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Chapter 1403 - Ought to Be Punished

Huang’s identity was revealed, triggered a commotion!

Large amounts of youngsters gathered, many of them grew up in Imperial Pass, never left before, so this was the first time they saw Shi Hao.

“Brother Huang, shocking Desolate Border through a single battle! Even though we were born in Imperial Pass, it is shameful to say that we spent all this time cultivating, never fighting with the well-known people of the other side. However, we’ve also heard about how strong they are. Through that battle you proved yourself to be stunning under the sky after all, worthy of admiration!” Someone said, extremely sincere, not exaggerating his praise.

It was hard for Shi Hao to move his feet even if he wanted to. There were figures everywhere, surrounding him, men and women included, but they all had a common trait, which was that they were surging with youthfulness, currently in their golden years.

There were some people who asked about the details of that battle, some people trying to become friends with him. It was extremely enthusiastic, filling this place with noise.

“Wa, this little ant is the legendary Heavenly Horned Ant? It is entirely golden, eyes so big, it’s so cute!” A little girl widened her beautiful eyes, looking at the ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder.

This drew many people’s attention, all of them staring at the Heavenly Horned Ant.

“It is too cute! Golden, brilliant, tiger head tiger brain, so charming!” That little girl said. She was only eleven or twelve years of age, not yet matured. The reason she was able to come here was definitely because her clan’s older brothers or sisters brought her in.

Many people were speechless. This was but the child of a Vicious Ten, possessing incredible combat strength! Once it went crazy, it would be difficult for others of the same level to keep him in check. It had an unmatched bloodline.

As for the Heavenly Horned Ant himself, dark lines appeared on his forehead. Being called ‘cute’ by others really pissed him off, making him want to headbutt that girl. When he heard that he was called tiger head tiger brain, the lines of his face became even darker. He couldn’t help but cry out, saying, “Tiger, what is that? What part resembles this king? If you compared me to a True Dragon, then I would’ve just admitted it.”

Apart from the little girl who laughed happily like a blooming flower, no one else dared laugh. This was the child of a Vicious Ten, True Immortal bloodline, his origins too terrifying.

It still hadn’t grown up, but once it did, only heaven knew how terrifying it would become.

There was someone who said quietly, “I heard that during Immortal Ancient War, there were some true immortals who tried to preserve a bloodline, but they all failed. There were only a few individuals who remained, but they were all injured.”

Back then, the foreign side destroyed root and branch, not leaving anything behind wherever they went.

That was truly a dark period. The inheritances of True Immortals were severed, heirs wiped out, the few that did survive had problems, injured to the extent where they couldn’t appear in the world normally, their conditions grave.

Later now, those True Immortal bloodlines were either sealed into primal chaos or sent into heaven and earth natural luck areas’ ancestral veins, but it was still ineffective, almost all of them dying out.

They couldn’t even live long enough to correct their descendants’ problems!

“The bloodline left behind by the Heavenly Horned Ant is extremely sturdy, without any problems.” 

Everyone could only release a sigh.

“Back then, Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s fighting strength directly caught up to an Immortal King, truly formidable, able to retain an heir through that dark era.”

I reality, the truth was far more cruel than they imagined. Shi Hao had previously visited the little ant’s place of birth, seeing the ruined imprint that great one left behind.

The Vicious Ten’s Heavenly Horned Ant paid a tremendous price for the little ant to live. If not for all of the care he put in, using all the methods he could, how could there be the current golden little ant?

A Heavenly Horned Ant followed at Huang’s side, this left many people envious. If they waited until this ant grew up, then it could definitely protect a clan, allow it to prosper.

Of course, this was on the premise that the other side didn’t break through Imperial Pass.

“Brother Huang’s luck is so great, compared to you, our mounts, auspicious beasts and divine birds are too inferior.” Someone said.

“What are you trying to say?” The golden little ant didn’t want to hear this. His eyes immediately lit up, the relationship he had with Shi Hao was definitely not one of master and servant.

That person was immediately alarmed, knowing that he spoke out of place. How could the descendant of a Vicious Ten be willing to serve as the battle beast of another? There would only be others chasing after them.

“My relationship with him is that of brothers.” Shi Hao said.

“Brother Huang, honorable little brother Heavenly Horned Ant, please, this way.” The owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong smiled, resolving the awkwardness, inviting them into seats of honor.

The seats here were tastefully chosen, there weren’t many seats at the very center. Shi Hao was directly invited here.

At the same time, Cao Yusheng was also invited over, arranged to sit here.

Just now, Cao Fatty was in quite a miserable situation, squeezed out by others until he was nowhere to be seen. It was because there were many cultivators here, all of them coming for Huang, surrounding him.

Of course, now, his treatment was completely different. When everyone realized that he was Shi Hao’s brother, they all greeted him.

Heng! Someone released a cold snort, feeling dissatisfaction towards the Five Spirits War Chariot’s owner Qi Hong’s courteous reception of Shi Hao.

Cao Yusheng turned around, seeing Jin Zhifei’s ice-cold gaze. The cold snort just now was released precisely by him.

“Who is he?” Cao Yusheng asked, pretending to not know him.

“Jin Zhan’s little uncle, his name is Jin Zhifei, a heaven warping figure!” Someone informed him quietly.

“Younger generation, asking about my origins, are you trying to challenge me?” Jin Zhifei swept a look of disdain over, looking down on him. Then, he gave Shi Hao another look, killing intent swirling, only restraining himself after a long time passed.

It could be said that he was extremely domineering and brash, not hiding it at all, opposing Shi Hao’s group openly and without fear. He really wanted to force them to immediately take action.

“Who is this old man? Didn’t we say that this was a distinguished gathering between the younger generation? Why did this old thing get mixed in? Really is uncoordinated!”

It had to be said that Cao Yusheng’s mouth was vicious. It was because Jin Zhifei wasn’t even forty years of age, even though this wasn’t that young, he definitely wasn’t old.

Fatty Cao immediately labeled him as an old man when he opened his mouth, this really wasn’t upright and sincere, undisguised mockery.

“Younger generation, you…” Jin Zhifei slapped the table and stood up, raising his hand to grab towards Cao Yusheng.

Everyone was shocked. Was he going to take action here? This was a distinguished meeting, yet a great battle was actually about to erupt as soon as it began!

Not far out, Jin Zhan also stood up, but he didn’t show any intent to interfere, only watching his own little uncle out of fear that something unexpected might happen.

Wang Xi’s eyes also finally moved in Shi Hao and the little ant’s direction. Meanwhile, Six Crown King Ning Chuan and the others watched with the cool eye of a bystander, still not expressing anything.

“Brother Jin, taking action here isn’t too good, right?” Qi Hong stood up, standing in the way.

This left many people shocked. Not long ago, he came together with Jin Zhan in the Five Spirits War Chariot, so everyone thought that he was close to Jin Family. They never expected that he would be the first to step out.

Qi Hong was twenty something years old, while Jin Zhifei was more than thirty, moreover Jin Zhan’s little uncle, yet Qi Hong only called him Brother Jin, clearly not seeing him as an older generation figure.

“Brother Jin, we are holding a gathering this time, not to face each other with arms, move spears here.” Tuogu Family’s True Dragon, Tuogu Yulong spoke up, also stopping him.

This left everyone shocked. The two young experts actually both expressed this type of standpoint, clearly protecting Huang and the others.

“You dare target my friends in front of my face?!” Shi Hao walked out, facing Jin Zhifei, his eyes erupting with divine radiance, as if lightning fired out.

Everyone was given a fright. Even Huang moved, was there going to be a battle?

Cao Yusheng knew who Jin Zhifei was, so opposing him with equal harshness could be considered protesting in Shi Hao’s place. Right now, Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t let the other party threaten him.

“Huang, what do you count as, daring to have this type of stance before me?!” Jin Zhifei said coldly.

He found it hard to let go of what had been bothering him this entire time. He originally wouldn’t come here, just that he heard Shi Hao was going to come, and that was why he came. He unexpectedly suffered a defeat in the primordial spirit great battle last time, filling him with unwillingness, feeling a sense of humiliation. He really wanted to fight again, suppress Huang.

It could be said that the main reason he came was to fight Shi Hao, to stir things up when there was nothing.

“You were already defeated before, yet you still dare act fierce.” Shi Hao played the situation down. The more the other party shouted, the more calmly he faced this.

“You, do you dare fight?!” Jin Zhifei challenged, shouting here.

Not far out, Jin Zhan’s expression was serious, walking over, standing behind his own little uncle. Even though he didn’t say anything, this move was still a type of declaration of where he stood.

Wang Xi also walked over, not saying anything, standing at their side.

Jin Family and Wang Family, were they expressing a type of attitude? Not getting along with Shi Hao, standing against him! This made it hard for many people to calm down, leaving them shaken.

“You already lost.” Shi Hao said indifferently.

“If we carry out a true confrontation, I will suppress you with a single hand!” Jin Zhifei said colldy.

“This kid is beyond help, only knowing how to brag. Because he already lost, now he’s going crazy.” The golden little ant shook his head, commenting like this.

Everyone was speechless. This bean.sized little ant even dared call someone else a kid? This was looking down on others too much!

“Old man, do you have any sense of shame? Already so old, yet you still dare to hatefully challenge a younger generation, why don’t you go look for a piece of tofu to knock over?!” Cao Yusheng spoke up, his mouth still just that crafty.

Everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They all felt that it really was unlucky for Jin Zhifei to run into the little ant and Cao Yusheng, called an old man by one of them, and then looked down on like a kid by the other, it really was tragic.

“Senior Jin, the gathering isn’t for resolving grudges. If you feel dissatisfaction towards Brother Shi, you can set up a battle in the future, why is there a need to point swords here?”

A young lady from Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes spoke up, expression becoming slightly cold.

The youngsters from Imperial Pass with some authority spoke up one after another, all of them subtly partial towards Huang.

Jin Zhifei’s eyes were cold. He nodded towards Qi Hong, Tuogu Yulong and Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, and then said, “This gathering is for discussing the dao, so I wish to have a go with Huang. However, I know that this leaves everyone quite troubled, so I will leave this for another day.”

After speaking, he turned around and left.

In the distance, beast roars sounded. Four golden divine beasts pulled a war chariot, entering Jadefall Lake, moreover ascending the island, stopping before Jin Zhifei.

“Eighth Uncle is leaving just like this?” A youngster jumped off the war chariot, filled with unwillingness. He had red lips and white teeth, extremely attractive and intelligent. However, when he looked towards Shi Hao, his gaze was extremely unkind.

“Master, are we leaving just like this? Weren’t you going to tidy up that brat?” A battle servant descended from the war chariot, speaking softly to Jin Zhifei.

“He didn’t accept the challenge.” Jin Zhifei said coldly.

“Huang, are you scared of Eighth Uncle? If you have the guts, then come and fight, or else you are a coward, just get lost from Imperial Pass!” The handsome young man shouted.

This made everyone’s expressions change. This disciple from Jin Family crossed the line, they could tell that he is the spoiled type from a single look, relying on the family’s power to throw his weight around.

Even daring to berate Huang, moreover with such nasty words, this youngster clearly incurred everyone’s disgust.

“We’re leaving!” Jin Zhifei said. Even though he didn’t want him to act too unbridled here, he didn’t lecture this youngster either.

“Huang, you really are cowardly and shameful, actually not even daring to fight, it is better if you just get lost from Imperial Pass sooner!” When the youngster left, he laughed complacently.

“Truly unsightly, lacking the bravery to even fight a battle.” That battle servant also said.

Towards this, Jin Zhifei didn’t express anything, only ascending onto that war chariot.

Haha… That youngster laughed brashly.


Suddenly, everyone felt a suffocating pressure, their hearts in pain, as if a True Immortal took action, crushing the heaven and earth until it trembled, rumbling with noise. It made everyone’s souls shake endlessly!

“Stay your hand!” Jin Zhan who hadn’t spoken up all this time shouted, wishing to prevent this attack.

Everyone saw that Shi Hao raised his hand, slapping towards that war chariot. His golden hand was large like a house, crushing the void, rumbling with noise.


“Ah…” That handsome young man released a miserable cry, breaking to pieces, quickly dying. His face was full of horror before death, looking at Shi Hao, not daring to believe that the other party would directly take action.


At the same time, that battle servant was also struck by the golden palm, unable to resist at all, directly exploding into bloody mist.

“I won’t issue senseless challenges, will only directly kill.” Shi Hao said indifferently.

Everyone was greatly alarmed. Huang was powerful beyond compare after all, taking action just like this in front of Jin Zhan and Jin Zhifei, wiping out someone of direct descent from their clan.

“You dare?” Jin Zhifei was furious, jumping off the war chariot.

“Why wouldn’t I? This is a distinguished meeting, how can any random person come and speak foolishly? If we let this go, what’ll be next? They ought to be punished!” Shi Hao said.

1. looking dignified and strong

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