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Chapter 1418 - Secret of Revival

Huang stood up. He was still alive, his hands supporting his head that was dripping blood, placing it on his neck. Essence energy flowed in all directions, divine multicolored light endless.

The wound at his neck disappeared, quickly healing, color returning to his pale face as well, expression gradually returning to his eyes as well!

This was extremely strange. He clearly already died, but he recovered his vitality again.

One had to bear in mind that the Immortal Killing Stage didn’t only sever the physical body, it also destroyed the primordial spirit, not giving creatures any chance at life. However now, Shi Hao was clearly unharmed, as if it was only his body that was cut apart, his soul still there.

The essence blood flowed in reverse, completely entering his body through his pores, returning to his body, allowing him to recover.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao was in great spirits, no longer dispirited, flourishing with vitality again, to the extent where even the scorched black wounds from being blasted by lightning tribulation began to heal.

“I refuse to believe it!” Wang Xi’s grandfather clenched his teeth, unable to accept this result.

After crossing tribulation, Shi Hao displayed his limitless potential. For Wang Family, this couldn’t be tolerated, once he arrived at the peak of great dao, there would inevitably be a great disaster.

The complexion of Jin Zhan’s grandfather was cold, he couldn’t accept this result either. Jin Family and Wang Family were already connected by marriage, and they already stood against Huang several times. They didn’t want to see this result.

“This is too great, haha, he actually made it through, living!” Cao Yusheng laughed loudly.

In this place, the Lunar Jade Rabbit and Heavenly Horned Ant were also extremely happy and excited. They originally thought that they had to collect Shi Hao’s corpse, not expecting him to make it through this disaster.

The others also exclaimed in astonishment, all of them shaken inside. This was a miracle, and they saw it for themselves.

Even the owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong couldn’t help but release a light sigh. “Huang truly is formidable, even able to live through the Immortal Killing Stage, this is something that truly is rarely seen throughout the ages, worthy of being someone with heaven warping aptitude!”

The long life family inheritor Tuogu Yulong also said, “He really leaves others in admiration, actually able to defy death and live, just what kind of methods did he use?”

Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes were also confused. After experiencing the Immortal Killing Stage, who could live? Were there any successful examples in history? They didn’t know. How did Huang do this?

This place erupted with noise, many people discussing it by themselves, all of them wishing to know how Huang revived.

On Immortal Killing Stage, Shi Hao stood there without moving, his body shining slightly. He opened his palm, looking at those dao imprints, not saying anything for a long time.

At the same time, his transformation didn’t end either, still being carried out.

“Yi, hurry and look, three great dao flowers appeared on his head, there is a creature on one of them!”

Everyone cried out in alarm, discovering his changes.

Back then, when Shi Hao was in Heavenly Deity Realm, he already accomplished this, producing three great dao flowers above his head!

This was seeking the dao to one, one to two, two to three, three to all life meaning.

This was especially the case when, after one great dao flower bud bloomed, a creature was seated within, wrapped within chaotic energy, submerged under immortal mist. It normally couldn’t be seen.

Only Shi Hao himself had previously seen that it was clearly identical to himself!

Moreover, that creature was quite special, never speaking or moving, as if it sat in the past, situated before the endless generations, not in the present world!

That creature was extremely strange, incredibly indifferent.

After all these years, Shi Hao still never fully researched it, nor did he draw any combat strength from it.

Moreover, not long ago when he cultivated the immortal dao scripture, he discovered that his previous cultivation was like rootless duckweed. His immortal energy evolved ahead of time, but never took root in his body.

That was why he scattered the three strands of immortal energy, having them take root in his flesh, inner organs,and  bones, become reborn, making it grow.

This creature also disappeared, however, Shi Hao knew that this dao feat didn’t disappear, but rather that it was still within a corner of his body.

This time, for the sake of living, he used all types of methods, from Willow Deity’s life great method, to entrusting his primordial spirit to him, even using the Sea of Reincarnation’s life power and other things.

However, in the end, he discovered that it was all useless, all of it ineffective.

On the Immortal Killing Stage, he still suffered a blow, the dark red guillotine instantly severing his neck, removing his head.

In that instant, Shi Hao released a sigh. After experiencing the Immortal Killing Stage, he was still going to die, this life coming to an end here.

Only, in the end, something unimaginable happened. The ‘dao fruit’ he had never moved, that creature previously seated on the great dao flower appeared on its own!

At the crucial moment, it rushed up from its temporary place of residence in the sea of reincarnation, entering his head, merging with his primordial spirit, resisting the guillotine’s dark red light.

Originally, the dark red blood color would have inevitably destroyed his soul, but it was now stopped.

At this moment, Shi Hao discovered that the mysterious creature died in his place, about to scatter and disappear.

At that time, he felt a sense of loss, wishing to cry out to stop it, but he was powerless, unable to interfere.

He knew that the significance of this dao fruit towards his cultivation was extremely great and couldn’t be lost. Now that it died in his place, he felt terrible, unable to accept this.

In the end, he lived, not dying!

However, in the final instant, he saw an imprint fly towards that creature, making this figure that was originally about to scatter also stabilize, resisting the light of execution and live.

Now, he fully revived. Shi Hao stood on the platform, raising his head towards the great dao flowers that gathered again, as well as the creature sitting on it, observing it carefully.

Then, he looked towards his own right palm.

There really was an imprint missing, now only four left!

Shi Hao’s past strange experiences that were like reincarnation left five legendary reincarnation imprints on his palm. The most recent one was obtained from Imperishable Mountain.

At that time, he went to accept the Imperishable Scripture, the things he saw monstrous and multicolored, what he experienced extremely terrifying. He fought a bloody battle with the enemy, ending in mutual destruction.

At that time, the fifth reincarnation imprint appeared on his palm.

At this very moment, an imprint disappeared from his palm, now only four of them left.

Meanwhile, the creature on the great dao flower, even though it was covered by primal chaos and immortal mist, Shi Hao could still clearly see that it now had one.

However, it was different from him, engraved on the surface of the body, but even so rather extremely special.

The imprint was like fetters, like a metal ring, binding its body, preventing it from moving, restricting and suppressing it!

This left Shi Hao stunned, inwardly shaken!

Until now, he still didn’t know this creature’s ability, nor did he understand what kind of uses the reincarnation imprints had. Now, he finally saw some clues.

That creature accepted death in his place, but the imprint prevented it from scattering. Now, the two were interdependent, the imprint subduing that creature, ensuring that it didn’t fade, still exist

Even after a long time had passed, Shi Hao still didn’t say anything. His expression continuously changed. He was thinking to himself. This matter was extremely strange!


The Immortal Killing Stage scattered, turning into an expanse of lightning radiance and then scattering, leaving Shi Hao alone. It was accompanied by electrical radiance together with a terrifying heavenly tribulation light.

At this stage, it was already hard for lightning radiance to harm him. After slaughtering his way from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, experiencing many near death situation, he had already suffered enough.

The heavenly tribulation thus came to an end!

One could vaguely make out an indistinct pond in the heavenly dome above. Several drops of sparkling liquid dropped down. Shi Hao raised his head. That liquid was fragrant, refreshing the mind. He accepted it with his hands, bringing it to his mouth. His entire body immediately erupted with brilliance.

Everyone was stunned, that indistinct pool continuously released liquid down, falling in his direction.

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with light. He didn’t rush up to seize it now, instead sitting down, allowing the liquid to fall. He opened his mouth, gulping it down in large mouthfuls.

Right now, his body was extremely brilliant, shocking to the extreme. All of his injuries disappeared, even his broken bones immediately reconstructing, reappearing.

“Lightning Tribulation Liquid, this is great natural luck!” Many people cried out in alarm, their faces full of envy. This was the legendary supreme liquid, when one drank it, it would bring tremendous benefits to the body.

This was especially true regarding this type of lightning tribulation, the most powerful in all of history. The lightning tribulation liquid that appeared would be even more astonishing. For the younger generation, this was world shocking natural luck.

Meanwhile now, liquid flowed out from the lightning pool just like that, continuously falling, entering Shi Hao’s mouth. It was just too shocking.

Even though the Lunar Jade Rabbit was pure and pretty, right now, she didn’t care about appearances, wiping her mouth, because her saliva was about to flow out.

“When you come back, invite me for a cup!” Cao Yusheng even more so shouted.

In the distance, there were even more people whose eyes became red, truly wishing they could be in his place, take this for themselves.

Jin Zhan’s grandfather and others were included among these, their expressions ashen. They stared forward, eyes scarlet red, unwilling to accept this. Huang not only didn’t die, he might still transform because of this liquid, become even more powerful!

“I refuse to believe this! Why is there still no reply?” Wang Xi’s grandfather said to himself. He clenched his dried palms, killing intent faintly visible in his eyes.

Silently, his sleeves moved, an object appearing, coming through the void, no one noticing anything.

“En, something was sent over!” Wang Xi’s grandfather laughed loudly, and then said with a cold voice, “Huang, I will let you understand what is calling killing one without any trace. I am going to cripple you, destroy your dao fruit!”

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