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Chapter 1411 - Establishing a Legend

Shi Hao’s body moved back and forth. He walked onto a bridge, lightning everywhere, arriving in the Nine Heavens. He slaughtered his way here from the Ten Earths!

This was a type of magnificent feat. The enemy army was endless, boundless without borders, no end in sight. Meanwhile, he crashed his way through just like this, slaughtering his way over!

Only, after he came here, it became even more dangerous!

There was already a great battle happening here, shouts of war shaking the skies. Shi Hao charged straight in, equivalent to participating in the battle. There were immediately many creatures who targeted him.

The foreign cultivators threw themselves over, attacking crazily, not holding back at all, to the extent where they gave up on their original opponents, starting to surround and pursue him!

The ancient people were at a disadvantage, powerless to provide him with help. No one could come over to help him, Shi Hao’s situation dire, to the extent where it was even more dangerous than when he was in the Ten Earths. It was because the overall strength of the creatures of the Nine Heavens was a bit higher!

Shi Hao had no choice, he could only fight a bloody battle. At this point, how could he turn back? He couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to. The lightning tribulation wouldn’t disappear, he either succeeded and made his way through, or he would be hacked to death!

Moreover, this type of great tribulation was something outsiders couldn’t help with even if they wanted to, there was simply no way to interfere. The lightning tribulation couldn’t be avoided.

“Protect our wives, children, and elders, die!”

“Protect my mountains and rivers! Even if my hot blood is shed, I will take you all down with me!”

The ancient people roared out, rushing over, not fearing death. Every one of them, even if their heads fell to the ground, their bodies still moved forward, brandishing the heavenly spears and other weapons in their hands.

Shi Hao was moved, feeling as if he returned to that era of despair, struggling while in desperate straits. They rose up vigorously in this final battle, fighting while drenched in blood before Immortal Ancient’s destruction!

“Come, foreign devils, today, I am going to kill until I’m satisfied!” Shi Hao roared out, not sure if this was lightning tribulation or a dream back to Immortal Ancient, fighting with everything he had.


A silver armored king threw himself over, in his hands a Heavenart Halberd, seated on a vicious beast. He was incredibly powerful, rushing straight over.

That mount was extremely large, looking like a demonic mountain. It carried this person, roaring as it charged over, trampling on the void until it rumbled with noise, the surrounding creatures all moving out of its way.

“You belong to me, I will take you as a servant!” The King Clan cultivator in silver armor roared out. He was in the Self Severing Realm.

This left everyone shocked. It was as if this was real, he was conversing with Shi Hao! This lightning creature was more terrifying than the ones in the Ten Earths, extremely strange.

“What is so special about a king race? It’s not like I haven’t killed them before!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. With a qiang noise, a long blade appeared in his hands. It was thick and powerful, blade bright as snow.

This was produced from lightning. He operated the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, producing this type of weapon.

“Then just die!” That silver armored king roared, controlling his mount. It trampled down towards Shi Hao’s body, the Heavenart Halberd in his hands hacking over.

Shi Hao released a great roar. The long blade in his hands was dazzling white like a starry river, producing resplendent divine light, going against the heavens, facing the halberd.


The noise was ear-splitting, the snow-white long blade smashing into the Heavenart Halberd. Terrifying radiance erupted, exploding there, as if stars exploded, lighting up the dark starry region.

Energy wreaked havoc, roaring past.

“You can just die!” That foreign king roared out, as if he had a spirit, able to communicate. He possessed a mind of his own, killing intent overflowing into the heavens.

“Kill!” Shi Hao also released a short shout, attacking fiercely.

The two fought each other, immediately tangling together. This was a commander, in charge of many people in this region, his strength extremely powerful, boldness unmatched.

Shi Hao used all of his methods, exchanging over a thousand moves with him, yet was unexpectedly unable to decide victory or defeat.

“Who is that human, where did he come from, why is he this powerful? How could he face a Self Severing Realm king race with the power of the Void Dao Realm!”

“This is but a pure-blooded king race in the Self Severing Realm, not a branch of the king race with some of the blood, yet he is actually being stopped!”

There were some creatures whose voices sounded between lightning, making Shi Hao truly suspect whether this was facing lightning tribulation or if time-space was in disorder, bringing him back to that doomsday battlefield.

He didn’t have a choice. There was no need for doubt, he could only fight, fight the bloody battle to its end!

“Exterminate!” The silver-armored king on the mount roared, displaying his ancestral method, linking up the heavens and moving the earth, silver light surrounding this place. One could see large amounts of creatures turning into silver, becoming a silver color, flesh forever solid, unable to move anymore.

The nearby creatures all became metal sculptures, their life force severed. The foreign creatures were unaffected.

Shi Hao was naturally in danger, feeling his body becoming rigid. Silver radiance flickered, about to turn him into metal as well, forever sever his life force.

“Break for me!” Shi Hao roared. He supported his single heavenly passage, the divine light in his body burning, erupting from within him.


The silver radiance was ignited, the surroundings exploding, unable to corrode him!


Shi Hao roared out, the dazzling long blade in his hands turning into a streak of light, going against the heavens, hacking forward. He used all of his strength, mixing several types of precious techniques within. 


Blade radiance rushed into the heavens, severing the sky dome. It was too terrifying!

“Kill!” The foreign king also roared out, man and mount becoming one. That mount roared out, entire body shining, also activating its great killing method.


The dazzling long blade was shocking, power extremely great. This blade hacked apart that mount’s ancestral method, cutting apart the screen of light, slicing into its body. It roared out angrily, releasing a mournful sound, blood gushing out with a pu sound.


The war beast roared angrily, but it was still useless, its entire body hacked apart, divided into two corpses!


At the same time, the snow-white long blade in Shi Hao’s hands also cut into the Heavenart Halberd, divine force surging crazily. Shi Hao used the True Primordial Record, Imperishable Scripture, and all different types of methods.


The great halberd broke apart, but the long blade’s power didn’t decrease at all. With a pu sound, it cut through this person’s body protecting divine light, cutting into his forehead.

Blood immediately splashed high into the air. The space between this person’s brows split apart, the crack continuing downwards until his entire body was cleaved in half, and then he exploded.

This was the power of a single attack from Shi Hao, forcibly cleaving a commander and mount in half, killing them on the spot!


Lightning radiance shone in ten thousand streaks, scorching Shi Hao black. His flesh broke apart, blood flowing out, the injuries created by the lightning transformed from that king race commander not light.

After this battle ended, Shi Hao continued forward.

This path was filled with blood, filled with bloody battles. He continued without stopping to rest, forging straight ahead.

Only, from what he could see, this path was extremely miserable.

Shi Hao charged forward, passing many places. There were villages and giant cities, battles taking place everywhere, the world enveloped in the flames of war.

“Stop! Let go! Let go of me!”

In a small village in the distance, a young man was struggling. He was picked up by a foreign cultivator, and then flung violently onto the ground, killed just like that.

“I am going to fight you to the death!” A village woman’s eyes became red, crying as she threw herself forward.


A streak of cold light flashed past. That creature’s expression was incredibly cold, removing her head without even the slightest bit of emotion.

“Mother!” A young girl screamed out, forgetting to even cry. Her eyes were widened, filled with fear.

That creature reached out its feet, stepping down, turning her into a blast of blood, dying miserably on the spot.

“Savage brute, hand over your life!” An elder’s eyes were shedding blood, roaring loudly. A blade swung over, hacking forward.


The long blade broke. The elder was struck until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and then that creature wrung his neck, ending his life.

Shi Hao saw everything clearly from the distance, his eyes feeling like they were going to crack apart.

At the same time, he really was confused why everything in this heavenly tribulation was this lively, with these types of scenes. It was as if they really were happening, making him can’t help but erupt with anger.

He suspected that these were most likely things that happened before, the scenery of the battle of the last phase, the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all buried in that war.

This village, as well as places that were even further, were all on fire, crying sounds everywhere. It was because there were many foreign creatures in this place, unleashing slaughter here.

Shi Hao walked forward, attacking furiously. He held a war blade in his hands, brandishing it angrily. With a pu sound, the head of the indiscriminate murderer was removed, and it also exploded from this blow.

Shi Hao turned into a demonic god, attacking crazily here, one attack per enemy, wiping out several hundred foreign creatures.

This was a blood filled world, every place filled with weeping and sounds of killing. Shi Hao couldn’t bear to look at these places, for example, the tribes, cities, and others, simply as if he was watching hell on earth.

In the end, he slaughtered his way into the great wilderness, not willing to watch these things anymore.

This was lightning tribulation, so even if he took action, he couldn’t change history. Meanwhile, he wasn’t willing to see those scenes again.

“Something’s not right, why is the city I just saw like that of the present world? Could it be…” Shi Hao broke out into a cold shiver.

Didn’t this happen before? Could it be that this tragedy was destined to play out in this world?

“Kill!” He roared angrily towards the heavens, rushing forward.

In the great wilderness, there were many foreign creatures as well, for example, right now, there were thousands upon thousands of silver centipedes, all of them with silver-colored fiendish wings, covering heaven and earth as they dove towards him.

The killing was endless, death everywhere!

Shi Hao encountered great trouble. The centipedes were all three foot or greater in length. They continuously dove down, spraying out lightning from their mouths, fighting against him.

Moreover, these centipedes were like arrows, extremely sturdy. They left many wounds on his body, piercing through him.

It was because there were just too many centipedes, hundreds of thousands of them in total, perhaps even over a million, drowning him within, impossible to completely defend against, leaving him mentally and physically drained.

Finally, he slaughtered his way out, dragging his weary body from this heaven, entering a higher level.

This was a type of struggle, a type of bloody battle fought with one’s life on the line. The road was too difficult, he almost died several times, but in the end tenaciously stood up again.

Time flowed on. Everyone outside the heavenly tribulation were holding their breath, feeling as if they were watching a legend playing out. A person could actually reach this step while facing tribulation, continuously ascending six great heavens!

In many people’s eyes, Huang should have died a long time ago, yet he actually pressed forward, still struggling and advancing!

Even though he was covered in wounds, flesh crushed into a bloody paste, white bone even visible in some areas, body charred black, he still didn’t give up.

“Seventh great heaven!”

“Eighth great heaven!”


Everyone was counting. They discovered with shock that he was already about to drag his dying body towards the final great heaven.

“He entered, he… ascended into the ninth great heaven!”

“Huang, is he going to compose a legend of legends? He could make it through even this type of heavenly tribulation, charge through?”

“This type of great tribulation definitely exceeds all heavenly tribulations in this cultivation realm, yet he is actually going to succeed!”

“This is completely unprecedented, no one ever accomplishing such a thing!”

Many youngsters were watching the battle, feeling as if they were experiencing this trial themselves. They couldn’t help but cry out loudly.

“After crossing this tribulation, Huang will obtain tremendous benefits!” A few people already began to think to themselves, wondering just what kind of great natural luck Shi Hao would obtain.

“Huang is currently composing an unequalled miracle!” Someone couldn’t help but say with a sigh!

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