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Chapter 1398 - Unmatched In the Same Generation

“The thing is ours, why must we give it to you all?” Great Elder said calmly.

In reality, he didn’t know what it was either, but he wished to learn more about it, needing more information from the foreign important figures’ mouths.

“Then just wait to be wiped out once again. The Nine Heavens ten Earths will be blood purged, this time, not a blade of grass will grow!” The foreign elder said with an extremely cold and strict voice.

In the battle of Immortal Ancient, the Nine Heavens suffered a great defeat, already slaughtered once, an entire great era buried, completely destroyed. Now, danger was going to arrive once again!

“What is that thing?” Shi Hao opened his mouth and asked. He looked towards Great Elder, this was naturally playing along.

Great Elder didn’t say anything, not responding.

“Old thing, what do you want?” On the Nine Heavens side, there were some irascible war generals who couldn’t hold back, loudly shouting.

“Unbridled!” That elder’s eyes glared angrily, two blinding streaks of silver light instantly blasting through heaven and earth, blasting that person apart on the spot, impossible to defend against even if they wanted to.

Supreme being!

Everyone was shaken up, feeling a deep coldness surrounding their entire body. That was just a gaze, yet it killed an extremely powerful war general. This was definitely a true supreme being!


At this time, the divine archer drew his bow. With a pu sound, an arrow flew out, directly blasting through four foreign experts, making all of them explode to death!

This was clearly revenge, direct and undisguised!

The foreign elder’s eyes were cold, silver radiance appearing once again. He looked towards the divine archer, killing intent spreading like a tsunami. Endless smoke and dust waves surged from the desert, reaching who knew how many tens of thousands of zhang in height.

This was precisely the power of a supreme being, just any random movement having great effects.


Great Elder Meng Tianzheng released a cold snort, his eyes like two suns. Golden light flourished, similarly displaying might, erasing the two streaks of silver light that flew over on the spot.

Moreover, there were many people on the other side who exploded, all of them not standing too far from the elder who held the Heaven and Earth Pouch!

“You dare start a war?” That elder’s eyes were ice-cold, expression chilly. He raised the Heaven and Earth Pouch.

“I was scared that you wouldn’t dare. Go ask for some more friends, you alone aren’t enough to be my opponent!” Great Elder spoke in front of the two realms’ cultivators, remaining extremely calm.

Even though they didn’t start a war, this type of contempt and nonchalant tone boosted the Nine Heavens side’s morale greatly.

“It is still not time. Your head will inevitably fall in the future!” The foreign elder said coldly.

Meng Tianzheng laughed coldly and said,’ Is it an undying being who will take action? After all, someone like you will never have a chance.” Then, his expression became cold. “I overestimated you. You don’t know what that thing is at all, yet you dare demand for it in front of my face?”

“You…” That elder from the other side was ashamed and angry. It was because he really didn’t know what it was, only hearing about this from the bit he understood from the ancient ancestor’s words, and that was why he spoke up, asking the Nine Heavens, wishing to use this to understand the situation.

“Have someone who knows talk to me, you don’t have the qualifications to do so.” Great Elder said.

The foreign elder composed himself. He laughed coldly and said, “I understand now, you don’t know what it is either.”

Then, his figure flashed out, thus disappearing.

Meanwhile, Great Elder also disappeared.

Everyone knew that they didn’t leave, just that they were hiding in the darkness, continuing to stand against each other. If people at their level fought, then the effects would be too great, causing endless death.

“Wu, the old ancestor has already left, so we should go back as well after killing a few more.” A foreign commander said.

There was a golden sphere of light around his body that surrounded him, extremely powerful and fierce. This was precisely the person who had someone bring over Martial Heavenly King Wu Feng.

“Wu Feng, go and take that Huang’s head!”

The silver haired young man walked up, his appearance extremely handsome, known as one of the Ten Great Heavenly King Experts. He was ranked fourth, obtaining pointers from undying existences, magical force profound, cultivation terrifying.

Wu Feng walked forward. He directly reached out his hand, pointing at Shi Hao.

The battlefield was vast, the war between the two realms’ armies interrupted by the decree, temporarily stopping. At this time, Wu Feng walked up, equivalent to continuing the great battle again.

“You all had ten kings killed by Huang, do you want to wash away your humiliation? In my opinion, you all are going to suffer an even greater defeat today!”

“So those old turtles couldn’t sit still anymore, finding this white-furred brat to try to regain your side’s dignity? From my perspective, it’s completely useless!”

On the Nine Heavens’ side, many people heckled.

“Kill him!”

“Martial Heavenly King is unmatched!”

A group of people from the foreign side shouted loudly.

This was especially the case with the younger generation, hoping Huang would immediately be killed. Otherwise, even letting him live a day longer would make them feel dejected. However, to kill Huang, it ought to be someone from the younger generation who set out, because only then can they be released from their tension, considered washing away the humiliation of the great defeat of ten young kings, or else their minds would forever be under the shadow of defeat.

Shi Hao didn’t say a single word, directly walking forward, wishing to give this so-called Heavenly King a try!

“It truly leaves one troubled. Senior Jin Tuo wishes wants me to remove your head, while brother He Ziming said that you are his, that if you two meet again, he wants to personally kill you.” Wu Feng spoke. His silver armor shone, as if he wore battle clothes refined from woven stars, bathing in silver splendor, extremely divine.

On the Nine Heavens’ side, many young cultivators immediately became furious, believing that Wu Feng was too arrogant, a bit unbridled. Did he truly think he could kill Shi Hao?

“You feel troubled? There is no need at all. Today, I will kill you, and then I’ll kill He Ziming in the future!” Shi Hao said.

“Brother He’s identity is so extraordinary, for him to call you by name, declaring this to everyone is something you can feel proud of. How about this, I will exchange a few moves with you, if you aren’t as strong as expected, then I’ll directly risk provoking Brother He and take your head in his place!” Wu Feng said, pressing forward.

“What bold words. Don’t go running away when it starts now!” On the Nine Heavens’ side, many youngsters shouted out, every one of them hoping for Shi Hao to bring back a great victory.

Shi Hao also moved, his bearing like that of a dragon or tiger, powerfully advancing. He looked relaxed, and also extremely calm, not like he was fighting a decisive battle.


When he got close, Shi Hao released a loud shout.

“Die!” Wu Feng roared out. His right hand was silvery-white, producing a heavenly blade imprint, hacking it down onto Shi Hao. In that instant, a snow-white streak of blade radiance that was tens of thousands of zhang long was produced!

Meanwhile, Shi Hao produced a fist imprint, facing this blade radiance head-on!

The two were extremely direct, immediately secretly using powerful methods, condensing thousands of moves into a single one, both wishing to immediately eliminate their opponent.


Shi Hao blasted aside the boundless blade energy with a single fist, and then it smashed together with Wu Feng’s palm blade, the aura terrifying, making the surrounding void cave in, continuously break apart.

“Kill!” Wu Feng roared, frantically attacking. His hands formed blade imprints, becoming more and more brilliant, operating a type of terrifying ancestral method, pushing the blade imprint to the extreme.

“It is an undying heavenly blade art!” On the other side, many people became excited.

This was an incredibly terrifying blade art, something that could only be operated if one grasped a mysterious ancestral technique. When the two were merged together, they would become matchless, something passed down by an undying being.

This was something an ancient undying existence personally passed down!


Blade radiance rushed out in endless streaks, rushing out, submerging heaven and earth. It was silvery-white and dazzling, as if it was going to hack down the sky dome!

When facing this attack, Shi Hao still condensed a fist imprint, secretly long operating Imperishable Scripture, facing this undying heavenly blade head-on!

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Three blows were exchanged in succession, all three of Shi Hao’s punches striking on the heavenly blade, clashing intensely with the other party’s palm that condensed the blade imprint.

Immediately afterwards, the two separated, passing by each other.

Shi Hao stood there calmly, not displaying any expressions.

Wu Feng’s expression was serious. He turned around, unable to hide his shock.

Right now, only a few older generation figures saw through something, the others unable to see the result of this battle, thinking that victory and defeat still hadn’t been decided.


From the distance, a bugle horn sounded. The foreign side’s conch horn sounded, having them withdraw.

It was clear that the events that took place today were quite strange. A decree appeared, yet couldn’t intimidate Heaven Abyss, the foreign side now withdrawing. They might make a big move in the future.

“Withdraw!” Someone ordered.

Moreover, the elder who held the Heaven and Earth Pouch appeared, personally bringing up the rear to stop the Nine Heavens’ cultivators from pursuing and attacking them. Meanwhile, Great Elder also appeared, still confronting him, preventing his immortal weapon from unleashing a great killing disaster.

“Huang, I’ll spare your life. When Wu Feng Heavenly King meets you again, he will definitely cut you down!” The foreign younger generation were filled with unwillingness.

“You all can ask him, does he think he can do it?” Shi Hao replied indifferently.

Everyone was shocked, looking ahead.

However, Wu Feng didn’t turn around, withdrawing with the great army.

Only when they were far away, when they were in the limits of the desert’s horizon did Wu Feng cough out a large mouthful of blood with a wa sound. Moreover, his right hand began to release pi pa sounds. Then, with a peng noise, his entire right arm cracked apart, almost exploding.

“What is going on?” The foreign younger generation were all shocked.

“Martial Heavenly King, what’s wrong?” Someone asked.

Wu Feng coughed out several more mouthfuls of blood, and only then did he say, “That person might be unmatched in the younger generation, not many are his opponent, only brother Ziming can do anything! Otherwise, if we wish to wash away the humiliation, trying to suppress and kill him with similar level people, then we’ll have to ask for help from Anlan and Shutuo Families!”

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