most.

The Horned Dragon was lying on the ground with its body of brilliant scales unconscious this whole time. The little guy walked over and sat on top of him. After seeing this action, all of the outstanding heroes began to shake uncontrollably.

That was a pure-blooded creature, yet he just sat his butt down on it like that! It truly made people speechless.

“Smells so good!” The soup in the pot was sparkling and translucent. The little guy lifted it and began to drink as he ate the chunks of Horned Dragon Meat with delight.

The elder walked forward and began to sigh. He had truly aged… The things that this little fart of a child did truly amazed him. This was a bit too unbridled! No wonder he shouted for his granddaughter to protect his village! Comparatively, they were already rather fortunate, because this Horned Dragon was truly out of luck.

“You should just let him go. This old one can step in so that it doesn’t hold any grudges,” said the elder.

“Make your granddaughter not hate me first. She’s always forcing me to wrestle with her.” The little guy lifted his hand as if he was getting a headache from this helpless situation.

The purple-clad girl was extremely outstanding and otherworldly. When she heard this, she immediately wanted to bite him. Who wanted to wrestle with you? You’re always the one that gets stirred up, running and yelling at me.

“It’s always you that provoke me!”

“Nonsense! If it’s not because of you chasing me down every time you see me, why would I be forced to wrestle with you?” The little guy wasn’t going to yield.

“That’s enough, let’s stop this for now.” The elder spoke.

“Just what kind of race are you? What kind of vicious beast? Are you going to refuse following me back?” The little guy was hopeful as he looked at the purple-clothed girl.

Killing intent immediately soared, the chill making people feel cold to their bones.

“Hey, old one, she’s thinking of making a move again.” The little guy said.

The elder’s head began to feel sore. His granddaughter and this devilish brat truly did not get along.

Finally, these things were temporarily paused when the elder said, “Didn’t you say you liked this armguard? If you exchange with the precious bronze book, I can gift you a pair.

“There’s no need to exchange, I think I can steal it from you!” The little guy spoke valiantly. In the end, it turns out that it was as he anticipated and that this elder did still have his eyes on his precious book. Other than to suppress him, the other reason for his arrival must have been for this.

After noticing that another battle was going to happen, the elder immediately closed his mouth. He was extremely unsatisfied inwardly. He was such a magnificent honored individual that commanded the great wastelands, yet he was actually subdued by the devilish brat’s vicious might.

“Then fine, let’s talk about the Archaic vicious ten matters.” The elder slowly approached.

Within the Archaic divine mountain, there have been people that discovered traces of divine descendants. Rumor has it that there is an Archaic Kun Peng nest in the coastal regions of the wastelands, and that a long lost matchless precious technique was hidden within this place.


When the little guy heard this, he was immediately shocked. His eyes was opened wide and his heart was beating quickly. This was the precious technique that he needed the most, because he had always walked this path.

“After finding such a great thing, why would you look for me?” Quickly, he had a look like he didn’t think it was worth doing. It was obvious that this elder was not a good person, and it was clear that he was trying to scam him.

The elder was completely silent. The devilish child was rolling his eyes at him and looking at thim with disdain again. How many times was this now? It has been so many years since the last time he was treated by someone like this.

“It’s a forbidden land that has many requirements. Only individuals at the spirit transformation realm can enter and exit freely, and it must be someone that established ten heavenly passages there to open the path.” The elder said.

The devilish brat began to despise him even more, and he even almost directly attacked.

This old fellow wasn’t some good person. He definitely wanted to use the little guy to open the way, and later on will definitely kill him off. Would there still be any chance of survival here?

“You can be at ease. We won’t be fighting among ourselves while seeking out this unrivalled divine ability. It’s not only our group of men, so we need you to display your tenth heavenly passage strength.

The little guy was at the peak of the heavenly passage realm. The next realm he was facing was precisely — Spirit Transformation.

“Do you even believe the words coming out of your mouth?” The little guy looked at him with disdain. Even though the Spirit Transformation stage was right around the corner, fighting with this old thing was still not possible.

“I believe that we can use a curse to seal a pledge. Should I ever endanger your life, then it will inevitably react.” The elder spoke. They really needed someone at the tenth heavenly passage, or else it would be impossible to open the passage.

Ancient curses were extremely mysterious. Once affected, it was difficult to get rid of. The little guy had disturbed ghost grandpa before, and in order to get rid of it, he had to fulfill his promise within the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

However, the devilish brat still did believe him. There was no way he would think the other party was so kind and loyal. Who knows, as soon as he opened the passage, he might be killed off.

“I think it’s more reasonable for you to go back with me to guard the village.” The little guy spoke to the purple-clothed girl.

At that moment, a tense atmosphere immediately rose and another fierce battle almost broke out. The devilish child wasn’t scared in the slightest as he looked face to face with the purple-clothed girl. She once again began to look at the elder with a rage.

“Please believe my words. The Kun Peng has fallen, but its unrivalled precious technique still exists in the this world and truly can only be obtained from that region. I came here to speak to you about this, and I speak with complete sincerity and without harm.” The elder spoke.

The appearance of the Kun Peng precious technique was definitely something that would shake the entire world. Even Archaic vicious beasts couldn’t sit still and wanted to go compete, but with the restriction left behind by the Kun Peng, there was no way for them to enter.

When the little guy said that his heart wasn’t moved, that was fake. He was currently walking down this path, so if he could truly study the true Kun Peng technique, then it would definitely link everything together.

Just like this, the elder began to persuade earnestly for a long time. The little guy’s expression was cold the entire time and did not nod his head once.

He really wanted to go, but wanted to give this old fellow a beating even more.

The other party knew that he walked this path. It was so enticing, and he was clearly trying to sway his heart, but if he did go, he would most likely lose his life.

“Old man, I know that you never had good intentions. You will receive my help in opening the divine gate, and then take satisfy your hatred by getting rid of me. It really is killing two birds with one stone.”

“Little friend, you are misunderstanding. How could I intervene in the struggles between the younger generation? Moreover, it is all on such a small scale, so it’s something that can be dismissed with a laugh.” The elder said.

“You came from the Archaic divine mountain… Help me find two individuals. If you can find them, then I’ll consider it.” The little guy suddenly spoke. He remembered that his own parents ventured into the Archaic divine mountain to pick divine medicine for his sake only to never return. As of today, there wasn’t even a trace of them. Just thinking about this made his eyes turn red.

“Who are they?” When the elder saw that things were turning for the better, he immediately asked.

“Let me think things through. Wait here for now.” The little guy turned around and ran away with whooshing sounds. Even the Horned Dragon was left behind.

“The great wastelands are going to become chaotic. If we can obtain this unmatched divine ability, then in the future, we’ll have a stable foundation. Youngster, you need to properly consider this.” The elder sent his words mentally, so no one else could hear this.

“Wait here for me!” The little guy replied. When he passed Huo Ling’er, he stopped and said, “Big fatty, thanks! In the future, I will definitely pay you back generously.”

He knew that the fire emperor’s troops were definitely sent because one, out of appreciation for him, and two, because of Huo Ling’er’s contribution. After all, they stuck together together for a period of time within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, so it was extremely likely that she put in a word of advice.

Huo Ling’er didn’t feel grateful and instead flipped out. “You are the fatty! Your whole family are fatties!”

The little guy ran away extremely quickly. The outstanding heroes frantically made room for him, not daring to obstruct him. This fellow even beat up a supreme expert from the Archaic divine mountain! With such recklessness, what was there that he didn’t dare to do?

The little guy sped along, returning to the starting ground through the golden passageway. Following that, he once again opened some kind of passage to enter the ruined earth filled with primal chaos. The willow tree that took root within the void appeared again.

“Willow deity, I was informed about the nest of a Kun Peng…” He quickly told it everything. He wanted to asked whether or not the Willow Deity would be able to provide support when the time comes if he went.

In reality, he didn’t believe that elder or any of the other supreme creatures. Even if they made an oath and used some kind of curse, it was still unreliable.

The only one he could rely on was the Willow Deity, and when the time came, if the Willow Deity was willing to help out and open up a passage, there would be nothing to worry about.

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