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Chapter 1417 - Immortal Killing Stage

Something fell from the heavenly dome, moreover just that extraordinary, auspicious light released in endless streaks. That thing was hazy and auspicious, as if a heavenly treasure had fallen into this world!

However, when Shi Hao saw this thing, his entire body went cold, producing a layer of goosebumps. He had seen this thing before!

When he was facing tribulation before, he had already seen this thing, but he never touched it, instead only watching it from the distance. Now, it approached him, rushing in his direction.

Immortal Killing Stage!

This dao platform had a guillotine on it. It looked auspicious from the distance, but up close, it was horrifying, making one’s entire body go cold from head to toe.

If this thing appeared and targeted someone, it could be said to be inevitable death, difficult for that individual to survive. It was rumored to be prepared for creatures who had achieved heaven-defying things.

“I understand, Huang has stepped onto his own path, and now, he triggered the legendary Immortal Killing Stage!” Someone said quietly.

Even from far away, everyone still felt their skulls turn numb. This thing had only appeared in historical records, even more horrifying than lightning tribulation. Once the guillotine descended, it would send one into the afterlife!

Everyone knew this because there were engravings in bone books that talked about this clearly.

Now, they saw the real thing!

Heavenly tribulation still had a trace of hope for making it through, but once this thing appeared, it simply left one in despair. It was practically impossible to survive it.

Of course, from a certain perspective, it was also heavenly tribulation, an especially difficult trial within it, exceeding the cultivation realm one should have. It was a slice of inevitable death!

“This… is there no heavenly reason left, is it even letting one live? I fucking…” Cao Yusheng couldn’t help but want to curse.

After thinking about it carefully, everyone knew that the Immortal Killing Stage definitely appeared because Shi Hao stepped on his own path, displaying a type of completely different system.

It was because the effects of this were too great, only this type of heaven-defying imprint could provoke the Immortal Killing Stage!

From a certain perspective, regardless of whether Shi Hao lived today or not, he would definitely be recorded in history, becoming a well-known person!

It was because forget about this great era, even in Immortal Ancient Great Era, how many people could trigger the Immortal Killing Stage?

“The most powerful heavenly tribulation in all of history, and then together with the Immortal Killing Stage, this is… guaranteed death!” Everyone sighed. The heavenly tribulation this time exceeded normal reasoning, no way of making it through at all.

“Excellent, with this type of death blade descending, then it is the end of all trouble. We don’t have to constantly be worried anymore.” Jin Zhan’s grandfather said coldly to himself.

“The world is unfair. Why are there so many difficulties?” The Lunar Jade Rabbit cried out, expressing discontent and unfairness for Shi Hao. This was deliberately placing one in death, not granting any hope.

“Live!” The Heavenly Horned Ant shouted. Moreover, he flung out the Everlasting Sword Core, returning it to Shi Hao, wanting him to use it to protect himself.

This was what Shi Hao gave it before facing tribulation to avoid this sword core triggering some kind of strange change. Now, the Heavenly Horned Ant returned it to him.

Shi Hao sighed. He accepted the sword core, but then threw it back, saying, “If I can’t return then it’s yours!”

It was because he knew that the sword core wouldn’t help him in this situation. This was heavenly tribulation, it couldn’t be avoided, couldn’t be ran from. He could only rely on himself to make it through, to persevere on.

At this moment, many people were shouting, transmitting sound, talking to Shi Hao. However, he ignored them, as if he was completely isolated from the world.

He was thinking of countermeasures!

He thought that the joint attacks of the emperor races were already a great killing disaster, who would have thought that the most terrifying scene was still to come?


The Immortal Killing Stage descended, actually directly arriving here. It wasn’t far or close, perfectly suppressing this region, locking down everything.

The dao platform wasn’t that massive, but it was simple and ancient, all of the immortal light restrained, revealing its mottled true body. It didn’t look like it was produced by lightning, no different from a true stone platform.

The guillotine possessed restrained immortal light. It was extremely deep, carrying a type of dark red bloody light, as if it drank its fill of supreme being blood, innately having a type of killing intent.

At this moment, the emperor races were at a complete loss as for what to do as well, still standing there, all of them staring at the Immortal Killing Stage!


After a momentary silence, on the Immortal Killing Stage, that guillotine moved, releasing a metal vibrating sound that terrified everyone, making all of cultivators shiver inwardly.


The guillotine trembled, and then under ear-splitting metal grinding sounds, it slowly opened. That dark red blade appeared, raised high up, releasing killing intent!

This sound was too terrifying, the metal grinding sounding as if it came from hell, making everyone’s souls ice-cold, as if they fell into an underground abyss.


Immediately afterwards, when the dark red guillotine was raised high enough, the entire blade shone again, the divine radiance even making the sun dim, immortal energy surging. It was too extraordinary.

“It’s moving, the execution is starting!” Someone cried out in alarm, given a fright, feeling as if waves of coldness surged from his back.

A figure was restricted on the Immortal Killing Stage, immediately confined. Then, with a kacha sound, the immortal blade dropped, releasing immortal light, cutting that creature in half!


A clap of thunder suddenly sounded. Lightning radiance filled the skies, shaking up this place.

The one who died wasn’t Shi Hao, but one of the emperor race youth. This was unexpected, the guillotine didn’t start with Shi Hao, but rather attacked those figures produced by the heavenly tribulation.

This exceeded everyone’s expectations. Those emperor race were part of the heavenly tribulation to begin with, so why were they destroyed now?

Then, all of the surrounding emperor race youngsters were restricted, locked down on the Immortal Killing Stage. All of them had their turn, their ends easy to predict.

Heads tumbled one after another at this moment, the emperor races all had their heads removed by the guillotine. This was not an ordinary place, it was the Immortal Killing Stage. Even though it was only heads that fell, in reality, the primordial spirits were also destroyed!

This scene made everyone’s scalps numb. They didn’t have any strength to retaliate, couldn’t struggle at all!

How was one supposed to even resist this? It was because the Immortal Killing Stage was too strong, far exceeding their cultivation realm, not on the same level of magnitude, dying under a single blow.

“Shi Hao!”

Cao Yusheng was screaming, truly worried, but there was nothing he could do!

“No!” The Heavenly Horned Ant and Lunar Jade Rabbit also cried out, because it was now Shi Hao’s turn. He was locked up by a streak of light, unable to move anymore.

One could see that the immortal light was like chains, winding about Shi Hao’s body, tying him up, confining him to that Immortal Killing Stage, bringing him before the blood red guillotine.

“Why do I feel like life has suddenly become much more dazzling?” Wang Xi’s grandfather said quietly, carrying a smile on his face, feeling carefree inside.

It was because Shi Hao’s display was too heavenly-defying, making him feel a deep uneasiness. If this was allowed to continue, only heaven knew what kind of level Huang would reach.

Right now, if Huang died under the Immortal Killing Stage, then it was the best result for the Wang Family behind him, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Shi Hao laid on the Immortal Killing Stage. Meanwhile, the dark red guillotine released dazzling radiance, accompanied by immortal mist. Then, a terrifying metal grinding sound rang out, starting to descend from above.

“No!” Someone cried out, unable to watch this.

However, they were helpless to do anything. The events that took place in a heavenly tribulation were difficult to change, outsiders unable to provide help.

The Heavenly Horned Ant, little rabbit, and Cao Yusheng’s eyes all immediately became red, widened as they stared forward.

“Being able to see the Immortal Killing Stage in one’s life can also be considered a lucky thing.” Jin Zhan’s grandfather stroked his beard, smiling as he watched this.

Of course, only a few people could hear him, or else he would definitely incur public anger!


Immortal light shot out, blood splashing out. Everyone saw an expanse of scarlet red color flash past that guillotine.

Everyone knew that the guillotine would only be like this when the most powerful blood was tasted. The reason why it was a dark red color was precisely because all of those it killed were unmatched Prides of Heaven.

“Don’t! Why is it like this!” A few people roared out, including the young cultivators inside Imperial Pass, feeling great pity for Shi Hao.

They admired the strong, ever since they learned that Shi Hao killed ten kings alone in Great Scarlet Sky Border, they already felt incredible admiration.

Meanwhile, not long ago, they saw Shi Hao charge through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, in the end fighting a bloody battle against emperor races, confronting them, and then stepping on his own path, making them feel even more respect.

Now, when they saw him die, all of their minds trembled, truly not wishing to see this type of thing happen.

“Heh, he finally died. It’s about time for things to end.” Wang Xi’s grandfather said.


On the Immortal Killing Stage, immortal light became restrained, blood radiance disappearing. The ancient platform was mottled with colors, guillotine returning to a dark red color, no longer shining with blinding radiance.

They could now see everything clearly. Everyone looked forward.

“No! Shi Hao! Now could you die?!”


The Lunar Jade Rabbit, Heavenly Horned Ant, and others roared angrily, filled with unwillingness and grief!

On the Immortal Killing Stage, a corpse remained, severed at the neck. A human head was severed, the blood carrying a light gold radiance, extremely striking, truly an alarming sight!

Huang died just like that? Everyone felt like this wasn’t real, as if it was a dream or illusion. One had to understand that he reached the very peak of his life, but he hadn’t looked down on all, never truly contending with the emperor races, yet he died just like that.

“Immortal Killing Stage, who can make it through such a thing?” Tuogu Yulong said with a sigh.

The owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot, Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, and the others released a light sigh as well, not saying anything.

“Heh heh…” Wang Family’s people laughed coldly in secret.

Jin Family’s people also revealed a faint smile, now fully relaxed.


Suddenly, on the Immortal Killing Stage, that headless corpse stood up, moreover picking up its own head, bringing it to his neck. Meanwhile, the essence blood on the ground all flowed in reverse, returning to the body.

“Ah, what is going on?!”

“Heavens, Huang, he didn’t die! He actually made it through! How could this be, how did he do it?!”

Some people cried out in shock. Huang was actually able to make it through that guillotine, not having his primordial spirit destroyed, still possessing life, still alive!

Everyone was in disbelief. They just couldn’t figure out how he was able to survive!

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