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Chapter 217 – Tenth Heavenly Passage

The forest was peaceful. All of the birds and beasts hid themselves within the land, their hearts frightened. They were all staring at a certain direction with respect as they felt incomparable fear.

Within the depths of the forest, the grass seemed to have been dyed red by blood. The little guy lied on the ground, his entire body in a terrible shape as wounds scarred his body. Just now, he was already on his deathbed, yet currently, everything was turning around.

The tenth heavenly passage was established, and strand after strand of multicolored light appeared. They were auspicious and holy, nourishing his flesh and healing his body.

This time, his injuries were truly severe. Under normal circumstances, he would have undoubtedly died without any chance of surviving. However, right when the fuel within him dried up, life force once again appeared, creating a reversal.

Only by overcoming a trial like this could he survive and preserve his life.

The tenth heavenly passage surged with divine multicolored light, as if it was created from the divine chains made from the law and order of this world. Streak after streak of the multicolored light flowed down from the void before entering the little guy’s body.

This was a beneficial cycle, and everything was developing in a good direction.

At this moment, his body’s hidden capabilities surged to the surface. It was as if a dried up graveyard suddenly budded with soft shoots and flourished with vitality. A type of newborn force was born, allowing him to be revived.

His damaged body was being nourished like a barren field being irrigated. Life force gradually grew more abundant within his body, and he was no longer deathly still.


Within the little guy’s body, waves of powerful potential surged like a great river through the passage running to the tenth heavenly passage, making it truly appear and descend from the void.

This was the seizing of natural force between the heaven and earth. Ordinarily, those that opened the fourth heavenly passage could already enter a greater cultivation realm. However, the little guy advanced soundly through the ninth heavenly passage without ending this great boundary of cultivation.

Noise continuously rang out as the tenth heavenly passage arrived. It seemed like it was more or less established, and as strands of magical energy was emitted, a type of immortal aura proliferated.

Being able to reach such a level was truly not easy to accomplish. The little guy’s body was falling apart, and even his essence energy had practically dried up. He practically had fallen already.

He had already experienced death once, and only when his body was emptied did an opportunity to live appeared. Exhausting all of his essence energy and starting from nothing; this was a complete rebirth!

To die after birth, and then to be born again from death, how could a normal person endure such a thing?

This road was the most difficult one. Even descendants of divine creatures found it difficult to establish the tenth heavenly passage. Even if they had natural talents, there was a chance for them to fall at the final juncture and pass away.

During the past half month, the little guy suffered a torment that was difficult to put into words. Through the defeat, bitterness and suffering he held onto hope. He endured a hell-like torture, and he was able to finally hold out.

In the current age, the tenth heavenly passage was practically unprecedented. Even the human race’s ancient texts seemed evasive on this topic, as if this was some kind of taboo. There weren’t any concrete written reports of anyone succeeding.

Finally, he successfully established it. Nothing unforeseen happened.

The other nine heavenly passages began to revolve, circling around this tenth heavenly passage. Rather than mixing it, it began to carry out a refinement. Dazzling brilliance erupted with matchless brightness, as if ten suns were covering the skies.

Finally, a violent trembling could be heard. The tenth heavenly passage pushed itself into the other heavenly passages, rearranging how they were ordered. It appeared right above the little guy’s head, residing at the highest point as it commanded the other heavenly passages.

This ‘volcano’ seemed particularly powerful, both imposing and majestic. As the ‘magma’ flowed down, it surge with the most vibrant life force.

On top of the little guy’s body, those wounds closed one after another, and his broken body seemed to be nourished. It then continued to flow, initiating a restoration.

This was a powerful fluctuation, engulfing the forest like a hurricane. The depths of the mountain were even trembling, as if a huge sea was flooding this place in huge waves.

The beasts of the field and the birds of the air became even more terrified, as they hid within the earth they trembled with fear.

The little guy sat there with his eyes closed as he nursed his body. Blood stopped flowing from his body, and as a precious light scattered down, his wounds began to wriggle about before quickly forming scars.

Above his head, the tenth heavenly passage was bright and resplendent as it scattered down its dazzling divine splendor. At this moment, even the sun in the sky seemed to have dimmed, allowing it to become the only one between heaven and earth.

Within the tenth heavenly passage, strands of magical light poured down like a waterfall, all it irrigating the little guy’s body. It made him seem crystalline and transparent as all of his wounds were healed.

A hazy mist enveloped this area, making the mountain forest seem incomparably mysterious. The little guy was like a god as he received the heavenly passages’ nourishment, continuously undergoing transformations.

The previously deathly aura dispersed, and the bloody mist could no longer be seen. All that remained now was an exuberant life force, the force behind the creation of all existences. It was the feeling of the beginning of a world, full of hope and expectation.

At this moment, the surrounding grass were all growing, sprouting out. Branches extended, continuously growing out. Even the few seeds that hit the ground quickly began to take root and bud.

Within the divine light and mist, the plants were just like the little guy, undergoing growth.

The tenth heavenly passage was dazzling as it seized the luck between the great heaven and earth to nourish the devilish child’s body. At this time, his body’s scars were already quickly coming off, and even the bloody traces had disappeared.

Not much time had passed, yet his body was already sparkling and emitting light. There were no more gaps in his body, nor were their any bloody traces. His body was now completely intact and in excellent shape, and in addition, essence energy continuously flowed into his body from the void.

Very quickly, a circle of light appeared within the forest, and the little guy was wrapped up inside. This was a complete rebirth; he was no longer the same, and a transformation had taken place.

The life force within his body was abundant, and in the end, a huge sea surged, breaking through his original realm. It was so powerful that all the birds and beasts here tremble as they hid within this place.

Finally, the little guy completely recovered. His wounds were healed to the greatest state, and his body was far more powerful than before. He truly reached the peak of this realm.

The tenth heavenly passage was opened to its greatest extent, and it stood above all the others. It could look down on this level, and force back anyone!

Without knowing how much time had passed, the little guy opened his eyes again. It was as if two streaks of lightning sliced through the void. The entire forest became brilliant; it was extremely astonishing!

Only at this point did all of the transformations formally conclude. He felt completely different from before, as if he could truly look down on everyone and stand apart from other outstanding geniuses.

Ten heavenly passages began to converge before slowly retreating. They concealed themselves within the void and disappeared.

Within the forest, the terrifying fluctuations moved outwards like tides before slowly calming down. The area was no longer oppressive or intimidating, and it became rather peaceful.

Everything came to a conclusion. The various vicious birds and ferocious beasts no longer trembled. They quickly got up and fled, as if they no longer had to pay their respects and were allowed to leave.

The little guy stood up, no longer feeling any negative emotions. His pupils were clear, and his mind was peaceful. Divine multicolored light and auspicious energy moved within his entire body. He was in high spirits, and as he looked into the distance, he felt as if he returned to his true self.

At this very moment, the outside world was extremely noisy. The outstanding heroes simultaneously moved, the great powers took action, and many experts were sent out. They were searching for the end of the devilish brat, wanting to kill him.

During this past month, regardless of whether it was the outside world or the Void God Realm, they were both boiling with commotion as people discussed this. Experts were roaming about, all of them taking action.

“This youth is truly terrifying. He’s clearly seriously injured, yet he could still flee from death and not get hunted down.”

“He clearly can’t hold on anymore. If nothing unforeseen happens, then he’ll be struck down in these next few days. His body is about to fall apart.”

The devilish brat’s goal of opening the tenth heavenly passage affected everyone’s state of mind. The Western Tomb Beast Mountain, Tuoba Family, and Rain Clan and roughly ten other sects all didn’t want him to succeed.

During these past few days, the outside world was in an uproar that would no calm down. Ten heavenly passages was simply a legend. If he succeeded, then that would mean that this youth was going to rise abruptly to power!

The devilish brat failed in front of their eyes, yet it still made people feel uncomfortable. Even those great powers that bore no grudges against him were nervously keeping a close eye on the situation.

“Relax, the Western Tomb Beast Mountain had already spread the news that the tenth heavenly passage isn’t easy to establish. In addition, it is only a one time fleeting chance. He has already lost it!”

During the same day, Tuoba Family, Rain Clan and others released this type of news. It made everyone who was watching this affair tremble.

Ordinary people weren’t aware that the Archaic divine mountain definitely understood the tenth heavenly passage. A supreme expert like this appeared before among the ancestors from which their bloodlines originated from.

Western Tomb Beast Mountain was where quite a few Archaic descendants resided. From among them, there were a few experts that once served the Archaic divine mountain, so they understood a bit about this.

When an ancient expert that was once a servant of the Southern Meteorite Divine Mountain returned to his clan, he had also spoke before that if they failed at obtaining the tenth heavenly passage the first time, trying to do so in the future would be nearly impossible.

The real world and the Void God Realm were both in a state of commotion.

There were people who sighed deeply, feeling pity for the devilish child. Towards the human race, this was simply too great of a loss. It was equal to losing a supreme expert that could content with thousands of races for power.

Quite a few people’s attitudes clearly changed. They felt rather unsatisfied with the Tuoba Clan, Western Tomb Beast Mountain and the others, because this was the same as cutting short this youth road to supremacy.

“It’s truly too sad! He was so close, and was just about to succeed!”

No matter how much everyone sighed, with news like this, it only made them shake their heads. There was nothing they could do about it.

Hahaha… Kun, Li, Meng, and Yuan four clans all laughed incessantly. From their point of view, the devilish brat deserved to be punished. If he became a supreme expert, then that would become a huge problem for them.

“In the end, he lost his opportunity. Half a month had passed, and he passed by the optimal period of time. The opportunity has been lost already, so he should be suffering in remorse and dejection right now.” A few people from the Rain Clan had cold expressions as they spoke.

This time, their losses were disastrous. Their pure land was flattened, pulled up by the roots, and even their experts were slaughtered, making it difficult for them to raise their heads within Stone Country. This was truly a tremendous humiliation.

Of course, things couldn’t end like this. This was the best time to kill the devilish brat, so they wanted him dead.

“After things have reached this point, what kind of disturbances could he still cause? It’s time for us to take his head.” From within the ancient Tuoba Family, several princes moved out with their men into this mountain range.

In reality, other than them, there were still many great powers that were in pursuit and closing in on this mountain forest.

These were merely the first group of people who hurried over. They got here the fastest, with hundreds of people moved out like tigers and apes as they tore through the forest with extreme speed.

“Last time, I was so close to catching him. This time, I absolutely cannot let him get away!” A youngster in red spoke callously. Currently, his eyes were extremely cold.

Beside him, an impressive looking youngster wearing silver clothes laughed and said, “Sixth brother, don’t feel so troubled. Last time, me and several elders were able to injure him, almost hacking him in half. Unfortunately, he got away, but this time, let’s see who can remove his head.”

Even though he was laughing, the killing intent from Tuoba Clan’s second prince was burning even more fiercely. Since traces had already been found and that youth’s whereabouts were known, they wouldn’t let him go no matter what was said.

Currently, everyone knew that the devilish brat was seriously injured and his fighting strength dried up. An ordinary beast would even be able to take his life, so if they were to let him go, what kind of face would they have left?

“Second brother, let’s make a bet. This time, I will definitely be the first one to kill him.” The sixth prince held a scarlet demonic needle in his hands that flickered with an evil cold light.

A few of the great clans, like the ancient Tuoba Family had already used their connections to obtain demonic artifacts. They wanted to kill the little guy completely and make both his real and void body die.

“Fine! If I lose, then I don’t want a single piece of bronze plate from his body. All credit will be yours when we hand them over to the clan.” The second prince laughed lightly.

In his eyes, the little guy was already a piece of meat from a chopping board that was fleeing with difficulty. No matter what was said, he still wouldn’t be able to save his life.

In another direction, the Rain Clan’s people also hurried over. Currently, there wasn’t anyone that felt as pressured as them. The devilish brat killed too many of their experts and destroyed their pure land, making them absolutely humiliated. The Rain Clan felt the urgent need to immediately find him and torture him to death. They wanted to torment him to death, or else they would never be able to wash off the disgrace they received.

“I hope that you can hold on for a bit longer, long enough for us to get there!” The group of experts’ faces were cold, and all of them were emitting bone-chilling killing intent.

“Move faster! Don’t let that Horned Dragon get the first move, or else we’ll lose our chance!”

In the distance, the other great ancient powers also sent out experts. They were also looking in the mountain depths for the little guy to kill both his void and real body.

The reason was because they previously attacked the Heaven Mending Pavilion and were scared of his retaliation.

Other than these people, there were also a large group of people who rushed over for the bronze plates he possessed. Even if they couldn’t collect the entire set, they could still exchange it with others for supreme treasures.

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