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Chapter 218 – Supreme Youth

“Yi, there are Rain Clansmen coming from those mountain peaks. They also rushed here during the first moments! Let’s move quickly!” The ancient Tuoba family’s second price spoke in a low voice.

There were traces of the Rain Clan within the mountains and valleys, almost as if they had the same ideas. This was not a good omen. Currently, everyone knew that the devilish brat had the divine bronze book on him. It was reputed as a priceless treasure, so they all wanted to obtain them.

Other than the great powers that wanted to kill the devilish brat, there was a large group of people who rushed over for the treasure. They competed fiercely as a result in order to obtain the precious book.

“En, there are people there as well as Archaic descendants. The situation doesn’t look good…” At this time, the Rain Clan noticed the ancient Tuoba family and the Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s experts.

A group of people rushed forward. Precious artifacts shone, and they stuck close to the ground as they moved through the mountain forest, leaving behind streaks of rainbow light. They bore through the mountain range while leaving behind dazzling and vibrant lights.

This mountain range immediately bustled with activity. Several ancient families left behind prominent footprints as they tried to outdo each other. They all wanted to be the first one to find the little guy.

“It seems like that child is inside this mountain region. Quickly go and inform the master so that our experts can be lead here as quickly as possible!”

There were many cultivators that did not approach this area, and instead turned around. They activated their precious techniques, and after these techniques boosted their bodies, they began to run towards the limits of this great land to inform the experts within their sects.

Immediately, all types of multicolored light sparkled, and precious light danced about. It was as if they were stars as they rushed towards the distance. This mountain range region was bound for great disorder, no longer remaining peaceful.

During this period of time, the powers already began to compete against each other. Was the ancient Tuoba family more powerful or was the Rain Clan? This was crucial because a portion of their main force were sent over, and with so much manpower undergoing the same tasks, it was imperative that they were the first ones to rush into the mountain range depths.

“He’s over there!”

One individual had sharp eyes, finding the little guy extremely quickly. He immediately revealed an excited expression, because this meant generous rewards. After killing him, they could obtain the divine bronze book.

From their perspective, the devilish child was already about to die. He was just like a tiger that lost its fangs, posing absolutely no danger. Even if he wasn’t killed, he would soon breath his last even if left alone.

Sure enough, within the grassland, there was a large expanse of leftover blood, the grassland dyed deep red. It was quite clear that he lost quite a bit of blood, and that his life couldn’t be preserved.

Tuoba family’s people were stirred up. They immediately dispersed and surrounded this forest to prevent him from escaping again.

The Rain Clansmen’s expressions changed. They broke in from the side, because they had to get inside. The treasure was right in front of their eyes, so how could they pass this up?

“He’s still lost in thought when death’s at hand. It seems like ever since he failed to establish the tenth heavenly passage, he sank into a dejection and remorse. The expression you are making is absolutely wonderful!”

Tuoba Family’s sixth prince immediately began to laugh. He seemed rather carefree, but there was still a coldness within his eyes as he stared towards the youth sitting within the mountains.

The others all laughed. There was no better result than this.

Even though the Rain Clansmen were laughing coldly, they still had their teeth clenched, because their hatred for him was just too deep. Just half a month ago, this devilish child destroyed their pure land and unleashed a slaughter, making them truly suffer.

The little guy was truly in a state of stupor. While he sat on top of that rock, he simply couldn’t understand why he didn’t receive some kind of reward. He should have broke some kind of record, right?

While he was fleeing for his life, he heard a few rumors that within the great wastelands, no one had ever established their tenth heavenly passage within the Void God Realm before because it was too dangerous. He should be the only one to have accomplish this, so the stone tablet should have appeared.

“Why?” The devilish brat was rather unhappy, and his large eyes were full of ‘depression’. He kept thinking that something wasn’t right.

He was furious and felt that since the Void God Realm was created through interweaving order and laws, it couldn’t see everything. It might have overlooked something, so he couldn’t hold himself back as he look towards the heavens and shouted, “You still owe me! Owe me the precious book, why aren’t you descending yet?!”

Everyone became stunned. This fellow went crazy. It appeared that after seeing the end of the road, he went mad from anger. Otherwise, how could he spout such nonsense, trying to bargain with the Void God Realm….

“Careful not to be swindled by him! This time, no matter what happens, we cannot let him get away!” The Rain Clan spoke coldly, wanting to be the first person to kill him.

“Your act is pointless. You can play the fool and appear pitiful, but after the failure of establishing the tenth heavenly passage, you don’t even have the qualifications to live anymore. Why don’t you just give up your life while in remorse?” Tuoba family’s second prince laughed coldly as he spoke.

At this time, a scarlet needles appeared between his fingers. It was precisely the Soul Shattering Needle with the potential to destroy destroy both the body and soul. The Tuoba prince did not want to give him any chances, killing him both here and in the real world.

The devilish brat was staring blankly this entire time. Only after he finished venting towards the heavens did he pay attention to them. He looked at them with disdain, as he naturally wouldn’t feel any bit of nervousness or fear.

Many people became furious. A person who was already going to die still dared to act like this? This was simply contempt for them, not even putting them in his eyes.

The people here wanted to rush together, but conflict began to develop between them. Dispute began to occur between the Tuoba family and Rain Clan, because all of them wanted to kill the little guy and seize the precious book.

“Fellow friends, we were the first ones to discover him. Shouldn’t we go by the first come first serve basis?” Tuoba family’s sixth prince spoke as he looked at the Rain Clan expressionlessly.

“There is a great hatred between him and our clan, so how could we not get our revenge? He must be killed by my Clan!” The Rain Clansmen argued and pushed forward.

The two sides immediately confronted each other at this point. Conflicting views appeared, and fighting intent was in the air. They assumed that the little guy was completely without fighting strength, basically like a terrified chunk of meat. As a result, they began to compete with each other.

“How about this. After we kill him, we will discuss how to distribute the bronze precious book on his body.” In the end, an elder from Tuoba family showed his face. He feared that something unforeseen might happen if they wasted time.

These clans weren’t the only ones here. There were others, and they were all quickly closing in. If they argued any longer, then there might be others that might arrive and demand a piece of the reward.

“Fine, then let’s kill him before discussing how to divide the spoils.” A great elder from the Rain Clan replied.

The group of experts began to group up before walking forward. Brilliant multicolored light shone from each of them as killing intent surged from their bodies. At this point, they were finally going to cut down the devilish brat, so there were quite a few people with cold expressions on their faces.

Only, the devilish brat was looking at them with even more contempt. It made those complacent individuals who thought they were harvesting their prey absolutely furious.

What kind of look was that? No matter how you looked at this, it was as if they were being treated like dogs. There wasn’t the slightest bit of nervousness and only apathy; this was too arrogant!

“You know perfectly well that you are going to die, so did you lose your sanity? Let me tell you, even if you want to die, it’ll be difficult! I want to let you understand how terrifying it is to offend my Rain Clan!” An elder shouted.

“How terrifying could that be?” The little guy asked.

“You’re going to wish you were dead!” That person shouted while pointing.

“I hate being pointed at by others.” The little guy had stood up. He raised his hand and raised his finger. Symbols flickered, and with a pu sound, that expert immediately exploded!

“What?” Everyone was completely shocked. What did the youth do to be able to take one’s life with just the raise of a finger?

“It doesn’t matter. He’s already an arrow at the end of its flight. Haven’t you seen how he was acting during that last battle? His inner flame was already burning out.” Someone shouted.

“Sigh, the fall of a hero! I never thought that such a divine hero like me would fall here.” The devilish child sighed, and his eyes contained a desolate look.

When everyone heard this, their expressions all changed. Even he himself admitted it out of despair, so what else was there to be concerned about?

“I’m not going to say too much about handing over the bronze book, and don’t want to make things too difficult for you by wasting your time.” An elder spoke.

However, this was not how everyone here thought.

Tuoba sixth price’s eyes flickered and looked towards the second prince beside him. “Second brother, is our bet still on?”

“But of course. Whoever kills him first will receive the other’s potion of merit after returning as well.” After speaking, the second prince walked forward.

However, they did not do the job themselves, but rather allowed the people below them to attack. They were going to attack together and quickly behead the little guy.

At the same time, everyone from Rain Clan made their moves together. Multicolored light erupted and precious techniques filled air as they hacked over.

“A person truly hides behind hundreds of masks during their life! After seeing your shameful performances, I’ve decided to send all of you on your way!” Right at this moment, his expression suddenly because incomparably dangerous, and his body shone with symbols everywhere. His aura was terrifying to the extreme, making people feel a bit shaken.

Everyone felt their souls being affected, as if they were forced to crouch down. It was a type of innate reverence, a bone deep urge to kowtow and bow down.

“What is going on? Is this the divine might of a supreme deity?” An elder cried out with fear.

He once heard that the Western Tomb Beast’s people say that upon establishing the tenth heavenly passage, there would be a type of supreme divine might accompanying it. It made people shaked and even their souls shiver.


A domain formed around the little guy. Golden symbols densely covered this area, as if the divine realm was opened and he had descended before these people.


In that split second, all the people charging over were blown apart into pieces. Within the golden symbols, a rain of blood scattered down and ashes flew outwards; they couldn’t even get closer!

This type of power shook everyone. Every single person felt their souls shake while they were in disbelief.

Everything, including those precious techniques that flew over were broken apart. A rain of light scattered about, as if there were sparkling and translucent petals falling gently with incomparable brilliance.

Within that flourishing divine multicolored light, a single youth stood there. His black hair scattered downwards, and his eyes were bright, possessing a type of unexplainable prestige. It was as if he was a young deity as he walked over, every step widened the divine domain.

“Why did it end up like this? What happened?!”

These people felt their lips trembling and their hair standing up. The fear inside of them reached its peak; how were they supposed to defend against this type of imposing aura?

“Quickly, stop him! Don’t let him come over!” At that moment, everyone fell apart. They turned around to flee.

However, this was completely useless. The little guy’s surroundings flourished, the rain of light flying about. With just a wave, Tuoba family’s sixth prince collapsed before flying over.

“Ah, why is it like this?” The sixth prince cried out in fright. He lost control of his body, and was actually flying backwards.

The little guy was like a god, sending him flying over!

Tuoba Clan sixth prince’s arms clawed and his legs kicked about as he struggled fiercely. However, it was all futile. In front of the little guy’s shining body, he was as weak as a young chicken.

Everyone was frightened. The sixth prince was quite powerful and was a rarely seen genius. However, in the end he was still so defenseless. Compared to that youth, he was just like a chicken or puppy!

This was like a difference between a rock and a pearl, like the heaven and earth.

The little guy removed the scarlet divine needle from the sixth prince’s hands . It shot towards the prince’s head like a streak of lightning with decisiveness, quickly taking away his life without wasting any words.

The soul was completely extinguished, so his real body also died!

“Ah… No!” Everyone from Tuoba clan shouted loudly. This was difficult to accept; an important genius within the clan died just like that, moreover in such a pointless manner.

With a chi sound, the little guy caught a scarlet divine needle that flew over with his bare hands. It was thrown by the Tuoba family’s second prince. Meanwhile, he also rushed over with a precious artifact.

“Why don’t you come back!”

The little guy shouted with an imposing voice, and a string of golden ripples could be seen coming out of his mouth. It was incomparably terrifying as it quickly expanded. With a hong sound, the precious artifact at the second prince’s feet exploded.

Everyone’s minds began to tremble. Just what kind of force was this? With just a simple shout, he could destroy a precious artifact!

With another wave of his hand, the second prince was also sent flying over. Without even giving them another glance, he directly stuck that scarlet needle into the prince’s forehead. With a pu sound, he passed away and his body disappeared.


Everyone began to tremble and cry out with great fear as they fled in all directions. They were all scattered out as they tried to escape.

It was because every single one of them were terrified, and their bodies were shivering with coldness. It shook even their souls, as if they were being subdued.

“No one can leave!” The little guy spoke. Even though his voice wasn’t loud, there was still a type of terrifying awe. It was as if a deity was casting down his will.


With him at the center, symbols erupted. It was brilliant like a river of stars, and absolutely dazzling, as if countless great stars were colliding together before exploding apart.

Golden symbols hid the sky and covered the earth, engulfing in all directions. It rushed towards everyone, locking down this place.

At this moment, a magical scene appeared. All of the experts were confined within, and time seemed to have stopped as everything froze in place. They still had their original postures as they suspended in the air or stood on the ground.

These people had alarm in their eyes. They were still in their original fleeing positions, and the scene was extremely strange as their movements suddenly stopped.

Only when the little guy released a light shout did this prison free up. However, when the golden symbols exploded, everyone shouted out loudly before howling in grief.


Bodies began to split apart one after another, all of them exploding. They became ashes within this golden rain of light, pulverized by the supreme divine might of the tenth heavenly passage youth.

The little guy didn’t even give them a second look. His entire body circulated with brilliant splendor as he walked out from the mountains. He was going to take a look at the other outstanding individuals.

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