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Chapter 1412 - Final Layer of Heaven

Shi Hao was extremely tired. Even a body as tough as his, comparable to divine gold, was now incredibly tattered, entire body covered in blood, bone exposed in some areas.

Apart from this, his body had many lightning strike traces, scorched black and dried-up. There was even a large hole in his chest that went straight out his back, bits of electrical arcs spilling out from it.

It was extremely miserable. He rushed through eight great heavens, paying a tremendous price to do so. He faced too many enemies along the way, all of them extremely strong. He slaughtered his way through an endless army.

No matter how strong one was, it would still be difficult for them to have the might to sweep through all enemies in the heavens. The opponents were everywhere, the killing neverending. When there were enough ants, an elephant could be bitten to death, let alone right now where he was facing the foreign side’s warlike races.

The bridge withdrew. Lightning radiance flickered about. Shi Hao stood on the ninth great heaven, on the verge of collapse, truly a bit unable to continue. He didn’t know if he could still fight or not.

In the distance, magical artifacts rushed up one after another, colliding in the sky dome, releasing dazzling sparks, as if stars were colliding one after another, and then exploding.

“This world will be destroyed, it will happen today!” A creature roared out, the fluctuations making one’s soul tremble.

Then, Shi Hao saw a large black hand move through the heavens, immediately cover the entire sky dome. Not only did many precious artifacts explode, the moon, stars, and other things entered that palm as well, also crushed.

This scene was too shocking.

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted, staring there.

Outside the heavenly tribulation, all of the young cultivators saw this scene, every one of them sucking in cold air. This… exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was the power of the undying!

This was definitely a move from individuals on that level. This heavenly tribulation really was too strange. When this type of great disaster descended, who could make it through?

Could it be that Huang had to face this type of great calamity?

Right now, forget about others, even Jin Zhan’s grandfather felt a bit of sympathy for Shi Hao. “If that type of power really is encountered, one can only die without a complete corpse!”

“That youngster believes himself to be infallible, how can heavenly tribulation be that easy to cross? Spontaneously incurring tribulation, this isn’t something anyone could get through unscathed, even a peerless genius has a chance of falling!” Wang Xi’s grandfather said with a cold laugh.

“A heavenly tribulation ought to correspond to one’s cultivation realm!” In the distance, Ten Crown King stared at the lightning radiance, looking at the incomparable heavenly tribulation, saying this to himself.

Even if it was guided down by oneself, triggering the lightning, it still shouldn’t be this crazy, definitely couldn't cross several great cultivation realms in an instant. If that happened, what path of life was there to speak of?

Heavenly tribulation, was destruction, as well as a trial, but also hope, even more so a type of new life.

There was a gleam of hope in despair, newfound power birthed from destruction. Once one made it through, the benefits would be numerous, equivalent to a rebirth.

Those who made it through would be equivalent to experiencing a transformation, experiencing a refinement, further strengthening oneself!

“The undying won’t take action!” Someone said.

In the Nine Heavens above, blades shone and sword shadows flashed about. There were even more creatures here, blood covering the world, corpses laying in disarray, the scene even more desperate.

However, unexpectedly, when Shi Hao arrived, there were momentarily no creatures who went after him, this place extremely peaceful.

In the distance, shouts of war rushed into the heavens, sword energy weaving about, some instantly rushing out tens of thousands of li. This was a confrontation between experts at the peak, intense beyond imagination.


A heaven overturning imprint descended, sparkling and gentle like jade. In the end, it quickly enlarged, directly smashing hundreds of thousands of li of great earth in, leaving those who saw this stupefied, their bodies going cold.

Then, a silver spear flew over, impaling an extremely powerful creature, an expert that belonged to the Nine Heavens’ side. The silver spear’s might didn’t fade in the slightest, after it pierced that creature, it smashed through a star in the heavens beyond, and only then did it explode.

The expert that belonged to the Nine Heavens side was originally extremely strong, still struggling, but the instant that great star exploded, he was also set aflame, nailed down and killed!

These scenes were shocking, the battles in the nine heavens above were too terrifying.

Shi Hao released a light sigh. He himself also thought that the heavenly tribulation should correspond to him, one realm higher should already be the limit, the creatures that appeared shouldn’t be too ridiculous. Even if he could see a supreme figure take action in the distance, it should still be far away from him, shouldn’t affect him. However now, with these types of dangerous figures right there, it wouldn’t be strange even if he truly encountered them.

Could it be that this really was a path of death?

He silently watched everything. When he saw that there were still no creatures who slaughtered their way over, leaving him alone, he decisively sat down to treat his injuries.

It was because his condition was extremely terrible, body in tatters, flesh dried-up, even some of his bones broken, his body in an extremely bad condition.

The main thing was that this was a path of blood, encountering too many experts. There was no way he could charge through without paying the price!

It could be said that even if a Self Severing Realm cultivator faced this tribulation, he would still most likely also die. This heavenly tribulation really was unimaginable.

A hazy light wrapped around Shi Hao, absorbing power from the lightning radiance, restoring his physical body.

The effects were extremely good!

Shi Hao couldn’t help but feel startled. This final heaven’s lightning tribulation contained unordinary things after all. It originally represented destruction, but it actually contained a thriving live force.

This was extremely effective. Shi Hao’s physical body was wrapped within this type of innate life energy, reborn in this world of destruction. His body was sparkling, gradually becoming whole, quickly recovering.

Within his body, broken bones sounded continuously, all of them connecting.


Shi Hao opened his eyes. While still seated in an unchanged posture, he quickly shifted several hundred zhang, evading a strike of inevitable death.

A streak of shining cold light flickered, a white gold divine sword. It was carried by a creature, after it was brandished, it almost struck him in the head.

Danger arrived. Above the nine great heavens, he was given a chance at first, allowing him to recover. Once he had combat strength again, enemies immediately appeared.

“There was a trace of opportunity for life after all. It will just depend on if he can make it through or not now.” Outside the heavenly tribulation, someone said quietly. When they saw that Shi Hao recovered his energy, they all knew that he had hope.

“Human, an annoying race, unbearably weak, yet when they are strong, they are extremely strange, not easy to appraise. Hand over your life!” That creature roared out.

A great battle erupted again. Moreover, the activity here disturbed this entire region. It was unknown just how many foreign enemies rushed over, blade energy like a sea, sword radiance rushing into the heavens.


Shi Hao released a low roar. He didn’t have a choice, he had to slaughter out a path of life, weave in and out as he attacked.

Soon afterwards, this place became a bloody mess, because too many creatures were killed. Shi Hao cut down a few especially powerful leaders, and then fought a bloody battle against the great army.

He held a long blade, wherever it passed, heads tumbled, continuously falling. There were bodies that were cleaved in two as well, those that were chopped in half at the waist even more so too many to count.


Streak after streak of lightning radiance exploded, reaching the heavens and shaking the earth!

Whenever these creatures fell, or when they suffered fatal damage, they would mostly turn into electrical light and explode, the scene horrifying to the extreme.


Suddenly, several streaks of undying light flew past the sky, interweaving with immortal radiance. It was extremely strange, even more so extremely terrifying!

Shi Hao’s body became rigid. He raised his head towards the sky. There were several powerful figures there, slaughtering their way into the depths of the stellar domain, and then disappearing.

“Hateful, he was given a chance after all, only a heavenly tribulation matching his cultivation realm. It isn’t a complete slaughter!” Wang Xi’s grandfather released a low roar outside the scene.

“This is too great!” The golden little ant, Cao Yusheng, and others released a breath of relief. Just now, they really felt sullen.

However, it wasn’t time to relax yet, because the true danger was definitely still to come.

Sure enough, the scene changed. The great army separated, several creatures walking over, every single one of them wearing silvery-white battle clothes, extremely heroic.

Apart from this, there were even more foreign soldiers who appeared, surrounding Shi Hao, fighting a bloody battle with him.

Right now, the creatures who belonged to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths didn’t retreat, rushing over.


Only, the creatures in the lead were too strong. One of them swept out with his halberd, directly hacking through the iron sword of a robust middle-aged man that rushed over. Then, the great halberd stabbed through his body, blood flying high up into the air.

“Little brother, I can see that your potential is extremely great. You should leave for now, leave behind some tinder in the Nine Heavens!” That middle-aged man shouted like this to Shi Hao before his death. Then, his body exploded.

“You…” Shi Hao’s sharp brows stood on end, looking at those foreign king races.

“Hurry and leave, there has to be some hope left behind. I saw that you slaughtered your way up from the Ten Earths, and then continuously charged through eight great heavens. This type of potential has to be left behind for the future to make sure our inheritances aren’t extinguished! There has to be some who can continue living!” Another elder shouted. He also rushed over while leading people, but in the end, they still weren’t a match.

With a pu sound, several heads fell, cut off by the terrifying great halberd.”

“Mutuo King, I am going to stake it all against you!” Someone shouted, stabbing outwards with the spear in his hands.


However, the result was still the same, that person dying on the spot.

This seemed so real, yet it was also like an illusion, making Shi Hao’s emotions surge greatly. Even though he knew that this was heavenly tribulation, he was still greatly affected!

“All of you can just go to hell!” Shi Hao roared angrily. He killed many of the foreign enemies that swarmed around him, and then rushed towards those silver-robed kings.


Behind Shi Hao appeared a pair of Kun Peng wings. When they moved, yin and yang energies swirled, smashing into chaotic energy. The long blade in his hands slashed outwards murderously as well.

This was a great battle that made him furious, making his blood boil. Shi Hao was truly angered, fighting against these kings.


Kun Peng spreads its wings, displaying its power. He blasted the great halberd aside, in the intense fighting, following a pu sound, a blade sliced off the Mutuo King’s head, a powerful foreign king race expert killed.

He fought risking life and limb, in the end killing all of those king races.

He was like a golden lion charging through a group of wolves, bathing in blood. There were enemies, but also people on his own side. He slaughtered in and out, unwittingly arriving at the heart of the Nine Heavens battlefield.

Suddenly, right at this time, streak after streak of golden light rushed over, forming a great golden path, arriving from all directions.


Shi Hao was seriously injured, moreover surrounded!

At this moment, the army completely withdrew, no longer attacking. Only those golden paths had people walk over, all of their expressions serious.

These great golden paths weren’t that many, arriving from different regions, all of them hurrying over from the limits of the horizon, their directions different, the clans they represented also different.

Every single great golden path had a creature, all of them extremely young, but extremely terrifying. Their appearances were accompanied by irregular phenomena, all of them promising and brilliant individuals!

There were some wrapped within chaotic energy, some whose bodies were resplendent like blazing suns, some supported by immortal energy, some who had heavenly text imprints engraved within their brows, releasing world-shaking sounds!

“Who are these people?” Outside the heavenly tribulation, many youngsters were shocked.

The ones who came were all young creatures, but they were clearly stronger than the king races, even making all of them back up.

Thus, the answer was already on the verge of coming out. Many people guessed that these were most likely those who didn’t appear in the world for endless years, the Emperor Clans that had remained secluded within tyrannical ancient lands!

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