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Chapter 1409 - Nine Heavens Ten Earths Tribulation

Has heavenly tribulation arrived?!

However, everyone was still a bit confused.

These were continents, one after another, dark and massive, vast and boundless, a savage and uncivilized aura surged outwards!

What was going on?

Everyone was shocked, stupefied. Wasn’t he going to guide down heavenly tribulation, why did so many continents silently appear, descend from the heavens? Every single one was extremely large, as if there was no limit to them.

“The tribulation process was hindered? Or is this to say that he wanted to guide down heavenly tribulation, but failed in the end?” Someone said quietly.

Even Wang Xi’s grandfather was staring at this, revealing a strange expression. “There was no heavenly tribulation that descended, what is this fella doing? Is he deliberately making things more confusing?!”

Regardless, everyone was still extremely shocked. Where did these continents come from? They were just too massive, majestic and limitless, no end in sight.

Quite a few people were confused. Where was the heavenly tribulation? With Huang’s aptitude, he could definitely guide down lightning tribulation, and it would be an extremely terrifying one. Why did this type of strange scene end up appearing?

“Yi, that continent… is a bit similar to the three thousand provinces, the shape extremely special, just that it was reduced greatly in size!” Someone said quietly.

The continent in the sky was extremely vast, but compared to the true three thousand provinces, there was still a great difference.

“En, that piece seems a bit familiar, like ‘Demon Burial Ground’, the shape the same. It really is strange!”

Demon Burial Ground, it stood side by side with the three thousand provinces, also one of the Ten Earths.

Everyone was stupefied, watching this carefully. They all came from different places, some ancient families even had maps of their own region with them.

As a result, someone cried out with alarm, saying, “These are the Ten Earths of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, every one of them identical, why are they appearing here?”

How could ten continents appear here?

Everyone immediately became stupefied, finding it hard to understand why this happened.

“It really is strange, what did this fella do? Why did he end up drawing these things over? Could this be an illusion?” Jin Zhan’s grandfather was incredibly shocked.

“This is precisely the heavenly tribulation!” Suddenly, Jin Zhan spoke up, his expression incomparably serious as he stared at that heavenly dome.

Wang Xi’s delicate body trembled. She stared into the sky with disbelief.

At the same time, everyone in the surroundings paled with fright. They all looked in that direction, every one of them stupefied, finding this hard to believe.

Didn’t heavenly tribulation have thunder shaking the heavens, lightning radiance flickering about? Why was it this quiet, deathly still, not a bit of sound to be heard?

Moreover, those were continents, all of them looking just that real, to the point where towering mountains could be seen, great rivers rushing forth, full of life force, all things growing.

How could all of this be heavenly tribulation?

“It definitely is!” Jin Zhan said quietly. It was because he had crossed a great tribulation, moreover a lightning tribulation ranked within the top three of history, corresponding to his cultivation level.

He was the most sensitive towards this type of aura, his fine hairs immediately standing on end. Others didn’t know, but he understood that the tribulation would definitely be terrifying beyond compare, that it was a tribulation tied to life or death.

Jin Zhan knew that this type of great tribulation would definitely be ranked within the top three lightning tribulations of their cultivation realm, without a doubt!

Only, this type of heavenly tribulation was too strange, actually not having any electrical radiance flickering about, no thunderous noises rumbling. It was just this quiet, as if it was an expanse of nothingness.

“The scenes of heaven and earth are all formed from lighting tribulation, condensed from lightning. The colors and other things are the same as that of the true world!” Someone said.

However, this still wasn’t enough to explain the strangeness of this tribulation, because the aura it released was also like this, few people able to sense that this was lightning, instead feeling like it was a real continent. It was just too similar.

“This is its most terrifying aspect. It seems to have life, evolving like this, transforming from the fake to the real, only, this is a rarely seen terrifying great heavenly tribulation!”

This was the consensus of the people here, there was no mistake. This tribulation even became this monstrous, so how could this be ordinary lightning?”

At this time, Jin Zhifei who took a divine pill, his body slowly growing back revived. He felt hatred and anger. Just now, the other party dealt with him with lightning, and now, he actually guided down such terrifying heavenly tribulation, it really was astonishing, making him feel a wave of powerlessness.

His condition was terrible, immortal blood lost after being burned, difficult to recover from. There wasn’t much retained in the head that was preserved either.

“I want to see just how extraordinary this tribulation is!” Wang Xi’s grandfather said with a sneer.

The ten continents moved forward, arriving before their eyes.

“Heavens, there are even so many corpses!”

Someone cried out in alarm, because they saw the scenes on the continent. It was just too bitter, a scarlet red expanse, blood red, covered in corpses, as if a great massacre had just been carried out.

 Perhaps this already cannot even be described with the word massacre anymore, because on those ten continents, wherever one’s eyes passed, when the primal chaos mist scattered a bit, one would immediately see endless corpses.

Just how great of a battlefield was this?

Perhaps only in the war of the last phase back then, when Immortal Ancient was buried, would there be this type of scene, right?

A ruined banner was inserted into the ground, the world around it enveloped in the flames of war, blood gathering into streams. The corpses everywhere all had weapons impaling them, all of them laying in disarray, the dark black expanse without limit.

These were ten blood-soaked continents!

This was like a battlefield of the last phase of an age, waiting for later generations to clean up the corpses.


Right at this time, the sound of thunder finally sounded. However, it didn’t come from the ten continents, but rather from high up in the sky.

In that place, nine heavens appeared, carrying the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers, covering the sky as they arrived.

“These are the Nine Heavens!”

Thus, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all appeared. It was extremely strange, everything derived from lightning.

The Ten Earths were quiet, lacking all sound, but the Nine Heavens were different, having sound. As they appeared, the noise became greater and greater. Apart from thunderous sounds, there were endless shouts of war, human figures everywhere.

“This is…”

When the ‘Nine Heavens’ completely approached, everyone felt their scalps becoming numb, feeling a wave of coldness.

On the Nine Heavens, countless creatures were tearing at each other, it was just that terrifying. Blade radiance and sword shadows flickered about, shouts of war shaking the heavens, blood splashing out from time to time.

There was even immortal light that illuminated throughout the ages, the power of matchless figures being used, every strike able to hack down the stars and moon, extremely terrifying.

“To protect my wife and children, kill!”

“To protect my clansmen, kill!”

“To protect my mountains and rivers, kill!”


These were the angry roars of the ancient people, within the grief and indignation a feeling of despair. They were no match for those opponents, but they still charged forward, moving and tragic, life continuously wilting.

Was this the scene of Immortal Ancient War? It could actually be replayed in heavenly tribulation, coming to light in this way, appearing before everyone’s eyes. How could everyone not feel shock?

The ancient people fell from the war, this was something all later generations knew about. Now, this type of bitter and tragic scene was playing out, time seemingly flowing in reverse.

“Kill! Protect our wives, children, fathers, and mothers, protect these mountains and rivers, slaughter the way into the other side, kill them all!”

“Fight until the last drop of blood, fight until you all have no regrets, attack!”

Many great roars sounded, shaking the mountains and rivers, aura engulfing ten thousand li, resounding between the Nine Heavens.

Countless figures followed them, fighting a great battle against the foreign great army. Hot blood scattered down, heads flying out, corpses laying everywhere. However, no one cowered.

When they saw this scene, many of the youth were moved. Was this the tragedy of the past?

They didn’t surrender even when faced with inevitable death, so many of the ancient people carried unyielding wills. Only, as great roars sounded one after another, this scene was extremely tragic.

The ancient people were helpless, powerless, falling from this battle, destined to all die.

“Is this Huang’s tribulation? It seems to be foretelling something!”

After their initial shock, there were people who discussed quietly.

“I previously heard that there is a heavenly tribulation that is not ranked, one that is extremely strange and special, able to reveal a corner of the future, revealing omens, reveal some frightening things.”

When everyone heard this, their pupils contracted, staring at Shi Hao’s heavenly tribulation. He actually drew down this type of mysterious heavenly tribulation that only appeared in legends.

“It is extremely strange, is this type of tribulation strong or weak, good or bad?” Even Wang Xi’s grandfather, this type of elder, didn’t know.

It was because this type of heavenly tribulation was too rare, only a few records about it, and they weren’t that clear. To actually be able to encounter these things through a tribulation, it couldn’t be comprehended!


Right at this time, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths collided. Between them, lightning bridges appeared one after another, linking them together.

Shi Hao was forcefully sucked onto a continent, not given a choice, as if he was summoned over!


An iron spear rose into the air. A corpse on the ground stood up, in its hands a black spear, stabbing it at him, extremely ferocious. Black light surged, the iron spear turning into a streak of black-colored lightning.


Shi Hao’s finger pointed out, making this iron spear break apart. Black lighting scattered on the spot, unable to harm him.

However, immediately afterwards, something even more terrifying happened. The endless corpses that didn’t belong to the ancient people, but rather came from the foreign side, all stood up, carrying traces of blood and killing intent. They held weapons in their hands, walking towards Shi Hao, all of them taking action.

The peace was shattered. With resounding weapon clashing noises, streak after streak of lightning radiance erupted, killing energy overflowing into the heavens!

Their scalps became numb. There were so many creatures, were they all going to become Shi Hao’s opponent? Would he be able to deal with them, would he be able to kill them? This was too terrifying!

Everyone was horrified. This great tribulation might be endless, was it foretelling that Shi Hao had to slaughter his way through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths alone? He had to fight in this world all by himself?!

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