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Chapter 1404 - Challenge

“You dare take action, kill my people?!” Jin Zhifei’s hair flew about. With a hu sound, crazy winds swept about, an eruption of power!

Right now, he was like a javelin, rushing over like a streak of lightning. He landed with a peng sound, making the hard diamond-like rock explode, rubble flying everywhere.

Shi Hao killed two people before everyone’s faces, his expression calm as he replied in a simple and direct manner, “You think you are anyone special?”

“I am going to kill you today!” Jin Zhifei’s expression was gloomy. His entire body shone, endless streaks of blazing divine radiance shooting out from his pores, resplendent like a blazing sun.

“Didn’t you want to take action against me this entire time, looking for so many excuses, now, I’ll give you the chance! You can stop acting so hypocritical!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Halt!” Qi Hong rushed up, standing between the two, not allowing them to fight a great battle.

“Qi Family’s little brother, walk aside, don’t protect him. Today, I have to execute this fierce creature!” Jin Zhifei’s eyes were treacherous, killing intent fully revealed as he stepped forward.

“You speak as if you could look down on all beneath the heavens, unmatched in this world, but in reality, you aren’t worth shit! Last time, weren’t you beaten until you vomited blood, obediently offering up your mount, fleeing in defeat? What is your display of loftiness now worth?!” Cao Yusheng ridiculed.

“Why are you behaving so ostentatiously? You aren’t enough, be careful not to be directly beaten up!” The golden little ant also spoke coldly.

Today, they were already bullied to this extent. Even a later generation of Jin Family dared provoke him, even a servant daring to berate Shi Hao, this truly was going too far!

After incurring hatred with Shi Hao, Jin Zhifei clearly wanted to kill him, looking for trouble from the very start, continuously challenging him, the grudges undissolvable.

That was why even when a servant and a younger generation from Jin Family climbed over Shi Hao’s head, he didn’t show any mercy, directly killing them! It was because both sides were fated to be enemies, there wasn’t much to be said.

“Good, good, good! Since you all already spoken like this, if I don’t take action, don’t subdue you, I really would be letting everyone down!” Jin Zhifei shouted, his eyes vicious, killing intent surging into the heavens.

At the same time, Jin Zhan also walked up, standing behind his clan uncle, expression cold. He stared at Shi Hao, his stance firm, just like Jin Zhifei.

“Huang, you are too unbridled, do you think my Jin Family is easy to bully? Killing a clan brother of mine, this grudge has to be paid with blood. Do you want to be captured, or do you want us to take action?!” Jin Zhan spoke out, his words forceful.

The atmosphere here immediately became tense. Everyone’s minds were shaken, not expecting things to develop like this.

“Your Jin Family is too full of shit, stop hiding around already, who here doesn’t know that you came precisely for Shi Hao? What are you all trying to sound pompous now for, shameless!” Cao Yusheng said.

“Already decided to be enemies, standing against us, yet still want to sound elegant and classy? If you all aren’t willing, then you kids can just come at us!” The Heavenly Horned Ant was even more direct.

“I am standing right here. If you want to take action, then come!” Shi Hao was still without fear, his eyes like golden lightning, intimidating and powerful.

Everyone on Jadefall Island shivered inwardly. The gathering had just begun, yet there was already this type of situation, directly about to decide life and death, a great battle between giants developing.

Only, there were some people who didn’t wish to see a battle to the death, not willing to see a dispute here.

The owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong, Tuogu Family’s True Dragon Tuogu Yulong and Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes all walked forward, separating them.

“This distinguished meeting, if it ended in chaos because of a dispute, then it truly wouldn’t be good. I feel like both of you can take a step back. Do not point weapons this day.” Tuogu Yulong said.

“Brother Tuogu, this is where you are wrong, you are clearly siding with one party.” Wang Xi walked over, her figure elegant, snow-white clothes untainted by impurities, entire being elegant and refined.

She had previously came on Tuogu Family’s Lightning War Chariot, both sides clearly having intimate relations, but now, this didn’t seem to be the case.

“I speak the truth. Regardless, we managed to have a rare gathering of fellow daoists, so we should be joyfully discussing the dao. How can we face each other with life or death, with hatred?” Tuogu Yulong said.

Wang Xi carried an indifferent smile on her face, lacking warmth, a bit cold. She walked over and said, “Regardless, this person acted viciously here, killing an important disciple of Jin Family, also killing a servant, this is reality. Meanwhile, there are rules in Imperial Pass that one cannot randomly act violently, those who violate this are committing serious crimes, must pay with their lives, to the extent where it might involve an entire clan!”

When everyone heard this, they all sucked in a cold breath of air. This woman was so beautiful, white clothes flawless, yet she was so decisive and ruthless. This was to have Huang die here, even involving all of Stone Clan.

At first, no one cared too much, because Jin Family’s disciples had gone too far, humiliating a cultivator who brought back great contributions, killing ten kings, their words vile. After they were killed, many people even inwardly clapped their hands in joy.

However, now that they thought about it, the result really was troublesome. Wang Xi stepped out, directly bringing out the city’s regulations, placing Shi Hao in danger.

“I recall that if one side deliberately provokes, targets, and humiliates another, issuing a challenge, they ought to be executed. This situation is included in this, so there is no crime to speak of.” Shi Hao said calmly.

“Correct, there is this saying.” A young lady from Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes nodded.

“Since you all took the initiative to provoke him, continuously angering him with your words, wishing for Huang to take action, then he satisfied your desires. They deserved to be killed!” Cao Yusheng was not polite at all.

“Everyone here attest as witnesses that just now, it was that old kid who confronted Shi Hao!” The golden little ant pointed at Jin Zhifei, making the face of the latter immediately darken.

Old man, kid, in the end, even becoming old kid, Jin Zhifei had been called too many things today, making him erupt with anger.

“Moreover, that little bastard kid clearly demanded Shi Hao to fight against the old kid, humiliating him, this type of person being killed, in my opinion, completely deserved it!” The Heavenly Horned Ant added.

In that instant, Wang Xi’s expression became cold.

Jin Zhan’s sword eyebrows stood on end, eyes surging with killing intent. Meanwhile, Jin Zhifei’s expression became ashen, wishing to immediately act out.

“Then based on the regulations, now that Huang killed an important disciple from Jin Family, this can be considered provocation, as well as fighting against the Jin Family. Both sides have to fight it out!” Wang Xi said.

“Correct, since people already died, then the battle has become a thing, so let’s just continue then!” Jin Zhifei said coldly.

Tuogu Yulong, Qi Hong, and the Four Phoenixes stopped them again, wishing to advise against it. However, at this time, Shi Hao already walked up himself, laughing loudly, accepting the challenge.

“Since you want a fight, then I’ll accompany you. Just come at me!” Shi Hao said.

Discussions immediately erupted here, this place becoming noisy, all of their eyes blazing with light, staring forward.

One had to know that these two were both unordinary. There was no need to talk about Huang, there was no one who didn’t know about him now. Right now, many people wanted to see just how extraordinary he was, just how he killed ten kings alone.

Meanwhile, Jin Zhifei was a recently famous well-known genius, only thirty something, yet already entering the Self Release Realm, having heaven warping talents.

“Good, I was waiting for this line from you. I can finally take action! Today, I will suppress you!” Jin Zhifei roared with laughter, arrogant and in high spirits.

“Old thing, did you forget about your defeat not too long ago?”

“Kid, you forgot about the pain after your scars healed?!”

Cao Yusheng and the Heavenly Horned Ant spoke up one after another.

It could be said that Jin Zhifei was feeling completely elated, but his mood was immediately ruined by these two lines.

“There’s no rush, one at a time. Once I subdue Huang, I’ll settle things with you all!” Jin Zhifei said.

A great battle was on the verge of erupting. Now, Tuogu Yulong, Qi Hong, and the others no longer stopped them, allowing them to face each other.

“There was previously an ancient immortal dwelling in Jadefall Island, having some places that are quite special. You can fight the decisive battle on Jadefall Island’s dao platform, this place won’t be destroyed then.” One of the Four Phoenixes said.

Jadefall Dao Arena, it was extremely massive, one could see it even from far away. It was like a broken mountain, the surface smooth, extremely sleek.

It was rumored that this was originally a heaven reaching mountain, but it was cut down, a ‘tree stump’ like portion left behind. There was an ancient immortal who was secluded here year-round, which was why as time went on, this place gradually became divine.

Even though it was still a mountain, it was already sturdy and unbreaking, difficult to destroy.

Even though the ancient immortal had long left, not in this world, it was still incredibly sturdy, difficult for weapons to damage.

“Is you alone enough? Why don’t I allow you to look for helpers?” Before arriving to this dao arena, Shi Hao calmly asked.

Since the other party continuously acted insolently, provoking him again and again, wishing to kill him, Shi Hao felt like there was no need to act polite or kind. He directly mocked the other party here.

“Look, your Jin Family and Wang Family are joining by marriage, so why don’t your two families join up right now? I’ll receive you all at the same time, all three of you can come up together!” Shi Hao said.

He swept his eyes past Jin Zhifei, Jin Zhan, and then at Wang Xi, about to fight all three head-on.

Jin Zhan’s expression was cold. He was praised as the Pride of Heaven of this generation, at the very forefront of the present world methods, forging a cultivation path while at a cliff, achieving all types of magnificent feats. Who dared look down on him?

However now, Huang instead wanted them to join hands, treating them with such disdain, making his expression turn ugly.

Wang Xi’s red lips were tightly pursed, not saying a word.

“Younger generation, you can just hand over your life!” Jin Zhifei said coldly, throwing himself at Shi Hao.

“Old thing, I’ll send you on your way!” Shi Hao said, facing him.

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