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Chapter 1416 - THong Establish

Shi Hao was going to detonate the extreme point at the center of his abdomen, split heaven and earth here, release the power within the ‘gates’, from this step on his own path.

In the surroundings, on the great golden paths, figures stood one after another. Those were emperor race experts, all of them raising their hands, holding weapons, or forming magical imprints, aiming at Shi Hao to kill him!


Shi Hao released a loud shout. He made his decision, he was going to establish his own path, ignite the single heavenly passage that was compressed to a single point, wishing to open up the various gates within his abdomen.

This was where the gates were concentrated, this special place in his body becoming the best choice.

However, the result of doing this was unimaginable, the dangers too great, risk of body torn and bones crushed at every turn, body and spirit destroyed. It was too extreme and risky.


It was as if the heavens were collapsing. By Shi Hao’s abdomen, large amounts of divine light appeared, erupting there like a sun, incredibly blinding, making everyone’s eyes sore, difficult to stare straight at.

This was especially the case when there was a wave of unimaginable energy rushing out, the domain powerful, tearing apart heaven and earth, affecting the stability of time and space.

No one expected someone to be this intense and straightforward when breaking through. Others always went about things step by step, while Shi Hao was gambling with his life, life and death a single thought.

A single wrong move and his body and dao might fade, no longer a Shi Hao in this world.


In the surroundings, there were people who attacked, forming imprints, displaying ancestral methods, attacking fiercely, wishing to blast apart that resplendent sphere of light, destroy Shi Hao.

There was one who held pitch-black iron spears, piercing through the dome of heaven, blasting apart the sky dome, powerful and domineering. He wanted to pierce through that sphere of light, end Shi Hao’s life!

On the golden paths, the emperor race figures were incredibly serious. They used all of their strength, because they sensed something. They couldn’t let Shi Hao take that step!


The heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts cried and deities howled. Rain poured down onto this place, the rainwater a scarlet red color, because this was blood, heaven crying actually happened here.

Apart from this, the corpses of gods and devils were everywhere in the skies above, ancient people as well, to the extent where there were dead bodies that were suspected to belong to True Immortals floating in the void.

This scene was world-shaking, making everyone’s scalps turn numb.

Why did so many strange scenes appear when Huang treaded on his own path?

“They aren’t all irregular scenes, there are some that are real. Some of the corpses struggled free from immortal graves, guided over by a mysterious power. What is the so-called shocking past and present, this is it! Even the ancient people were roused!”

Even though they already died, those who possessed undying bodies, those who were especially powerful, they were still guided over through the interactions of heaven and mankind, emerging in this world, appearing in the sky.

“Is this the acknowledgement of heaven and earth, or is this hostility? Regardless, this is a type of magnificent feat!” Someone said with a sullen voice.

As a result, everyone was shaken up, difficult for them to say anything. Only a few people could still mutter quietly.

The place Shi Hao was at was still resplendent, incredibly dazzling, difficult for one to see his true body.

It was because the extreme point within his body exploded, single heavenly passage expanding, detonating the ‘immortal gates’, displaying unimaginable power.

A curtain of light overflowed, divine force like a great river, rushing out from his body, dazzling to the extreme, divine aura hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The emperor races’ attacks were stopped, because the extreme point exploded. Those gates opened, the power that rushed out immediately collided with the ancestral techniques of the emperor races, clashing with their weapons.

This was a powerful collision!

Shi Hao was in an extremely miserable state, flesh almost destroyed, bones all fractured, blood flowing from his abdomen, body badly mangled. After the explosions of light erupted one after another, he almost reached the end of his life.

The risk he took this time, the process of opening gates, was just too fierce.

He already made enough preparations, using the Kun Peng Technique, Willow Deity Technique, and Lightning Emperor Technique together, forming a yin yang divine diagram, merging it with the extreme point, precisely for the sake of suppressing, defending and protecting his body.

However, despite this being the case, this type of forcefully opening the gates was still too tyrannical. Opening the gates left himself half crippled as well.

Bone texts interweaved, yin yang diagram appearing, suppressing the tyrannical power, adjusting his condition, wishing to calm the disorder.

At the same time, the immortal scripture operated, three strands of immortal energy appearing, repairing Shi Hao’s body, especially his abdomen region, this pure white mist possessing inconceivable power.

His body’s condition originally would have continuously worsened, and then completely collapsed, burst into flames, but it now stopped, to the extent where he was even slowly recovering.

“He wasn’t killed?” The emperor race youngsters were stunned, feeling deeply shocked. How powerful was their final joint attack? It could even be called a fatal blow, but they failed again.

“Thank you all for helping me accomplish my goal!” Shi Hao smiled, in his mouth was a bloody foam, body even more so incredibly tattered, white bones visible, blood gushing out.

However, he was smiling, moreover extremely brilliantly, a truly sincere smile. It was because he knew that he had begun to succeed, making it through, that he was still alive.

He thanked the emperor race youngsters, because when their ancestral methods, weapons, and other attacks arrived, there were some that broke through the barrier of light, immediately clashing with the power that rushed out from the gate.

It was to the extent where there were war spears, great halberds, and other things that ultimately pierced into his body, making contact with the gates, causing destructive power to immediately erupt.

There were people from the emperor races whose pupils contracted. Dark metal spears snapped, great halberds breaking apart, even more so ancestral methods that produced backlash, causing a tremendous wave of power to sweep in reverse.

For Shi Hao, it was too dangerous just now. If not for using their attacks too, even if he had the divine diagram produced by the Lightning Emperor Technique, Willow Deity Technique, and Kun Peng Technique, merging it into his abdomen, moreover operating immortal energy to rescue and recover, it would have still been too dangerous.

It was to the point where he might have died just now, explode to pieces under the powerful changes, turn into a pile of ashes.

Both inside and outside were stimulated, detonating, allowing him to succeed, moreover helping him take on some of the burden of the destruction, allowing him to make it through the most dangerous beginning stage.


Shi Hao’s abdomen shone, gates opened one after another, mixing together, surging with endless vitality. His body was quickly recovering.

However, soon afterwards, a strange change happened. A wave of death energy also surged from there, forming thick smoke, about to corrode his body, destroy his life force

“En? What is going on?” Everyone was shocked, why was there death energy, wasn’t this bringing about one’s own destruction?

When one looked carefully, they discovered that this was released by some gates, surging out, linking up together, eventually forming a sea of death, surging there.

The only fortunate thing was that some gates surged with light spring liquid, sparkling and replete with moisture, opposing the death energy.

Soon afterwards, everyone understood. They sucked in cold breaths of air, were these the secrets within the body?

The human body was one of balance, the world also in an equilibrium. With life force, there would also be a deathly stillness. Shi Hao opened up the Sea of Reincarnation within his abdomen, within it both life and death!

Large amounts of doors mixed together, connecting together, linked up by bridge-like tunnels, allowing them to combine and separate.

Within Shi Hao’s abdomen, the so-called Sea of Reincarnation was changing powerfully, everything turning on its head. It was because when all of the gates here were opened up, the human body would go through a unique transformation!

It could be said that this was a type of transformation, to be more precise, a type of rebirth, but only in this area. The heavens were altered, earth changed, becoming completely different.

Immortal energy pervaded the air, covering this region, treating his injuries.

Yin and yang harmonized, forming a divine disk, life and death interdependent, deriving into an innate dao diagram, suppressing this place, forming a taiji-like Sea of Reincarnation.

The sea was formed from death energy, reincarnation from the divine disk of life. They blended together, forming a dao diagram. Life and death rotated together, life unending, death circulating, forming a balance.

“What is that? How did he accomplish this?” Many people were seriously shocked.

They wanted to pry into the mysterious, truly see this Sea of Reincarnation that appeared in this world for the first time, but they already couldn’t do so. That place was covered in immortal energy, primal chaos mist appearing, covering it.

Moreover, after Shi Hao’s damaged body and abdomen healed, his flesh recovered, quickly restoring his body!

“What exactly is there over there, what is going on?!” At this time, even Jin Zhan frowned, lowering his head and thinking.

“This youngster’s life force really is too tenacious, why is he still not dead, making it through alive again!” Wang Xi’s grandfather grinded his teeth, feeling like this was inconceivable. Huang made it through again and again.

Moreover, this time, he seemed to have obtained tremendous benefits, making him feel uneasy. If Huang truly was allowed to continue down his path, then only heaven knew how far he would go!

Jin Zhan’s grandfather also spoke up, saying, “I just refuse to believe that he really can establish a system by himself. Who does he think he is, that he can surpass all those before him?”

“Why isn’t that death energy corroding him?” Someone asked in puzzlement.

Many people understood that Shi Hao’s path was too frightening, unearthing his body’s deepest mysteries, truly releasing all of the power within his flesh.

Not even death energy was overlooked. However, he grasped equilibrium, making life and death coexist.

During a true confrontation, how great would this destructive power be?

Moreover, life and death were interconnected, a cycle and reincarnation, that sea of reincarnation becoming the motherland, becoming the land of beginning!

In the future, one could just imagine that this place would further evolve, become the source of divine force!

Just now, quite a few people saw the countless gates were concentrated in Shi Hao’s position, as if they were established, interweaving into a complete body, definitely defying the heavens.

The power of all of the other gates in his body had divine force drawn from them, and then after being absorbed, mixed together, and concentrated, the Sea of Reincarnation was destined to become the land of beginning!

The more they thought about it, the more everyone felt horrified. Huang established a terrifying path. If he continued down this path, his accomplishments would be unimaginable!

This was still the beginning, there were still too many mysteries waiting for him to unearth, waiting for him to perfect!

Everyone really wanted to know what was going on, but they couldn’t see through that place at all. They only saw a hurried glance, unable to clearly understand the mysteries on a deeper level.

Apart from this, who dared open up a Sea of Reincarnation like this? Huang’s methods were too powerful, creating a world in his abdomen, being able to live after doing this could be considered a miracle, no one else able to do this.

Moreover, could others merge ten heavenly passages into one? He was the first one, no one before him able to do this. Using this as a foundation, only then was there an explosion, establishing this Sea of Reincarnation!

The emperor race youth were also watching, all of them alarmed, wishing to know what was going on. That was why none of them took action, all of them observing Shi Hao.

Suddenly, heaven and earth trembled, all types of auspicious scenes appearing. There was a vague multicolored brilliance that erupted, in the end, immortal light appeared in large amounts, covering heaven and earth as it descended.

Then, divine sacrificial sounds could be heard, as if to console the ancient people, making all of the ancient corpses that appeared before disappear, return to their graves.

Apart from this, great stars covered the sky, moving quickly. There were all types of immortal dao true spirit engravings that appeared, dragons rising, phoenixes crying, it was just too astonishing.

Meanwhile, on the ground and in the void, these places were even more so filled with great dao divine lotuses, becoming pure gold in color. There were many medicinal herbs and other things, making this place auspicious like immortal earth.

At the same time, divine bridges descended from the heavenly dome, as if they wanted to bring Shi Hao away from this place, take him back.


All of the creatures were stupefied, because irregular scenes appeared one after another, several dozen of them appearing in the blink of an eye, making this place resplendent and divine.

This… everything was because Shi Hao took that step, establishing his own method and path, triggering these heavenly changes!


The emperor race youth shouted out, all of them taking action, not giving Shi Hao a chance anymore, wishing to kill him here.

“I am also looking forward to this, wishing to give it a try, see how the battle will be now!” Shi Hao said.

He established the Sea of Reincarnation, equivalent to establishing a great dao foundation again.

Moreover, the Sea of Reincarnation was established in one go, only the details missing, needing time to polish, the true great divine might could already be displayed.

The numerous gates were all opened up in one go, the power was unimaginable!

Together with the path and methods he now grasped, as well as his profound cultivation, his fighting strength was naturally shocking.

However, before they could take action again, a shocking change took place. In the heavenly dome above, inside the lightning radiance, something fell, accompanied by immortal energy, releasing imperishable immortal light!

1. Absolute or Supreme Ultimate, source of all things

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