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Chapter 1415 - Taking One’s Own Path

When emperor race youth attacked, with unmatched ancestral methods erupting one after another, death approaching, potential was finally unleashed; this was Shi Hao’s present condition.

His body carried a wave of deep power, as if it surged from the abyss, undulating, spreading, rushing out from the surface of his body!

The left side of his body was dazzling like gold, releasing kengqiang noises like metal, like a blazing sun. It released the most forceful and brilliant aura, leaving all sides shaken.

Meanwhile, the right side of his body was pitch-black like ink, like an abyss, as if it could devour all light, dark and terrifying, a great yin force swirling about.

It was to the extent where even his hair was like this, half golden like a flame, half pitch-black like a demonic realm, black mists surging, polar extremes!

This was an extremely shocking transformation, no one expecting him to develop to this extent. This was completely because he was in a critical situation, forced to do this!

Of course, perhaps it could also be said that this was the release after being suppressed to the limit. A massive power emerged from within his body. A creature rose up behind him, roaring with him.

Great yin, great yang, these two power attributes opposed each other, yet they appeared within a single body, tremendous beyond comparison, making Shi Hao’s fighting strength surge!

This was an irregular change when a type of precious technique reached the extreme!

For example, the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, it changed during the slaughter, allowing Shi Hao’s comprehension to reach the real meaning. He comprehended the lightning pool, power increasing many times.

Now, the Kun Peng Technique transformed, pushed to the pinnacle while in a state of despair, its true meaning also comprehended by Shi Hao, grasping the ultimate profound meanings.

Behind him, a divine Peng spread its wings and soared into the heavens, standing in the darkness. Golden patterns covered its body densely, black and gold divine light interweaving, devouring heaven and earth.


Shi Hao erupted with power, releasing a great roar, brandishing fist imprints, displaying power at the very pinnacle, using the divine might of great yin and great yang!

He attacked the emperor races, challenging the enemies around him!

Only, there were just too many enemies, tremendous power crashing down like stars one after another. Even someone as powerful as him, body resembling an imperishable golden body, right now still cracked apart.

“Still not enough, how can one dare to compete against emperor races?” Someone said coldly. There were more than one emperor race here, and they were even working together, it really was impossible to win.

This was a group of people!

Blood flowed from the surface of Shi Hao’s body, his bones even rumbling.

He released a long roar, a mouthful of blood essence spraying out from his mouth, golden light and dark light rushing out from his body, merging there. Great yang and great yin formed a diagram, combining, and then blasting forward.

The power increased rapidly, this diagram faced the foreign enemies. This was the embodiment of the Kun Peng Method evolved to the peak. He gained a flash of realization here.


This diagram blasted forward. A world-shaking explosion erupted there. After great yin and great yang collided, the power that was produced was incomparable.


Shi Hao flew outwards, still coughing out blood, body in tatters, on the verge of collapse. However, he didn’t die, still persevering.

No one laughed at him, all of them facing him seriously. They originally thought that he would be suppressed and killed, that he would undoubtedly die after the emperor races joined hands, but this time, he still didn’t die.

This was enough to leave others in shock just by itself, all of them stunned.

Lightning Emperor and Kun Peng’s true essence had all been obtained by Shi Hao, if he was able to live through this, able to calmly study them a bit more, his benefits would be unimaginable.

Unfortunately, he was only one person. Even if he obtained the true essence, he still couldn’t face a group of emperor race youth alone, he was still going to die in the end!

“What methods do you still have? If you don’t have anymore, then you’ll be buried here!” An Emperor Clan woman said coldly and ruthlessly. Her graceful body moved, taking the lead in attacking.

Shi Hao remained quiet, not as violent as before.

Even if he obtained the true essence of two types of unmatched precious techniques, it still wasn’t enough. Facing them one on one was fine, but fighting a group of extraordinary creatures would still result in death.

At this moment, his body released a weak light, releasing green multicolored light. A willow tree appeared behind him, taking root in the void. Its branches fell, green like jade.


Shi Hao released a shout. The green willow branches turned into a light golden color. As he brandished his fist, tens of thousands of willow branches extended, rushing forward.


Immediately afterwards, this willow tree quietly moved, piercing through the universe, all of the branches were terrifying beyond compare, extending towards every one of the emperor race individuals!

Moreover, under the joint suppression of the Emperor Clans, this tree’s aura became increasingly exuberant, reaching the pinnacle. Then, it erupted with power, releasing endless primordial essence energy.


The great universe trembled. At this moment, the mists turned into clouds, carrying unimaginable innate chaotic energy, wrapping around Shi Hao, accompanying him as he charged viciously.

The willow tree in heaven and earth primal chaos, its precious technique evolved, now returning to the primitive, tracing back to its source, some of Willow Deity’s mysteries now visible.

From a certain perspective, Shi Hao also saw the true essence of this type of precious technique, grasping its highest profound meanings!

In the same day, he grasped the highest true essence of three types of precious techniques at the same time, all of them forced out while fighting at the brink of life and death, comprehending the true meaning.


A wave of primitive essence energy accompanied Shi Hao, following him as he collided with those emperor races.

This place was incomparably resplendent, extremely dazzling. Shi Hao still couldn’t defeat his enemies, his entire body flying out diagonally, vomiting large mouthfuls of blood, body almost breaking apart.

He made it through another exchange.

In the distance, everyone was shaken, great waves stirring within their minds. He actually resisted another fatal blow!

“Willow tree, it is that creature, you obtained its inheritance!” An emperor race youth said. Even though it was produced by heavenly tribulation, he still revealed a look of shock.

This great tribulation engraved too many true matters!

It was clear that Willow Deity possessed extraordinary fame in the foreign side.

It was to the extent where not even the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths knew of it.

After all, this great era was a different one, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths had previously been completely wiped out, all experts buried, causing many things, many secrets to be buried, not knowing as much as the other side!

“In the end, it still isn’t my own method, not me who took the path first!” Shi Hao said with a light sigh.

These methods, after obtaining a type of true essence, they could all be considered unmatched divine abilities, able to overlook the world, show disdain for the masses, but if one wanted to use them to face a group of emperor races, it was still not enough.

In reality, no one believed that someone could rely on their strength alone to challenge the joint attacks of emperor race youth.

“What do I have left?” Shi Hao asked himself. When he saw those people walk over, stepping on their respective great golden path, he released a light sigh. Could it be that he really was going to fall? This really was hard to accept.

“Kill!” His palms shone. Even if he was going to die, he was going to die in battle here.

He operated the True Primordial Record, at the same time used Imperishable Scripture, fighting fiercely with the emperor races.



The noises were deafening. Bloody light shone. No matter how strong Shi Hao was, when faced with peerless creatures’ unmatched ancestral methods, he alone was still not enough. His body broke apart, blood scattering everywhere.

In the intense confrontation, his body was blasted apart, his head flying far into the distance.


Willow branches shot out one after another, wrapping around his ruined body. He used the Willow Deity Method to seize his body, reassembling himself, making his injuries heal.

This was an extremely miserable scene. To reach this step could be considered unprecedented as well, actually enduring these types of opponents and torment.

“What methods do you still have?” An emperor race youth asked. They were going to deal the finishing blow now.

“I have to have my own path, have my own method…” Shi Hao said to himself. He stood up, entire body covered in blood, even his hair was dripping wet.

He had many injuries, right now looking like shattered pottery, as if just a light touch would shatter his body.

A grand final stand!

Many people sighed inwardly. It was not easy for Huang to reach this stage, it truly was hard to persevere forward, destined to fall here.

“My path, my method, is still a bit far. It isn’t time to take that step yet, but I have to give it a try!” Shi Hao’s eyes shone again, starting to burn like two torches.

Back then, he already began to feel out a path. His single heavenly passage condensed within his body, turning into an extreme point in his abdomen, and then it erupted, splitting the heaven and earth, plundering the limitless treasury within his body.

Only, this was still extremely rough, not detailed enough. However, now that he was forced to this extent, he had to give every method a try!

“What kind of time is it already, yet you still want to establish your own path, who do you think you are? Do you really think you are a reincarnated Immortal King?”

In the distance, Wang Xi’s grandfather really couldn’t hold himself back, inwardly ridiculing him. Even though his voice was extremely soft, there were still some people who heard this. They couldn’t help but glare at him angrily.

“Present world methods, Immortal Ancient methods, my rough method, all of it, merge together, combine systems!” Shi Hao roared out.

He had a path within him, right now, the mists gradually scattered. He saw some things clearly, and now, he was going to put it into action!

During these years, he used his body as a seed, always searching for secrets within himself. He saw gates one after another, all of them concentrated in his flesh, within his bones. 

Since every inch of his flesh carried endless precious deposits, why was there a need to cultivate bone texts and other things? Why didn’t he just search within his own body? This was the method he wanted to try!

Meanwhile, after much research and pondering, the number of gates he saw became greater in number, as if the gathering point of power was waiting to explode and be unleashed!

Of course, this was an enlightenment he only obtained after using his body as a seed, only when he truly did this was he able to clearly see those gates’ distinct arrangement.


At this moment, Shi Hao moved. His single heavenly passage appeared, surrounding himself, becoming incomparably resplendent like a divine ring.

This left the Nine Heavens’ cultivators shocked. This was the extreme of the present world methods, they had heard that Shi Hao was the first one to achieve this, merging ten heavenly passages into one. Now, they saw it with their own eyes.

The foreign emperor races were also shocked. They stared at him, choosing to form imprints, wishing to wipe him out.

However, what was completely unexpected was that the single heavenly passage shrunk, not trying to carry out defense, but instead entering his abdomen, forming an extreme point, ready to explode at any moment!

This was different from the tests before, but rather a full-on explosion, a single mistake resulting in the destruction of body and spirit, exploding to pieces.

“Kun Peng Technique!” Shi Hao roared.

Great Yin and Great Yang appeared, wrapping together, forming a yin yang diagram.

“Lightning Emperor Technique!” 

Lightning tribulation appeared, representing destruction, but also giving birth to new life. That was a lightning pool, representing destructive power itself, but there was lightning tribulation liquid inside, signifying hope.


The lightning pool shrunk, becoming a single point. It entered the yin yang diagram, lightning tribulation liquid coming out, entering the yin yang diagram. They became the two extreme points of life and death.

“Willow Deity Technique!”

Shi Hao roared out. A mouthful of chaotic energy gushed out, turning into something similar to willow branches, and then entered the yin yang divine diagram, becoming the dividing line of the Great Yin and Great Yang.


At this moment, after this divine diagram formed, it also rushed into his abdomen, continuously shrinking, merging with the single heavenly passage extreme point, becoming one.

All of this was for the sake of escorting this process, to prevent him from truly blasting himself to pieces!

The diagram just now looked simple, but it contained the Kun Peng Technique, Lightning Emperor Technique, and Willow Deity Technique, formed from regulations and order, mixing with a heavenly passage, entering his abdomen, carrying unmatched profound mysteries and secret power.

However, this was still not enough!

Shi Hao released a light shout, transferring the most precious three streaks of scattered immortal energy within him, displaying the Immortal Ancient scripture, surrounding his abdomen, protecting near all of the gates by his abdomen, making this place white and hazy, as if he was in an immortal realm!

Immortal Ancient method, present world method, everything was used. Shi Hao raised his head and roared, “Open, my path, my own technique!”

He was going to blow up this place, open up all of the gates, step on a path he forged himself. Shi Hao’s voice was resounding as he said, “The first step, I will call it Sea of Reincarnation!”

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