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Chapter 1410 - Slaughtering Into the Nine Heavens

Aohou… A great roar sounded. A lion-bodied human-faced monster rushed over, its entire body releasing golden light. It became faster and faster, exceeding other creatures.


In the end, it turned into a streak of golden lightning, cutting a thousand li through the air. A large claw slapped down, golden light surging endlessly, blasting the void apart. Black cracks extended outwards, the scene terrifying.

A dang noise sounded. Shi Hao faced it bare-handedly. A deafening noise erupted from the two, as if metal was colliding, sparks flying in all directions.

“Kill!” Shi Hao released a low shout, rising up, avoiding the other creatures and attacking this monster.


The lion-bodied human-faced monster was too fast, exceeding many people’s imaginations. It instantly rushed into the distance, a single jump taking it over a thousand li, simply impossible to catch up to.

This was the speed of lightning.


Immediately afterwards, it rushed over again, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, golden light rushing out in ten thousand streaks, blazing light endless, too resplendent. It was as if a giant divine lord was attacking.

This was, without a doubt, the leader of this region. It commanded a great army, crawling back up on the mountain of corpses, blood, and bones to attack Shi Hao.


At the same time, many foreign creatures on the ground released great cries, their voices shaking heaven and earth, shouts of killing echoing through the world, the universe itself even greatly trembling!

Ao… The lion-bodied human-faced creature attacked, the first one to throw itself at Shi Hao again, a leap taking it a thousand li, speed too fast.

“Die!” At this moment, Shi Hao’s eyes also widened, deciding that he was going to kill it in one strike. He used his most powerful methods, or else the path later on would be even more difficult.

It was because judging from the situation, it seemed like he had to move through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, this was just the beginning!

His fists shone, gathering power, using everything he knew. Bone texts erupted, concentrating and interweaving on his fist. He used his own innate supreme being precious technique, Heaven’s Light!


This fist smashed out, heaven and earth losing color, wind and clouds exploding and scattering. It was just too shocking, as if a comet suddenly erupted here.

That resplendent light illuminated the sky dome, also shining to the point where the faces of the young cultivators watching turned pale. They were deeply shocked, just how terrifying was Huang’s fighting strength!

The power displayed by this fist was too domineering, even if a Self Severing Realm cultivator went up, they would still be blown to pieces, right? They might very well die from this single hit!

Now, Shi Hao’s power had already completely changed. After cultivating in seclusion for many years, refining his own talent, using the body as a seed, his strength shot up drastically. At the same time, his understanding towards his own innate precious techniques became even deeper, exceeding his past dao achievements!

His fist was like a small golden sun, dazzling, simply impossible to look straight at.


The lion-bodied human-faced monster roared. It faced Shi Hao’s fist, brandishing its great golden claws, moreover opening its bloody mouth, going all out.

Moreover, in his surroundings, other creatures rushed over, all of them raising weapons, attacking at Shi Hao together.


Shi Hao’s fist broke the golden monster’s great claw, moreover smashing straight into its bloody mouth, smashing its head apart.


The monster released an angry roar, quickly backing up. However, it was too hard for it to stop its head’s injury. In the end, with a kacha sound, it completely exploded to pieces.

At the most crucial juncture, the monster threw itself over, crossing a thousand li, directly turning into a golden streak of lightning. It was incredibly thick, hacking towards Shi Hao.

Thunder rumbled, lightning interweaved, their power astonishing, but all of it was scattered by Shi Hao.

These creatures not only possessed true strength, because they were formed from lightning, when they were defeated, they would turn into lightning tribulation, equivalent to being able to carry out an attack a second time!

The golden monster was extremely strong, deserved to be called a leader, but it was still killed!

“Kill!” Human figures were everywhere, vast and boundless. There were foreign creatures all about, all of them rushing over murderously while raising weapons.

Black iron spears, dazzling white long blades, scarlet sharp swords, war halberds dripping with blood…

Cold metallic radiance flickered, killing energy overflowing into the heavens. This was a huge army of thousands, all of them rushing over together. Their speeds were too fast, impossible to hide from. It was because all of them were formed from lightning.

“Kill!” Shi Hao roared loudly. He began to go all out, his palms shining, a golden pike appearing in his hands, condensed from divine force, incomparably resplendent. He slaughtered his way forward.


Just a single strike pierced through several extremely strong creatures. The spear erupted with radiance, crushing their weapons, piercing through the skies!


Lightning interweaved, several people exploding, electric light shooting in thousands of streaks, blasting Shi Hao’s body, directly received by him.

“Charge!” Countless creatures charged forward fearlessly.

Shi Hao’s eyes and eyebrows stood vertically, starting to brandish the spear. The weapon enlarged, becoming like a mountain ridge, sweeping in all directions. Lightning erupted, killing intent overflowing into the heavens!


Blood splashed in all directions, many creatures screaming miserably, swept through by the giant golden pike. Bones broke, muscles severed, all of them exploding to pieces, turning into bloody paste, and then into electrical light.

This was a massacre. Shi Hao displayed divine might, fighting a great battle here, battling the foreign creatures fiercely. Dismembered limbs immediately flew out, blood dyeing the skies red.

This was especially the case when he saw the corpses of cultivators from the Nine Heavens everywhere, making his fighting spirit become even more ferocious.

Even though it was only lightning tribulation, he still treated it like a true battle. He felt anger, his head raised to the sky, releasing a roar. A war spear was held in his hands, angrily stabbing in all directions, fighting with everything he had.

Shi Hao was valiant and fearless, but the enemy army really was too large, more appearing the more he killed, seemingly endless, stretching as far as he could see, enemy troops filling the mountains and rivers.

Shi Hao killed until his eyes turned red, fighting a bloody battle here.

However, no matter how strong one was, there was no way they could handle this many enemies. It was as if he was submerged in a sea, surrounded by the foreign soldiers, the battles relentless, the reeking of blood assailing the senses.


Lightning erupted streak after streak, whenever an expert was killed, there would always be a streak of lightning hacking over, blasting his body.

“This… is too terrifying!” All of the spectating youngsters were horrified. They never expected this heavenly tribulation to be this freakish, this frightening.

There was simply no path of life! It was just the beginning, yet it was already this intense. How was he supposed to make it through the rest?

One had to understand that the ‘Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ existed here. He had just begun, just ascending the three thousand provinces, the path to come was still extremely long!

“How could there be this type of heavenly tribulation? There’s not even any hope of survival at all, simply a trial of death!” A few people sighed softly.

No hope could be seen in this type of heavenly tribulation, only despair!

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths were filled with despair. To challenge everything alone, just how helpless and powerless of a matter was this? One would feel a deep helplessness and despair.

Shi Hao charged forward, advancing towards the center of this continent. Soon afterwards, he fought until his entire body was covered in blood, battle clothes in tatters, even hair drenched in blood.

For a lightning tribulation to reach this step, it can be considered unrivalled under the heavens. To target a cultivator like this, release this type of disaster, it really was terrifying.

“The number one tribulation since ancient times shouldn’t be more terrifying than this!” Someone said quietly, feeling that Shi Hao might die. This type of tribulation couldn’t be crossed at all.

“You’re wrong. This can most likely be considered an unprecedented heavenly tribulation. In this cultivation realm, there shouldn’t be anything more powerful than this.” Someone said with a sigh.

It was because in this era without heavenly tribulation, guiding tribulation down on oneself would make its power increase drastically. The heavenly tribulation would increase several fold, inevitably destroy the cultivator in one move, using this as the reply to those who proactively challenged it!

This was the most powerful heavenly tribulation to begin with, now with this type of added power, just how terrifying would it become? It could be called the most powerful of all of history, at the very least, unprecedented in this cultivation realm!

This was an extremely terrifying thing. Shi Hao slaughtered his way into the continent’s depths, wishing to head to the other continents from that place.

It was because between the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there were lightning bridges that connected them. He could only forge ahead step by step, and couldn’t directly rush into the sky. There was a terrifying power stopping him from doing so.

This meant that he had to slaughter his way over, make his way through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths one after another, unable to skip a single one!

Only, when he fought to this step, the first continent, which was also the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, before he even made it through, Shi Hao was already staggering about, entire body covered in injuries, blood dripping from his body.

There was a war spear that stabbed into his body, as well as several dozen arrows, and there was even a long blade that was embedded in his shoulder… it was an appalling sight, his injuries too serious.

The most terrifying thing was that these weapons were all lightning, possibly exploding!

“Break for me!” Shi Hao roared.

Lightning radiance erupted from his entire body. He operated the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, stirring on lightning, forcefully expelling these weapons, make them explode outside his body.

This was incredible fortune after misfortune. If they had exploded while inside his body, the consequences would be too horrible to think about.

Finally, Shi Hao encountered a creature that was especially strong, a creature with some King Clan bloodline, the highest leader of this place. With a roar, he slaughtered his way over.

This creature was in the Self Severing Realm, scarlet hair flying about, eyes like copper, body massive. Brandishing a scarlet bone mace in its hands, its boldness unmatched!

“A Self Severing Realm King Clan individual appeared! This is too freakish, there’s no way he can survive!” Many people’s expressions changed.

How was one even supposed to contend against this? The heavenly tribulation was too ferocious, impossible to face.

Shi Hao didn’t feel discouraged at all, his eyes were like lightning, flickering with divine light. He slaughtered his way forward, holding a lightning weapon in hand.

This was a battle of life and death, blood soaking through his battle clothes! Shi Hao fought with his utmost, couldn’t hold back. He fought a bloody battle with this king, and at the same time had to face the enemies in all directions, fight their great army.

This scene shocked many people. It was bitter, and it was also inspiring! It was because Shi Hao charged through the giant army alone, slaughtering from the east to the west, and then from the west back to the east. There were countless corpses under his feet, as if he was harvesting wheat, falling one after another. Blood flowed like rivers.

They thought about how the ancient people were wiped out, massacred in the last great era, their side unable to defeat the creatures of the other side. They then saw this scene, the blood of the young cultivators watching also surging, surging with fighting spirit.

He finally made it through!

Shi Hao slaughtered his way out from this area, personally removing that king’s head. Even though there were weapons stabbed all over his body, he succeeded.

“He killed his way through, making it through the most crucial step!” Someone said with a sigh.

Shi Hao staggered forward, his body’s injuries too serious, already in tatters, full of cuts and holes. There were many areas that were scorched black too, blood soaking through his tattered battle clothes.

He passed through the lightning bridge, arriving on the second continent, walking while treating his wounds.


However, there were too many enemies, the giant army not giving him any time to rest. When they saw him, they directly surrounded him, attacking him fiercely.

Shi Hao entered a new battlefield, risking life and limb. There was no path of retreat now, he could only fight his way through. Or else what awaited him was only death, his body blasted to ashes!

He fought bloodily the entire time, slaughtering his way over. Along the way, Shi Hao fell several times, many people thought that he died, but he would crawl up again, and then continue forward.

Just like that, he passed through trial after trial, actually making it through the Ten Earths.

“This…” Many people were stupefied, almost not daring to believe what was happening.

It was because when it was most serious, lightning turned into a weapon, stabbed into Shi Hao’s body, and then it exploded, almost blasting his body rotten.

“Succeeded! He made it through the Ten Earths, ascended into the Nine Heavens!” Someone cried out.

This was a cheer, making everyone snap back to reality. When they saw that exhausted, wounded body, they were shocked, feeling that this was inconceivable.

After bleeding, fighting this entire time, Shi Hao slaughtered his way into the Nine Heavens!

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