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Chapter 1406 - Control the Heavens

Grasping lightning tribulation, just how inconceivable of a thing was this?

That was the power of nature, force of heaven, immeasurable. It was as if a sword of death was raised high up above the head of a cultivator, once it descended, it would most likely cut them down!

Now, there was someone who was urging it, trying to trigger heavenly tribulation!

This was definitely a great matter, leaving everyone horrified. This was simply the embodiment of the ruler of the world! By grasping heavenly punishment, the creatures of this world could all be controlled.

“Impossible, I don’t believe it!” Jin Zhifei said with a sunken voice. He formed imprints, entire body shining, as if he was covered in divine gold, raising his condition to the absolute peak.


Above Shi Hao’s head, lightning poured down like a waterfall, making Shi Hao’s area appear mysterious. Wisps of primal chaos swirled about, an utterly terrifying scene produced.

Then, lightning swept about like boundless waves, illuminating the heavenly dome, especially brilliant!

Shi Hao stood in the sea of lightning, his entire being looking like a war immortal. There was a wave of austere might in the air as well, his head of dark long black hair soaked in lightning, becoming a light golden. His appearance became more and more imposing, as if a distant giant was rising up, one who possessed incomparable fighting strength.

“Putting on such a display, even someone like you thinks  he can grasp lightning tribulation, as if you can be the spokesperson for the lord of the cosmos? Die!” Jin Zhifei roared out.

His arms moved, golden light even more so flourishing on the surface of his body, turning into an angry vajra. Immortal dao aura pervaded the air, as if there was a great vajra immortal reviving, appearing in this world again!

“Revive! The immortal blood of my ancestors that flow through my body, stir on the unmatched immortal dao magical imprint. You are eternally within my blood, please kill all of the enemies!”

Jin Zhifei released a low roar, his voice as if originating from the underworld, extremely strange, as if he was chanting an ancient curse, summoning a creature.

Even though he said he didn’t believe Shi Hao could control heavenly tribulation, he was still shaken up inside, not looking down on the other party at all, instead attaching great importance to him, even using his clan’s restricted power.


The guardian deity roared. Many specks of light shone in Jin Zhifei’s body, linking up together, as if an ancient immortal was rising up from the dead, releasing endless light, accompanied by a mysterious rain of brilliance.

“Go to hell!” Jin Zhifei shouted, using everything he had, summoning this wave of power, using the most terrifying magical imprint to attack Shi Hao.

Everyone held their breaths. This battle had reached its crucial point!


Right at this moment, Shi Hao released a light shout, raising his finger and pointing out. It wasn’t that intimidating or fierce, but there was a type of indescribable domineering might.

As he pointed out, a lightning wave surged behind him, as if a dam was broken, a mountain torrent bursting, roaring forth.


This type of lightning was too terrifying, as if all hell was breaking loose, making everyone’s souls tremble. Several different colored lightning surged out, facing Jin Zhifei.

Golden thunder pure and holy, black thunder cold and gloomy, purple lightning noble, silver lighting chilly, blood lightning strange… they all interweaved, the scene horrifying.


Jin Zhifei’s magical imprint smashed out. Immortal light swirled within his body, forming an indistinct divine core, as if it was being birthed, wishing to struggle free. That type of might was too terrifying.

This attack directly made the heavenly dome explode!

Jin Zhifei’s imposing manner was threatening, magical imprint like a mountain, heavy and majestic, continuously enlarging, crushing towards Shi Hao.

Only, as the different colored lightning rivers roared over, everything underwent change. Both sides smashed together, incredibly fierce, as if the world was being destroyed.


Many people cried out, eyes stinging. They had no choice but to close their eyes, because the radiance that was produced was too blinding, making it hard for one to directly look at it.

Soon afterwards, tears of blood flowed out from a few young cultivators’ eyes, their eyes burned by the lightning radiance and immortal dao imprints’ light, becoming lightly injured.

“Impossible!” Jin Zhifei released a low roar in the lightning, entire body in intense pain, electrical radiance burning his body, immediately making him release a muffled groan.

“Ah…” Soon afterwards, Jin Zhifei screamed out, because this really was heavenly tribulation, descending specially for dealing with his magical body.

Normal lightning was something many cultivators could use.

Meanwhile, the archaic Suan Ni, Lightning Luan, and others could even more so display extremely profound electrical radiance to hack down all enemies, overlook the masses, proficient in lightning dao methods.

Only, those types of lightning were completely different from heavenly tribulation. This was simply unimaginable, a young man actually able to sir on lightning methods, grasping a heavenly tribulation method!


Jin Zhifei roared, enduring too much pain. Heavenly tribulation was unavoidable, no matter how one tried to run, it would still find you!

This was also the difference between this and the other profound lightning dao precious methods.

One could see the lightning form a great wave, crash down again and again, smashing down, drowning Jin Zhifei underneath, continuously smashing against him, blasting at his body.

He struggled about there, his face even distorted, entire body scorched black, as if he became a charred wooden stake.

The young cultivators who saw this scene all shivered inwardly. This really was heavenly tribulation, someone reaching this step, artificially deriving it to this point, it was just too inconceivable!

This was like a legend among legends, unimaginable.

Everyone finally understood how unordinary Huang was, even grasping a heavenly tribulation method, no wonder he could kill ten kings from the young generation’s supreme beings, truly worthy of his reputation.

In the present world, normal people couldn’t cross tribulation at all. It wasn’t that they weren’t strong, but rather that it just didn’t descend. It was because after Immortal Ancient War, this realm was blasted apart into the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths with ten ancient lands, the world damaged, cultivation lightning tribulation thus no longer appearing.

This looked like it was good for cultivators, protecting them, but in reality, this was a sign of weakening, possibly making all creatures’ growth slow down, unable to reach the heights they originally ought to reach!

Only through grinding will one become sturdy, become even stronger. Without the lightning baptism, without the tribulation’s test, it would make generation after generation of creatures weaken.

In this world, there were some people who tried to find methods to incur tribulation, and there were still methods to do so, but of course, one had to be powerful enough themselves! Otherwise, the results would be extremely bad, because this type of proactively guiding down heavenly tribulation that originally shouldn’t have appeared would trigger all types of unknown anger, bringing down lightning far exceeding what one could handle.

It could be said that doing this would be the same as inevitable death!

Not many people could make it through!

Jin Zhifei was the genius of a generation, so he naturally tried it before. He was previously hacked until his entire body was scorched black, but fortunately, he lived, so he understood well just how terrifying it was.

This was especially the case after his strength grew, the lightning tribulation he had to face would become even more terrifying! The further along one went, the harder it was to calmly cross it.

He was sure that after the Self Severing Realm, there was no way for him to make it through unharmed. If he faced it head-on, he would die!

It was because the environment of this world had changed greatly, this type of lightning tribulation exceeded normal electrical radiance, the entire world boundless, not many creatures in the Self Severing Realm could make it through.

That was why Jin Zhifei became scared for the first time.

“Little uncle, hurry and fully activate the immortal blood, don’t hesitate, completely revive it!” Jin Zhan shouted from the back, feeling worry, fearing that he would be killed here.

Only, doing things like this would result in paying a huge price, because what was used was a portion of the finest blood essence in his body, something that was passed down from immortal dao ancestors.

It could be said that the wisps of immortal blood, even though it was pitifully thin and few, for certain heaven warping figures, it was even more important than life.

Once it was activated, this type of true blood burned, then one would at the very least suffer a great sickness!

Cultivators wouldn’t get sick, because they long separated themselves from mortals. Once this type of thing happened, it was definitely because something really bad happened to the body, divine power weakening, spiritual senses declining. Moreover, bones, roots, and other things might also be destroyed, damaging one’s aptitude.

The wisps of immortal blood were one of the reasons for his heaven-defying talents. Once it was lost, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Huang, you’ve angered me!” Jin Zhifei released a low roar, hollering like a wounded beast. He struggled in the electrical radiance, raising his hands and beating his chest.

This time, his entire body flowed with mysterious light specks, extremely mottled, colors different. Those were wisps of immortal blood being operated, reviving.

Moreover, this wasn’t just using them, but rather extremely extravagantly burning them, everything for the sake of preserving his life.


At this moment, several hundred specks of light shot out from JIn Zhifei’s body, interconnecting outside his body, forming a layer of mysteriou and mottled divine clothes, covering his body.

Everyone was stupefied. Vajra Immortal’s inheritance was terrifying after all, having this type of strange method. Immortal blood could be summoned and turned into this type of defense.


At this moment, when lightning descended, it was blocked by that layer of divine clothes, unable to harm Jin Zhifei’s body, making that scorched black body stabilize.

“Huang, I want to see what else you can bring out to contend against me!” Jin Zhifei shouted, beyond angry. His entire body was in scorching pain, the lightning like immortal flames, almost roasting him to death.

Everyone was shocked. The divine clothes covering his body were too strange, forcing the lightning back, making heavenly tribulation hesitate, no longer that fierce. Even though it landed on the surface, it would still be scattered.

In that instant, Jin Zhifei was safe, no longer being corroded by heavenly tribulation.

Even heavenly tribulation could be forced back? This was like something out of a fantasy story!

“I am going to kill you!” This time, even though Jin Zhifei’s body was scorched black, in a bit of a sorry state, he leapt out, rushing at Shi Hao.

“Be careful!” Cao Yusheng shouted.

“Thing who doesn’t want any face, an old man in the Self Severing Realm trying to bully a youngster, Huang, hurry and evade!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit also came, just in time to see this scene, loudly shouting out.

There were some others who shouted in warning.

All those who were close to Shi Hao were incredibly worried. Jin Zhifei could even avoid heavenly tribulation, paying the price of igniting immortal blood, possessing inconceivable secret force.

It was clear that this was extremely disadvantageous to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao stood in the sea of lightning, black hair scattering about, dyed a light golden by the electrical radiance. His entire body was shining, divine and untainted, as if a True Immortal descended into this world!

He wasn’t shocked in the slightest, extremely still and peaceful. It was to the extent where he was a bit terrifyingly calm.

The current him was aloof, transcendent, standing in the heavenly tribulation, impervious to all methods, not affected by anything, full of auspicious radiance.

“Heavenly tribulation, is not something any creature can escape. It can only be faced. You… come and face the tribulation. If you can’t cross it, then just return to yellow earth in this turbulent world of mortals.” Shi Hao said calmly.

While speaking, he raised his hand, still pointing out. An expanse of heavenly tribulation lightning flew out, blasting Jin Zhifei’s body, leaving him greatly shaken.

Jin Zhifei’s expression immediately changed, but he quickly calmed down again, roaring with laughter. “It is still ineffective against me, can’t injure me. Do you have any other methods?” At this moment, his expression became cold, killing intent surging, saying, “I’ll send you to the afterlife!”

“People who underestimate heavenly tribulation only have death waiting for them!” Shi Hao said.


His right hand grabbed towards the sea of lightning. The distant lightning cloud was ruptured, producing a simple and ancient looking pool, as if it had existed for endless years. An aura of great changes blasted over.

“It’s a lightning pool but it is dried-up, no Lightning Tribulation Liquid inside!” Many people cried out in alarm. This type of legendary thing appeared!

“Collect!” Shi Hao released a short shout. The simple and ancient looking lightning pool shone, forming a wave of undefiable power, sucking Jin Zhifei inside.

“Ah, no!” Jin Zhifei cried out, struggling about there. It was because he discovered that the divine clothes on his body were breaking apart, disappearing. He was hacked by lightning again, entire body about to fall apart.

Shi Hao arrived by the lightning pool’s side. His right hand shone, surging with a streak of resplendent lightning that changed into a long blade. He held a lightning war blade in his hand,  bringing it down fiercely.

With a pu sound, Jin Zhifei’s head was removed, drawing forth a gush of blood!

“Find a jug. If he isn’t humanoid, then marinate him into food!” Shi Hao said.

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