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Chapter 1413 - Emperor Clan

Emperor Clan, this was not an emperor race of the human world, not the emperor races of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths who pursued long life, aiming to become closer to immortality, known to be supreme being inheritances.

In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there were supreme being families, as well as inheritances that remained unequalled throughout the ancient times, these could be called Emperor Clans.

However, because there were long life families in this world, an ancestor in their family previously achieving immortality, they were mostly known as long life families.

That was why Emperor Clan was a term not often used in the Nine Heavens, but rather what was used in the Ten Earths, emperors of the mortal world, still within the domain of mortals.

Meanwhile, the foreign Emperor Clans were entirely different, they were established on the title of the undying!

For example, Anlan, Shutuo, these were foreign inheritances whose names had been passed down throughout time, already existing through two great eras, but they still existed, still undying, still alive, incredibly powerful. Their families were praised as Emperor Clans.

In reality, there was another type of saying that in Immortal Ancient years, saying that there were Immortal Kings in this world. Those were paramount existences, unmatched, strength without equal.

Meanwhile, the foreign Anlan, Shutuo, and others, they led great armies, ultimately defeating the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, which was why they were viewed to be higher than Immortal Kings, thus called Emperor Clans.

The ‘Emperor’ in Emperor Clans was developed in contrast to the Immortal Kings’  ‘King’ word!

Strictly speaking, these were undying emperors!

Of course, they still didn’t separate from the level of Immortal Kings, unable to surpass them, already reaching the very peak.

However, in this world, there were too many ancient inheritances, as well as countless mysteries, even more so countless ancient burial lands, the foreign side also like this.

Therefore, there was another type of saying, rumored to be secrets excavated from foreign ancient lands, unknown just which fallen great era’s ruins it was discovered from.

The legend was that this burial ground was so ancient not even Anlan, Shutuo, or He Wushuang’s masters could see through, unknown which great era the ruins were from.

Based on the things they discovered, they discovered with shock that there might still be paths to take above the domains they acknowledged, that those types of creatures might have existed before!

Just how terrifying of a thing was this?

They already ascended to the peak, unmatched in all domains, yet they could still make progress, enter a higher domain?!

Even after they carefully researched this, they still weren’t sure, because there should be no way those types of creatures could exist. They were too strong, unimaginable.

Moreover, if they existed, then why didn’t they see any? They completely disappeared, and their lands of inheritance became burial regions. They shouldn’t have turned to dust.

No one knew what conclusion Anlan, Shutuo, and the others reached, only, later people said that if they had to say something about the clues in the burial ground, then it can only be said that ‘emperors’ among undying did exist.

That was why there was a type of saying that it was precisely because of the discovery of those burial grounds that the term ‘foreign Emperor Clan’ exists.

Even though they weren’t, because their clans had supreme ancient ancestors, Anlan, Shutuo, and others were still alive, that was why they were considered the most powerful clans, could be considered Emperor Clans.

Emperor Clans, information about them was extremely scarce. There were only a few clues from the most ancient burial grounds, couldn’t be fully confirmed.

However, the foreign clans were hopeful, even though there was no definitive proof that existed.

After all these years passed, no one knew what Anlan and Shutuo researched, whether or not proof has been found, if they found any new clues

At the very least, the Nine Heavens’ side didn’t know about these things.

“Emperor Clan, are these the descendents of Shutuo, Anlan, these people? They are known to be incomparable, that as long as one of them appears, no one among their peers could face them!”

There were some who spoke about this quietly. At this time, even Cao Yusheng, Heavenly Horned Ant, Lunar Jade Rabbit and others’ expressions changed, feeling deeply worried.

“If nothing unexpected happens, then Huang is undoubtedly dead, not the slightest chance for life!” Jin Zhan’s grandfather said. Even though he was a member of a long life family, his expression still fell when facing foreign Emperor Clans.

In a battle of the same level, Emperor Clans were unmatched, almost never suffering a defeat before.

Meanwhile now, there were several creatures that appeared at the same time, coming from different directions. They all advanced on the great golden path. What chance of surviving did Shi Hao have left?

No one believed Shi Hao could face several youngsters from Emperor Clans alone!

“It seems like we don’t have to interfere, he is definitely going to die. At the same time, we can see just how extraordinary the legendary foreign Emperor Clans are!” Wang Xi’s grandfather said with a sneer.

The great army already encircled Shi Hao, the great golden paths reaching over. Those creatures each occupied one side, surrounding him.

“They still came in the end!” Shi Hao stared at them. He long had a feeling that he would see these legendary clans!


A male among them raised his fist, breaking apart the heavens. He directly smashed forward, terrifying light penetrating the void, destroying everything, the power too great!


Shi Hao brandished his fist. A streak of lightning hacked out, smashing into that streak of light. An explosion erupted between the two of them, the void obliterated, extremely terrifying and astonishing!

Meanwhile, this was only the beginning. That emperor race individual didn’t truly unleash all of his power!

The expressions of the young cultivators watching all changed. Even though they were only watching, they could tell that these people would definitely be incomparably terrifying, just like the legends, unmatched at their level.

The fortunate thing was that Emperor Clans were too few, their inheritances almost all severed.

Only, their bloodlines were domineering, even though it was difficult for them to produce posterity when marrying other races, once they did give birth, the bloodline would also belong to them.

Every single Emperor Clan had few clansmen, not entering the world often. They lived in the most ancient places, living while cut off from the rest of the world.

In all these years, regardless of whether it was the Nine Heavens or the foreign people, they were all praying for them not to appear in the world!

The people of the Nine Heavens were praying because they feared that they were too strong, impossible to face.

Meanwhile, the foreign people felt this way because they bore conflicting emotions. It was because once there were Emperor Clans that appeared in this world, then that era would inevitably belong to the person from an Emperor Clan, everyone else can forget about competing with him.

The competition for the position of supreme being, the pursuit of undying dao achievement, who could match them? It would definitely belong to the emperor race!

“Come, emperor race, let me see what kind of skills you all have!” Shi Hao released a low roar. Right now, the situation was extremely grim. This was not just a single emperor race, he was surrounded by them.

“This isn’t fair, what kind of cruel heavenly tribulation is this? How could it make him fight a group by himself?” Cao Yusheng shouted.

However, the heavenly tribulation was unfeeling, it wouldn’t give any type of response, so this type of shout was useless.

“Heh heh, I really am looking forward to this. Just how is Huang going to meet his end?” Wang Xi’s grandfather said. Of course, only those at his side could hear him, he still didn’t dare provoke public anger.

Everyone was watching carefully, because the effects of this battle would have long-lasting effects. They would now see just how terrifying emperor races really were.


Finally, there was an emperor race youth who moved, moreover a woman. Her figure was tall, but also slender. She was even half a head taller than men, her steps like a swaying lotus, a finger pointing at the space between Shi Hao’s brows.


Golden light surged from her finger, endless divine multicolored light accompanied it. It was as if there was undying aura that erupted here, terrifying beyond compare.

Her arm turned into a faint golden color, golden light completely extended towards that finger. The most powerful divine radiance shot out, piercing towards Shi Hao.

Meanwhile, her entire being was surrounded by hazy primal chaos energy, mysterious and unfathomable, powerful beyond compare.

This was precisely an Emperor Clan, once they took action, the entire world would be left in shock!

“That is… Anlan’s spear?!” Many people cried out in alarm.

It was because that woman’s arm shone, one could see a demonic pattern there that was golden, resplendent, the shape resembling a spear!”

This pattern was shining, a light golden color gathering towards the woman’s finger. Divine radiance shot out, rushing at Shi Hao.

The world immediately broke apart. The power of this finger contained the divine might of Anlan’s spear, simply impossible to contend against!

It was rumored that as long as one was Anlan’s descendant, then they would innately possess his divine might. For example, the golden spear in Anlan’s right hand could engrave a few imprints on the clansmen’s arms!


Shi Hao released a shout, directly activating his innate supreme being precious technique. It was powerful beyond compare, incredibly tyrannical, accompanied by the power of time, erupting here.

His Reincarnation Fist was powerful to the extreme, divine might matchless. Fragments of time were everywhere, fluttering about here, drowning out everything in front of him.


The Reincarnation Fist smashed into the divine golden radiance released by that fine and elegant finger, the two clashing intensely.

That was a golden spear, too brilliant. However, after it was wrapped within the power of time, it started to be corroded, golden light becoming a bit dim.


The golden spear shook, shedding a layer of rust, caused by the power of time. It shone resplendently again, piercing over.


Shi Hao immediately sent another fist over!

Everyone was shocked. These were precisely Emperor Clans, they took action!

Moreover, right at this time, on the other great golden paths, the other figures also moved. They walked forward, moreover raising their palms, using ancestral methods to attack Huang!

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