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Chapter 223 – Deal Reached

“Kun Peng… An unrivalled expert that fell after so many countless years. What a pity, it was so powerful, yet its powerful tradition was lost like this.” The Willow Deity sighed with sorrow.

It was rooted within the void, and its thick scorched branches extended into the heavens. A light breeze was blowing about, and the primal chaos was moving about. More than ten green and lush willow branches gently swayed, almost as if it returned to the era of creation.

“It shouldn’t be a mistake. If the Kun Peng precious technique still exists within this world, then it should just be within that sea area.” The Willow Deity spoke after carefully thinking it over.

“Then can I go?” The little guy asked hopefully.

“You should go and compete a bit.” The Willow Deity gave a decisive reply.

“Awesome!” The little guy was jumping with happiness. He was incomparably excited, because he truly wished for this kind of precious technique, and was finally going to take a look at such a unrivalled divine ability.

He began to carefully speak about everything that happened, not overlooking a single detail to let the Willow Deity understand. After all, he was going to encounter other creatures from the Archaic divine mountain, so it was extremely dangerous.

“Within that world, you can kill him.” When the Willow Deity heard that the elder wanted to deal with the little guy before, he spoke peacefully like this.

The devilish brat was stupefied. The auspicious and calm Willow Deity was actually so aggressive. That was a supreme expert from the Archaic divine mountain! When it spoke, its voice was actually completely natural.

“Fortunately, he changed his mind.” The Willow Deity said.

If not for the little guy breaking through the tenth heavenly passage to make that elder change his mind, then it could have been entirely possible for a bloody battle to have unfolded. At that time, it would have definitely shocked the world.

Wind blew over and mist filled the air as the Willow Deity stood in this world. Within these boundless ruins, the scorched black tree had brilliant green tender branches extending outwards. They were hazy and mysterious.

“Willow Deity, I opened the tenth heavenly passage, so do I still need to undergo a baptism?” The little guy was excited as he asked, because he wanted to share his joy with it.

“You are quite incredible, surpassing my expectations.” This was a sincere praise coming from the Willow Deity. Originally, it wanted to use the baptism to give the little guy a helping hand, but never thought that he would break through on his own.

This was definitely rare ever since the ancient times. Normally, when a supreme youth broke through, there would always be a supreme expert for protection. They would lend their hand from the side, because this was just too incredibly dangerous.

The little guy came from an unorthodox background, and for him to forcefully break through, his bravery was just absolutely ridiculous.

“You can go and give him your word. Leave quickly and come back quickly. It’s about time I give you your baptism.” The Willow Deity spoke.

The devilish brat shouted loudly, becoming even happier as he passed through the golden passageway as fast as lightning. He was returning to that world to see meet that elder.

“He came back!”

Everyone was astonished after seeing that the devilish child came back so quickly. They all revealed shocked expressions, and those that were about leave stopped their steps.

“After coming back so quickly, it seems like you came to a proper decision.” The elder was all smiles. It was as if he was relieved from a huge burden.

“I still haven’t agreed yet.” The little guy sat his butt onto that Horned Dragon’s body.

The Horned Dragon was truly unfortunate. The noble pure-blooded creature was almost eaten by the devilish brat today, and in addition became his exclusive chair. The people watching all became speechless.

“Could it be that you still have some other type of request?” The elder asked.

“Help me break open the eccentric symbols within this Horned Dragon.” The little guy said.

“It’s obvious that this Horned Dragon has some taboo symbols within its body. You should have been able to sense that you would explode as soon as you touch it. Even if a deity came, it would still be useless.” The elder shook his head.

The little guy wanted to get his hands on the Horned Dragon’s precious techniques, but in the end, it was just not possible.

“Sigh, that region is just so dangerous. If I were to help open up the passage for you guys, I wouldn’t have the strength to protect myself. How can I dare to venture into such a place?” He seemed to be frowning and worried.

The elder’s smile was frozen. He knew that this brat wanted to extort some divine ability, precious bone, or other things from him.

“I’m going to do my best for you guys, but won’t even have any assistance to protect myself. It’s just too terrifying!” The little guy began to shake.

“What do you want?” The elder asked.

“You clan’s precious technique…” When the devilish child saw the other party’s face darken, he quickly continued. “Of course you guys wouldn’t hand over.”

“Only if my clan was exterminated.” The elder said.

“Then I don’t have any other requests besides letting me borrow the armguard. I don’t need both, just one is enough.” The little guy said.

“Even if I gave it to you, you still wouldn’t be able to bring it outside the Void God Realm.” The elder spoke with his face darkened.

“I just want to borrow it and take a look. My request shouldn’t be that high, right?” The little guy calmly spoke.

He naturally wouldn’t believe the other party. If he truly went to the seaside, as soon as he lost value, then he would immediately be killed. Even though he already informed the Willow Deity, he still wanted to obtain a bargaining chip.

“After returning from the sea, the armguard will be returned to you.” The little guy said.

The elder frowned. This was truly making it difficult for him, because if the brat was to die, then since the armguard wasn’t in the Void God Realm, wouldn’t it also disappear? This was going to be the case unless they quickly drew out its soul.

However, it was truly difficult!

That sea area was extremely dangerous. If he suddenly were to die in battle, then there definitely wouldn’t be enough time.

When the time comes, there definitely won’t be a single individual there. They all came from divine mountain or other restricted lands, and so there will be many fierce and great battles. The sea area will all be dyed red in blood.

“Could it be that you guys were going to get rid of me as soon as I became useless? Killing me immediately after opening the passage?” The little guy ridiculed.

“Sigh, this old one doesn’t even know if my later generations are going to live or die after this. You are truly making it difficult for me.” The elder shook his head.

“Then it’s better if I don’t go. Why would I throw away my life.” The little guy seemed to be resolute.

Immediately, the atmosphere became tense. The place was stifling, and both sides became silent.

“Alright, I’ll lend you an armguard.” The elder nodded, and finally took off a precious artifact, handing it over.

The little guy calmly received it, but his heart was actually surging with waves. This Kun Peng precious technique was indeed shocking, actually making all of the Archaic vicious beasts come out. They were willing to pay any cost to fight for it.

“Grandfather, you cannot lose this supreme treasure! The purple-clothed girl reminded, revealing her anxiety.

“So selfish, what a waste for you to have grown so fat.” The little guy muttered.

“You’re the fat one!”

The little guy quickly put on the armguard. In that instant, he felt as if his left hand exploded with power, as if it could pierce through the heavens. However, it was soon suppressed by the restriction of this world, not allowing it to break through the heavenly passage gate.

Soon after, the little guy’s expression became serious, and a bit of sadness appeared. He transmitted sound, and drew out the imagery of a man and woman, to allow the elder to search for news about them. This was the precondition to going out to sea with them; if they weren’t found, then he would back out.

The elder was dumbstruck. This was truly a problem.

The devilish child’s eyes turned red. He firmly required the elder to do this, as well as not leak out any information.

Finally, the elder compromised and agreed to his request.

“Since it’s like this, then it’s decided. You already reached the pinnacle of the heavenly passage realm, so you can enter the spirit transformation realm at any time. We will wait for you!” After speaking, the elder turned around to leave.

“Old one, don’t leave! Let’s chat for a bit longer, give this young one some guidance.” The devilish brat urged.

“I still have things to take care of.” The elder did not want to stay here for a second longer. After confronting this devilish brat, he ended up taking a beating. His face darkened, and truly did not want to even look at him again.

“How should I eat this dragon?” The little guy scratched his head. After drinking a bit of the soup, he felt the essence energy within his body boil with a powerful greatness.

Even though it was the Void God Realm and everything was created from essence energy, it was all similar to everything in the real world. Similar effects would happen, illustrating how terrifying the deities were.

“Why don’t you hand over this small dragon to me? When we leave for the sea area, you guys might be crossing in the same boat.” The elder said.

“It attacked me and became captured. If I let him go like this, then wouldn’t it seem like just anyone could bully me?” The little guy definitely wouldn’t let the Horned Dragon go.

“This is the descendant of someone from the Archaic divine mountain.” The elder reminded.

The little guy had a look of disdain as he said, “So any creature from the Archaic divine mountain can forcefully attack others? Since it wanted to kill me, it should have been aware that there was a chance of being eaten.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Use some kind of divine ability or precious artifact to exchange.” The devilish brat spoke in a matter of fact way.

Dark lines began to appear on his forehead. This youngster truly angered both humans and deities alike, making people leave in fury. However, they still couldn’t tidy him up.

“It wanted to kill me! Old one, are you saying that after catching it, I still have to send it off?” The little guy chewed on his lip.

“You shouldn’t say it like this. As they say, you cannot know each other without fighting first. My little master will go out to sea with you, and after being around each other, all the past conflicts will disappear with a laugh. It can also be considered having a type of good karma.”

Two tall and lofty figures appeared in the distance. They were dazzling and in human form, however, golden hair covered their entire body. Symbols were everywhere, and they were actually two golden beasts that were known as divine servants.

In the distance, everyone was shocked. It was truly worthy of being called the Archaic divine mountain. To have such powerful creatures as servants, who could compare?

The little guy shook his head and said, “If everyone came to kill me and then told me that it was for good karma, then I might as well commit suicide. This kind of life is too depressing.”

“This old one is going to take his leave.” The elder spoke stated before turning around to leave, no longer staying here. He believed that the devilish child wouldn’t kill the Horned Dragon and only wanted to extort more out of him. Someone was going to be paying a huge cost.

The two golden beasts quickly displayed a great courtesy as they respectfully departed with the elder and purple-clothed girl.

The two golden beasts came from the Archaic divine mountain, and even though they were servants, their statuses were extraordinary. They possessed an innate powerful aura

“Youngster, we admit that you’re powerful, but the Archaic divine mountain is not weak either!” A golden beast reminded.

“Are you threatening me?” The devilish brat directly rushed forward, and with a raise of his hand, golden symbols covered the sky, about to suppress those two golden beasts.

In the distance, the outstanding heroes were all shaken as they watched. This savage child was indeed intimidating, not fearing the Archaic divine mountain in the slightest. In his eyes, the two golden beasts reputed as divine servants were truly only servants in his eyes.

“Alright, we admit willing to recognize you as a young master.” The two were a bit scared, because this devilish child even dared to give the illustrious elder a fat beating. If the two of them didn’t back off, then it was possible that they would be eaten by those small savage teeth.

In the end, the little guy seemed satisfied. He obtained a lightning ancient technique that was incredibly profound. As soon as it was used, lightning flooded the heavens; it was extremely terrifying.

Unfortunately, this ancient technique was badly damaged and incomplete. It made him somewhat regretful.

Within Stone Village, a wind blew over. The great willow tree’s body lit up, blossoming with auspicious brilliance. At the same time, the hazy mist of the primal chaos pervaded the air, making it appear extremely mysterious.

Half a month had already passed since the little guy returned, and during this period of time, the Willow Deity was always like this. It was as if it was making some kind of preparations. It was extremely solemn, and radiance began to flow and pour down like water.

This made everyone shocked. The Willow Deity seemed to be extremely serious.

“This world will become chaotic soon, so I should make make a few preparation. This time, it is not just for your baptism. I also need to complete a transformation.” The Willow Deity dispeled their doubts.

At the same time, the Willow Deity pointed out that the Kun Peng technique was reputed as a unrivalled great divine ability, so it was difficult to predict just what kind of creatures will make an appearance. It needed to undergo a transformation and recover its wounded body.

Someone as formidable as itself also wanted to obtain that world-shocking precious technique!

It was not just one person that was saying that a great disorder was going to happen to this world. It made the little guy feel rather gloomy inside and an urgent need to become powerful quickly.

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