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Chapter 219 – Forced Back

“Faster, faster, we have to move faster! If we arrive late, then there won’t be anything left for us! The Rain Clan as well as another group has already entered.”

Outside the mountain range, a group of people were quickly rushing over. Their bodies were wrapped in multicolored light as they charged into the primitive mountain forest depths.

This was a group of powerful experts that came from an ancient sect. They were all experts that came for the bronze precious book, wanting to get in on the spoils once the curtains fell.

In another direction, a group of vicious birds appeared. Their bodies were all extremely large, and their feathers bright. They were like flames burning from coal, and as purple mist hazily curled up around them, they also possessed a lightning-like brilliance.

This was a group of Archaic descendants with eight or nine experts in the lead. A group of fierce birds followed behind, close and numerous as they crossed the mountain forest. They were surrounded by all types of flourishing symbols, it was incomparably terrifying.

“Heavens! The Northern Sky Summit’s demonic birds have arrived! It’s going to be difficult from here on out. Making an enemy out of them is extremely dangerous!”

Within the mountain forest, there were quite a few people who raised their heads. Their expressions all changed, because there were nearly ten Archaic descendants at the lead within that group. A terrifying wave of force poured over, flickering with all types of splendor like a comet as they soared across the sky.

A strong gale blew over. A few vicious beasts stuck closely to the forest as they flew over, immediately making many towering ancient trees to explode. The mountain region was immediately thrown into complete disorder, and all types of broken branches and ruined leaves fell.

“Let’s hurry along, we cannot fall behind. The Archaic divine book is priceless! Even if we cannot get all the pieces, it could still be exchanged with others for a supreme treasure.”

Cultivators began to rush over one group after another. Even though they could see the Archaic descendents that were covering the sky, they still did not retreat. They continued to rush towards the depths of the primitive forest.

Within the mountain forest, all types of brilliant lights and vibrant colors lit up. From time to time, there would be precious artifacts filling the sky. Large batches of experts were charging in and searching for their target.

Shouts rang out, and the cries of birds and beasts also sounded. They rose and fell in succession, causing a huge commotion to stir up within the mountain range. It was extremely noisy, and all the creatures within the mountains were disturbed.

“Such a great display of forces!”

As the little guy strode over, the mountain winds blew over. His head of thick black hair began to fly about, his eyes filled with expression. It was as if two streaks of lightning were shooting out of them, giving out a type of killing intent.

All four sides shook, and countless experts rushed over. However, he was without any type of fear as he strode over, welcoming everyone that were arriving. He wanted to meet those outstanding heroes face to face.

“Found him! He’s here, haha…” Someone began to laugh loudly in an incomparably carefree manner. In the end, they didn’t arrive too late, and actually found the youth first before he was killed by someone.

“That group of vicious birds have overchased. We are truly lucky to be the first ones to find him!”

This was a group of experts, and the majority of them didn’t slack on their cultivation. Within the mountain range, they formed an alliance, becoming a large and powerful force. They began to surround the little guy here.

“There’s nothing much to say. Hand over the bronze copper book!” Someone shouted. They came solely for the supreme treasure.

“For what reason?” The little guy asked.

When everyone heard what was said, how could they not sneer? It was naturally about strength. In their eyes, the devilish brat was already about to die, and had already lost his battle strength. He simply a piece of meat on a chopping block.

“I advise you to just obediently do as we say. Sometimes, forcefully holding on is more painful than dying.” Someone laughed.

This was the best representation of ‘dogs picking up the scraps from a fallen tiger’. These people normally couldn’t even take a single blow from the little guy, but now they could humiliate and threaten him.

Otherwise, if it was still like in the past, how many of them would dare to come forward? In their hearts, a nine heavenly passage expert was simply unrivalled.

“Don’t hesitate to try me.” The little guy calmly spoke.

These people all began to sneer. Without saying anything else, they quickly took action. They didn’t want something unexpected to happen, because if the other great powers rushed over, they would most likely become irrelevant.

Brilliant symbols flickered, and several great experts rushed forward, directly using their most powerful methods. They used the bone text to suppress and surround this mountain region.

More than ten people acted together, and their power was naturally great. This place immediately began to stir with powerful astral winds, causing the towering ancient trees to be pulled up by the roots. Rocks and stones tore through the skies, and the shorter mountains immediately cracked apart as rumbling sounds rang out.

Even though their original behaviors were frivolous, when it came time for them to take action, all of them used full force. They also feared some accident would occur.


The little guy’s pupils revealed two streaks of golden light. They were incredibly terrifying, and strands of brilliant symbols followed his pupils and flew out. With a pu sound, it directly pierced through the four leaders at the front.

Ah… The four individuals all yelled loudly. Their eyes revealed fear, and simply couldn’t imagine everything that was happening.

Their chests were dripping with blood, with huge holes appeared in the center of their chests. It made them feel despair and terror. There were only two golden beams, yet they pierced through four great experts.


Meanwhile, a huge purple Suan Ni appeared behind the little guy’s back. It was as tall as a mountain, and its pupils were incomparably cold and expressionless as it overlooked everyone.

It opened its humongous mouth, immediately making ten people’s souls shake. They turned around immediately and ran, but it was too late. When the purple mouth opened and closed, they were all sent flying over, entering its brilliant mouth.

It was a huge mouth forged from lightning, and the moment it closed, more than ten people exploded, turning into ashes. It seemed like there wasn’t even anything left over.

This group of people all fell. When the Suan Ni disappeared and everything was restored to a peaceful state, a few ashes scattered down from the skies into the forest.

Apart from this, the mountain region was completely empty. Even the four corpses were turned into dust. This place was extremely clean, and there weren’t any bloody remains or shattered bones left over.

The little guy once again went on his way, stepping on the dried branches and withered leaves as he walked outside the mountain range. A light breeze blew over, making the sleeves of his clothes drift about. There was an aura of innocence, completely different from the look of someone who just wiped a group of enemies clean.

Finally, the outstanding heroes rushed over. The various sects noticed him, because the shouting just now spread quite far.

“Over here! Don’t let him escape!” Many people shouted loudly.

This time, it truly was like having enemies everywhere. Numerous figures were here, and the large sects all surrounded this place, rushing over from every direction.


Beast roars shook the sky, and a group of fierce beasts rushed over like a flood. They were huge and sinister, their mountain sized bodies causing the ground to rumble as they tramped over. They directly smashed apart small mountains to open up the path.

Leading them were a few Archaic descendents, all of them extremely terrifying. Some of them had armors that flickered with light, and others’ beast skins were like fabric as they shone with brilliant splendor. They carried with them an overflowing vicious aura as they lead the beasts behind them.

The ground continuously shook, causing the leaves within the mountain forest to fly randomly.

The outstanding heroes were all shocked as they quickly moved out of their way. The group was lead by a Green Scaled Leopard, Gold-Eyed Dragon Horn Lion, Demonic Ape and others for a total of six great experts. They were all like small mountains with imposing auras. Their eyes were large like millstones.

“These are the Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s experts! They also came! Seems like it won’t be easy anymore. Those that want to obtain the bronze book will inevitably have to fight a bloody battle.” The people were shocked.

“Get out of the way!” The Green Scaled Leopard that was over ten zhang tall roared. Its huge body swayed, causing the forest to shake. Its gaze was terrifying as it shouted, “Youngster, get over here and hand over the precious book!”

“Western Tomb Beast Mountain, your group has also arrived. Based on what reason should he have to hand over the precious books to you?” There were also a few great sects within the humans that were not willing concede to them. They pushed forward together as well.

“Right, the precious book was made by the heavens, so whoever’s hands it lands in is who it belongs to. To threaten and keep everything to yourselves is impossible!” A few ancient families’ people also shouted.

A group of people confronted them and shouted loudly. None of them were willing to surrender to the other party. Even though they was Archaic descendants that appeared, they were still without fear.

There were so many human experts that they seemed to be as many as the eye could see. Could it be that they would be scared of the descendants that were leading? After thinking about it, no matter how powerful they were, it wouldn’t match their numbers here.

“We don’t care about these things. The most important thing is to first get rid of his life!”

Kun, Li, Meng, Yuan four families’ people also appeared. Among them, there was someone who spoke these words. Their hatred for the little guy was deep, hoping that he would be killed before discussing the distribution of the bronze precious book.

“Right, let’s kill him first! We don’t want to see his face again, and hope that his life will be eternally erased from this world!” Someone from the four clans parroted.

Among them, there were several experts that had demonic artifacts to kill the devilish brat’s void body and real body at the same time. They brought them from their clan treasury, and were willing to pay such a cost.

“Shut your mouths! You guys don’t have the qualifications to content against us!” The Green Scaled Leopard that was as large as a small mountain roared. Its millstone sized large eyes revealed a malicious look as it overlooked the heroes.

“So noisy! All of you need to shut up!” Finally, the little guy who was at the center of everyone opened his mouth. He began to stare at them, because he couldn’t endure it any longer.

In that instant, the mountain range calmed down. All the experts from the various sects, ancient families and Archaic descendants in all directions looked towards the center of the battlefield.

“Youth, you know who you are speaking to?!” The Green Scaled Leopard roared. Its revealed an ominous expression as it looked down on him.

“Don’t know the difference between life and death!” The little guy only had these words for it.

“You’re looking to die!” The Green Scaled Leopard’s entire body was brilliant with a sheet of meticulous scales covering its body. It directly dropped down a claw, and with its enormous size, this claw alone could shatter a mountain.

Everyone quickly retreated, no longer daring to fight here. With such an enormous creature going crazy, the aftereffects were too horrible to contemplate.

However, something that made everyone even more shocked happened. With just a simple shout, he also raised his fist and smashed it into that huge claw. During the course of events, a circle of incredible light was released, as if it was a sun. It was incomparably huge as it was released from the youth’s fist, directly submerging that Green Scaled Leopard.

Everyone became shocked. Just what kind of divine might was this? The symbols coming from a fist was actually that terrifying! It was like a wave that overflowed into the heavens, covering this place.


Accompanying a huge sound, the mountain sized huge Archaic descendant shrieked miserably before quickly splitting apart and exploding into pieces. A bloody rain followed the golden multicolored light. It seemed terrifying yet strangely beautiful.

“Heavens! What happened? Wasn’t he already a lamp that ran out of fuel? Why can he still possess this type of strength?”

Everyone became astonished. It was just a fist, yet it took care of such an enormous descendant. Just how astonishing and terrifying was this scene?!

“Li Clan, Kun Clan, Yuan Clan… You guys still dare to come over? Was the lesson I gave you within the Hundred Shattering Mountains not enough?” The little guy turned around and looked towards the experts from those four clans.


The four clans’ troops immediately backed off, all of them ranting and raving. Why did things end up like this? It’s completely different from the news they received! Everyone was saying that the little guy was already about to die, and there were people from the four clans that have already fought with him in the last battle that confirmed this. Now, however, it was completely overturned!


Demonic artifacts soared high into the air, suppressing towards that area.

The four great families’ people made their moves, using offense instead of defense before quickly retreating. They were scared of the devilish child rising in revolt, because then they won’t have a chance anymore.

The little guy coldly snorted. He began to emit golden light from all over his body, causing strand after strand of divine feathers to fly out before turning into countless heavenly swords. Every single one seemed extremely real and sharp.

This was the Kun Peng’s precious technique, and it was now being put to use by the current him at the tenth heavenly passage. It was as if a divine creature was slaughtering in all direction with an absolutely terrifying power.

Golden heavenly swords pierced out one after another, causing the four great clans to suffer countless casualties. Their leaders in particular, lost control of their demonic artifacts. The little guy advanced, starting to to kill and subdue them. The leading figures of the four clans were struck by demonic artifacts, immediately bringing about a large shout. They felt unreconciled and fearful as they died.

Within the mountain forest, a bloody mist curled about and killing intent shook the skies. Golden wings shook behind the little guy’s back as he rushed in like a tiger into a pack of wolves, killing all these outstanding talents.

These people all came for him, so he did not have any intention of being lenient. He carved out a bloody path, bringing out his supreme precious techniques. It was like pulling apart rotten roots as he flatted even the peaks of mountains.

This place soon became a living hell. There were fleeing figures everywhere, as well as the experts who were utterly defeated. A great number of the ancient great sects’ people weren’t a match for him, immediately trying to flee for their life.

“What happened?!” A group of vicious birds rushed over. They came from the Northern Heaven Peak and had flew past just now. They had just turned around, just in time to see this scene.


The little guy’s eyes were cold as he smashed his fist into the heavens. A Kun Peng rushed out, its body carrying black streaks. It filled the sky, immediately blasting apart several leading figures. A rain of blood swirled in the air as feathers dropped down.


Everyone felt their courage vanishing. They fled towards the outskirts of the mountain range, because there was no way to continue this battle. If they battled any longer, everyone here would die.

The little guy was like a Demon King as he trampled over everyone’s corpses with large strides. It was just a single person chasing after those outstanding geniuses, but it was completely one-sided because no one could stop him!

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