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Chapter 1405 - Heavenly Tribulation Ruler

Jin Zhifei’s eyes were like blades, a streak of lightning firing out as soon as he opened his mouth. With a wave of his hand, precious light erupted, condensing into a Yazi. It opened its bloody mouth, throwing itself towards Shi Hao.

Then, the space between his brows also shone, revealing a sword imprint. It was scarlet red like blood, turning into a killing sword, hacking down. Sword radiance immediately surged!

This was only the beginning, yet he already used three types of precious techniques, attacking Shi Hao!

Everyone backed up, not daring to approach.

“Please get on the dao platform, you cannot fight below!” Tuogu Yulong shouted.

The disciples inside Imperial Pass all carried sentiments towards Jadefall Island. They were born in the pass, grew up in the pass, and this was a rare place with True Immortal remains, suspected to be intimately tied to their ancestors.


Shi Hao was simple and direct, his hands forming imprints, producing the Lightning Emperor Precious Techniques. Dark clouds surged in the sky, water vapor rising, creating a large black expanse.

Moreover, during this process, he rose up, continuously forming imprints, making the lightning technique more and more vast!

The Lightning Emperor Divine Ability was unimaginable, especially when it merged with great natural force, now even more terrifying. When it reached its peak, it directly linked up with heavenly tribulation!


Lightning radiance erupted, surging towards Jin Zhifei.

Both sides had lightning, yet they were different.


Lightning interweaved, the blazing light dazzling, continuously blasting outwards and then dying out.

“Younger generation, you only have this bit of methods? I’ll send you to the next life!” Jin Zhifei laughed coldly. His power immediately surged, divine might erupting, becoming stronger than before.

The lightning he sprayed out from his mouth became even more powerful. The Yazi his right hand produced was incomparably valiant, becoming as large as a mountain, immediately opening its mouth to devour Shi Hao. At the same time, the scarlet sword imprint became increasingly astonishing, as if an immortal sword was rumbling.


After this attack, Shi Hao rose to the air, arriving on the magnificent dao platform, landing there. His hands still continuously formed imprints.

He didn’t give up on the Lightning Emperor Method, instead pushing it even further, summoning clouds from all directions, gathering endless lightning, forming a storm in the sky.

Everyone was shocked. These methods were extremely terrifying.

In that instant, powerful winds swept about, sand and stones flying everywhere. Lightning element was gathered here between heaven and earth, rumbling with noise, the sounds deafening.

Back then, Shi Hao had previously fought against Celestial Clan’s true deities, using a lower cultivation realm to display a special method of the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, joining the power of heaven and earth, producing thunder that was like heavenly tribulation, truly exceeding cultivation realms and killing enemies!

Now, what he used was precisely this type of great killing method!


Howling winds swept about, torrential rain poured down, lightning like a sea, immediately engulfing the world, facing Jin Zhifei’s three types of precious techniques.

Dark clouds hung low to the ground, pouring down rain, all of them becoming lightning daggers. In that instant, it was just too terrifying, this entire heaven and earth as if controlled by Shi Hao.

Crazy winds also turned into electrical arcs, blood boundless. A red whirlwind roared about, ravaging the earth.

Jin Zhifei’s expression changed. He originally thought that he could directly suppress Shi Hao through the Self Severing Realm cultivation, never expecting that he would display this type of secret method. This wasn’t a person’s power, it also included the might of the universe!

It was because right now, there was a bit of heavenly tribulation feeling.

Jin Zhifei really began to wonder if a true heavenly tribulation would descend afterwards, smash down onto him.

“This is a bit terrifying… to use the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique to this level, if one day, he can call down heavenly tribulation at will, then wouldn’t that make him the ruler of the universe?”

There were some people who said quietly. If one reached that step, couldn’t he make one face tribulation whenever he pleased? Wiping out a group of enemies would be merely a passing thought!

“It is rumored that the Lightning Emperor was able to do this back then, grasping the fates of many creatures. However, despite this being the case, he was still killed in battle in the end!” Someone said with a sigh.


An intense explosion erupted. The lightning Jin Zhifei released from his mouth merged into Shi Hao’s sea of lightning, becoming its nourishment.

As for the Yazi that was produced by his right hand, it was drowned under the sea of lightning, struck by the rain that turned into lightning blades, its entire body scorched black, angry roars endless.


It was extremely terrifying. The Yazi produced by a Self Severing Realm expert was forcibly blasted to death by lightning, turned into charred coal, and then broken down into bone texts, ultimately exploding.

Zheng zheng zheng!

Sword cries rose and fell. Light beams overflowed from the space between Jin Zhifei’s brows, scarlet red like blood. The small sword there continuously shook, hacking out ten thousand streaks of sword radiance.

However, after suffering from the lightning, all of the sword energy was also blocked, couldn’t go forward. Then, they shattered.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Just how terrifying was Huang’s fighting strength? One had to understand that he was an entire great cultivation realm lower than Jin Zhifei, yet he could actually compete in strength like this.

“Lightning Emperor Precious Technique!” In the distance, someone said softly, eyes flourishing with light.


Jin Zhifei shouted out, a small crimson sword flying out from the space between his brows, immediately entering a sea of lightning, turning into blazing killing light, hacking towards Shi Hao.

This was a vicious weapon, definitely not as simple as the Self Severing Realm!


The void collapsed, completely severed by that sword, even the lightning like this, hacked apart. A spatial passage was sliced open in the void.


The blood magical sword was like immortal light, undying throughout endless time, arriving forward, directly wishing to take Shi Hao’s head.

“So what if it’s the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique? Your cultivation isn’t enough, what can you do to me?!” Jin Zhifei shouted.

He rushed over. Meanwhile, the blood sword became even more resplendent, crushing the lightning, about to kill Shi Hao.


Right at this time, a draconic cry sounded. Shi Hao pulled out the Everlasting Sword Core, not holding back at all, brandishing it at full strength, cutting at the blood-colored divine sword.

Everyone only saw a shining white expanse erupt, as if someone was ascending to immortality, and then this place became dim.

That was the Everlasting Sword Core, on it special symbols, a human creature ascending to immortality engraved on it. Light specks flickered about, mist pervading the air. At this time, the sword core displayed might, this symbol appearing, dazzling like a True Immortal as it rose up, blinding everyone’s eyes.

Together with the lightning flickering outside, many people couldn’t even see clearly.


The blood-colored divine sword was hacked through. It was originally a terrifying vicious weapon, but at this moment, it broke into two pieces, landing on the ground.

The Everlasting Sword Core never displayed shocking killing intent, but if a powerful enough weapon attacked it, it would automatically retaliate, strike back.

“You…” Jin Zhifei was alamed. An extremely important precious artifact of his was destroyed just like that.

Shi Hao put away the sword core, fighting against him bare-handedly, using precious techniques.

“Lightning is ineffective against me!” Jin Zhifei laughed coldly, throwing himself over. He crossed the lightning, because he could tell that heavenly tribulation hadn’t appeared.


At the same time, Jin Zhifei activated a type of special ancient method. The outside of his body was bathed in a layer of golden light, divine and dignified, both hands merging together, hacking forward.

“This is Jin Family’s extreme art, an immortal dao magical imprint!” Someone said with shock.

Jin Family had produced a True Immortal before, how could an unmatched divine ability be lacking among the inheritances that were passed down? Now, he displayed it, wishing to directly wipe out Shi Hao.

Right now, golden light flowed. It was as if a set of armor was applied to the outside of Jin Zhifei’s body, unbreakable. When his hands merged, it was as if immortal mountains smashed together, erupting with endless light.

That place was too brilliant, as he moved forward, lightning was scattered even more, forced back.


This immortal dao magical imprint was too domineering, splitting the skies, making primal chaos erupt. It surrounded Shi Hao beneath, about to crush him to death.

“You are a cultivation realm inferior, dao far from being enough, how could you contend against me? Suppress and kill!” Jin Zhifei shouted.

Sure enough, when the lightning scattered, it was as if Shi Hao was completely unprotected. He directly rushed over.

“Six Dao Reincarnations!”

Shi Hao used the ancient heavenly art, not holding back, displaying it here.

“Supreme Hall’s extreme art!” Someone said quietly, inwardly shaken.


Fighting the strong as the weak, after Shi Hao displayed the ancient heavenly art, he tore through the sky dome, time fragments flying about. Six gates opened, about to swallow up Jin Zhifei inside.

“Break for me!”

Jin Zhifei roared, his hands merging together. Immortal dao aura pervaded the air. This was a precious technique established by a True Immortal, behind him, there was actually a giant figure that appeared, precious appearance dignified, about to suppress and kill Shi Hao with Jin Zhifei.

Then, he continuously changed. The magical imprint was massive, blasting apart the heavenly dome, transforming the immortal dao method into an ancient heavenly art!

“Jin Family’s ancient heavenly art, Vajra Immortal Heavenly Art” Tuogu Yulong said with a light sigh, feeling deep shock towards this extreme art.

Jin Zhifei was like a great guardian deity, body shining, as if cast from golden, power unstoppable. Apart from this, his figure also became more concentrated, as if a vajra immortal was reviving, about to sweep through all enemies in this world!

The two types of ancient heavenly arts smashed together, erupting with heaven overflowing energy.

The vajra immortal behind Jin Zhifei took a step, overlooking all things, showing disdain to the world, wishing to tear apart the six dao reincarnations door. It allowed the fragments of time to hack at him, remaining unbreaking.

It was just too terrifying, many people’s fine hairs standing on end. Was this the inheritance of a True Immortal? The methods that were established were too terrifying.


An explosion sounded, the six dao reincarnation gates disappearing.

At the same time, the vajra immortal was also blasted apart, turning into waves of energy, becoming symbols, and then scattering.

This type of attack was too terrifying, heaven and earth shaking intensely, as if they were going to be destroyed as well.

Shi Hao flew outwards, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood. He was injured.

However, no one felt that he was weak, all of them instead extremely shocked. He was actually fighting against a Self Severing Realm genius with a lower cultivation realm, yet he endured the other side’s attack.

On the other side, Jin Zhifei also stepped backwards, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips, dripping down, his expression complicated. He was a heaven warping figure, grew up while bathed in divine glory. He understood well how great of a difference a great cultivation realm was, but right now, the other party actually didn’t die from this attack of his!

This was especially the case when he used the clan’s sect protecting extreme art, the Vajra Immortal Heavenly Art, yet it still couldn’t kill his opponent.

“Supreme Hall is mysterious and terrifying after all, this bloodline’s heavenly art is more powerful than Vajra Immortal Ancient Heavenly Art, or else how could Huang fight the strong as the weak?” Someone said with a sigh.

“You are wrong, it is Huang who is strong enough himself. What is unmatched is not the method, but the person!” There was another who disagreed.

“Next time, there won’t be anything unexpected. It is time to end this. Suppress and kill!” Jin Zhifei shouted, preparing to use his family’s supreme extreme art again, the  Vajra Immortal Heavenly Art.

“You’re right, next time, nothing unexpected will happen. It is time to end things!” Shi Hao also said.

Jini Zhifei’s pupils contracted, becoming on guard. However, he still had confidence, shouting, “Self Severing Realm, can even sever the true self! Let alone some external enemy or thing, all of it can die! All methods, all creatures, everything will be destroyed, old foes, present world enemies, everything will disappear!

He roared out, aura devouring mountains and rivers, pushing the Vajra Immortal Ancient Heavenly Art to the extreme. Golden light suddenly erupted, as if he was an undying great guardian deity, magical force shocking the world as he rushed at Shi Hao.


However, immediately afterwards, regardless of whether it was the ground or the sky, lightning covered everything, interweaving here densely.

Shi Hao stood at the center, impervious to all methods, bathing in terrifying lightning radiance, towering like a solitary immortal, aloof and otherworldly, spiritual and fleeting.

“Little uncle, not good, he comprehended the Lightning Emperor’s highest profound mysterious, producing a heavenly tribulation, producing it based on your magical body! Hurry and retreat!” jin Zhan roared out, feeling a bit anxious.

Everyone was stupefied. There really was someone who could bring about heavenly tribulation?

This… was too terrifying. If one grasped this method, who would be able to match them under the sky? Everyone would be blasted to death!

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