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Chapter 1414 - Despair

When the Emperor Clans took action, who could face them?!

It wasn’t a single person who moved. While standing on the great golden paths, even though their movements weren’t that fast, they moved together, all of them wishing to kill Shi Hao!

This was an extremely serious matter. Since ancient times, forget about being able to fight a group of them, just finding someone who could fight one on one with an emperor race was extremely hard.

Once an Emperor Clan appeared, the entire world would bow down. They would sweep through everything, no one able to face them!

They were the embodiment of unequalled, living legends, never having opponents. Unless they encountered each other, how could they not sweep through all enemies unstoppably?

At their level, among their peers, no one could keep them in check, to the extent where no opponents could be found!

Just how terrifying was this? When other creatures saw them, they would all be in despair, not having the qualifications to fight at all, the difference too great.

“Heh heh… Huang, if you survive through this, then it can be considered defying the heavens, I will feel admiration for you!” In the distance, Wang Xi’s grandfather laughed, face covered in wrinkles, teeth white. This smile seemed a bit cold, naturally not sincere. He felt that Shi Hao was going to die.


The golden spear was too brilliant, the speartip sharp, endless radiance shooting out, rushing into the heavens, shaking the world, unstoppable, killing energy world shocking.

It rose up in the time fragments, crossing through time, shooting straight for the space between Shi Hao’s brows, wishing to pierce through with one blow, take his life!

Shi Hao’s eyes released cold lightning, fist after fist smashing out, simply as if he wanted to grasp the power of time, seizing the force of the golden spear. One could see piece after piece of metal being left behind.

The golden spear was struck by him, fragments left behind, rust marks coming off, to the extent where it even broke apart. However, after each strike, it would shine resplendently again, as if it went through rebirth after endless tempering!

This was extremely terrifying. This golden spear seemed like it was impossible to destroy, even after it broke down, it could still gather together again, killing energy endless!

It was because it wasn’t a tangible object to being with, just an imprint on Anlan Clan’s arm, belonging to an undying king. This weapon had previously killed all enemies under the heavens.

Even though endless time had passed, now only produced in one’s blood, it still didn’t fade, allowing direct descendants to possess unmatched might!

A single emperor race was already this terrifying, how were they supposed to defeat a group of them?

“Not good!” Cao Yusheng said with a heavy voice. According to this type of situation, even if Shi Hao could resist it in the end, sharing the limelight, he would still be killed by the other emperor race youth.

“Shatter the everlasting!” That woman released a light shout. A blast of white mist sprayed out from her mouth, surging to the golden spear, making it more and more resplendent, unstoppable, piercing through the world.

Was this strike going to directly break through Shi Hao’s reincarnation defense? Many people’s hearts were pushed to their throats, feeling worry for him.


Right at this time, Shi Hao released a muffled groan. Even the void was trembling, as if an immortal drum was being struck, sounding here, making everyone’s souls tremble.

At the same time, streaks shone within his body one after another like blood, but also like immortal energy. It was incredibly dazzling, shining through his body.

Mysterious patterns were condensing, deriving, and then interweaving with the reincarnation bone texts, immediately making him stronger!

This was an extremely terrifying thing, happening suddenly. Shi Hao’s aura erupted, power increasing, as if he became several times more powerful, able to travel unstoppably through the heavens.

This was his third type of supreme being method. It had never truly formed, still transforming all this time.

Now, it was displayed by him!

When this precious technique first appeared, it was extremely blurry, its real use unclear, but now, it gradually became more and more distinct. It could support other abilities, make his own precious techniques even more terrifying!

As a result, his Reincarnation Divine Ability seemed to have been ignited, surging crazily, a long river of time appearing, imprisoning this place, as if a great calamity was descending onto this world.


Finally, after this attack, Shi Hao’s fist smashed through the golden spear imprint Anlan left his descendants with!

With a kacha noise, the golden spear broke in half, unable to condense again this time, breaking part.

“Anlan World Annihilating Art!” However, that woman didn’t feel fear. She released a light shout, displaying another type of unmatched ancestral method, attacking Shi Hao.

At the same time, many weapons appeared in his surroundings, stabbing towards Shi Hao. The other emperor races took action, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

All of these happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, just too fast.


Shi Hao rose up, stepping on many weapons, entire body jumping high into the air.


Below, those individuals attacked with their weapons, some holding great halberds, others grasping war spears, some carrying divine swords dripping with blood, others having divine furnaces floating above their heads…

In this moment, killing energy overflowed into the heavens, the emperor races all moving to kill Shi Hao.

Only now did everyone feel that this was a heavenly tribulation, not true bodies. It was because if the emperor races were here, they wouldn’t work together, because they were all domineering and prideful.

However, it was precisely because of this that one could see how terrifying the situation was. Shi Hao encountered this type of danger, a situation of inevitable death, difficult to survive it.

“You have to make it through!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit shouted out, providing encouragement.

“Freakish tribulation, a single opponent is one thing, but with a group of Emperor Clans appearing, what can one even bring out to face them?” The Heavenly Horned Ant cursed, expressing unfairness there.

“Six Dao Reincarnations!” At the center of the battlefield, Shi Hao roared, using his ancient heavenly art, his entire being forming magical imprints. Six types of hand seals shook the heavens above and earth below.

He used Supreme Hall’s great method, staking it all here.


Light drowned out this place. All of the weapons were raised high, facing him, brilliant beyond compare, divine force overflowing. Great dao symbols were densely packed, illuminating the world.


At this moment, Shi Hao was injured. There was a war spear that pierced through his ribs, a divine sword that impaled his chest, a great halberd embedded in his shoulder…

Emperor race, any one of them would be incomparable, able to sweep through all enemies, no opponents in their level. Now, they appeared together, just how terrifying of a thing was this?

This scene was simply unimaginable!

“Shi Hao!” Cao Yusheng shouted.

“Survive!” The Heavenly Horned Ant released a low shout.

“This isn’t fair!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit shouted. However, there was no way the heavenly tribulation would reply, reality was just this cruel.

Jin Zhan’s grandfather smiled, nodding his head slightly. He knew that the situation was already decided, that there was no need to worry about anything. However, he still felt a bit restless inside. What were they supposed to do when they faced foreign Emperor Clans in the future? If they grouped up together, then it would be too difficult, Jin Family only had one qilin child.


A loud noise sounded. Shi Hao’s entire body shone, raising his head and roaring out, his head of black hair like a waterfall, scattering down. His body erupted with powerful divine radiance.


At this moment, three types of innate supreme being precious techniques all appeared, Heaven Calamity Light, Reincarnation, and the third type that could support the other precious techniques surged like divine flames, rushing out from every inch of his flesh, fully erupting, incredibly dazzling.


He struggled up, rushing into the sky. The war spears, great halberds, divine swords, and other things were pulled out of his body, unable to dig in any further.

At the same time, arrows of blood sprayed out from his body one after another.


Shi Hao released a loud shout. He condensed fist imprints, slaughtering his way downwards, three types of supreme being precious techniques overlaying, fighting these Emperor Clans alone. He didn’t fear life or death, boldness incomparable.

One could see streak after streak of terrifying divine light shooting out from his fist imprints, blasting down, power world shocking, shocking all of his peers!


There was an Emperor Clan youth who released a cold shout, attacking towards the sky.

This wasn’t just one person, but rather attacks from one person after another. Anlan, Shutuo, and others’ descendants were terrifyingly strong, each stronger than the last. Even when they appeared alone, their fighting strength could be said to be matchless in this world.

Imperial light rushed into the heavens, as if a group of human immortals were attacking. It was just too terrifying, shocking everyone. Every single cultivator was asking themselves, if they were in his place, would they be able to make it through?

Clearly, the answer made many people’s faces pale.


Shi Hao was struck flying. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. His flesh was damaged under all types of imperial light, blood soaking his battle clothes, body flying far into the distance!

This was one of the few times he suffered so greatly since he appeared in the world. His entire body almost broke apart, almost blasted rotten. Those ancestral methods were too terrifying.

At this moment, heaven and earth became quiet, many people looking at him quietly, not looking down on him, not laughing coldly or ridiculing him, but rather feeling shock.

These were the ancestral methods of Anlan, Shutuo, Luomo and others, displayed by emperor races, how terrifying was this? If it was another youngster who went up, they would be directly blasted to pieces.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was fighting against several ancestral methods, yet he still didn’t die, not breaking apart. This type of battle accomplishment shocked past and present!

“I will bestow death upon you!”

An emperor race youth stepped out, his figure robust, also quite tall and slender, voice extremely cold, flesh carrying primal chaos energy, pressing forward.

It wasn’t just one person who moved, the others also attacked. Streak after streak of imperial light were released again, shaking up heaven and earth.

Shi Hao raised his head, releasing a great roar. He really couldn’t accept this, how could he be defeated here, how could he die here? He wanted to win, surpass everyone, even if emperor races stood in his way.

The space between his brows shone. With a hong noise, the lightning pool imprint appeared, and then it enlarged, rushing towards the top of his head, turning into a mysterious pool, lighting radiance flowing out from it.

He was able to use the lightning pool while experiencing a heavenly tribulation!

This was the highest profound mystery of the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, comprehended by him not long ago.


Tribulation descended from the lightning pool, killing everyone.

However, there were too many enemies, too powerful, not one versus one battles. In the end, Shi Hao coughed out blood, flying outwards, flesh in tatters, almost losing his life.

“What are you going to bring out to compete? What methods do you have left?!” In the distance, Jin Zhan’s grandfather continuously snickered, sitting down to watch the result.

This was a situation of despair. These were the most powerful Emperor Clans, not just one or two of them, but rather a group. They took action together, all of them in the same cultivation realm, who could stop them?

“It isn’t to win, but to live, if you can hold on, then it’s the same as victory!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit’s eyes carried tears, screaming out loudly. It was because she knew that this was the most difficult trial Huang had ever faced, most likely resulting in an eternal separation. After the lightning tribulation passed, they might never see him again.

It was difficult to find an opportunity for life in this situation of despair!

The great tribulation this time was too terrifying. Shi Hao didn’t have a chance of life, unable to escape this fate at all. Everyone couldn’t help but release a sigh.

The heavenly tribulation was too terrifying, exceeding all those of history, more difficult than the other heavenly tribulations. When corresponding to his cultivation realm, this could be considered history’s most powerful heavenly tribulation!

“I… am the strongest!” Shi Hao roared. He didn’t give up, not dejected like the spectators, still struggling.


Streak after streak of emperor light surged, blasting through his flesh. Bloody holes appeared one after another, blood gushing out, truly a ghastly sight.

However, it was precisely at this time that Shi Hao’s body underwent a miraculous change, becoming half golden, as if cast from golden, and then the other half pitch-black like an abyss, it was too strange.

He bathed in blood, head raised, releasing a roar. A mysterious fluctuation surged from within his body!

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