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Chapter 1408 - Comprehending the Dao

After gaining a flash of realization, Huang entered seclusion here, about to face tribulation himself!

Everyone was shocked. Just how freakish was this? Crossing cultivation realms, removing Jin Zhifei’s head, obtaining a great victory, and then about to guide down lightning tribulation to refine his body!

“Worthy of being Huang. He slaughtered out a great reputation in Great Scarlet Sky Border, sweeping through foreign enemies, it is normal for him to have this type of unmatched might.”

“Only, is he really going to face heavenly tribulation? At that level, especially with how extraordinary he is, once he does it, he might bring down those legendary types of tribulation. It will be unimaginable, with danger of having his true body destroyed at every turn!”

While many people were feeling shocked, there were many who felt worry for him as well.

It was because once one reached this cultivation realm, facing tribulation was no small matter, almost impossible to make it through. Heavenly tribulations would become endlessly more terrifying as one’s cultivation realm increases, more difficult the further one went.

This was especially the case with heaven and earth environment changing. There was already no lightning tribulation in this world, forcefully guiding it would provoke power exceeding what there originally should be. There was a ninety nine percent chance of him dying here.

“Shi Hao, be careful, your talents are exceptional, potential great, once you guide down the tribulation, you might provoke a great tribulation that might be within the top three most dangerous. If that happens, you won’t be able to make it through!” Cao Yusheng reminded. 

This was a fact. Once the most powerful types of heavenly tribulation appeared, perhaps one might just die without a burial ground.

Even if the current Shi Hao looked like he grasped lightning tribulation, using it for himself, when it was himself facing it, it was a completely different matter. It was just as he said himself, heavenly tribulation couldn’t be avoided, one had to truly face it, forcefully make it through!

“I know!” Shi Hao said.

At the same time, he produced a few things, calling forth heavenly tribulation, making Cao Yusheng, Heavenly Horned Ant, and others help him by taking them. There were two head ornaments, a piece of smooth rock and a curled up golden sphere.

Others didn’t know what these things were, but the Lunar Jade Rabbit and others did. These were two creatures!

The first was the Divine Striking Stone, after eating too many heaven-defying things, it fell asleep, currently transforming, for example, All Magic Stone, Heaven’s Mandate Stone, every one of them shocking. They all shocked the world under the sky, supreme treasures even True Immortals could use to refine into weapons, but in the end, it directly ate them. During the past few years, the time it spent awake was limited, evolving this entire time!

The latter, the curled up golden sphere, was the Emperor Butterfly!

Ever since four years ago, when it encountered the corpse of that ancient Emperor Butterfly in  Immortal Battlefield Remains, it obtained great natural luck. The essence energy the ancient butterfly left behind was all absorbed by it, and then it formed a cocoon, no longer displaying any activity.

These two fellas’ origins were both extraordinary, potential limitless.


Immediately afterwards, the sky full of lightning disappeared, and then there was a loud noise. The sky then became clear and boundless.

Wasn’t Huang going to face tribulation? Why did all of the lightning disappear? Everyone was shocked.

Shi Hao closed his eyes, thinking to himself. The various marvels of the lightning pool appeared in his mind. His comprehension was extremely deep, diligently studying. Back then, how did the Lightning Emperor control heavenly tribulation, use this to carry out judgment on all?

Of course, there were those who said that even though the Lightning Emperor’s magical force was matchless, when it came to punishing all creatures, he had only just stepped into this domain, not fully grasping it.

The Lightning Emperor’s dominance laid in his matchless fighting strength, incomparable heroicness, not truly becoming the ruler of heavenly tribulation. He had only begun to step foot into this field.

It was rumored that this was precisely the reason why many creatures of this world were alarmed, especially the other side. When they learned about this ability of his, they joined up, surrounding him to wipe him out.

Otherwise, if the Lightning Emperor truly succeeded, that would simply be unimaginable. He might become a realm lord, unmatched from past to present.

Unfortunately, the Lightning Emperor’s path was full of brilliance, originally able to step into an unimaginable level, previously should’ve been high up above, but fell ahead of time.

Suddenly, a lightning pool mysteriously appeared, extremely faint, and also quite small, arriving before the space between Shi Hao’s brows.

It was only an inch in size, continuously bobbing up and down, releasing strand after strand of chaotic energy. There were also specks of lightning radiance that flowed out from the simple and unadorned pool, making the space between Shi Hao’s brows brilliant.

Everyone was shocked. What was this?

There was no thunder, nor was there heaven covering lightning, so how could a pool of lightning have appeared, moreover this small? What happened?

“This person cannot be left alive!” In the distance, Wang Xi’s grandfather said quietly, transmitting sound to those at his side. He was shocked and scared, this young man was actually able to do this much!

“He is comprehending the dao, visualizing it, and then reconstructing the lightning pool!” Jin Zhan’s grandfather spoke, revealing what was really happening.

This was an extremely terrifying matter. Could it be that Huang truly wanted to become the lord of heavenly tribulation, seize control over this world’s divine punishment?

In a few people’s eyes, the reason why he was able to succeed just now was partly because of his own abilities, and also because of a type of opportunity, but some of it also exceeded his own skill. However now, he was going to really turn that small possibility of success into his own ability!

This… was extremely terrifying!

“We cannot let this continue, stop him! We can’t let him completely succeed, or else things will be extremely troublesome in the future. Since you have decided to make yourself my clan’s enemy, then we might just have to cut your path short!” Wang Xi’s grandfather’s eyes released cold light.

From this, one could see that in his heart, personal grudges were greater than the grand situation, already setting the resolution to kill Shi Hao.

“This isn’t too good, right? Everyone is still watching, if we interfere, our Wang Family will be in quite the sorry state.” Wang Xi said.

“Child, there is no need to be this kind. There are some people who, if not eliminated sooner, will definitely become a great disaster. Moreover, we naturally have methods, so there is no need to worry about it. How can we possibly be exposed?” Wang Xi’s grandfather said, eyes malicious, sneering endlessly.

“If we want to kill him, why is there a need to do this? In a bit, I’ll just fight him in the heavenly tribulation, it’s not like I never crossed it before!” Jin Zhan said coldly.

He was known as the Pride of Heaven of a generation, precisely because he had crossed the Void Dao Realm’s great tribulation, moreover powerfully crossing without paying too great of a price.

That day, all of the teachers and students saw it with their own eyes, in the final moments, he directly sat down, absorbed the remaining lightning to refine his true body.

It was precisely that great heavenly tribulation that made his name resound throughout the world.

That was one of the most formidable types of heavenly tribulation throughout history in his cultivation realm, enough to be ranked within the top three, yet he powerfully charged through, all of it absorbed by him in the end. How could all sides not be shocked?

Jin Zhan didn’t fear heavenly tribulation, which was why he always wanted to rush straight into the sea of lightning and take Shi Hao’s head.

“Let’s see if the tribulation he faces is within the top three. If not, then his potential isn’t even comparable to Jin Family’s qilin child, perhaps no need to use any methods.” Jin Zhan’s grandfather said.


Right at this time, a streak of thunder hacked down from above. Endless electrical radiance erupted.

The source of this was the space between Shi Hao’s brows. The square inch lightning pool exploded there, tens of thousands of streaks of auspicious radiance appearing. There was even more so endless lighting that erupted.

“What happened? Did Huang encounter some type of trouble?” Many people were shocked. This was targeting the space between his brows! If his frontal bone was penetrated, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

“Overestimating his own abilities, vainly trying to become lord of heavenly tribulation, he most likely suffered a disaster himself.” There were a few people who carried malice, continuously laughing coldly inside.

Jin Family and Wang Family’s people also stared in that direction, looking forward to the result.

Soon afterwards, lightning clouds scattered, electrical light disappearing.

One could see that Shi Hao was still sitting there, not injured, his body accompanied by auspicious energy.

Moreover, right between his brows, streak after streak of electrical light flew towards that direction, condensing into a small lighting pool imprint, situated right at the center of the frontal bone.

That imprint was mysterious, extremely intimidating, making the originally delicate and handsome Shi Hao exude an imposing aura!

“Only through gaining insights, obtaining great returns can this type of imprint appear!” Tuogu Yulong said quietly, feeling greatly shaken inside.

The master of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong, Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Shi Yi, Great Xu Tuo, and Little Sky King’s expressions all became serious.

None of them had underestimated Shi Hao, but when they now saw this scene, they still couldn’t help but feel shock. This really was freakish, in this short amount of time, he already completely comprehended the dao, his benefits great.

Then, Shi Hao opened his eyes. They were extremely deep, and also extremely calm. He didn’t move at all, looking towards the sky, gazing upwards!

Everyone knew that his dao comprehension had finished, his understanding extremely deep. Now, he was going to start guiding down lightning tribulation to refine his real body.

At this moment, heaven and earth were quiet, everyone silently watching. The distinguished meeting between geniuses was temporarily forgotten, everyone looking towards the youngster at the center of the arena.

The atmosphere was a bit tense, many people able to sense that there was something above the sky dome. It was going to descend, wishing to devour all life.

What kind of heavenly tribulation was this exactly? Why did it give people this type of strange feeling, actually going to swallow up everyone, as if it was a living creature?!

“It is starting!” The Five Spirits War Chariot’s owner Qi Hong said quietly.

It was because something appeared in the sky, and then quickly fell, descending here.

“What is that?” Many people were stupefied, feeling that this was inconceivable.

The scene was grand. A majestic dark figure descended from above.

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