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Chapter 1407 - Opposition

Jin Zhifei had his head removed just like that, making everyone feel headaches. A heaven warping figure was beheaded just like that, it truly was shocking!

Shi Hao carried the slightly scorched black head that had been hacked by lightning. The hair was in a mess, and it was flowing with blood. A blade hacked down, removing the head, the victory just this thorough.

This scene left every young cultivator greatly alarmed. How extraordinary was Jin Zhifei? He was a well-known young expert from Jin Family in recent times, potential powerful. He crossed lightning tribulation, yet in the end, he was still defeated today, his head removed!

Right now, the scenery was incredibly frightening, making one sigh inwardly! Worthy of being Huang, someone who slaughtered ten kings in Great Scarlet Sky border, there was a good reason behind this feat, and now, his strength was proven.

Only, his words, finding an altar to cook Jin Zhifei’s body, it really did ruin his heroic appearance a bit.

Ah… Jin Zhan roared, entire body surging with bone texts, as if great dao flowers were erupting, terrifying and surging into the heavens.

He pressed forward, about to take action, carry out a battle to the death with Shi Hao.

“Don’t force him to do the killing blow, Eighth Uncle is not dead yet!” Wang Xi said quietly, advising Jin Zhan.

Jin Zhan was the Pride of Heaven of this generation, moving unhindered wherever he went, always sweeping through all before him. When had he seen this scene before, someone cutting down his clan uncle before his face?

“Hey, I have a jar here, start the marination, turn it into bacon. With the great dark age impending, this type of meat will definitely be much rare, so we have to eat it sparingly!” The golden little ant shouted.

With a sou sound, it flung over a jar.

“I have one here too, a large size jade jug, perfect for refining Self Severing Realm divine meat!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit shouted, waving a large container with all her strength.

Even though she was a little girl, her display really wasn’t pure and innocent.

Everyone was speechless when they saw them, observing a moment of silence of Jin Zhifei, for his misfortune of provoking this group of people. He actually wanted to kill Huang, and now, he was instead treated like food.

“Are you human form or not? If I look at you like this, it really does make me feel a bit gloomy. Hurry and make him return to his original form, see if he is a mule or horse!” Cao Yusheng also heckled.

It was because they were extremely dissatisfied with Jin Family and Wang Family. These two clans were overbearing, opposing Shi Hao, wishing for him to die here. Now that they captured an important figure, they naturally wouldn’t hold back on their ridicule.

“Courting death!” Jin Zhan released a low roar. He couldn’t remain calm, completely different from his normal calm self.

Right now, he wanted to take action, suppress these people, desiring to fight a decisive battle against Shi Hao!


Right at this time, an elder appeared, grabbing his arm and saying, “You cannot take action, because you can only win, cannot be defeated. You must establish an undying golden body of the number one in the younger generation!”

“Twelfth uncle!” Wang Xi spoke up, offering her respects.

This was someone from Wang Family, a member of their clan’s direct line of descent, strength extremely great. He personally came to stop Jin Zhan.

It was clear to see that the two clans had always paid close attention to Shi Hao, every action he made in their view. Otherwise, there was no way he could have appeared so quickly.

Jin Zhan’s expression was discontent, saying, “Don’t tell me you think I would be scared of him?”

“Worthy youngster, I know you possess heaven warping talent, without equal among your peers, but this Huang is also deep and immeasurable. Just now, his domineering might could be seen, truly possessing an immortal dao aura. If two tigers fight, one will inevitably be injured. If you fight against him, you might be able to win, but it isn’t guaranteed, not necessarily able to completely overwhelm him. If you pay the price for doing so, then it wouldn’t be worth it.” The elder explained.

“Don’t take action for now.” Wang Xi also advised.

The two clans wanted to build up Jin Zhan to become the number one person of the younger generation, make his name resound under the sky, rule over the younger generation, and then use this as the reason to command the Nine Heavens!

Right now, Jin Zhan definitely couldn't make any mistakes, couldn’t be defeated!

Everyone could see Shi Hao’s display just now, actually grasping heavenly tribulation. This exceeded their previous evaluation, a bit too terrifying. If Jin Zhan stepped up, he might not necessarily be able to win.

“Wayaya, an old kid was cut down, and now, a real old man came. Is this even the distinguished meeting of the younger generation anymore? Don’t tell me there’ll even be old people competing?” The little rabbit cried out strangely.

The atmosphere was originally extremely tense, but when everyone heard this, they all released snickers.

Wang Family and Jin Family’s people’s expressions were naturally unpleasant, looking at her coldly.

“Worthy youngster, there is no need to feel anger. I am not even angry, so you must remain calm.” The elder said.

Jin Zhan’s face was incredibly overcast. “I really wish to kill Huang right now. If I don’t have this confidence, then what fighting for the position of unmatched in the world is there to talk about?”

When he saw his own clan uncle’s head removed by Shi Hao, holding it in his hands, his eyes became even colder. He wanted to slaughter his way over himself!

“Don’t move, let me!” At this time, another elder appeared. It was someone from Jin Family, magical force extremely profound, silently taking form here.

“Fifth grandfather!” Jin Zhan cried out. This was his fifth grandfather, bloodline extremely close, as well as Jin Zhifei’s senior. He actually came here, expression extremely overcast.

“Wahaha, what is going on today? Are old men going to start a meeting? Why did one come after the next? Just what kind of meeting is this, are old farts going to clash?” The little rabbit mocked, her large ruby-like eyes were looking all over the place, trying to figure out what was going on. However, there was no way such a thing would be happening!

“Precisely! Why don’t we all just return, everyone invite a few of our clan uncles and clan grandpas to have them baby us at our side? This way, we can just move unhindered through the world, unmatched under the heavens! Whoever dares to oppose, then that dad or grandpa can just take action, remain supreme in this world!” Cao Yusheng’s mouth was never kind and honest.

“Haha, if this was the case, then you guys should’ve brought some clan grannies too, that way, nothing would be missing!” The golden little ant joined in on the mockery.

Roars of laughter immediately sounded here, everyone unable to hold themselves back.

Jin Zhan’s face was ice-cold, sweeping them coldly over those people. Wang Xi’s expression was cold as well, not saying a single word.

The two elders both revealed killing intent. This was unforgivable. They came precisely for this place, so there was no way they could withdraw now.

“Seniors, this is a distinguished meeting of younger generation today, I do not believe you two were invited.” The owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong spoke up.

Tuogu Yulong also walked out, similarly expressing this intent. They didn’t wish for this place to become complicated, provoking great powers’ old monsters into interfering.

“Worthy youngster, this matter cannot be reconciled any further. Huang is too arrogant, removing my clan disciple’s head, it can be considered vicious and merciless, there needs to be an explanation!” Jin Zhan’s fifth grandfather stepped out.

“Brother Huang, could you forgive Jin Zhifei, let him go?” Tuoba Yulong pleaded for leniency.

Everyone’s eyes moved towards Shi Hao. The sea of lightning didn’t disappear, still surging. The simple and ancient pond was extremely intimidating, this was a lightning pool, containing heaven and earth power.

In the lightning pool, Jin Zhifei’s body became a piece of charred coal, long refined by the lightning pool, thoroughly destroyed.

Only a head remained, carried in Shi Hao’s hands by the hair bun. In the lightning radiance, his face was full of unwillingness, humiliation, and shock. He couldn’t accept this defeat.

He was still alive, at the very least, his head still remained, primordial spirit still preserved. Only, there was no way for his primordial spirit to escape, forcefully imprisoned in his skull.

At the same time, there were two jars that weren’t too far off. The Heavenly Horned Ant and Lunar Jade Rabbit really brought over two jars.

“I am going to explode from anger!” Jin Zhifei recovered. He couldn’t help but release a roar from his soul!

“Hurry up and reveal your original form already!” Shi Hao wasn’t polite. When he saw him roar, he gave him two large slaps across the face, the noise loud and clear.

Everyone was stupefied. A heaven warping geniuses actually fell to this type of state, it really left one speechless.

“I am an extremely straightforward person. If anyone wants to kill me, then I won’t waste words, and I don’t want to either. I’ll just directly remove your head!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Within me flows immortal blood, how could it have failed to protect me? This shouldn’t have happened!” It was as if Jin Zhifei was possessed, his divine consciousness talking to himself.

“Just a bit, not even half a drop in total, yet you even dare to claim to be able to force back heavenly tribulation? Moreover, with so many generations passed already, whether there was that bit of True Immortal blood or not is even up for debate!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Tuoba Yulong, Qi Hong, and the others were not far out. They looked at Shi Hao, pleading him for leniency again.

“In the battle of Desolate Border, enemies of the foreign side surround us, no experts should die in the city, but should rather join the war and fight outside the pass, cannot be expended like this. Brother Huang, please just show mercy, let him obtain merit in the battlefield.” Qi Hong said.

Shi Hao didn’t immediately kill Jin Zhifei, he also had similar ideas.

“This matter is not finished!” JIn Zhan’s fifth grandfather said coldly. When he saw Jin Zhifei’s body destroyed, he laughed coldly, staring at Shi Hao, not wishing to let him go.

“Old things, are you all still not finished? After one is killed, another jumps out, you all should’ve just jumped in together so I just can just get this over with.” Shi Hao said.

“How unbridled!” At this time, Wang Xi’s grandfather spoke, moreover taking the initiative to attack. A large hand reached out like lightning, wishing to suppress Shi Hao.

He was not a Self Severing Realm cultivator who had just entered this realm, his strength deep and profound.

Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear at all. He released a light scoff, and then that lightning pool not far from him directly shone, quickly rushing over, facing that large hand.

Pi pa!

Lightning radiance interweaved. That large hand was immediately scorched black, and then it exploded.

“Ah… you!” Wang Xi’s grandfather screamed miserably, inwardly shaken. The rumors around the lightning pool weren’t fake after all, actually destroying an arm of his.

The people watching were even more shocked. An older generation actually couldn’t block this type of terrifying lightning either, suffering serious injuries.

“From the looks of it, you all can’t accept this. In that case, all of you can just come over together!” Shi Hao said. He stirred on the lightning pool, attacking at Jin Family’s elder.


Lightning radiance overflowed. Jin Family’s elder was shocked and furious, quickly backing up, actually not daring to face it head-on.

Everyone was alarmed. Huang was actually powerful to this extent, forcing back well-known older generation figures, strength too shockingly powerful.

“Today’s matter, how about we just end it here?” One of the Four Phoenixes said, trying to mediate things.

“I have no complaints.” When he said this, Shi Hao threw that head out, saying, “Remember, your head is mine, so go fight on the battlefield obediently, kill a few more enemies. Otherwise, I will come for it!”

“You you you…” Jin Zhifei was ashamed and humiliated, and then he directly fainted.

His vitality was greatly injured. Unless there were heavenly treasures used to help him recover, his cultivation would be greatly affected. It was because he burned up quite a bit of the immortal blood in his body.

“I want to kill him!” In the back, Jin Zhan spoke up. However, this time, the two elders stopped him together not allowing him to act recklessly.

“Since there is nothing else, then please go away. I’ve gained some realizations, obtained many insights into the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, I also just happened to bring down heavenly tribulation, so I wish to study and face tribulation in seclusion.” Shi Hao said.

Lightning Emperor Precious Technique’s profound mysteries gave him enlightenment, moreover deriving a lightning pool, extremely mysterious and shocking. His benefits were astonishing, now, he was going to face tribulation himself!

Shi Hao sat down in the air, still comprehending various things about the lightning pool, pondering over various issues regarding the control of heavenly tribulation.

Thinking deeply, comprehending, cultivating in seclusion in heavenly tribulation, Huang’s display left many people stupefied, great waves stirring within their minds!

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