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Chapter 221 – Honored Member of the Divine Mountain

The purple haired girl was quick and skillful. A thin layer of mist surrounded her, and the corners of her clothes drifted in the wind. Pure light scattered down from her body as she emerged from the earth like a lunar princess.

However, after hearing the little guy’s words, she was no longer calm and collected like before, her pure and beautiful face had anger written all of it. It was simply intolerable. Every time she saw him, she would be called a vicious beast.

The purple-clothed girl’s bright pupils flickered with  with astonishing divine multicolored light. Her teeth began to chew on her bright red lips as she stared at him. She truly wanted to give him a really good beating.

“Vicious beast! Where are you going?!” The little guy rushed over with a whoosh sound, taking the initiative to pounce towards the purple-clothed girl. His eyes were filled with excited radiance.

Everyone became shocked. This pair of old and young that showed up definitely had shocking origins, yet the devilish brat actually rushed up like this! It was truly an example of the strong being daring as he rushed up without any fear.

“Disgraceful devilish brat!” The purple-clothed girl was outstanding and extraordinary, yet currently, she felt extremely angry. She truly couldn’t stand the devilish child, because he was always so savage every time he met her.

With a weng sound, her slender jade-like hands made a stroke in the air. Brilliant symbols covered this place densely before descending like a rain of light, submerging everything in front of her. She made her move as well.

The little guy released a light shout, releasing a breath at full force from his mouth. It looked like a real dragon, surging with golden light before turning into a frantic gale. It wrapped itself around the golden symbols and charged forward.

In that instant, the silt and rocks immediately began to fly about in disorder. Earsplitting wuwu sounds could be heard as energy waves poured out like a hurricane. It pulled up the giant trees nearby by the roots and caused giant boulders to roll about before they all exploded high in the air.

With a hong sound, the golden symbols smashed into those symbols. It was as if it struck rotten weeds, directing breaking through the opponent’s bone text precious technique. It was ridiculously powerful.

Everyone became frightened. Just how terrifying was this devilish brat? He merely spat out a breath of air, yet it was already so powerful! His power was a bit too excessive.

The purple-haired girl’s expression changed. She was a heaven warping talent from the archaic divine mountain. Her identity was shocking, so she naturally saw how terrifying the devilish child was.

He opened the tenth heavenly passage after all! Symbols moved fluidly within his body as the force between the heaven and earth was seized. Just the raising of a limb would create a powerful attack, and even the essence energy he spat out contained powerful precious technique symbols that could destroy divine weapons.

“Vicious beast, where are you going? Today, my cultivation realm isn’t any lower than yours, so there’s no need to wrestle any more. I’m not scared of your precious artifact’s attacks.” The little guy shouted.

The purple-colored girl clenched her sparkling white fist. She hated the words ‘wrestle’ the most, because it was just too crude. Whenever she thought back to what happened in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, she would always feel like she was driven mad.

She was a goddess in the eyes of all clans’ geniuses, and was absolutely exceptional. Even the heirs of deities didn’t dare to treat her with disrespect. No matter where she went, she would always be held up like a moon among stars within people’s hearts.

Normally, who dared to speak so rudely towards her? Not to mention touching her body, there wasn’t even a chance for them to approach her. They could only admire from afar.

However, the devilish child on the other side was not like so. He was hateful to the point that it made her hair even stand up in anger. Within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he grabbed her sparkling white neck and even bit her beautiful ear as they wrestled and tumbled about on the ground.

That was truly an experience that she did not want to recall. This fellow was definitely trying to destroy her ‘goddess’ image. If these events were made know to others, then it would create a huge uproar. Once news of this travelled to the purple-clothed girl’s world, the Archaic divine mountain’s extraordinary talents would immediately be stunned. They would undoubtedly say something like ‘why don’t you just drop down to hell’.

Fortunately, no one knew yet.


A transparent and divine horn appeared in the purple-clad girl’s hands. She slashed outwards as she ran over. The little guy immediately released a strange shout before quickly dodging.

This horn was quite special. The radiance it emitted could break apart bone texts and directly close in, making it impossible to guard against.

“Vicious beast, what is this? Are you forcing me to fight you in close combat?” The little guy widened his large eyes. His saliva gurgled as he once again threw himself over. He was not opposed to wrestling again.

The purple-clothed girl quickly retreated, because this was all happening under everyone gaze. She did not want to roll around on the ground with the devilish brat and wrestle. If something like this really did happen, she would immediately leave in anger.


Dazzling multicolored light shone. Around her ears, a sparkling and transparent radiance illuminated, forming a curtain of light. It hindered the little guy, preventing him from coming closer.

“That earring seems to be better than the last one. It was refined by a powerful individual, making divine force flow within it.” The little guy’s eyes lit up as he became increasingly lively. He charged forward with full force.


As a result, his fist blasted over. Golden symbols covered the sky, piercing through that curtain of light. The tenth heavenly passage was unrivalled, and there wasn’t anything that could stop his advance.

“Vicious beast, you should just stand still and be captured!” The devilish brat shouted loudly, and with the Kun Peng precious technique revealed, gales of wind blew over. Terrifying aura overflowed into the heavens as the divine feathers directly submerged the area.

“He really is formidable!” Finally, the elder on the side spoke. His figure moved and blocked that attack. With a push of a palm, a loud noise rumbled. It was as if the heavens were being opened as a mist began to surge. Multicolored light shot towards the heavens.


This was a world-shaking strike. A wave of golden ripples were emitted, and one could clearly see it rushing towards all directions. In the end, the nearby small mountains, vegetation, and boulders were all split apart.

It was like the ripple coming from a God. As it flickered with golden light, it seemed auspicious and peaceful, yet it was extraordinarily powerful at the same time. It was a force that couldn’t be defended against that swept through this area.

“My meat soup!” The little guy cried out loudly as he protected a certain area to make sure that it didn’t collapse.

In the distance, everyone was terrified. They were inwardly rejoicing that they stood far enough away, or else they would have immediately exploded into a bloody paste after being swept by the golden ripple.

This was just too terrifying… What kind of power was this?

Everyone shivered. What kind of background did that elder have? He seems to have the ability to fight with someone at the tenth heavenly passage. It was too shocking and excessively terrifying!

“Are you part of her clan?” The little guy was suspicious as he vigilantly observed everything in front of him.

This elder was too mysterious. The strength he possessed seemed a bit excessive. He was clearly just standing there, yet it gave people an illusory feeling, as if he stood aloof from the Void God Realm.

“Correct!” The elder nodded.

“But you don’t seem like a vicious beast.” The little guy scratched his head in puzzlement. He was a bit doubtful, because an aged vicious beast should seem more terrifying. They usually possessed a mighty divine innate gift. Currently, he only received a peaceful and auspicious feeling.

“Devilish child, you are speaking nonsense!” The elder reprimanded.

“Whatever. Big vicious beast, come again!” The little guy rushed over again. He was quite excited because he was able to meet this type of opponent.

After hearing how the little guy addressed him, the elder blew at his beard and scowled.


A huge battle erupted between the two. The devilish brat shouted out before vigorously leaping over. His entire body surged with auspicious light, and it was so powerful that it made people feel despair.

His arms and legs began to move about. Every move and form possessed an extreme power, enough to push back anything. It was world-shaking.

The great powers’ experts were all trembling. This type of strength, this type of appearance was truly worthy of the words ‘Supreme Youth’. There was the disposition of an unmatched deity!

The elder was shocked. As the battle continued, he began to feel it becoming more and more strenuous. The devilish brat’s power was too fierce and firm, making his arm feel an almost unbearable pain.

“I know that there is a supreme treasure protecting your arms that possesses a divine creature’s aura. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to endure until now!” The devilish child realized that this elder had opened nine heavenly passages.

The tenth passage was supreme, and once matured, would overlook everything under the heavens. They would be able to command everything, because such a being would truly be unrivalled. However, it was truly a rarely seen thing.

“Stop, I have something to say.” The elder spoke.

“Hand over what’s protecting your arm.” The little guy attacked violently. His eyes were focused on that supreme treasure.

With a honglong sound, a purple Suan Ni rushed out, throwing itself towards that elder with a world-changing divine might. The tremendous lightning hid the sky and covered the earth, the electricity terrifying everyone.


Finally, the elder couldn’t support himself anymore and was sent flying. Smoke was emitted, and his entire head of hair stood erect.

“Stop, I came to look for you regarding some matters. Youngster, don’t be so impatient.” After the elder spoke, an imposing aura was released. It was as if a supreme deity was looking down, descending into this world.

However, the devilish child didn’t seem to care. His eyes lit up, and he wasn’t willing to give up on that armguard. He frantically attacked over with an inexhaustible strength around his body, not carrying the slightest hint of loosening up.

“Impudent!” The elder shouted loudly, his voice like thunder as it shook the world. His body lit up, and terrifying aura overflowed into the heavens. It was as if a supreme creature resurrected.

However, the devilish brat was completely without fear. He began to argue noisily, “You’re the impudent one.”

He was extremely energetic, striking frantically with a barrage of attacks. He had his eyes set on the elder’s armguard. His saliva watered, and he was brave to a ridiculous level as he became increasingly valiant.

Everyone was shocked.

The purple-haired girl was stupefied. This fellow was too violent! Could it be that he really couldn’t guess her grandfather’s identity? No matter what, the Archaic divine mountain was something that would make commoners tremble.


The devilish brat was strong and powerful. The Kun Peng wings flapped, making the elder tumble back. Following that, the Suan Ni precious techniques flew out. The electricity made his entire body spasm out before emitting strands of black smoke.

“You are making me absolutely furious!”

The elder turned around and left, no longer fighting zealously. What kind of identity did he have? Yet in the end, he was given a beating by an immature brat. He truly did not want to stay here any longer.

“Where are you going? Leave behind my armguard!” The devilish brat cried out loudly. He was extremely brave, and after fighting to this point, he didn’t feel the slightest bit tired. He was still full of life as he rushed over.


The two individuals tangled together, and the devilish brat began to fight fiercely with him. He was thrown down, and with a hong sound, a huge human shaped hole appeared as dust filled the air.

In the distance, the purple-clothed girl’s small mouth opened. “The elder is so powerful, ruling over an area of the Archaic divine mountain. Who would be able to put him in such a miserable state? Today, the devilish child was actually this stubborn, beating up such a supreme powerful existence.

“Absolutely infuriating!”

The elder was furious. His entire body erupted with symbols, making him truly seem like a deity. The little guy was overturned in an instant. He was seething with anger as he rushed over murderously.

Everyone was mind-blown. This elder shouldn’t be a true deity, right?

The little guy was joyful and not scared at all. He was still bold and unrestrained, crying out with ao ao sounds as he rushed forward. A large golden hand was formed, grabbing the elder by the neck. A fish carrying symbols immediately smashed over.


The elder released a muffled snort. He was beaten to such a state, and his eyes were even purple as he staggered in retreat.

“Great vicious beast, give me your armguard!” The little guy’s large eyes shone. He was like a lively monkey, arguing noisily as he jumped down to fight with the elder.

In the distance, everyone was petrified. The battle had reached such a state, making everyone frightened. They could guess just how terrifying the elder’s identity was. He came from the Archaic divine mountain, so he was definitely a supreme expert, and could even be a deity!

However, the little guy didn’t care about all this. There was a surplus of energy inside of him as they fought. He was not scared in the slightest, because even if heavenly deities came, he would still beat them up.

“Devilish brat, stop! This old one has a great fate for you, a huge opportunity!” The elder shouted.

The devilish brat temporarily stayed his hand. Before waiting for him to say something else, he once again said the sentence, “Give me the armguard!” His expression was fiery, and there was nothing else in his eyes. He had them set on the pair of supreme treasures.

“If you knew what kind of origins it has, would you still dare to ask for it?” The elder shouted.

“What kind of background?” The devilish brat asked.

“This is the weapon of a deity. After knowing this, do you still want to receive it?” The elder was extremely angry.

With this sentence released, the little guy’s eyes immediately became round. He seemed to have became dumbfounded, and didn’t say anything.

“Do you understand fear now?” The elder snorted.

“Give me the armguard!” The devilish brat began to shout loudly, seeming to be even more jumpy now. He seemed to be hopping as he rushed over, becoming even more like a monkey as he frantically beat up the elder.


The elder once again suffered a strike, receiving a black eye. He was so furious that he was driven mad as he roared towards the heavens. This f*cker truly did not follow heavenly reason! He had never met such a money grubbing devilish child that even dared to beat up existences from the Archaic divine mountain.

Originally, he wanted to discuss something with him. However, he never thought that they would fight fiercely, that the little guy would be stirred up like so. He shouted as he ran up to fight endlessly.

“Grandfather, since you are being suppressed here, let me help!” The purple-clothed girl spoke, because she couldn’t watch any more.

Her eyes flowed with multicolored light. She looked like she came out of a fantasy or dream. Her fine nose stuck out, her red lips were moist, and her white teeth were sparkling. She seemed extremely otherworldly and magnificent.

“Vicious beast, come over! Do you think I’m scared of you?!” The devilish brat shouted as he threw himself over. He penetrated the curtain of light to fight with her, and in the end, he grabbed one of her jade-like hands before directly wrestling with her.

“This devilish brat!” The elder was furious.

As for the purple-clothed girl, she was gnashing her teeth in anger. She was beyond angry at this point.

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